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Sydney: I'm dressing up as my boyfriend's dead ex-wife. Well that's something I never thought I'd say!
submitted by "Jess"

Sydney: I feel pretty, oh so pretty, I feel pretty, and witty, and gay!!!! AHHH!!!!!!! Vaughn I warned you not to sneak up on me when I'm pretending to be Lauren!!
submitted by "*Phoenix* > o <"

Sydney: Oh crap! I slipped! Do you think anyone will notice my eyebrows are uneven?
submitted by "perefalc"

Sydney: "I hope this guy likes blondes"
explanation? getting ready to kick a$$
submitted by "Julia"

Sydney: crap, this zit just won't go away.
submitted by "James bond Fan 007"

Sydney: hmmm. does this shade make me look fat? If you say yes, I'm gonna kick your a$$
submitted by "name-less"

Sydney: This look reminds me of somebody....Lauren. My god I hated her.
explanation? well, she does look a bit like Lauren
submitted by "Cipher"

Sydney: Like, omigaw! I am so BLOND!
explanation? Duh! You should keep the wig, it works for you
submitted by "Sha Nay Nay"

Sydney: Now no-one will notice those spots
explanation? Syd uses a felt tip pen to cover up her spots
submitted by "becca"

Sydney: I look good with this wig
explanation? I like this Pic
anonymous contribution

Sydney: I'm gonna kill Sark for shaving off my eye brows, now I gotta draw em on.
explanation? Sark shaved off her eye brows when she was sleeping.
submitted by "Simon Cowell fan 10-07-1959>2006=47yrs"

Sydney: If I hear one note of Joe Cocker, I'll kill him.
explanation? Sydney prepares for 9 1/2 Weeks role-playing with Vaughn to spice up their bedroom life.
submitted by "Sarklust"

Sydney: I #$%^ing hate this
anonymous contribution

Sydney: Hmmm, I don't know. Dixon, am I putting too much on? Give me some feedback here. Maybe I should have been a brunette...
explanation? she's very self-conscious on missions
submitted by "Clever"

Sydney: Will he still love me tomorrow? Who am I kidding, I'm Sydney Bristow - of course he will!
submitted by "Mary"

Sydney: I guess I can make more money dancing at strip clubs in Cabo!
explanation? Thinking about having a less risky career..
submitted by "Cranberry"

Sydney: How do I look? Real enough to you?
explanation? Katherine Hepburn in breakfast at tiffany's, and Sydney asks Michael if she looks like his wife
anonymous contribution

Sydney: After this outfit. If Vaughn doesn't notice me he must be gay.
submitted by "Eric Ware"

Sydney: Now who do I look like????........uhhhh Lauren good I hate her so much. Vaughn should've let me kill her but w/e this wig is working I am gonna keep it and scare Vaughn
submitted by "ALias Lover`124`14"

Sydney: OMG I just noticed I look like Lauren ....... ewwww
Vaughn: Ahhhhhh DIE LAUREN DIE
submitted by "FABULUOS ALIAS FAN"


Sydney: He just doesn't listen to me anymore.
Sark: Mr. Vaughn, is this true?
Vaughn: Well...she does it too!
explanation? Syd and Vaughn in couples' counseling with Sark... who would have thunk?!
submitted by "Melissa"

Sydney: Do you smell that?
Sark: hmm? Smell?? I was admiring the stain on your jacket. Can I lick it off?
Vaughn: (thinking to himself) Man....I really want to make out with Syd right now.....*sigh*
explanation? Just sitting in the plane waiting to land...random things
submitted by "Andrea ;)"

Sydney: Vaughn looks angry.
Sark: How can I get rid of Vaughn so I can finally have what I've always wanted?
Vaughn: He touches her....
explanation? Vaughn is trying to layout the mission but he keeps noticing Sark staring at Sydney.
submitted by "Deena"

Sark: I'm just a little blue eyed bunny looking pensively...
submitted by "Spectra16"

Vaughn: Hey guys, guys. Do you want to cuddle???
Sydney: I would if we didn't have to babysit the kid.
Sark: Please Syd, could we?! I've always wanted to cuddle.
submitted by "Phoenix <o>"

Sydney: I wonder if that light could work as a bug zapper?
Sark: I really really have to fart right now
Vaughn: I wonder what Sark is wearing under that?
anonymous contribution

Sydney: ok, what's the mission about?
Sark: finding BIG MAMA.
Vaughn: it's a big mission.
explanation? they are so friendly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
submitted by "shervin"

Sydney: * I wonder if he still remembers that incident in North Korea?*
Sark: * I still can't believe she tried to do that to me in North Korea!*
Vaughn: *If he makes one wrong move, I'll finish what Syd started in North Korea.*
submitted by "Katy"

Sydney: ok you have to fight for my love I can only choose one of you.FIGHT.fight for my love
Sark: what the hell? I don't even love you
Vaughn: And I'm engaged to you
explanation? they're both looking at Syd admirably
submitted by "phoenix"

