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Alias Definitions & Trivia

Below we have defined some of the terminology used on the show. The terms are listed by the season in which they were first mentioned.

Season 1

47: For some reason, 47 was a favorite number of Milo Rambaldi; the number appears frequently in Alias.

Credit Dauphine: The bank where Sydney, Dixon, and other SD-6 operatives "officially" worked. To hide their true activities, SD-6 operated under various names.

Department of Special Research: Created during World War II to investigate Nazi interest in the occult. After the war, an executive order was signed, empowering them to investigate parapsychology, remote viewing, etc. In Season One, they took an interest in Sydney because her image appeared in one of Rambaldi's books, along with a prophecy.

FTL: Rival organization to SD-6, FTL also deals in "intelligence" - and shady dealings.

functional imaging test: A sophisticated lie detector

intel: Another word for information, or intelligence

K-Directorate: Rival organization to SD-6, K-Directorate also deals in "intelligence" - and shady dealings.

Mt. Subasio: According to Rambaldi, the woman in his prophecy will have never seen Mt. Subasio. To prove that she was not the woman in the prophecy, Sydney went to this mountain.

Project Christmas: In this program, children were secretly tested to see if they had the traits to make good spies. Those that passed were given spy training, and then hypnotized to forget it until they were reactivated.

SD-6: Sydney's former employer. SD-6 was one of a number of private agencies based in various countries that trade in weapons, drugs, intelligence that use covert means to undermine governments and industries in their attempt to take over the world. Part of the Alliance, SD-6 convinced its lower-level agents that it was a secret part of the CIA. Sydney learned otherwise, and after a long struggle she helped to bring them down.

The Alliance: Was composed of twelve cells, SD-1 through SD-12. Thanks to Sydney's efforts, attacks against all cells were orchestrated, and all were defeated. Later, it was revealed that it was Sloane's plan for The Alliance to fall.

The Circumference: a.k.a the Mueller device - Designed by Rambaldi, built by Oskar Mueller. Known effects include increasing the aggression of certain bees and emitting a sub-sonic frequency which combined with chemical contaminants causes heightened aggression in humans. Five Mueller devices are known to have been built. One small-scale device was seized by Sydney and handed over to Sloane, and presumably was taken into CIA custody with the fall of SD-6. One large-scale device was destroyed by Sydney in Taipei. "Arvin Clone" had one completed small-scale device, the status of which is unknown, and one large-scale device located in his Santiago compound, which was seized and/or destroyed by APO. There were also incomplete components of at least one more device in the compound, also presumably seized and/or destroyed by APO. Finally, Elena Derevko constructed an enormous Mueller device in Sovogda, Russia, which was destroyed by Sydney.

