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& Co.

» Where? neloo dot com

» Who? Anne...!...? If you'd like to know more about me - or if you're just really bored - visit to see the complete list of sites that I run.

» Why? To provide helpful resources, share words of encouragement, celebrate good things, and to feel as if my voice is being heard

» Huh? (or, What do those phrases on the main index mean?)
So much for my attempt to make them self-explanatory! Okay, maybe I tried to be a little cryptic...

"knee-loo?" = the way to pronounce neloo. Seemed like a good way to link to this FAQ page. | 20+ websites = detailed list of my websites | reviews and more = thoughts about TV, movies and music | favorite scenes = memorable moments from TV and movies | lessons learned = what we can learn from lyrics, quotes, etc. | fansites = fan dedications for Alias and MacGyver | fanfiction, fanart, photos = 'nuff said? | meet the webmiss = my Internet résumé | sporadic blogger = my blog | subject to punning = list of blog topics by subject | all that twitters is not gold = my twitter page | potent quote-ables = quotes from TV, movies, and more | inspiring, etc. = inspirational stories | the gift of christmas = all about Christmas | fga (frequently given answers) = you are here

» "neloo"? A word that I made up. It means something to me, but I won't go into that. I also like it as a domain name because it's short.

» Do you advise making up words for sites' names?
Advantages: the made-up name is probably available as a domain, and when people search for it they'll probably find the site
Disadvantages: sites that link to you will often spell the name wrong, and it can be hard for visitors to remember if they want to return

» "& Co"? We have non-neloo content as well. (See the next answer.)

» Why so many links here to
Because that is another one of my domains. Linking to those features allows me to indulge in more shameless self promotion offer you even more options.

» "One of" your domains? How many do you have?
Four. In addition to neloo and rusted-crush, there are and

» What happened to the menu that was on your main index?
Now it's right here.

alias.fannesite - large Alias fan site
chezanne - a photolog
Quotations 101 - quotes, lessons learned, and more
Shine - inspirational quotes, stories, etc.
The Gift of Christmas - Christmas fun - fan site collective

» I'm looking for a picture. I saw your blinking yellow graphic...?
Ah, that must be my hotlink graphic which shows up when people try to link directly to (a.k.a. "hotlink," a.k.a. "pirate, ARGGH!") my images. To view the content - including the images! - at this domain, visit one of the sites listed in the directory.

» Where can I find ...

... the previous version of this site?
... layout credits?
... recommendations and dis-recommendations?
... more about you?
... answers to a question that's not listed here? Check here and here.
... ways to contact you?

» Anything else?
Thank you for taking the time to read this! I welcome your feedback - even criticism as long as it's constructive.