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bye bye bye?

'N Sync 101
The group was formed in 1995 by Lou Pearlman. The band's name reportedly comes from a comment that Justin Timberlake's mother made after the boys first met and harmonized together; she was impressed by how "in sync" their voices were. The name is also commonly reported to have come from the last letter of each member's name: JustiN, ChriS, JoeY, LansteN and JC.

'N Sync took a hiatus following its 2002 Celebrity tour - as two of its members (Justin and JC) released solo albums - and has not reunited for any musical performance since 2005. In 2006, Justin Timberlake was interviewed on MTV and inadvertently admitted that he was responsible for 'N Sync's extended break. He also mentioned that even if the band were to re-unite now, he was unsure of what they would be able to do, as the music they were once famous for has since decreased in popularity. According to Jive Records, 'N Sync has signed a contract guaranteeing a minimum of five albums. So far they have delivered only two (No Strings Attached and Celebrity), so this means there should be at least three more albums on the way, though there is no specific deadline on when they must be delivered. Lance Bass once stated that it may be a year from now, it may be five years from now, but the group will definitely do another album. "We will never be done," he claimed.

'N Sync: Review
Favorite Songs? "Bye Bye Bye"
Favorite Videos? "I Drive Myself Crazy" "Bye Bye Bye"
Favorite Line? "I know that I can't take no more - it ain't no lie. I wanna see you out that door, baby, bye bye bye."
Favorite Member? JC
Least Favorite Lines? "Do you ever wonder why this music gets you high?" They just got more and more smug, didn't they.
Least Favorite Album? Celebrity. I much prefer their original sound.
Least Favorite Member? Justin. I think it was his hair. Oh, well, at least he has his fame to console him.
Verdict: Casual Fan or Big-Time Fangirl? Casual Fan
Comments: I added this page to the site during the height of my obsession with 'N Sync. At that time, I kept dreaming about them, and for a brief while I was very obsessed with one of them. (I'm pretty sure it was JC.) Now, as noted above, I'm more of a Casual Fan, since there are bands that I like better that are actually around. Still, I'll always like "Bye Bye Bye" because I find it empowering. It reminds me of when I wised up and dumped my leech of an ex.

- Lyrics -
As the guys once sang...

Just hit me with the truth,
Now, girl you're more than welcome to.
So give me one good reason,
Baby come on
I lived for you and me,
And now I really come to see,
That life would be much better once you're gone.

I know that I can't take no more
It ain't no lie.
I wanna see you out that door
Baby, bye bye bye.

Was it something I said
To make you turn away
To make you walk out and leave me cold?
If I could just find a way
To make it so that you were right here
Right now ...

Your love is like a river
Peaceful and deep
Your soul is like a secret
That I never could keep
When I look into your eyes
I know that it's true

There's a thousand words that I could say
To make you come home
Oh, seems so long ago you walked away
Left me alone
I remember what you said to me
You were acting so strange
and maybe I was too blind to see
That you needed a change

There ain't no excuse for losing your feet
Drowning in your defeat, on this road of life
there ain't no excuse for coming up short, the ball is in your court
so reach up and touch the sky

If I wasn't a celebrity
Would you be so nice to me?
If I didn't have G's like everyday
Would you still wanna be with me?

You like to say your
Man's a celebrity
Baby what's the deal?
I thought you wanted me for me

Now, why you wanna try
To classify the type of thing
That we do?
'Cause we're just fine
Doin what we like
Can we say the same for you?

- Lessons Learned -
What can we learn from these guys?

* Recipe for a hit song: cute guy singers, not-too-slow beat, grand-yet-impossible promises, the word crazy.
* If you make up a name for your band/whatever, don't be surprised if people spell it wrong. (Wait, I already knew that.)
* Coordination is everything.
* When you know it's time to end a relationship, do it and don't back down.
* But do think twice before breaking up with someone. You may soon be wishing you hadn't.
* Then again, if you're a manipulative, lying game-player, don't be surprised when your significant other wises up and dumps you.
* Sometimes you've got to come to terms with the fact that someone is gone.
* Even the good guys get burned.
* People tend to see through "love" that's based only on fame or money.
* You gotta say what you mean, and you gotta mean what you say.
* Do your thing. Do it good.
* Celebrity status can be quite fleeting.
* Even extremely attractive guys can make Bad Hairdo Choices.

- Favorite Scenes -
From their music videos

* In the video for "I Drive Myself Crazy," we're shown how each of the guys parted with their girlfriends. The extreme regret over doing so lands the guys in a mental institution.

"I Drive Myself Crazy" Video Details:

* I also like the video for "Bye Bye Bye" which shows the guys as marionettes on strings being danced around by some girl. As the strings are cut, they land in a movie-like scene (sometimes in pairs) where they daringly flee from the string-puller girl.

- Afterthoughts -
Miscellaneous material

Credit: bio info is from Wikipedia, edited by me. Lyrics were found here.

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