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The Young Riders
» Spoiler Warning: details on this page could spoil any surprise(s) in the story if you have not seen this complete TV series.

List of Season 3 Episodes with Comments
3.11 Good Night, Sweet Charlotte
3.12 Song of Isiah
3.14 Shadowmen
3.15 Mask of Fear
3.19 Lessons Learned
3.21 and 3.22 Til Death Do Us Part (Parts 1 and 2)

Frequently, after watching a TYR episode, I feel compelled to write my comments on it. For a while, I've been posting said comments at the Writers' Ranch message board, but I've decided to archive them here as well. (Why not let them do double-duty as content for my own website, right? ;)


3.11 Good Night, Sweet Charlotte

I just watched this episode again. I think Lou's conversation with the guy at the end was significant: he declared that he loved Charlotte for who she was, not for where she came from. Hearing it phrased that way, it seemed that Lou was able to differentiate between herself as a person and what circumstances had happened to her. And realizing that allowed her to share the happening with Kid.

Hmm, I didn't even think of the parallel between Lou's past here and the situation with Kid and Dorothea. D'oh, this is what happens when you watch the eps WAY out of order...

Oh, but I agree with the consensus that it's *awesome* how Lou saves herself. At first it appears she's completely lost control, given into rage and is about to murder Wicks. However, she just messes with him, and then giggles about it. He had taunted her about still being a scared child, but her actions there proved just how far she had matured. And Wicks should be thankful for it, because without it, she wouldn't have held back.

I also really liked the Charlotte character. She's realistic - she has no illusions about what she's been - but she's optimistic and determined to rise above it.

[QUOTE]I am not sure how Rachel knew Charlotte was a prostitute from first glance..... [/QUOTE]

I think maybe it was "the look" Lou gave Charlotte, the one Charlotte said she had seen frequently on the faces of the townspeople when they saw her. I have a feeling Rachel had been given that look herself in times past...


3.12 Song of Isiah

Just watched this ep. It made me wonder whether there's a TYR drinking game anywhere online...? Several things here would surely be on it:
A Young Rider's past plays into the current plot. 1 sip
Someone mentions the upcoming war. 1 sip
A bad guy has someone whipped. 1 sip
Character or characters resort to vigilante justice. 1 sip
Jimmy says, "Don't do this." 1 sip
The person he's talking to actually listens and doesn't "do this." 2 sips
Jimmy attracts yet another freaky female. 5 sips (or as many as you need to drive her from memory rolleyes.gif )


Kid: Oh, good, you haven't left yet.
Hickok: Actually, I've been gone an hour.

Hickok (about his father): He was a good man.
Isiah Burke: He died for the noblest cause of all: the brotherhood and dignity of all men.
Hickok: The way I remember it, he was stabbed by a drunken slaver.

Hickok: When I was growing up "the cause" was all I ever heard about. And, of course, the other side had their "cause," too. I've seen some pretty strange things from both sides. Lately, I can't help wondering how much any cause is worth.


3.14 Shadowmen

I saw that James Brolin had directed. I could just picture a typical day during filming...

[QUOTE]JAMES BROLIN: "Josh, you're doing great. Spot on! The rest of you guys, though... terrible! Horrible! You call this acting?! WHY can't you be more like JOSH?!..." :D [/QUOTE]

Seriously though, the ep had some good moments.

Yet again, we see Jimmy staring transfixed/fascinated at someone who has just been killed. For someone so skilled at killing, it's good to show that he does recognize how serious a thing it is for a life to be taken.

I liked the significance of Teaspoon saying how "taking things too personal" clouds your judgment... yet he's unaware that his own judgment has been clouded by him doing just that.


Hickok looks so(!) hot(!) closing the door in that hotel room to confront Teaspoon's lady friend. (Note to self: screencap that shot... wub.gif )


[QUOTE]...and what was that thing Jimmy was waving in front of her when he confronted her? What was it that was everywhere that guy was? [/QUOTE]

maureen, to answer both questions, it was a small piece of fabric that was somewhat mesh-like. Jimmy pieced together that it was from that woman's shawl. In retrospect, we can see that, as the episode progresses, they show increasingly closer shots of her wearing that shawl, trying to give viewers the clue. Still, it's pretty subtle.

Great final shot of the wilted rose signifying the end of a promising relationship.