Season 1 Trivia

* The number of Will's house was 47 1/4.
* Sydney got a D in high school home economics for embroidering something on a sweatshirt that ticked off her "sexist pig" teacher. (#1)
* Sydney asks Danny if he got the Dave Matthews Band tickets. (#1)
* Danny called Jack to ask for approval to marry Sydney. (#1)
* Danny and Sydney dated for two years. (#1)
* Will was set up by his sister on a blind date with a woman whose all-time favorite movie is "Pretty Woman."(#1)
* Danny was a doctor. (#1)
* Dixon and Diane have been married for 12 years. (#1)
* Diane believes that Dixon is an investment analyst who loves his job. (#1)
* Syd has worked for SD-6 for seven years. (#1)
* Syd took 3 months off of work after Danny was killed. (#1)
* Before coming to Credit Dauphine, Jack worked undercover for SD-6 at Jennings Aerospace. (#1)
* Syd and Vaughn meet in a van marked "L.A. County Blood Donor Drive."(#2)
* Francie's boyfriend Charlie received a job offer from Fleming Letterman. (#2)
* Syd and Will have known each other for three years. (#2)
* Syd finds a nuclear bomb buried in a cemetery located at 1936 Lake Road. (#2)
* Charlie is the first in his family to go to college. (#3)
* Vaughn describes Rambaldi as "Davinci meets Nostradamus." (#3)
* Danny was murdered on June 8th between midnight and six a.m. (#3)
* Will has an aqua blue Chevy with a hula girl on the dash. (#3)
* Will is legally blind without is contacts in. (#3)
* Charlie cleans while naked. (#3)
* When Syd drinks tequila, she likes an ice cream chaser. (#3)
* Lambert reads a copy of Pipe Collector's Monthly. (#3)
* On a mission, Syd recognizes a guard who broke her arm two years ago in Corsica. (#4)
* Vaughn gives Syd the CIA file on Jack. (#5)
* Francie decides that she and Syd will have a Halloween party. (#5)
* At the party, Sydney is Alice in Wonderland, Francie is a cheerleader, and Will is dressed as Richard Nixon. (#5)
* Pages related to case 332L are missing from Jack's file. (#5)
* Sydney's mother died in 1981. (#6)
* From license plate 663STF, Will tracks Eloise Kurtz to 223 Whitley Place, Hollywood. (#6)
* Vaughn says that he was eight when his father died. (#6)
* Eloise Kurtz says she was paid $2,000 to lie about having an affair with Danny. (#6)
* Charlie can sing very well. (#6)
* The trigger phrase for Martin Shephard is by John Donne: "No man is an island, entire of itself. Every man is a piece of the continent."(#6)
* Shephard checked himself into a mental institution in Bucharest, southern Romania. (#6)
* Syd poses as "Miss Dicamila," a bipolar patient at the mental hospital. (#6)
* Vaughn meets Jack for the first time at a Chinese restaurant. (#7)
* Martin Shepherd is color blind. (#7)
* Eloise Kurtz was found shot to death in Echo Park. (#7)
* Sydney learns that Shepherd was the assassin who killed Danny. (#7)
* Vaughn spent Thanksgiving with his mom. (#7)
* Syd poses as Molly Zertan "with the Marissa Foundation."(#8)
* Jack is one of only five agents at Credit Dauphine who knows the truth about SD-6. (#8)
* On Flight 816, Daniel Hecht was assigned seat 11A; Jack changed Seat 11B from Kate Jones to Zachary Cohen. (#8)
* Jack would buy Laura books -- first editions, one a month - from a bookstore they discovered on a trip to Prague. (#8)
* Syd's CIA code name is Freelancer. (#9)
* "Angel of Mercy" is an SD-6 hospital. (#9)
* Sloane has known Jack since 1971. They met at Langley. (#9)
* Sloane attended Jack and Laura's wedding. (#9)
* Will's cell phone number is 310-555-0153. (#9)
* Will became a reporter because of the movie "His Girl Friday."(#9)
* Amy, Will, Syd, and Francie play Boggle. (#10)
* Will first hears about SD-6 in episode 10.
* Syd poses as the spoiled and rich Victoria King. (#10)
* Severin Driscoll is in suite 350. (#10)
* Syd admits to not being very good at Morse code. (#11)
* Vaughn knows pi to six digits. (#11)
* Sydney chose the teaching profession because she thought her mother was a teacher. (#14)
* Vaughn's dog is named Donovan.(#19)

Season 2

Echelon: A device that is capable of searching telecommunication transmissions and picking up certain words; the idea of this device is to locate sources of potential threats.

Helix: The name for the technology that allows a genetic double of a person to be created.

Il Dire (The Telling): A Rambaldi device consisting of 47 pieces that, according to Sloane, revealed a message of peace when assembled.

Provacillium: A medication usually taken by gene therapy patients to keep the body from rejecting the DNA mutations.

Server 47: SD-6's highly secret data storage and network that linked all the SD cells. Server 47 was kept on a 747 that stayed on the move for security purposes.

SVR: Russian intelligence organization. Their version of the CIA.

The Chosen One: One of Rambaldi's manuscripts depicted a woman that looked like Sydney. Rambaldi described the woman as follows: "This woman here depicted will possess unseen marks. Signs that she will be the one to bring forth my works. Bind them with fury, a burning anger unless prevented at vulgar cost this woman will render the greatest power unto utter desolation." The FBI took Sydney into custody, fearing that she was the woman described, since she matched the three unseen marks - DNA sequencing, platelet levels, and heart size. Irina said later that Sydney is the Chosen One of the prophecy.

