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Site Layouts

For a site that's been around over seven years, we haven't had all that many layouts.

version Brilliant Disguise

version Brilliant Disguise

Layout posted: July 25, 2002
Layout removed: March 7, 2003

I was desperate for a good theme for this site. I thought of the line from a Bruce Springsteen song that says, "Is that you, baby, or just a brilliant disguise?" That's a great line, and I thought that it definitely applies to the characters in Alias. I attempted several times to create a banner on my own, since I had recently acquired Paint Shop Pro version 7. Unfortunately, it did not include graphics skills. I happened upon the graphics website Loopsided Creations, and I toyed with the idea of asking them to create a banner for me. Finally, I did. I told Phoenix my idea and the banner in the picture was the result. Thanks, Phoenix!

version Split Your Focus

version Split Your Focus

Layout posted: March 7, 2003
Layout removed: October 24, 2004

I called version two "Split Your Focus." In the season one episode Time Will Tell, Vaughn is helping Sydney prepare for a lie detector test, and he tells her to "split her focus." I had several other layout ideas that fit with the Split theme, but this one just seemed to happen. I probably could've made the graphics a little flashier, but I didn't want them to make the load times for the pages too long.

version outside the box

version outside the box

Layout posted: October 24, 2004
Layout removed: January 29, 2009

Version three was my attempt at a more traditional look for the site. (Although, let's face it, with a name like fannesite, traditional doesn't really fit.) The graphics were designed by me using Fireworks; the thicker font used in the graphics is called "Gunplay."

FYI, no, I didn't leave this layout up for over four years because I liked it so much. I simply had too much going on to change it.

version Back to Basics

Layout posted: January 29, 2009
Layout removed: current layout

Version four is my first foray into the world of CSS layouts - please note the helpful sources I've cited on the links page. I call this version "Back to Basics" because the graphics feature scenes from season one (the best season, IMHO), and because I was redoing the site's menu to focus on the information we have available. As with most of the layouts I do now, the look is expandable to fit into a wide variety of browser sizes. The graphics were designed by me using Paint Shop Pro; the text in the graphics was assembled from a screenshot of the font used on Alias.

alias.fannesite is a completely unofficial, not-for-profit, fan website and a rusted-crush production. We gratefully acknowledge the sources that have helped make this site and this layout possible. The Frequently Asked Questions page contains more site information, including the terms of use for posting our original content elsewhere. Thank you for visiting; enjoy the site!