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Favorite Scenes from Alias

From Season Three, Sydney and Will were looking for information, and Sydney hacked into a hotel's computer. She said that they needed a floor plan, and Will was skeptical, asking something like, "What if it's not on-line?" Sydney replied optimistically, "What if it is?" She barely finishes speaking before the floor plan pops up on the screen. (May not be the exact scene, but it's close. It may sound corny, but that scene has actually encouraged me in several real-life situations.)

Sydney was being tortured by some bad guys who didn't speak English. There was a pounding on a door, and Syd looks at it in horror. Suddenly she wakes up. She is in class and the professor - the horrifying thing that was coming - is asking for her paper.

Vaughn was being questioned by the CIA psychiatrist about his relationship with Sydney. She asked, "Isn't it true that you gave her a Christmas present?" Vaughn took such a long time answering that question - you could actually see his mind working as he composed a response.

Sydney had been taken into custody by the FBI. (It's a long story.) As she explained to one of the FBI guys why she didn't need the restraints, he sat a cup down. "Vanilla," he explained. "Milkshake." He left the room and Sydney, who was handcuffed - and feetcuffed - to the chair, leaned forward to take a sip from the straw.

In the season finale, when Syd and Vaughn are walking through a club - in disguise, of course - some punk guy steps in front of Syd with a "Hey, Baby" look on his face. Vaughn shoves the guy out of the way, and he and Syd walk on.

In the episode Rendezvous, Will had been captured by Khasinau's men and is about to be questioned. Syd goes to rescue him. When he sees her in a shocking red wig and low-cut outfit, he screams.

When Syd is fed up with SD-6 and wants to quit, she observes that Vaughn is a hockey fan. She brightly suggests that they should go to a game. The look on his face reveals that he would love nothing more, then he has to decline.

In the episode Trust Me, Jack stops by the apartment to pick up Syd. Trying to get his opinion, Francie starts to give him a hypothetical situation, "Say you're hanging out with your friends ..." She pauses and he has a strange expression, since he pretty much has no friends. Francie continues, "Or whatever. What color are the walls?" and fans out color swatches for him to see. He looks uncomfortable and states, "I'm not really into interior decorating."

Also in Trust Me, Marshall is describing his latest gadget for Sydney and Dixon, and he's rambling - like he does. He offhandedly mentions a device that outlaws used in the old days and remarks that he's "a bit of an outlaw myself." We see Dixon try not to laugh.

In the season four episode Mirage, Jack is delusional thanks to his deteriorating health. Sydney agrees to pose as her mother in a recreation of their old house in order to get Jack to reveal the location of the doctor who can help him. At first, Jack doesn't seem to buy it, but finally he speaks to her as if she's Laura. He tells her that after his mission he's going to give notice to his supervisors (i.e. quit) because his family is more important than his work. Sydney is moved to learn what he was willing to do for her. Still believing her to be Laura, Jack kisses her hand, a gesture that speaks volumes about his feelings and the respect he had for his wife.

*In the season one finale, Jack trades the blank page and solution for the invisible ink to Sark for Will. When the trade was made Will walks up to Jack, stands there for a minute, and then gives him a big, warm hug. Jack stands there for a couple seconds before slowly putting an arm on his back.

*From the Season Two Premiere. Vaughn just escaped a near death experience with a sternal saw inches from his chest, and now Syd has to get him outta there before Kasinaue {how do you spell his name?} (I write "Khasinau." --Anne) gets back with guards. Syd can't get Vaughn to wake up fast enough so she goes to a cabinet, gets a huge syringe, fills it with adrenaline, and stabs Vaughn in the chest with it. He wakes up instantly.

*From the Season Two Premiere. Right before Syd gives him adrenaline, Vaughn, who is still very groggy, looks up at her and says " Syd???" in a very confused, childlike way.

*From the Season Two Premiere. Syd and Vaughn have successfully escaped, and Vaughn is really pumped up. He asks where he and Syd are; she says France. Vaughn says, " France? Really? France..."

*From the Season Two Premiere. {in a loud plane} Jack is taking care of Syd's G.S.W. when he says he will take the blame for her {Dixon had reported her to Sloane} then she says, "what about Will?". Jack turns to Will and says, "you are gonna have a harder time."

**The episode in South Korea where Vaughn and Syd are convinced that they are about to be executed drill-style (them at wall, soldiers and guns shooting and killing) and right before they go out, Syd says "we'll find each other, we always do."

**In season 3 when Sydney confronts Vaughn who is working as a teacher, and Sydney says "You wanna know how I am? I am horrible! Vaughn, I am ripped apart! And not because I lost you... but because... if it had been me... I would have waited... I would have found the truth... I wouldn't have given up on you! And now I realize... what... an absolute waste that would have been!"

**In the first episode when Sydney is being interrogated for info by evil people and she says "write this down : e-m-e-t-i-b...now reverse it."

***When Sark joins SD-6 and sits in on his first meeting... Marshall comes walking in the door and freezes at the sight of Sark. Sloane explains that Sark has agreed to a partnership with SD-6. Marshall continues to stare at Sark and says: "Hi... Welcome ... don't kill me."


*Thanks to "Forest_Queen" for sending me these!
**Thanks to Pramita for these three!
***Thanks to Anthony Capriolo for sending me this one!

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