The Triad: Loose coalition of organized crime entities. They deal in mainly drugs and prostitution, but they've also made a significant foray into weapons.

VTX: a calcium-based antidote to heart-attack inducing toxins, such as sodium morphate. VTX simulates death by slowing the lung and nearly stopping the heart. Then the VTX is metabolized and the body returns to normal.

Yakuza: Japanese mafia

Season 2 Trivia

* According to Irina, Vaughn looks just like his father.
* Irina's mother gave her a pair of earrings at her graduation from the academy.
* Sydney is told to introduce herself to Vaughn's girlfriend as Rita Stevens, with the state department bureau of arms control.
* Vaughn and Sydney met on October 1st.
* The day Vaughn met Sydney, the watch that his father gave him stopped working.
* The blackmailer demands "one hundred million in bearer bonds" for Emily's return.
* Vaughn attends the funeral of Alice's father.
* Syd gets Francie season tickets to The Hollywood Bowl for her birthday.
* The Alliance purchased the 747 for Server 47 in 1998.
* Sydney graduates from college.
* The CIA has a hit list, thirty-five people world-wide that agents are allowed to kill.
* Jack says that having Sydney is what helped him avoid the Rambaldi obsession.
* Elsa Caplan's debrief transcript is barely ten pages long.
* The Russian word "razvyaska" means "endgame".
* The address of Sloane's warehouse in Zurich is 266 Kroner Strasse.
* When Sydney was four, Jack nearly burned down their home by forgetting about some bread in the toaster after drinking too much with Laura. (#9)
* Dixon speaks nine languages. Techno isn't one of them. (#11)
* Sark was sent to school in England at a very young age.(#19)

Season 3

Camp Williams: a secret NSC detention facility

Doleac Agenda: a "playbook" detailing plans for the six Covenant cells

Medusa: an anti-satellite weapon

NSC: National Security Council

Omnifam: Sloane's humanitarian organization

Project Centrigrade: the front for The Trust

SIDE: Argentine Intelligence organization

St. Aidan: Andrian Lazarey's codename

The Covenant: A large, powerful, secretive organization - composed of six cells - formed by a loose affiliation of Russian nationals. The Covenant kidnapped Sydney and tried to brainwash her into becoming the assassin Julia Thorne. The six leaders of the Covenant cells were murdered by Sark and Lauren who were then appointed co-commanders of the North American cell. In season four, Sark reveals that The Covenant imploded.

The Hourglass: A Rambaldi artifact that will reveal the location of The Passenger only to her father.

The Passenger: Another person spoken of in Rambaldi's writings: Nadia Santos is The Passenger. Sydney's half-sister, Nadia is the product of a brief affair between Irina and Sloane. The Passenger is a descendant of Rambaldi. When she takes a certain elixir, The Passenger enters a trance-like state and writes one of Rambaldi's formulas.

The Restoration: manuscript regarding The Passenger

The Shining Sword: Fundamentalist terror network based in the Philippines.

The Trust: an organization - composed of five members, including Senator Reed - within the U.S. government interested in Rambaldi. Sen Reed recruited Sloane to help in return for a pardon.

Season 3 Trivia

* Sark's favorite wine is Chateau Patreuse, 1982.
* Sark's father, Lazarey, was a Russian diplomat.
* Sark remembers his father as being physically abusive.
* Marshall can play the drums.
* Julia Thorne's Roman address is 1124 Piazza Barberini - the penthouse apartment.
* Lauren and Vaughn met when Lauren was asking the CIA agents questions about Irina Derevko.
* Lauren and Vaughn were married at the Reed farm in Virginia.
* Lauren was part of the team that arranged for Sloane's pardon.
* Lauren had Vaughn's father's watch fixed when she realized that she had forgotten the anniversary of his father's death. (Thanks to Sharon for this one!)
* Lauren tells her father that she believes in the cause she's working for (i.e. The Covenant).
* The etymology of the word "peace" can be traced to its Greek form, Irine, also the derivation of the name Irina.

