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As Sam Ewing once said, "There's no thief like a bad movie." Fortunately, there are some that I've been glad to spend time on.

- The List -
Plus micro-reviews!

» 13 Going On 30
There's a good message here about getting what you want but losing what really matters - including yourself.

» Adventures in Babysitting
I really liked the entire movie, but my favorite scene is where they have to sing the blues before they can leave a nightclub.

» Austin Powers series
Don't lose respect for me, but I had a little crush on Austin...

» The Avengers
a.k.a "Marvel's The Avengers." Explosive action, clever writing, a stellar cast, and characters with heart add up to record-breaking numbers at the box office. (Several of those dollars were mine, since this is the first movie I've seen four times at the theatre.)

» Back to the Future series
Michael J. Fox: need I say more?

» Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure
I first saw this movie when I was in high school. I couldn't really relate to the characters' slacker ways, but their quest drew me right in. When the movie was released, I just had to buy it; now, if this is not the movie that I've seen the most often, it ranks very high on the list.

» The Bourne Legacy
This is the only Bourne that I've cared to see. It was so good that I'm left very curious about the others, and yet I'm afraid they would pale in comparison.

» Bridget Jones' Diary
In the words of my cousin: "This is a movie made for 30-something, single women."

» Broken Arrow
John Travolta makes quite a convincing villain.

» Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon
I really enjoy action scenes with "kung-fu fighting." Plus: girl power!

» Dangerous Liaisons
It's no exaggeration to call this one a visual masterpiece, but story-wise, all of those liaisons got pretty complicated. I didn't fully "get" the plot - especially the ending - until I read a summary of the movie.

» Die Hard series
Bruce Willis was made for action flicks.

» Dirty Dancing
It's refreshing to see an average-looking girl get the cool, sexy guy.

» The Fifth Element
I saw this after I read (the late) Gene Siskel's review: he raved that it was much better than your average sci-fi flick. I absolutely agree.

» The Fugitive
A friend recommended this one: I can't thank her enough!

» The Goonies
Kids on a mission: very cute!

» Grease
Call me corny, but I liked the singing and dancing. (I often went around singing "Hopelessly Devoted to You" in honor of my crushes.)

» A Hard Day's Night
Yep, the Beatles. A classic, and highly quotable.

» Help!
Reminds me of something I might've written in fanfiction. Which is probably why I like it so much.

» Home Alone
This movie illustrates why an old curse says: "may you get everything you wish for."

» Iron Man series
Everything I love about comic book movies, with the added bonus of Robert Downey Jr.'s gorgeous face.

» Jurassic Park series
I liked the first one the best, but they're all good.

» Knight and Day
The considerable charms of stars Cruise and Diaz highlight a fun - and funny! - flick.

» Legends of the Fall
In one scene, the narrator talks about "the bear inside" one of the characters - Tristan - being asleep: by that he meant that Tristan was content or at peace. Can anyone else relate to feeling as if the bear inside is not sleeping? I can.

» Lethal Weapon series
Let me assure you that my feelings for these movies are in no way influenced by the presence of Mel Gibson. Okay, maybe they are a little...

» Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring
This one has the honor of being the first movie I paid my own money to see twice at the theatre. The acting was superb, the scenery was breathtaking, and the story was positively epic.

» The Mask
This one really amused me. Yes, I am partial to Jim Carrey.

» The Matrix
I thought I knew all there was to know about this movie from the commercials, but it really surprised me! Yet, although I had declared that I'd see the sequels in the theatre, I have yet to see them at all.

» Men in Black
How can a movie go wrong with both Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones?

» Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol
The best of the series provides the over-the-top action you'd expect but tempers it with a team that is refreshingly human.

» Moulin Rouge
Love, Truth, Beauty ... and all that other good stuff.

» Mrs. Doubtfire
Classic Robin Williams. (Fave line: "It was a drive-by fruiting.")

» Much Ado About Nothing
Did he really believe that she died of humiliation?

» Multiplicity
This was recommended by one of my exes. Apparently even a thoughtless creep can recognize a quality flick.

» The Mummy series
I'm not a fan of horror by any means, but I ventured to watch this one at the recommendation of my friend Michele. I found it *way* more funny than scary.

» My Big Fat Greek Wedding
LOVED how the main character reinvents herself: girl, you are my hero!

» Oceans 11
I appreciated that the criminals were using their brains to plan the robbery and not just going in and shooting everyone.

» Oscar
Sylvester Stallone does a great job with comedy - I know, it surprised me too! - and thanks to Tim Curry, I chuckle even now when I hear the word "diphthong".

» Overboard
Again, this reminds me of something I might've written in fanfiction, and again, I like it *so* much.

» Parenthood
This is another one that I've seen way too many times. From it, I gather that families have their ups and downs. Who knew?

» Picture Perfect
As a single gal, I can relate to this one.

» Pirates of the Caribbean series
Giving new definition to the meaning of the word "blockbuster."

» Pretty in Pink
A modern-day Cinderella and her Prince Mostly-Charming.

» Pretty Woman
Who doesn't want the fairy tale?

» Prince of Persia: Sands of Time
Perhaps it isn't the most original work ever, but I found it so fun and watchable that it's the first movie I saw three times at the theatre.

» The Princess Bride
You'd be surprised how easy it is to work quotes from this movie into one's everyday life.

» R.E.D.
"Retired. Extremely Dangerous." A long-overdue tribute to the wisdom that can only come with years of experience.

» Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves
I've only seen this once - and years ago, at that - but it made quite an impression. I can still recall multiple scenes.

» Romancing the Stone
Turner and Douglas at their finest.

» Sabrina (Old and New Versions)
I saw the new version first, so I'm a little more partial to it. (Yeah, I know. The other is a "classic." Forgive me?)

» Shakespeare in Love
A review I read said it best: "Love can inspire, even when it's lost."

» Shall We Dance?
Realizing that what you want is what you've got. A rare movie plot indeed!

» Speed
Very often as I'm driving, when I'm trying to decide which turn to take, I'll ask myself, "Stay on or get off? STAY ON OR GET OFF??" Thank you, Sandra Bullock.

» Spiderman series
I saw the second one first, and I'm *so* glad about that.

» Thelma & Louise
Lesson learned: be very cautious of flirty strangers at bars.

» Thor
Sumptuous visual effects don't hide a fascinating look at relationships and identity.

» The Three Musketeers
All for one, and one for ... my collection!

» Time Cop
Watch for the scene where Jean Claude spans kitchen counters with the splits to get off the floor.

» The Truman Show
Very clever concept. The original "reality" show.

» What's Love Got to Do With It?
A good question and an excellent movie.

» While You Were Sleeping
Be careful who you say you're going to marry.

» Working Girl
"Sometimes I sing and dance around the house in my underwear. Doesn't make me Madonna. Never will." That's true, but then again, do you *really* want to be Madonna?

» X-men series
Although I tend to like comic book movies (um, okay, Spiderman) I had no interest in seeing this one. Then I saw the third one - and LOVED it! I had to watch the first two. I was mesmerized by the scene in the first one where Rogue sees Logan for the first time: he's shirtless and fighting in a cage. *squeal of delight*

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