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Some prefer to think of them as "guidelines."

There aren't a lot of rules, because I believe that most people know what is acceptable. However, for those that are unsure, I offer a few guidelines:

1) Registration is not required to reply to messages - as long as spam isn't a problem.

2) However, Registered Users have other privileges, such as being able to start threads in some sections.

3) Please reply in the appropriate thread. The topics in the menu on the left have their own threads, and there are other threads for general comments, questions, etc.

4) Be respectful. We welcome opposing views, but in sharing your thoughts a) don't attack other forum members and b) stay on topic and make criticism constructive. In other words, don't be a troll.

5) Spam posts will be deleted as soon as I see them, as will material deemed inappropriate for a family-friendly forum.

6) Have fun! If you enjoy TV, music, and movies as I do, you just can't talk about your favorites enough. This is the place to let your thoughts be heard... or read, anyway.

Also, note that board activity can be rather sporadic, but I - Anne the webmistress - visit at least every few days as Real Life allows. (Hey, I run websites, so I'm accustomed to people not responding to what I write. ;)

Thank you for reading this - see you at the forums!

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