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  1. What is this site all about?
    Quotations 101 is a collection of small fansites for a few of the many TV shows, movies, and musicians of which I am a fan. (You can access said fansites via the links at the left.) We also feature Quotes and Lessons Learned - hence the site's name - as well as some of our Favorite Scenes from TV and movies. The full list of the content we offer is available at the site map. More site-related information is below.
  2. How can I contact you?
    If you have a question - especially about advertising or suggesting a link - please check the lengthy list of frequently asked questions below before you write. (It will save us both some time if the question has already been answered.)
    Still got something to say? I'd love to hear your thoughts, comments or suggestions on the material contained in this site.
    < 1 > Give feedback on our features by taking the three-question Site Poll.
    < 2 > Reply to a post at one of my blogs: TV Toaster is for TV, movies, and more; rainshine has inspirational stories and such; or box47 is where I babble from time to time.
    < 3 > Tweet me at twitter.com/box47 and to make sure I see it, hashtag my username #box47.
    < 4 > Write to me online -- with Quotations 101 in the subject line, so I'll know it isn't spam -- at

    See question #20 below if you have contacted me and are waiting on a response.
  3. Did you know that _____ is wrong, _____ link is broken, etc.?
    No, I didn't! Please contact me - see the previous answer - and let me know what is correct, or what info is missing. It is especially appreciated if you report broken links, because although I do check the links regularly, sites move/close so often these days that it's hard to keep track.
  4. Where are the "moments"?
    They're right where they've always been, but we now call them Favorite Scenes.
  5. Where do you get the content for this site? Where did you find the _____ that you used in the layout?
    Sources for non-original content are typically acknowledged on the page where they're used; other credits - including those for the layout - are listed on the links page. If you feel I've failed to credit you, please let me know. See Question #8 regarding using my original content elsewhere.
  6. Why don't you have more current content? Will you add more pages, screencaps, or _____?
    Our content is current in the sense that I still update this site. Most of the pages are for the musicians, TV shows, etc. that I liked when I started this site back in 2001. I've included a few more things since then, but a busy Real Life prevents me from completing all of the pages, screencaps, or _____ that I'd like. However, I'm always making note of ideas to add when I have the time, and I work on those whenever I can. Until someone figures out how to fit more hours to the day, you can find my most recent reviews and comments at this site's (easy-to-update) companion blog, TV Toaster.

    If you'd like to help by contributing some content for the site, see the next question and answer.
  7. Do you need some help with the site? Could I send some quotes -- or make a page for a topic?
    That would be great! If you send quotes, a favorite scene, or some lessons learned I would be thrilled to add them to the site. My email address is in Question #2.
  8. May I use your info on my site/message board/whatever?
    If you wish to use copyrighted material from this site for purposes of your own that go beyond 'fair use', you must obtain permission from the copyright owner. With that in mind, you may re-post our original text (such as the Favorite Scenes or Lessons Learned) for non-commercial purposes on two conditions. 1) You give credit by providing a link to this site, on whatever page my info is used, and 2) you don't take a large chunk of my content. If you have questions on what qualifies as a "large chunk," feel free to email me. Thank you for respecting the time and effort that I put into this site, as I've tried to respect the efforts of my sources.

