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Alias Character Files

From Alice to Weiss, we've identified some of the players in this crazy spy game.

Main Characters

Sydney Anne Bristow: Sydney was approached in the fall of her freshman year about working for a secret branch of the U.S. Government. Syd didn't feel like she belonged anywhere, and she needed the money, so she accepted the job. She worked as an agent for the organization SD-6 for seven years until she learned that they were not part of the CIA as they claimed. She joined the real CIA and continued as a double agent with SD-6, ultimately achieving her goal of bringing them down. Alas, they were not the only bad guys on the block.

Jonathan Donahue "Jack" Bristow: Sydney's father. Was a double agent for SD-6 and the CIA.

Arvin Sloane: The former director of SD-6. Sloane recruited Sydney into SD-6, and according to Jack Bristow, this was when their long-time friendship ended. Sloane is obsessed with the works of Milo Rambaldi. Sloane claims that learning he had a daughter made him change his evil ways.

Irina Derevko: aka "The Man"/Laura Bristow. Sydney's mother. Was a KGB agent, assigned to marry Jack Bristow and get information from him. When Sydney was six, Irina faked her death and escaped. Years later, Sydney was stunned to find her mother alive and apparently working for the bad guys.

Marcus R. Dixon: Was Sydney's partner at SD-6; when she told him the truth about SD-6, he was instrumental in bringing them down. Later he joined the CIA and was promoted to management.

Marshall J. Flinkman: A former agent of SD-6, Marshall is a super-genius who makes gadgets that the agents used. After the fall of SD-6, Marshall was recruited by the CIA, where he continues to save the day.

Milo Rambaldi: Was Pope Alexander VI's chief architect. He was an artist, an inventor. His designs were so technologically advanced, at the time, they thought he was heretic. And he was executed. Now, five hundred years later, many believe he was a prophet. And SD-6, CIA, GRU, K-Directorate, the entire intelligence world, is on a Rambaldi scavenger hunt. Why? They assume that Rambaldi had some sort of master plan.

Julian Sark: Young, handsome and deadly, Sark works for The Covenant, where he planned a coup and became co-head of the organization's North American operations with Lauren Reed. When captured by the CIA (and threatened with torture) Sark's loyalties become quite flexible, and he'll sell out other people to save his own skin.

Will Tippin: Sydney's friend. Will worked as a reporter, but curiosity almost killed the cat when he learned too much about SD-6 while investigating the death of Danny Hecht. Later, Will unknowingly began a relationship with friend Francie's evil double, and again he was almost killed. For his safety, he was sent to the Witness Protection Program.

Michael Vaughn: Vaughn was assigned to be Sydney's handler, or contact, when she first joined the CIA. As they worked together, their mutual attraction grew. After the fall of SD-6, Sydney and Vaughn began to date. However, after she disappeared - at the hands of the evil Covenant organization - Michael fell in love with and married Lauren Reed. Later, Lauren was revealed to be working for the Covenant, and Vaughn shot her (repeatedly) to save Sydney.

Eric Weiss: A CIA agent. Also a good friend to Vaughn and to Sydney.

Recurring Characters (Multiple Seasons)

Alexander Khasinau: a dangerous and well-connected ally of the Russian mob. Originally thought to be Covenant leader, Khasinau reveals to Sydney that her mother is "The Man."

Alice Williams: former girlfriend of Michael Vaughn

Allison Georgia Doren: aka A.G. Doren. Was one of the children involved in Project Christmas. Allison later allowed herself to be genetically altered by the Helix technology to look exactly like Francie Calfo. Allison murdered Francie and took her place; using her relationships with Sydney and Will Tippin, Allison gave Sloane information about them. In the season two finale, Sydney realizes the switch when Allison accepts a bite of coffee ice cream, which the real Francie hated. Well trained in fighting, Allison and Sydney have a brutal battle, ending with Allison barely surviving after being shot by Sydney. Allison was romantically involved with Sark. She was stabbed to death by Will Tippin.

Anna Espinosa: Born in Cuba, raised in Russia. One of the last Cold War babies, go-to officer at K-Directorate for wet work and active measures. In Season One, Ana was Sydney's nemesis, and they clashed frequently as they took on missions to retrieve the same items.