3.15 Mask of Fear

RE: Jesse being close to his boss, I think this ep is where that happened. Jesse had been late (repeatedly, we learn from the boss), and the boss points out how he gave Jesse a chance by letting him work there - despite people tellin' the boss he was crazy to do so. I think, hearing that, Jesse suddenly felt closer to the guy. For him to lose the boss right after that seem particularly tragic. sad.gif

I thought the title of the ep was pretty clever, since it had multiple applications. The townspeople were hiding behind a "mask of fear" and couldn't see past it to give the convicted murderer another chance. The title also refers to the abused wife, both to the bruises on her face and the way she kept the abuse hidden out of fear.


[Rachel uses a deck of cards in the class room. When asked what he's got, Jesse quips, "Full house!" instead of revealing the sum of the numbers, as he's supposed to.]
Rachel: We're learnin' addition here, not poker.
Jesse: Seems to me the two are related.

Rachel: He did his time, Jimmy. Maybe he counted on people giving him a second chance. Unless he does something wrong, that's exactly what all of us owe him.

[Jesse rushes by.]
Teaspoon: Where's the fire, son?
Jesse: In my pants if I don't get to work on time!

I didn't transcribe it, but I also loved Jimmy's story to Jesse about another time when townspeople enacted their own justice only to learn that the accused was innocent. What a great example of the danger in jumping to conclusions.


3.19 Lessons Learned

Random thoughts:

* I felt so bad for Teaspoon and his dilemma: knowing that Randall is scum but not wanting to break the law (and lower himself to Randall's level) to stop him.

* Obviously, Teaspoon made the right choice. Look what happened when Albert and Marty tried to beat Randall at his own game.

* Isn't Albert and Marty's mother the same actress who plays the murdered miner's wife in "Daddy's Girl"?

* Polly sure did bounce back from being attacked. She seemed more upset about her dad. Which kinda makes sense, actually. I mean, when your heart has been broken that badly, for a while, even other bad things seem small.

* Fave scene: Teaspoon is mourning Polly's father. "They don't make 'em like that any more." Looking proudly at Teaspoon, Jimmy replies confidently, "Yeah, they do."

* Lou and Kid ask Jimmy to give Lou away. (I'm surprised the Jimmy-Lou shippers aren't all over this...)

** For those who believe there's a thing between Jimmy and Lou, this could be seen as highly symbolic, as if she's chosen Kid, and now Jimmy has to - very publicly and finally - give her up (away).

** Given how jealous Kid had been of Jimmy, it shows growth on his part that he can now accept Jimmy in that way. (Or, maybe he feels that it sends Jimmy a message. See previous point.)


[QUOTE]Personally, I liked how Jimmy asked exactly what giving away the bride involved before he agreed. I'd think he'd have been to enough weddings to know, but obviously he wasn't paying attention. [/QUOTE]

D'oh! I didn't even make the connection, of Jimmy wanting to know exactly what he had to do. I agree that *surely* he's been to weddings before...? But, I also think it's a question that fits in with what we've seen of Jimmy, given the way he takes his responsibilities seriously. (I just watched the episode after this one, and that trait of his comes into play, but we've seen it in previous eps, too.)

[QUOTE]Polly smiled after Teaspoon's fight with Randall went through her window. It made me think of how she said he was wild when she first met him and made me think she was thinking of that. [/QUOTE]

Double D'oh, I didn't catch that smile either! But I agree, she surely was thinking of Teaspoon's wild ways - and how much she likes 'em. wink.gif


3.21 and 3.22 Til Death Do Us Part (Parts 1 and 2)

While working on the "log line" recaps, I took notes of what happens in this episode. So, I thought I'd share them here. (Be warned that they're pretty random.)

Also be warned of SPOILERS!

-- 'Til Death Do Us Part (Part 1) --

Atchison Kansas - (which looks like the old way station/Emma's!) Rosemarie Burke goes to look in on new colt, leaves a young man to tell her husband. Riders attack their place. "Make sure you get Isiah." (They do.) Rosemary hears shots, hurries back... They're gone.

Way Station: Lou returns. "Where is everyone?" Surprise! Celebrating Lou's last day with the Pony Express. [They give her an apron, knitting needles...]

Kid/Jimmy stop at watering hole. Discuss impending marriage. Group of bluecoats passes.

Noah/Cody look forward to the wedding so they can learn what Kid's real name is.

Teaspoon's friend Tommy is there recruting for the Army. Settin' up camp. Teaspoon (TS) looks serious.

En route to Rock Creek, Kid hears of a raid on a safehouse: Isiah Burke. Jimmy is concerned about brother-in-law, Nathan. Starts off to check. Kid will go with.

