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Frequently Asked Questions

You got questions? We've got answers to some of the common inquiries about the show.

General Questions About the Series

What is Alias about? Who stars in the show? What happened in season (whatever)?
Read a series overview as well as detailed summaries of all five seasons in the Series Summary section.

Will there be any new episodes?
No. The last original Alias episode was broadcast on May 22, 2006.

Will there be a spin-off series, or an Alias movie?
Not that I know of. If I find out about one, I will announce it on the main index.

Is Alias available on DVD?
Yes, seasons one through five are available on DVD. All five seasons are also available together as a set.

Can I watch Alias on-line?
As of mid-2019, my Internet search came up empty on a free source. Google watch alias online to see other options.

Are there any on-line "seasons" of fanfiction, like some other shows have?
If there are, I haven't been able to find them.

Where can I find a list of episodes? What episode was that where...?
See the Episode Guide.

What is Credit Dauphine? What is Prophet Five?
See the Definitions and Trivia page.

Who is Alice? Who was Danny?
See the Character Files page.

Is Rambaldi real?
No. See Wikipedia for Rambaldi's "biography."

Is the NSC guy named Robert Lindsey or Lindsay? Is it Anna or Ana Espinosa? Kerry or Carrie Bowman?
Well, the source that would normally be the official word on these matters - that is, the information/episode recaps that were posted at the ABC site - listed the names spelled both ways. On this site, I call them Anna, Lindsey, and Carrie, just to be consistent.

Spoiler Alert! Specific plot details are listed below:
read no more on this page if you don't want to know what happens!

What is a spoiler?
A spoiler is an important plot detail that, if someone wanted to watch the show without knowing what was going to happen, would spoil the surprise for him or her.

Exactly how many characters on this show have "died" only to come back?
By my count: eight. Sydney, Vaughn, Emily Sloane, Fake Francie, Lazarey, Irina (twice!) and Sloane (twice if you count the time he was "executed" then resuscitated by Jack). In the close-but-not-quite category, Renee Rienne's father's body was revived to house someone else's brain.

How many characters on this show have been doubled?
Francie, CIA Agent Jim Lennox, Irina, and Sydney have all been "genetically doubled." Sloane was duplicated when his memories were implanted in someone else.

Doesn't the show mention Alice in Wonderland a lot?
Yes it does, and thanks to Jaya for pointing this out! She wrote: "When Sydney returns from her two year absence, she moves into a new house since the old one burned down. Weiss asks her what is the one thing she wishes she hadn't lost (of course other than Vaughn), she says the first edition of Alice in Wonderland that her mother gave when she was little. So Weiss gives her a third edition (because he says the first edition cost way too much, I think he says $40,000; not sure) to make her feel better. I thought this was interesting because Sydney is an Alice herself going deeper and deeper into the rabbit hole."

Jaya's comments reminded me how in season 1, Sydney dressed up like Alice for Halloween. And in season four, Vaughn is directed to "Through the Looking Glass" when he is searching for something in the library.

Questions About Season One

Why are Jack and Sydney so dysfunctional as a family?
Mostly because of Jack's emotional unavailability throughout Sydney's life. He was also absent for much of Sydney's childhood. Sydney grew up to view her father as an unyielding man of independent mind, with an igloo-like exterior. After Sydney learned the truth about her employer, she was shocked to discover that Jack worked for them, the bad guys, as well. After that, she uncovered other startling info about her father, and she told him, "Just when I think I know how bad you are, I learn something worse."

Questions About Season Two

How did Sydney bring down SD-6?
Sydney discovered the existence of an airborne server that tied the twelve cells of the Alliance together. By accessing the server and downloading its security codes, she was able to grant the CIA access to all twelve SD cells. A worldwide raid was staged, and all SD and Alliance Members were taken into custody. What Sydney didn't know, however, was that this was all part of Sloane's Phase One.

Questions About Season Three

What happened to Sydney's memory in Season Three?
Apparently after the fight with the Evil Francie (in the Season Two Finale) Sydney was captured by The Covenant. She was subjected to extreme torture; after she escaped from them, she underwent an experimental procedure to have the memory of the last two years erased. However, when she later returned to the CIA, she tried hard to regain those memories. Ultimately, it was Kendall who told her what happened; she had confided in him after her escape from The Covenant, and she had asked him not to tell her the truth, if the memory-erasing procedure worked. Read more about it in the season three recap.

What were in the papers that Sydney found in the Season Three Finale?
In season four, Syd tells Vaughn that the papers were an official request from Jack to execute Irina Derevko. The request was approved, and Jack killed Irina. That doesn't explain why the papers were titled "Project SAB" with a start date of Syd's birthday, but I don't really care, as long as Jack's not evil.

Questions About Season Four

What does <o> (the Rambaldi symbol) mean?
In episode eight of season four, Sydney tells Nadia about Irina's explanation of the Rambaldi symbol: "There was an audiotape, surveillance from a hotel room in Hamburg. [Irina] was talking to a man - his voice was never identified. She was describing the symbology of this. The mark of Rambaldi. She said the outer markings represent her two daughters. The center is the object over which they will do great battle . . . with each other. "

What happened to Irina? Is she really dead?
Early in season four, we learned that Jack killed Irina because she had hired an assassin to kill Sydney. Irina's death prevented the hit on Sydney from being carried out. However, later developments revealed that Irina did not hire the assassin - she was framed by her cruel sister, Elena. The person Jack shot was a genetic double of Irina. While everyone believed Irina was dead, Elena tortured Irina into helping her build a Rambabli device. After learning that Irina was alive, Jack, Syd and Nadia rescued her. She helped them stop Elena, and then Jack let Irina go.

Questions About Season Five

What happened to Vaughn? Is he really dead?
In the season five premiere he was shot: read more about that situation here.

In season five, when did Sydney find out that Vaughn wasn't dead?
Jack and Sydney faked Vaughn's death. In Maternal Instinct when Jack is holding the baby on the plane, he says, "I'll take care of it," after Sydney mentions Vaughn's eyes; I think this was our first clue that they know - and have known - that Vaughn is still alive. I think the scene in There's Only One... with Sydney and Jack talking about lying to Will is the second clue that Syd and Jack have been covering up the fact that Vaughn's still alive. Jack confirmed this in I See Dead People when he explains that Vaughn has been in hiding to be safe while he recovered from his wounds.

What happened to Irina? Is she really dead?
To see what happened and one possible theory about the result, check the recap and review at the episode guide.

Miscellaneous Questions 

What questions are answered at the IMDB Alias FAQ?
Where can I find a list of the music that was on the show?
Is Nadia Jack's daughter?
What's with all the cast changes in season 5?
How did Sydney know about Vaughn in season 5?
Did Irina really love Sydney and Jack?
Please explain Page 47 and the Prophecy?
What happened to the main and recurring characters by the end of the series?
When did Sloane find out about Sydney's real identity as a double agent?

My question isn't listed here. What should I do?
You can:

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