William C "Bill" Vaughn: Vaughn's father (mentioned but never seen on-screen). He died in 1979, killed by Irina while protecting a young Nadia.

Calvin McCullough: senior partner at SD-6 in charge of brainwashing and interrogation

Carrie Bowman: A Rambaldi expert working with the NSA. While assisting the CIA, Marshall and Kerry bond over a Joni Mitchell song. They later marry and have a son, Mitchell.

Dr. Jong Lee: Sometimes referred to as the Sadistic Dentist of Asian Persuasion or "Suit and Glasses". Dr. Lee is an expert at torture, and he has used his skills on Sydney, Will Tippin, and Marshall Flinkman, to name a few. The tables were turned in season three as an enraged Vaughn tortured the doctor in an effort to gain information. It was later revealed that Lee was in charge of conducting Russia's Passenger experiments on a young Nadia.

Dr. Judy Barnett: As the CIA psychiatrist, Dr. Barnett is entrusted with much information in her sessions with the agents. In season three, she had a brief affair with Arvin Sloane.

Ekatarina "Katya" Derevko: Sister of Irina Derevko. Katya joined the Russian Secret Service for the sole purpose of helping Irina find her younger daughter, Nadia Santos. As with Irina, Katya's true allegiance remains uncertain.

Emily Sloane: Sloane's wife. Suffering from cancer, Emily reveals to her friend Sydney Bristow that she knows the truth about her husband's employer. Sloane fakes Emily's death to protect her from being murdered by the Alliance as a security risk. Later, as Emily and Sloane run from the CIA, Dixon aims for Sloane but misses and kills Emily.

Francine "Francie' Calfo: Sydney's roommate and long-time best friend. Francie was murdered by her genetic double, who then took Francie's place as part of Sloane's mysterious Phase Two.

Kendall: Was an officer of the FBI. Later revealed to Sydney that he secretly worked with the Department of Special Research, which is very interested in Rambaldi's works. When Sydney escaped from The Covenant, she went to Kendall.

MacKenas Cole: Led an attack on SD-6 in season one and was captured by the CIA. Later he somehow achieved his freedom and became the head of operations for the Covenant.

Nadia Santos: aka The Passenger. Milo Rambaldi spoke of her in his prophecies. Nadia is the daughter of Arvin Sloane and Irina Derevko. Nadia grew up in an orphanage; Sydney found her working as an agent.

Season 1

Abby: Will's fellow reporter, Will entrusts her with a sealed envelope containing a story to be published in the event of his disappearance.

Agent Dreyer: SD-6 agent responsible for finding the security leak, Dreyer suspects Sydney when she scores too well on an advanced lie detector test.

Agent Fisher: SD-6 agent partnered with Sydney on assignment in a Romanian mental institution. Fisher was murdered by rival agents.

Agent Russek: SD-6 agent partnered with Sydney on assignment to Geneva. Jack later framed Russek as a security leak to protect Sydney.

Alain Christophe: elder statesman of SD-6 and the Alliance

Amy Tippin: Will's sister

Calder: the FBI agent who investigated Sydney's mother

Charlie: Francie's fiancé. Francie broke off the engagement after learning that Charlie had cheated on her.

CIA Director Devlin: senior officer at the CIA and friend of Jack Bristow

David McNeil: an expert in computer encryption, now in jail for embezzlement. Will's search for the truth about SD-6 leads him to McNeil, who refuses to discuss the matter.

Daniel "Danny" Hecht: Sydney's fiancé. He was murdered after Sydney confided that she was really a spy; Sydney's employer considered this a breach of security. It was Danny's death that showed Sydney that SD-6 was not what it seemed.

Edward Poole: Alliance member and head of SD-9

Eloise Kurtz: an SD-6 agent, assigned by Jack to pose as Kate Jones, and later murdered by SD-6 because they considered her a security risk

Igor Valenko: a KGB agent who posed as FBI Agent Calder to help Irina Derevko fake her death.

Ineni Hassan: an arms dealer, Hassan was formerly an ally of SD-6, but Sloane later wanted him killed. Jack faked Hassan's death and the CIA took him into protective custody to gain information.

