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About This Site

As noted on the main page, we are one of the largest and oldest Alias websites. The site opened as part of another site on February 2, 2002, and since then we've grown tremendously.

As you can probably guess from our name, this site is completely unofficial. For more specific details - and to find out how to contact me - check out the Frequently Asked Questions listed below.

1. What kind of name is "fannesite"?
My name is Anne, and this is my fan site for Alias. "Anne's fan site" somehow became "fannesite." I originally put the name together because I found a good price on a domain name: www.fannesite.com - this site started as part of that one. Now, obviously, this is a separate site, that one is called Quotations 101 and the domain is a collective for my fan websites.

2. Why do other sites list this site under different names?
I guess some people, including the folks at Yahoo, prefer not to use my made-up word, so they call this site "Anne's Fan Site", "Alias fansite", etc. Ah, well. At least they're linking!

3. Who runs this site? Do you work for ABC?
I run this site; as noted in the first answer, my name is Anne. I definitely do NOT work for ABC. To learn more about me or to see more of my websites, visit my collective, www.rusted-crush.com.

4. What kind of content do you have?
For a detailed list of the features at this site, visit the Archive 47 page.

5. Do you still update this site?
I still do, albeit sporadically. Previous site updates are listed here.

6. May I send something to add to this site?
Absolutely! If you'd like to send fanfiction or fanart, you can read more about that here. If you want to suggest a site for our links page, review the answer to question #9 below. If you'd like to send quotes, a favorite scene, episode reviews, or any other addition to a site feature, email me at the address at the bottom of this page.

7. May I use your content on my site/message board/whatever?
You may use the information from this site on two conditions: 1) You give credit by providing a link to this site, on whatever page my info is used, and 2) you don't take more than one or two things. I'm glad that you like what I've done here, but I'll be less than understanding if you copy large sections of my site. Thanks for respecting the time and effort that I put into this site.

You may save the pictures in the gallery to your own computer for your own personal use, but do not direct link to them.

I respectfully request that you not use the graphics that I made for my layout. I worked very hard to create a look that I liked, and I designed the graphics specifically for use on this site. If you need help in designing your own graphics, a quick search on Google will provide multiple sources of assistance.

8. Do you have any "link buttons" or graphics to use when linking to alias.fannesite?
Not at this time. A text link is fine, or feel free to make your own button/graphic.

9. Are you interested in a link exchange or reciprocal linking?
I am interested in adding well-designed Alias-related sites to our links page. If you have one or know of one, please share the link with me at the email address at the bottom of the page. If the site is not Alias-related, please do not ask about a link exchange, or reciprocal links, or any of those phrases that mean the same thing, because I will ignore the request, since I've already answered it here.

10. Will you place my banner on your site to advertise (whatever)?
Probably not. (No, not even for petty change or the chance to win some trinket.) I don't pay for my own website space to clutter it up with ads. If you have an Alias-related announcement, I *might* add a text link to it on the main page.

11. Where did you get the font that you used in your layout's graphics?
It's not a font. I pieced the words together by using letters from a screencap of a message that appeared on the show. For more details about the site's current and former layouts, see this page.

12. Why do I see a blinking yellow graphic in place of some pictures on the site?
My domain's hotlink protection was somehow activated by your system, perhaps by your firewall settings. If you have a firewall - such as Norton Internet Security - if "private headers" are on, you will need to turn them off for this site. If that doesn't work, please let me know and I'll see if there's anything I can do.

13. Did you know that (whatever information) is wrong or incomplete?
No, I didn't! Please write to me at the address below and let me know what is correct, or what info is missing.

14. What happened to the quotes polls that you used to have?
They were discontinued due to lack of participation.

15. Why do you have some *really* small wallpapers?
Because that's the size some creative person was nice enough to contribute (years ago, before large-resolution monitors became commonplace).

16. What is Alias about? Will there be a spin-off series? Was Rambaldi a real person?
If you have a question about the show, its characters, the plots, etc. check the Show FAQ page to see if the question is answered there. (From that page, you can also search this site. See the last question.)

17. How can I contact you?
To contact me (Anne Bristow, the webmistress), use the info on this page. Thank you!

alias.fannesite is a completely unofficial, not-for-profit, fan website and a rusted-crush production. We gratefully acknowledge the sources that have helped make this site and this layout possible. The Frequently Asked Questions (above) contain more site information, including the terms of use for posting our original content elsewhere. Thank you for visiting; enjoy the site!