    Note: I prefer that you not use my graphics. I worked hard to create banners that I liked, and I designed them specifically for use on this website. If you need help creating a banner, a quick Internet search will reveal multiple sources of graphics how-to's, free graphics that you can use, and much more.
  9. Will you advertise my _____ on your site?
    As a rule, I do not place banner ads on my site. If your _____ is relevant to one of the topics on this site, I might add a text link and a mention or a recommendation. (For example, if I have a page for Space Girl, and you want to advertise that Space Girl is coming out on DVD, I would gladly mention that on the Space Girl page.) If your _____ is not directly related to a topic, see the next question and answer for more details.
  10. Could I suggest a link to be added? Are you interested in a link exchange?
    Most of the email that I get from this site is about that topic, so before you send a link, please note the following:
    --> Any suggestion made will be reviewed to determine whether it is suitable for inclusion. The review will consider such factors as: placement and prevalence of ads (banner or text), amount of original content, overall quality, informational value, entertainment value, family friendliness, and relevance of the content to our topic.
    --> Typically, any site whose purpose appears to be making a profit will not be added.
    --> Any hint of trickery or misrepresentation will be immediately deleted. For example, if you send a link and call it "a William Shakespeare resource" but the address raises a red (spam) flag like www.DomainAboutDatingOrSelling.com/Shakespeare, it will not be added... no matter what kind of helpful third party you claim to be.
    --> Shortened (bit.ly, etc.), masked, or other suspicious links are also not acceptable and will be deleted upon receipt.
    --> I do not do "link exchanges," or link swaps, or whatever else people might call it.
    Please do not suggest alternate phrasings or loopholes to try to get an unsuitable site listed. Thank you for understanding that our goal is to have a collection of quality TV/movie-related resources.
  11. Who runs this site? Are you in the entertainment industry?
    I run this site, and my name is Anne. I'm definitely *not* in the entertainment industry, although I have made a fan pilgrimage to Los Angeles. :) If you'd like to know more about me - or if you're just really bored - visit www.rusted-crush.com to see the list of the twenty-something sites that I run.
  12. What else should I know about visiting/using this site?
    This is a completely unofficial website created and maintained by a fan. The views and opinions of content published here are entirely those of a fan - either the webmistress or some other contributor - and are not to be construed as advice or as being representative of any producer, director, actor, organization, etc. Under no circumstances should anyone hotlink to any of our images/graphics, because we sporadically move them or replace them with images about bandwidth theft. The email address listed on this page is solely for site-related correspondence and is not to be used for unsolicited email marketing campaigns. If you have other questions, please review our disclaimer - and I apologize that the few bad apples out there made me have to "lawyer up."
  13. Did you edit all of these topics at Wikipedia?
    No. When I cite info from Wikipedia as "edited by me," I simply mean that I corrected or added to the information before posting it here.
  14. Have you trademarked all of the "_____ I Really Like" sayings?
    No. According to the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) one may use the trademark designation without having filed an application for said trademark; here I use ™ to distinguish my original collections of short reviews for TV Shows, Movies, Musicians, and Celebrities.
  15. Is _____ available on DVD? Where can I find recaps of _____?
    Look for this information in the descriptions on our links page. Note that information about specific topics can be found in the links at the top left.
  16. Can you send me copies of _____?
    To make a long story short, no. If you like something, please support it by purchasing only official releases.
  17. What is "fannesite"?
    It's the old name of this site. My name is Anne, and this is my fan site. I combined Anne's, fan, and site and it became www.fannesite.com. I thought of the name after I found a good deal on a domain name. At that time, this site was located at Angelfire - don't get me started on Angelfire! - and a short name seemed like a good idea. It expired in September 2002, so I changed the name of this site. I re-purchased the domain in June of 2003, and it now serves as a collective for my fan websites. (FYI, I list a few advantages and disadvantages of making up words for site names at my other domain, neloo.com.)
  18. What is "Quotations 102"?
    Because Quotations 101 is already quite large, adding anything new would require reorganizing the menu and changing the links on a lot of pages. To avoid that, I made a separate section - Quotations 102 - for "miscellaneous" content, with plenty of room to grow.
  19. My question isn't listed here. What should I do?
    You can contact me, as listed above in Question #2. Please note that I am no expert, but I might be able to tell you where to look.
  20. I've written you, so why haven't you responded?
    When a site visitor takes the time to write to me, I make an effort to write back. If you're waiting on a response from me, note the following:
    < 1 > Did you include a specific subject line? If not, I may have thought it was spam and deleted it unopened.
    < 2 > Did you write to me at the address that is currently on this page? If not, the address may no longer work, so I never got your message.
    < 3 > Did you use proper form for the address? That is, with the at symbol replacing ^, in the address above?
    < 4 > Is your question already answered on this page? If so, I'm sorry, but I probably won't reply and answer the question again.
    < 5 > Did you send an attachment? I'm very suspicious of e_correspondence from unknown sources, especially if it contains attachments. Please send a note without attachments first to let me know what you will be sending.
    < 6 > Did you post at twitter, etc. instead of writing? I usually respond to the message where I receive it. If you email, I email back. If you tweet at me, I tweet back at you. And so forth.
    < 7 > Did you follow me at twitter or at one of my blogs? Thank you! I will check you out, and if I like what you have to say, I will follow you back.
    < 8 > Did you write to me a few hours ago? Sometimes my real-life responsibilities delay personal activities -- such as website correspondence -- for a week. Or two. Or three...

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