Jenny: Will's assistant, with whom he had a brief romantic fling

Jeroen Schiller: employed by the Hensel Corporation, Schiller works on a vaccine against biological warfare.

John Briault: Alliance member and long-time friend of Arvin Sloane. Sloane is tricked by another member of the Alliance into murdering Briault.

Kate Jones: one of Sydney's aliases

Kelly McNeil: daughter of David McNeil, Kelly wants Will to find the truth behind her dad's imprisonment.

Litvack: editor at the newspaper, Litvack originally rejects Will's story about a conspiracy resulting in Danny's murder.

Martin Shepard: brainwashed to be an SD-6 assassin and subsequently forget his assignments, Shepard is institutionalized. Sydney learns that Shepard is the agent who killed Danny.

Noah Hicks: An ex-lover of Sydney's and a fellow SD-6 agent, from years ago. They ran into each other on a mission, and started reconnecting. However, Sydney soon discovered that Noah was also living a double life, as an assassin named The Snowman. Hicks was last seen dying after a knife fight with Sydney, who didn't realize that the masked man she was fighting was actually Noah.

Paul Kelvin: a CIA agent who poses as a scientist with information that SD-6 wants

Seth Lambert: was briefly assigned to replace Vaughn as Sydney's CIA handler.

Stephen Haladki: Vaughn's nemesis at the CIA and former FBI agent, Haladki is later revealed to be a mole loyal to The Man.

Tambor Barcelo: head of security for the Alliance.

The Snowman: Alias of Noah Hicks.

Season 2

Anthony Geiger: Replacing Sloane as the head of SD-6, Geiger immediately recognized that Jack and Sydney were double agents. He caught and tortured Jack for information. Sydney shot Geiger and saved Jack when she and the CIA stormed and overtook SD-6.

Ariana Kane: the head of Alliance counter-intelligence, Ariana suspects that Jack Bristow is involved in Emily Sloane's disappearance. Later, Ariana is taken prisoner by SD-6: Sloane set her up to conceal the fact that he faked Emily's death.

Diane Dixon: Wife of Marcus Dixon. Sloane orders Diane killed for revenge after Dixon shoots Emily while aiming for Sloane.

Dr. Enzo Markovic: the scientist who developed the technology to create a genetic double of a person. Markovic used the technology to make himself look like CIA Agent Jim Lennox.

Elsa Caplan: Wife of Neil Caplan. Also an SVR agent, secretly reporting information about her husband to the Russians.

Emma Wallace: The CIA partner and fiancée of Jim Lennox, Emma was murdered by Lennox's double after she learned he was a fake.

Gerard Cuvee: Cuvee was Irina's superior at the KGB, and he gave her the assignment to marry a CIA officer. Jack, Irina, and Sydney meet Cuvee on their mission to retrieve nuclear warheads for the CIA.

Jim Lennox: CIA agent rescued by Sydney after being captured and genetically replicated while on a mission to investigate Dr. Enzo Markovic.

Macor: SD-6 agent tasked with living on a 747 to monitor the mobile Server 47.

Mitchell Yager: A counter-intelligence analyst investigating Vaughn, after Vaughn contacted some shady sources while performing a private investigation of Irina.

Neil Caplan: Was recruited out of Cal-tech by the NSA. He knew that his wife was a spy, but she didn't know that he knew.

Proteo Di Regno: A man whose DNA profile was sketched by Milo Rambaldi five hundred years ago. The man's DNA is the key to decoding a page of the Rambaldi manuscript that foretells dates of apocalyptic events. Di Regno's heart is one of the parts of Rambaldi's Il Dire machine.

Rebecca Martinez: a conspiracy theorist Will met while in rehab. Rebecca urged Will to continue to try to expose SD-6, but he refused. Rebecca, an SD-6 agent, was sent to test whether Will was still a security risk.

Senator Douglas: in charge of prosecuting both Jack and Irina for crimes against the US, Sydney later tricks the Senator into dropping all charges against her parents.

