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Spy Games


The success of our interactive features depends on you. Will you accept the mission?

[ Alias Plot Generator ] Just like the pros use!

Is there a question that you need answered? [ Ask Marshall ]

Your next assignment requires you to go undercover at a casino, so brush up on your [ blackjack ] skills.

[ Caption the Picture ] Or read what others have written.

[ Math Mission ] Think spies don't need to know math? Think again!

[ Lie Detector ] Your darkest secrets are brought into the light.

[ Sloane Says ] It's sort of like Simon Says, just more dangerous.

Visit the [ Alias Forum ] for more chances to "interact."

Funny, Ha Ha?

They say that comedy - like medicine - should not be practiced by the general public. However, that doesn't stop us from trying...

In [ How to Spot a Spy ] you can learn the signs that someone in your life could be a secret agent.

[ Lessons Learned ] Truth takes time. Five seasons, apparently!

[ The Spy Survival Kit ] Is Sydney the new MacGyver?

[ Sweatin' to the Alias ] Use your favorite show to get in shape.

Do you [ watch too much Alias ] ?

[ Top Tens ] including [ Seasonal ] and [ Fan Contributions ] for those of us who enjoy "list humor."

And, of course, we have a version of the [ Alias Drinking Game. ]

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