Lou in a dress, goes to see Tompkins..who isn't surprised. Lou invites Tompkins to the wedding.

Kid/Jimmy at Nathan's. Rosemarie's there crying. Explains about attack. Selinda and Nathan are fine: Isiah sent them to Seneca. Jimmy has a nephew.

Kid: "Southern raiders?" Rosemarie eyes Kid suspiciously. Pearson was behind it; his group tracks down their slaves at all costs. Jimmy: it isn't safe for you here. They look for her picture of Isiah.

Rock Creek: Recruiter addressing crowd. "Talk with your ma/pa." People try to sign up. TS stops. Recruiter: "War is coming."

Kid/Jimmy will take Rosemarie to Seneca? She locates a letter(?) in the picture of Isiah.

Rachel talks to Lou. Thinkin' about her Saturdays. Lou: "Is the Kid scared? He didn't come back. Maybe he thought twice, kept going." Rach: "Nothing's gonna keep him away."

At hotel, Rosemarie wants to talk to Jimmy. She lied, gives hidden coded list of men who ride with Pearson. She can't trust Kid. She's going to use the list to find Pearson. Jimmy recommends she talk to Teaspoon. Kid returns with packages. Rosemarie will come with them to RC.

WayStation: TS, Noah argue about the recruiter's words. Buck: "We're sposed to be a family!" TS agrees: gotta give Lou/Kid the best wedding. Cody returns with fancy boots: he signed up with the Army as a scout.

Kid/Jimmy/Rosemarie see a guy with wagon trouble. Ambush! J/K too quick. But ambushers know Mrs Burke.

TS: "Foolish!" Cody: "My duty!" Cody: "The Pony Express is dying. The telegraph is coming. Stop acting like my folks!"

Kid knows that Rosemarie is hiding something. Surprised to learn Jimmy knows, too. Rosemarie reluctantly shows the list. Kid (to J): You couldn't trust me?! You should know me by now! They fight. K fires J from the wedding.

Rosemarie (to Jimmy): You and Kid care about each other. Stick by him now; it'll only be harder later.

Tommy (recruiter) talks to TS, who's drinking at a bar. "To simpler times."

Kid returns with their rings. Lou knows something happened with Jimmy.

At the church. Jimmy's not there. Lou asks Jesse to give her way. Jimmy arrives, joins Jesse and Lou in the march down the aisle.

During vows, when it comes time for Kid's name, TS pauses. Kid leans in, whispers name to TS. TS considers it and continues the vows using "Kid" for the name.

They're married!

Exiting the church, young man returns, wounded. Recruiter: "mess of trouble on the border."


Again, these are some random notes I took of what happens in this episode.

Be warned of SPOILERS... although I'm missing the last few scenes. At that point, I stopped typing and just watched.

--'Til Death Do Us Part (Part 2)--

Wedding party: no one's hungry - no one wants to celebrate. TS/Rachel dance, determined to give K/L a good party.

Jesse's eating: he's got no worries. If war breaks out, he's headin' home. At this, Noah loses appetite.

Even Kid's distracted. Lou: "I loved our wedding. And I love you."

Cody arrives with the recruiter. Recruiter asks about list: follow me. Rosemarie denies. Recruiter: May be the only way to stop an insurrection. They go to hotel to get the list.

Elsewhere: "Frank" heads out to Rock Creek, looking for the list.

Rock Creek: Noah talks to recruiter: offers to join. "No coloreds!"

Rosemarie gives list to Recruiter.

That night, recruiter sings. TS paces. Rachel checks on boys. K/L honeymoon night.

Jesse practices shootin' - pretty good. Frank's there! Came for Jesse: you ready? "There's no middle ground."

Cody reports to recruiter, code's been cracked. They tell the company of a planned attack.

Cody's at the bunkhouse for supper. Needs somebody to cover his run. Can't tell 'em why. Rosemarie: it's about the list. Jesse hears. The group discusses.

"I never thought the Mason-Dixon line would come right down through here." TS, about the dining table

Jimmy goes to see Rosemarie. Something's wrong, but he doesn't know what. Hard to see friends and family torn apart. R: war is coming. She's tired. "Come by tomorrow."

Jesse has told Frank about the list. TS sees them talking. "Say goodbye to your brother, or go with him. I don't want to see his face again."

Army prepares to ride. Noah sees Rosemarie trying to ride after, to make sure they get them; he will go with.

At the attack, Cody sees Frank. "It's a trap!" Rosemarie tries to ride in for revenge on Pearson; she's shot. Noah tries to help her... he's shot and killed.

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