Season 3

Abasi Bomani: The largest arms dealer in Africa, The Covenant tailored a bio-weapon to spring Bomani from prison. Sloane had turned Bomani in years earlier. Sark killed Bomani to protect Lauren.

Andrian Lazarey: A Russian diplomat. Father of Julian Sark. Lazarey was a friend to Sydney while she was posing as Julia Thorne; he and Sydney searched for clues to one of Rambaldi's mysteries. Later, Sark ordered his father to be killed before he could give the CIA any information.

Campbell: Posing as a fellow prisoner at Camp Williams, Campbell was tortured by guards until Syd agreed to reveal what she knew. Then, Campbell was shown to be working with Lindsey. He was planted to take advantage of Syd's weakness: empathy.

Christopher Ryan: Brother of Daniel Ryan, Christopher was murdered by Julia Thorne to prove that her brainwashing was successful.

Conrad: A monk who knew much about the works of Milo Rambaldi. He was kidnapped by the Covenant, but died as Sydney and Vaughn attempted to rescue him. With his dying breath, he told Sydney that The Passenger is her sister.

Daniel Ryan: a freelance designer of advanced bombs.

Dr. Edward Brazzel: A researcher who invented a non-invasive technique to treat long-term amnesia. (The technique involved using dreams to access memories.)

Javier: Part of Simon Walker's team. Jack Bristow arranged for Javier to be murdered before he could reveal Syd's secret life as Julia Thorne to Lauren.

Lauren Reed: Wife of Michael Vaughn. Former employee of the National Security Council. According to Sloane, Lauren wanted to be a field agent, but her father prevented it, thinking it too dangerous for her. Later, it was revealed that Lauren was working for The Covenant, and she married Vaughn only to acquire information from him. Lauren was last seen having been shot by Vaughn, who was trying to save Sydney.

Leonid Lisenker: A top Covenant official who defected, claiming that "what they are planning, it keeps me awake at night."

Oleg Madrczyk: Sydney's Covenant torturer, responsible for trying to brainwash her into becoming Julia Thorne. Dying after being shot by Sydney, he recalls that she had promised to kill him.

Olivia Reed: Mother of Lauren Reed. Olivia Reed was also an agent of The Covenant. She murdered her husband when her employers ordered it.

Senator George Reed: Father of Lauren Reed. He was heartbroken when Jack Bristow presented information to him that proved Lauren was really working for the bad guys. Senator Reed approached Lauren, offering to cover for her. He was murdered by his wife, who framed him as the mole.

Senior Director Robert Lindsey: Head of the National Security Council. Was the NSC boss of Lauren Reed. Lindsey was later revealed to be a bad guy when he tried to blackmail Sloane into having Sydney murdered. Unfortunately, Sloane hired a man to take out Lindsey instead.

Simon Walker: a freelancer who did work for the covenant. Walker was intimate with Sydney during the time she spent as Julia Thorne. Walker was killed by Jack Bristow when he refused to reveal what he knew.

Talia Kozlov: an alias of Nadia

Thomas Brill: Acquaintance of Jack Bristow. Also knew Vaughn's father.

Toni Cummings: a criminal expert who specializes in designing very advanced security systems.

Season 4

Atticus Liddell: the doctor who helped Jack after he was sickened by exposure to radiation

Cesar Martinez: an associate of Nadia while she worked with Argentine intelligence

Elena Derevko: Sister of Irina Derevko. Leader of the Covenant. She was responsible for creating the fake Sloane, and she faked Irina's death to keep her prisoner. Elena was killed by Irina after revealing how to stop the large Rambaldi Mueller device.

Fenton Keene: a former IRA member who ran a hospital in Montenegro, which served as cover for him to develop biological weapons.

Frank Murdoch: an ex-Special Forces man who tells Vaughn that Vaughn Sr. shot him in the back and walked away.

Hayden Chase: CIA Director in charge of the APO unit. Director Chase is later romantically involved with Dixon.

Kyra MacLane: A nurse, a former IRA member, and sister of Fenton Keene. Kyra was killed by her brother as he was trying to kill Vaughn.

Leo Orissa: the head of a Russian crime syndicate and former associate of Sloane

Linus Halsey (a.k.a. "Coke-Bottle Glasses"): associate of Elena Derevko. Elena killed him to cover her tracks.

