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Sweatin' to the Alias

Instructions: When the mentioned event happens while you're watching Alias, do the suggested motion.

- Whenever there's a musical montage, get up and dance.
- Whenever Sydney fights someone, shadow box until it's over. (Float like a butterfly; sting like a bee.)
- When Syd's captured, do your best impersonation of a mime's caught-in-a-shrinking-box routine.
- Do a swimming motion when a body of water is on screen: ocean, lake, bathtub, etc.
- When Sydney's running from someone, run in place and follow her moves. (She ducks, you duck. She jumps, you jump. And so on.)
- When someone's drinking do your best impersonation of a staggering drunk.
- When Sloane is on screen, crawl on your belly in honor of his snake-iness.
- Practice your box step when there's a formal dance.
- When someone takes pictures, strike a pose. (Vogue!)
- When someone's on a plane, flap your arms in bird-like fashion.
- If a character is on a train, do the locomotion.
- When someone lies, do a shoveling motion to indicate that it's starting to get deep.
- When Anna is on screen, crawl on your hands and knees, swatting and hissing occasionally to replicate her cattiness.
- When Vaughn is in view, ladies fan yourself because that man is HOT! (Alternate for guys: practice looking very concerned. Add dramatic gestures for emphasis.)
- If Charlie returns or is mentioned, mimic kicking him to the curb.
- When there's snow where Sydney is do ice-skating motions.
- When someone visits Egypt, walk like an Egyptian.
- When the setting is Mexico or Spain, break forth into the cha cha.
- When someone visits England, act out "I'm a little teapot."
- When the setting's France or Russia, do a few ballet moves.
- If someone is wearing cowboy attire, line dance.
- When the team visits a tropical locale, hula.
- When someone in military gear is on screen, march in place, stopping occasionally to salute.
- When Sydney is at home, pretend to do housework such as sweeping, dusting, stirring something on the stove, etc.
- When Vaughn's father is mentioned, do the twist, because the writers often change his background.
- When the plot gets a little hard-to-swallow, alternate your arms in reaching overhead, to show that they're *really* out there.

If you actually do any of these...

- Please be careful! (Do I even need to mention that?)
- If two suggestions overlap, such as a character is on a train in France, pick whichever activity you prefer.
- If you don't know exactly how to do one of the suggested moves, do your own interpretation of it.
- I don't recommend mixing this game with the drinking game.

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