Season 4

Amplifying Glass: A device that can boost a laser pulse. It can enable a CD player's laser to shoot a plane from the sky or slice a tank in half.

APO: Starting in season four, "Authorized Personnel Only" is the black ops division of the CIA that employs Jack, Sydney, Vaughn, Dixon, Marshall, Weiss, Nadia, and Sloane.

Black Thorine: a breakthrough explosive

Blackwell Index: an encrypted disc once owned by the CIA that contains incriminating evidence against many government officials and corporate heads

Cadmus Revolutionary Front: an offshoot of the Covenant

Dante Compound: a rare putty that, when mixed with V/X gas and other nerve agents, mutates them

EMP: an electromagnetic pulse weapon that destroy any electronic equipment in a ten mile radius

Grappig: means "Tell them it's funny." It's also an affiliation of biochemical scientists in Prague led by Dr. Letuza.

Hydrosek: a water-based weapon developed by Indonesia that could wipe out entire eco-systems and kill half a million people

Il Diluvio: a Rambaldi manuscript which revealed Rambaldi's desire for a complete cleansing - a more peaceful species of human - through apocalypse. Though Irina destroyed the manuscript, Elena tortured her to get the info.

October Contingent: a Russian terrorist group

Project Brainstorm: an SD-6 program for "brain imprinting", the purpose of which was to explore experimental technologies for interrogation, brainwashing and transferring memories

Valta: a computer, the purpose of which is to revolutionize the gathering of information from satellite networks

Vespertine papers: a set of Rambaldi's writings which specified a certain orchid in the recipe for a less agressive race of people

Season 4 Trivia

* Vaughn burned down the home he shared with Lauren.
* Nadia's real birthday is unknown, so the people at the orphanage assigned her one.
* Nadia's APO code name is Evergreen.
* Sydney's APO code name is Phoenix. (Very clever, since the phoenix is said to "rise from the ashes.")
* Vaughn's APO codename is Shotgun.
* Marshall's APO code name is Merlin.
* Dixon's APO code name is Outrigger.
* Elena Derevko's code name is Sentinel.

Season 5

Alpha Black Clearance: Only seven CIA directors have this top level clearance.

Atropine ZX: an experimental substance used to resuscitate gravely injured soldiers

Leo-47 Norte: Jack and Dixon recall that it was an SD-6 mission that took place in a French territory.

Nuridium: A substance that can be used as an explosive or to power an advanced cryogenic chamber.

Prophet Five: Brilliant scientists and linguists were recruited for Prophet Five in the 70's and were asked to break the code of a 500 year-old document on advanced genetics. Mueller - of the Mueller Device (aka the Circumference) - was the one who originated the project. After the group succeeded in breaking the code, its members were systematically murdered. Vaughn's father, a mathematician involved in the Prophet Five project, changed his identity to hide from them. The powerful modern-day Prophet Five organization is made of twelve sources which are embedded inside a global government.

Sphere of Life: A vessel which supposedly housed Rambaldi's consciousness. When the Passenger came into contact with it, she saw terrifying flashes of the future.

Substance-33: a deadly nerve agent that kills in seconds

The Horizon: When placed on a stone altar in Rambaldi's tomb, forms a levitating sphere which generates a red fluid which has the power to convey immortality. The Horizon is what Prophet Five was after.

Season 5 Trivia

* Vaughn's real name is Andre Michaux.
* His father was a mathematician before he became a CIA agent.
* Vaughn was 18 months old when his father changed their identities.
* Renee Rienne is number eight on the CIA's most wanted list.
* Marshall has a penpal.
* Rachel's APO codename is Oracle; her Shed codename was Mockingbird.
* To avoid the CIA, the Shed hastily abandoned offices in Cleveland, Seattle, Chicago and St. Louis.
* Tom says that Renee has killed three CIA agents.
* War Games is both Rachel's and Marshall's second favorite movie.
* Rachel's first alias is Mandy, after a girl she knew.
* After Sovogda, Nadia was kept in a medically-induced coma for over five months.
* Tom's APO codename is Sidewinder.
* Jack plays the piano.
* Tom was married for three years.

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