Martin Bishop: a British ex-patriate criminal. Bishop was killed by Nadia, who had been told by Jack that Bishop murdered Irina.

Ned Bolger (a.k.a.the fake Sloane): a prisoner of war who duped by former SD-6 methods into acting as Arvin Sloane

Professor Sinclair: a nuclear physicist kidnapped by the fake Sloane who wanted her to help build a certain Rambaldi device

Roberto Fox: Nadia's superior officer while she was with Argentine intelligence. Nadia shot and killed Fox after learning that he lied to her: they were not truly working for the government, as Fox had said.

Roberts: a man that Vaughn meets while searching for information on Vaughn Sr. Roberts leads Vaughn on a team to steal from the CIA before confessing that it was all a setup to trick Vaughn. In truth, Roberts worked for the fake Sloane.

Sasha Korjev: a vicious arms dealer involved in developing a biometric targeting weapon. Korjev knew Jack Bristow and viewed him as a mentor, but Jack killed Korjev for an unspecified betrayal.

Sentinel: a deceased KGB agent, one of Irina's former operatives

Sophia Vargas: the name Elena Derevko used while posing as the headmistress who took care of Nadia in the orphanage

Tambor: an oil magnate - with a fondness for high-stakes poker - who moonlighted as an arms dealer

Tomazaki: an assassin who had been hired to murder Sydney. Tomazaki also operated under the alias of Mr. Vadik.

Ushek Sanko: the leader of the CRF

Season 5

Aldo Desantis: As part of Prophet Five, Desantis killed Renee's father and took his place. Desantis was killed by Renee.

Andre Michaux: Vaughn's original name, before his father changed their identities to hide from Prophet Five.

Benjamin Masari: head of a terrorist group that acquires the Micropulse bomb.

Boyd Harkin: the Special Prosecutor assigned to Sloane's case

Curtis: Part of Prophet Five. When Curtis was cornered by APO, he killed himself, knowing that his employers wouldn't let him live.

Director Davenport: senior CIA officer revealed to be controlled by Prophet Five. Davenport is killed by Irina Derevko.

Ehrmann: Part of Prophet Five, Ehrmann meets with Sloane to relay information and orders.

Elizabeth Powell: Wife of a French ambassador. Member of MI-6. Trusted associate of Jack Bristow.

Gordon Dean: First appeared posing as an employee of the Office of Special Investigations, Dean was soon revealed to be a leader in Prophet Five. After Dean was caught by APO, Prophet Five blackmailed Sloane into killing Dean before he could talk.

Isabelle: the name of Sydney and Vaughn's daughter.

James Lehman: a friend of Vaughn Sr. Lehman explains about Prophet Five to Vaughn and Syd.

Janos Vak: A Hungarian weapons designer. Rachel's first solo assignment is to obtain Vak's new missile interception software.

Keach: Part of Prophet Five, Keach met with Sloane and offered to help Sloane obtain a pardon, in return for his help.

Kelly Peyton: Dean's associate at Prophet Five, Peyton took over the operation after Dean was murdered. Peyton later worked with Sark and Sloane to gain more power by eliminating the other Prophet Five leaders. Peyton was also Rachel's best friend, before Rachel learned the truth about her employer.

Korman: The man who killed Tom's wife. Korman says that he did so under orders from "The Cardinal."

Luc Goursaud: Renee's father

Lukas Basarov: engineer of the Micropulse bomb.

Mockingbird: Rachel Gibson's code name

Rachel Gibson: A computer genius, Rachel worked with Gordon Dean, thinking she was working for the CIA. Rachel learned the truth when she was caught by APO, and she joined the team to help bring Dean and Prophet Five down.

Renee Rienne: an ex-CIA agent, Renee's father was also involved in Prophet Five, and she worked with Vaughn for years, searching for information on the illusive group. Renee was killed by Anna Espinosa.

Thomas Grace: an agent that Jack recruited into APO. Tom's wife was murdered in a hit that was meant for him. Tom sacrificed himself to save the others when the APO facility was bombed by Sloane.

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