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"I have my own particular sorrows, loves, delights; and you have yours. But sorrow, gladness, yearning, hope, love, belong to all of us, in all times and in all places. Music is the only means whereby we feel these emotions in their universality." Thank you, H.A. Overstreet.

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» 80's Music
Big hair, upbeat music and fluorescent colors: what's not to love about this decade?

» Aerosmith
Most of today's groups could take lessons from Aerosmith on staying power.

» Air Supply
I dub them the Ballad Kings. Hearing any of their songs really takes me back.

» Alabama
They're from my home state, but I'm fairly sure I'd like them even if they weren't!

» Backstreet Boys
I think they've done a decent job of moving past the title of boy band.

» The Beatles
It took me a while to appreciate their music, but they truly were the Fab Four.

» Bon Jovi
Hands-down, one of my all-time favorites.

» Bowling for Soup
"1985" could have been written for me, except for the part about the Prozac. And the SUV. And the kids. And the husband...

» Brooks and Dunn
There's a reason the Best Duo or Group honor at the Country Music Awards has been jokingly referred to as the Brooks and Dunn Award.

» Carolyn Dawn Johnson
I dedicate her song "Complicated" to my real-life crushes.

» Counting Crows
I really like their hit songs, but in my opinion, the best one - "Anna Begins" - was never released.

» dc Talk
Perhaps their "Jesus Freak" lyrics were inspired by Elton John's line in "Tiny Dancer" about "Jesus freaks out in the street"?

» Debbie Gibson
Her "Out of the Blue" album still reduces me to a crushy teenager.

» Def Leppard
So much more than just a "hair band."

» Dierks Bentley
He's still good, but I'd say his first song "What Was I Thinkin'?" outshines the rest.

» Duran Duran
Of the 20 or so songs on their greatest hits CD, there were only a couple that I wasn't crazy about. The rest I absolutely adore.

» Dwight Yoakam
Proof that country singers can be both talented and dead-sexy.

» Eagles/Don Henley
I count Don Henley as one of my favorite voices in music. His "Last Worthless Evening" was a theme song for me during my more angst-filled days.

» Eric Clapton
I'm a big fan of electric guitar music, especially the way Clapton plays it.

» Faith Hill
"It Matters To Me" and "Let Me Let Go" have great personal significance.

» Firefall
I included this group because of their noteworthy "Strange Way." "That's a strange way to tell me you love me, when your sorrow is all I can see. If you just want to cry to somebody: don't cry to me." I've dated that kind before.

» Five For Fighting
Others may mock their song "Superman," but I find it a beautiful song fraught with meaning, about trying to reconcile who you are with who people want you to be.

» Foreigner
How could I not include the guys who brought us "Juke Box Hero"?

» The Fray
Oddly enough, I'm motivated by their song "Over my Head."

» Garth Brooks
At the height of his popularity, I knew how big he had become when my rock-loving, prides-herself-on-being-cool friend blasted Garth while we were cruising.

» George Harrison
My favorite Beatle. In fact, my Beatlemania may be mostly George-mania.

» Ginny Owens
Her work in CCM is positively inspired.

» Hall and Oates
These two have had so many great songs. And I don't hear any of them near enough.

» Heart
I must give them props (does anyone still even say that, btw?) for breaking into the largely male-dominated world of rock. You go, girls!

» Jamie O'Neal
I heard her song "There is No Arizona" while I was dating a lying creep, and I think it helped give me some perspective.

» John Waite/Bad English
I fear that John's more recent songs have been largely overshadowed by his first hit, "Missing You" - and that's a shame, because he still does excellent work.

» Journey
Arguably, my favorite Journey song is "I'll Be Alright Without You." I love the part - near the end, as I recall - where the singer sort of breathes, "I can still see your face..."

» Lari White
Her song "Stepping Stone" really encourages me. When someone mentions stumbling, more often than not, the lyrics start running through my head: "This ain't no stumbling block. It's just a stepping stone. Gonna climb right up on top, and take a good look at where I'm going."

» Lionel Ritchie
One of my many favorites from the 80's.

» Marty Stuart
He always looks like he's having such a good time in his videos.

» Matchbox 20
Their songs sound so wonderfully passionate. In "Back to Good" for example, you can hear the frustration building as the search for getting back to good progresses.

» 'N Sync
I know they are no more, but I'll always be glad they did "Bye Bye Bye." Plus, their video for "I Drive Myself Crazy" just might be my favorite of all time.

» Phil Collins
Ballad or up tempo, Phil's got it covered.

» Poison
I overlook their Makeup Period and focus on the awesome-ness that is "Every Rose Has Its Thorn."

» The Police/Sting
Sting is another of my Favorite Voices Evah. He could sing entries from the phone book, and I'd be positively enthralled.

» Prince
His weird symbol period aside, he is a fantastic entertainer.

» Rebecca St. James
Another CCM favorite.

» Roxette
I'm surprised I didn't wear out their Joyride album by replaying "Fading Like a Flower" and "Spending My Time" so much.

» Sara Groves
A friend told me that Sara's song "All Right Here" reminds him of me - "of all women, really". After hearing the song, I took that as a compliment.

» Steven Curtis Chapman
When you find yourself feeling down, I recommend music by this guy. His upbeat songs are infectious.

» Stevie Nicks
I love Stevie's voice. She sounds especially great with Don Henley in "Leather and Lace" and with Tom Petty in "Stop Draggin' My Heart Around".

» Styx
Perhaps my favorite song of theirs is the not-often-played "Love at First Sight."

» Terri Clark
I really enjoy her songs, but the video for "Girls Lie Too" is brilliant!

» Tina Turner
"Simply the best."

» Tom Petty
The song "Freefalling" was playing the day I walked out of a crummy waitress job. It was a beautiful day, the sun was shining, and I was "Free! Free falling..."

» The Traveling Wilburys
Quite possibly the most super of the supergroups.

» Travis Tritt
Amazingly talented. It's impossible for me to pick his best song.

» Trisha Yearwood
Beautiful voice, and her songs seem to be more real than a lot of others.

» U2
When I was younger, I disliked them, mostly because I thought Bono looked greasy. (When hearing "I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For," I'd offer, "Shampoo?") Happily, I've grown past that and can admit it. They rock. Oh, and Bono? Very hot.

» Winger
What's not to like about a gorgeous guy rockin' the bad boy image with "Seventeen"?

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