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You Know You Watch Too Much Alias When...

~The number 47 comes up, and you freak out.

~The day your watch stops, you claim you met your soul mate.

~You constantly finding yourself questioning your friends with obvious answers, just to make sure your friend isn't some one else, but genetically altered to look like your friend.

~The only man you've ever truly loved gets taken away by a beautiful blonde named Lauren. (Wow, that was ironic.)

~Whenever someone says "sock", you think of the British pronunciation of Mr. Sark.

~If your dad has some weird rash, you test him for radiation poisoning.

~You wonder if your boss has killed anyone lately.

~You make sure that if you're doing something you shouldn't be, you don't do it in front of a TV that might really have a camera in it.

~When you wanna talk about something private with someone, you grab them and pull them over to a corner and murmur suspiciously.

~On the phone, when you wanna switch lines, you claim to be going "radio silent".

~When trying to get attention, you strut into the room, pouting like a goldfish on steroids.

~You often switch hair styles because it will confuse people.

~You avoid people named "Sloane".

~If you get fired from your job because of playing Playstation 2, then you're about to be recruited by a top secret branch of the CIA.

~You know the only real way to propose is to do a drum solo.

~You ask your boss is he would like to sit in your inflatable chair.

~You want to be married by a Mammal Priest.

~You find yourself asking strange questions about your childhood. (What was I for the Thanksgiving play? Was I a pilgrim? Or a turducken? Or was I a tree? Where have I seen this strange puzzle before? And why is dad talking about Christmas in the middle of June?)

~Taking your boyfriend to a hockey game is your first date.

~Taking your boyfriend to a French restaurant and getting shot at by terrorists is your second date.

~Your only excuse for missing dentist appointments is because your dentist is Asian.

~When someone rather annoying asks you out, you tell him you want to cut his kneecaps off.

~The only way to save your wife from an evil extortionist group that YOU joined, is to cut off her finger.


* Many thanks to "Spectra16" for sending these!

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