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Do you have fanfiction that I could post here? Or do you have fanfiction posted at another site that I could link to? Or have you made some Alias graphics that you'd like to share? Great! Read on to review our fanfiction guidelines and to find out how to contact me.

Fanfiction Guidelines

Fan Art Guidelines

Still interested in sharing your work? Fantastic! Below you'll find where to send it, what to include, etc.

Include With Your Fic

Copy and paste the guide below at the start of your fic. Include at a minimum the "Required" information, and delete the notes in parentheses for clarity.

Title of the Story: (Required.)
Brief Summary of the Story: (Required.)
Your Name or Nickname, for the By line: (Required.)
Your Email Address: (Optional. Include it here *only* if you want it posted with your story, for feedback from readers.)
Your Website Address: (Optional. Include if you would like it posted with your fic as part of your credit.)
Disclaimer: (Optional. I have a standard, if you don't want to personalize one.)
Additional Comments/Info: (Optional. Examples include the time frame of the story, potential spoiler warnings for episodes, asking readers to send you feedback, etc.)

Sending Creative Works

The options for sending the fiction or fanart are listed below.

  1. For fanfiction, you can copy and paste the story into the body of an email.
  2. Or, send your fanfic as an attachment (as a Microsoft Word, Wordpad, or Notepad document), but be sure to put Alias fanfiction attached in the subject line, so I'll know the attachments are safe to open.
  3. Or, if you have fanfiction posted elsewhere - such as fanfiction.net - that meets the above guidelines, send me the URL at the email address below.
  4. When sending fanart, attach it to the email and be sure to put Alias fanart attached in the subject line, so I'll know the attachments are safe to open.

Emailing Me

Put Alias Creative Works in the subject line of your email, so I'll know it isn't spam.

When sending fanfiction, don't forget to include the info requested above. It's very basic information, so I don't think I'm asking too much. Incomplete submissions may not be posted, as I don't have time to track down details.

Send emails to saythewords(at)gmail.com - and of course, replace (at) with the at symbol.

When emailing me, please be aware that it may take me several days to respond, as I have a rather busy Real Life. However if a week or two passes and you still haven't received a response, feel free to write again.


Without the contributions of many wonderful authors, this site would be a fraction of its current size, and without new submissions, I would have very little content to add when I update the site. I sincerely appreciate those who consider having their work posted here. I know this page has a lot of information, but every effort has been made to be as clear as possible in what we expect and need in order to add new fiction in a timely manner. Thank you for taking the time to read it!

This page is part of alias.fannesite. This completely unofficial, not-for-profit, fan website is a rusted-crush production, with grateful acknowledgment to the sources that have helped make this site possible, as well as the writers who have allowed us to post their fanfiction here. The Frequently Asked Questions page contains more site information, including the terms of use for posting our original content elsewhere. Thank you for visiting; enjoy the site!