Sark: So how much are the Donald Duck comics gonna cost me?
explanation? Sark has a hidden (and quite childish) side
submitted by "The Dane"

Sydney: So, when is this book report due?
Sark: I don't know. I hate these things!
Vaughn: Do you think they'd care if it repeated the one from last year?
anonymous contribution

Sydney: I love Michael Vartan
Sark: Meeee too!
Vaughn: Thanks...I think
submitted by "j.j"

Sydney: Vaughn, you look good in this lighting.
Sark: And what about me, don't I look good too?
Vaughn: You're a villain, you look bad.
anonymous contribution

Jennifer Garner as Sydney: "Did I forget my lines again?"
David Anders as Sark: "Has the director said cut yet?"
Michael Vartan as Vaughn: "I'm not sure, let's just sit here and stare at each other."
explanation? What goes on while filming a scene of ALIAS.
submitted by "Terry and Simon Coe"

Sark: happy couple my @$$
anonymous contribution

Sydney: Guys, I have to tell you both something.
Sark: Is it about the North Korea thing?
Vaughn: No, we promised to never speak of the Simon Cowell incident.
explanation? Sydney did sumptin with Simon Cowell in North Korea
submitted by "Hellen Zass"

Sydney: This jacket is very uncomfortable
Sark: My you're looking brilliant today Sydney
Vaughn: Wait, why are we meeting in a plane?
submitted by "j-dot"

Sydney: is Sark trying to think of how to kill me?
Sark: a pick axe? a gun? no I'll throw her into freezing water oh wait already tried! I've run out of creative ways to kill people...again!
Vaughn: oh no he's going to try and kill her...again!
submitted by "syd J.B."

Sark: Naughty kids. Now you are punished. No TV for a week.
Vaughn: It's not fair! She started first!
Sydney: It won't happen again... I promise to be a good girl...
submitted by "Matrix"

Sydney: Whattaya mean Joe is not a real millionaire?! He lives in that big house and he has one of those English butler guys!
Sark: *sigh*...ok, so she's not exactly the brightest crayon in the box...she's still freakn' hot though. Thank God for that.
Vaughn: It's a fake reality show, Sydney. Get over it.
submitted by "BlackBird2"

Sydney: My name is Sydney. I've been sober for two years.
Sark: Hello, Sydney.
Vaughn: Welcome to AA.
explanation? They're at an AA meeting.
submitted by "kelsey"

Sydney: *stares*
Sark: Now, both of you better speak or no dessert.
Vaughn: ...
explanation? Vaughn and Sydney have been naughty
submitted by "Pramita"

Sydney: Don't Look At Me
Sark: You're Not The Woman I Thought You Were
Vaughn: Syd, What Did You Do?
submitted by "Tonya (Syd B.)"

Sydney: Sark, You seriously had a full house?
Sark: That's right, now pay up
Vaughn: Man! That's the fifth hand I've lost!
explanation? poker game
submitted by "Ben"


Will: Do these shades make me look cool or what?!
submitted by "Phoenix < o >"

Will: Ok, do you think Sydney will want to go out with me now that I've got these cool looking shades?
Jenny: Will, has anyone told you how dumb you could be? But if Sydney doesn't want you I'll take you!
explanation? Will is asking Jenny for advice on how to get Sydney to go out with him
submitted by "Katya < o >"

Will: Am I pimpin' or what??
explanation? Will thinks he looks cool
submitted by "pebbles"

Will: I mean...where else would you get free coffee?
explanation? He's holding coffee in his hands.
submitted by "Eva Gaar"

Will: what? Sydney could get me a bigger cake!
submitted by "isabel vaughn"

Will: Marshall ditched me at the 'Not My Twin Look Alike' convention.
submitted by "Mary Wan"

Will: Can I have a cookie?
submitted by "MG"

Will: I swear I didn't do whatever it is.
submitted by "8th grade student at Triway Jr. High school in Wooster, Ohio"

Will: There is a large freaken mouse climbing up my shirt! If I hold still it will go away
explanation? It looks like something climbing on his pocket and he looks uncomfortable.
anonymous contribution

Will: No, I'm being serious.....do these sunglasses make me look suspicious? Did I really spill coffee all over my tie again?
submitted by "Andrea ;)"

Will: do u think Syd will like my outfit??
anonymous contribution

Will: What's with the cake? It isn't my birthday...
Jenny (off screen): I don't know, some creepy old guy left it for you a while ago.
Sloane (hiding off screen, hitting a detonator repeatedly) Why hasn't it gone off yet?
submitted by "Sam"

Will: Coffee? Check. Tie? Check. Glasses? Lookin' sweet!
submitted by "Agent Silver"

Will: Francie, you think I'll impress Syd with these glasses and my awesome spiky hair?
explanation? Will is so into Sydney in the first season
submitted by "Agent Silver"

Will: Woah Syd you're so....did you dye your hair?
explanation? Will finds Syd sitting in his desk after she comes back from Taipei.
submitted by "Julia Thorne"

