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I don't watch many current shows - and I make no apologies for that - but over the years, I've enjoyed many, many hours of TV. Below are some thoughts about faves from the distant and not-so-distant past.

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Plus micro-reviews!

» 21 Jump Street
Good-looking undercover cops face ugly dealings in the decidedly relatable world of high school.

» Alias
I didn't always like the turns the plot took, but overall, an outstanding series.

» Angel
Clever humor. Deep drama. Fascinating characters. So much more "real" than most so-called reality shows.

» The A-Team
It makes sense that a group hiring themselves out to right wrongs would find themselves in one adventure after another. By contrast, what's up with those shows where adventure repeatedly finds the characters when they're just walking down the street?

» Beauty and the Beast
In case we didn't know, looks can be deceiving.

» Bewitched
I still prefer the first Darrin.

» Blossom
To the person that cast a real-looking female as the lead in a show: thank you!

» Booker
Dennis Booker adjusts to life after Jump Street, and graduates to more adult themes.

» Buffy
One of the finest shows that ever graced television.

» Caroline in the City
LOVED Caroline and Richard - hated Julia.

» Charmed
For the record, I stopped watching after the third season. I did not appreciate how they spent all that time setting up the Chosen Three, only to change it to, "Oh, not those three. THESE three."

» The Dukes of Hazzard
Being from the South, I could appreciate their country ways.

» Family Ties
Liberal parents. Conservative son. Wackiness ensues.

» Frasier
Proof that a show can be intelligent and still be funny.

» Full House
I can only think of John Stamos as Uncle Jesse.

» FX: The Series
This show reminded me a lot of MacGyver, the way the hero used what was at hand (in this case, movie props) to save the day and/or stop the bad guy.

» Golden Girls
With age comes ... hilarity?

» The Greatest American Hero
I love that the superhero aspect of the show takes second stage to the characters and their feelings, relationships, etc.

» Growing Pains
Cute family fare with the very crushable Kirk Cameron.

» Guys Next Door
The few, the proud, the GND fans.

» Happy Days
The name says it all.

» Home Improvement
Before I watched this show, from the commercials, I always thought that Jill was a real (w)itch. After I started watching, I realized that she's nothing short of a saint for putting up with Tim!

» Hunter
Seeing this again, I'm pleasantly surprised at how humorous it is - and at how often the tag line "Works for me!" fits into my everyday life.

» Knight Rider
I'm not so sure this show would be a hit if it came out today. Cars are already too smart.

» Laverne and Shirley
Just two average gals trying to - like the theme song says - "make our dreams come true."

» MacGyver
Have brains, will travel.

» Mama's Family
If ever a show made me appreciate my own family, this is it.

» Moonlighting
For me, this is the height of romance. It's passionate without being sappy.

» Mork and Mindy
I hear that during filming, it was tough for the other actors to keep a straight face because they never knew what Robin Williams would do next.

» My So-Called Life
I could really relate to a startling number of scenes in this show. (If only one of them was having attracted my long-time crush. Sigh.)

» My Two Dads
Double your pleasure: the wit of Paul Reiser and the dreaminess of Greg Evigan.

» Nash Bridges
Okay, it could be a bit predictable, but overall, it was watchable.

» Parker Lewis Can't Lose
Cute, non-traditional sit-com about the almost charmed life of the titular character, a high school student.

» Perfect Strangers
Did they ever actually reveal what the name Balki means?

» Quantum Leap
As Al would say, "Ain't that a kick in the butt?"

» Remington Steele
Fascinating premise: a detective agency with its own unsolved mystery.

» Sabrina the Teenage Witch
For a long time, watching this was the highlight of my Friday nights. And I'm not complaining!

» Saved by the Bell
Was there ever another character as cool as Zach Morris?

» Scarecrow & Mrs. King
The concept is rather improbable, but the presentation is very entertaining.

» Simon & Simon
I liked that many of their plots were unpredictable. Also, I wanted to marry A.J.

» Sliders
A not-so-far-out variation on the popular theme of time travel.

» That 70's Show
Laugh-out-loud funny.

» Third Rock from the Sun
An alien's perspective on human life can be downright hilarious. (Fave moment: After the aliens first arrive, Sally is complaining about being the woman. "Why do I have to be the woman?" she demands. Dick replies matter-of-factly, "Because you *lost*.")

» Wings
Another quality show from the people that brought us Frasier. Did you know that one of the producers of Wings was named Roz Doyle, the same name as Frasier's producer?

» The Young Riders
History should be so attractive.

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