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An original poem for my favorite actors:

Emmy or not,
Oscar or no,
You're tops with me,
Silver screen or TiVo!

- The List -
Plus micro-reviews!

» Bruce Willis
I heard that his character in Moonlighting was largely based on him after some of the show's staff met him while he was tending bar... and that rumor has always led me to see Mr. Willis as a very likeable guy.

» Cameron Daddo
Liked him in Models, Inc., but loved him as Rollie in FX: the Series.

» David Hyde Pierce
An absolute riot as Niles on Frasier.

» Elizabeth Montgomery
SO wonderful on Bewitched.

» Gwyneth Paltrow
Deserved her Oscar for Shakespeare in Love, no question.

» Harrison Ford
A veritable powerhouse, I was especially impressed with his performance in The Fugitive.

» Jennifer Garner
She can play a serious super-spy or a kid trapped in a woman's body and make it believable.

» Jim Carrey
Hysterical in The Mask; funny yet moving in The Truman Show.

» Keanu Reeves
He had me at "Whoa."

» Lea Thompson
Very good in the Back to the Future movies, but was born to play Caroline in the City.

» Melissa Joan Hart
Delightful as teenage witch-in-training Sabrina.

» Michael J. Fox
Convincing as straight-arrow Alex P. Keaton or as time-traveling Marty McFly.

» Richard Dean Anderson
To me, he'll always be MacGyver.

» Richard Grieco
I must include this guy, in honor of the lengthy fanfic I wrote about meeting him.

» Sandra Bullock
I've seen quite a few of her movies, but if I had to choose a favorite role, it would have to be Annie in Speed.

» Scott Bakula
The perfect choice to play the very versatile Dr. Sam Beckett on Quantum Leap.

» Tim Daly
A hoot on Wings, he was also terrific in the short-lived Eyes.

» Tobey Maguire
When I first saw Spiderman, I had no idea who he was. I later read in an article that he doesn't work much because he only picks projects he believes in.

» Topher Grace
Arguably the best of a very talented lot on That 70's Show.

» Tommy Lee Jones
Really enjoyed him in The Fugitive, and in Men in Black.

» Victor Garber
Loved him as Jack on Alias, but I'd probably buy any role he was selling.

» William Shakespeare
Maybe calling him a celebrity is a stretch, but he's certainly well-known.

» Will Smith
Is there anything this guy can't do? He was so great way back in the Fresh Prince of Bel Air, and he can still be counted on to deliver - whether it's in acting or music.

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