Will: Syd, come on now, I mean it. If you won't tell me who this guy is who gave you that Christmas present, I'm going to have to post the pictures of you at LAST year's Halloween part ALL over campus!!!!
submitted by "Victoria King"

Will: Whatever happened to that little British cocky son-of-a-b*tch? I haven't seen him recently.
explanation? We need more Sark!!!!!! Even Will thinks so!!!!!
submitted by "Claudia Maria Veazcas Demarco"

Will: who's the cake for?
anonymous contribution

Will: Geez, Vaughn. When I said "Can I work for the CIA", I didn't mean "Can I be your personal errand boy" . .oh, wait.. did you say you wanted Hazelnut or Regular?
explanation? Vaughn got Will a sucky job at the CIA
submitted by "BlackBird2"

Will: Where does a guy have to go to get some decent coffee?!
anonymous contribution

Will: If you can swallow it in one bite, it's a cookie. You can call that a cake, but I'll call it a cookie. Get me a REAL cake!
submitted by "iv"

Will: C'mon Syd, I help the CIA and all I get is weak coffee and these ridiculous glasses?
explanation? The glasses are killing me.
submitted by "Isabelle's babysitter"

Will: say hello to papa
explanation? he's speaking to the cake
submitted by "seereen"

Will: I'm a private investigator. What's your excuse?
submitted by "Bitzy"

Will: you're Sydney's sister right? and you're in love with Vaughn!
submitted by "WINNY"

Will: Check my journalist-ness! My cup a' joe, my shades, and my handy-dandy notebook in my breast pocket!
submitted by "Spectra16"

Will: this is the first day my mom didn't dress me...
explanation? look at him
submitted by "chalrie"

Will: Am I Ugly?
Jenny: H3ll NO! Date Me!!!!!!
submitted by "FABULIUSDOG"

Will: can you believe I found a cake and a coffee in the elevator?
anonymous contribution

Will (thinking): I wonder if everyone will think I'm a cop with these glasses and the coffee
anonymous contribution

Will: It's not stalking, it's journalism.
submitted by "Spectra16"


Dixon: out of all the wigs and cloths u have, u chose that?!
Sydney: heyy! at least I'm not an alien
explanation? out of the missions they have they choose the worst costumes
submitted by "kate"

Dixon: Sydney, you look different.
Sydney: Shh. Don't use my name. My alias is Alice. Catchy, huh?
submitted by "Lisa"

Dixon: Nice dress, lady
Sydney: Isn't it great? I also love your mask
submitted by "Hobbes"

Dixon: Hey Alice
Sydney: Very funny. Didn't you get the memo this is a costume party!!!!
explanation? Dixon doesn't like Halloween
submitted by "Pebbles Rox0047<O>"

Dixon: hey baby, nice costume!
Sydney: thanks, you too sweetheart!
explanation? it looks like it's Halloween and that they like each other!
submitted by "Amanda"

Dixon: I'll be the angry bear and you'll be goldilocks
Sydney: but I wanted to be Alice in Wonderland!
submitted by "soso"

Dixon: I hope my alien suit scares the h*ll out of them!
Sydney:well, if that doesn't work Alice from Wonderland can kick their butts...
submitted by "alice from wonderland "

Dixon: Uh. . . oh. This is awkward.
submitted by "Spectra16"

Dixon: Alice in Wonderland?
Sydney: Oh my gosh, it's a mask!
explanation? Alien meets Alice
submitted by "Celeste"

Dixon: Sorry, I didn't find the Scream mask, but I brought this one.
Sydney: It doesn't matter, it wouldn't fit in my Alice in Wonderland character anyway.
submitted by "Cipher"

Dixon: Wad up Alice. Where da rabbitt?
Sydney: nothin , he got awayyy
explanation? this episode was supposed to be gangsta
submitted by "pebblesrocks"

Dixon: so Alice, where's the rabbit?
Sydney: with the aliens
submitted by "vreeze"

Dixon: can I talk to you?
Sydney: yea sure. what is it?
explanation? Dixon looks like he's taking her somewhere private
submitted by "christa"

Dixon: Wow! You're really dressed up!
Sydney: Well, I guess I'm just good at that!
explanation? Syd dresses up a lot for her job.
submitted by "aliasaddict4"

Dixon: u look very young.
Sydney: thank you very much. I hope so.
submitted by "dieter"

Dixon: Why did we need to infiltrate this Halloween party?
Sydney: I don't know. But doesn't this wig and dress make me look sexy?
explanation? A very weird mission.
submitted by "DoyleWeaver"

Dixon: Hi hottie!
Sydney: Hello sexy man
explanation? They're both in their characters
anonymous contribution

Dixon: Syd no, you don't need it
Sydney: Please Dixon, let go of me! I'm wearing it until they bring Angela Nogaro back!!!
explanation? Jennifer's make-up artist that left the show after the 2nd season.
submitted by "l e s"

Dixon: this was on your lawn
Sydney: it's my neighbor's, I'll give it to them
submitted by "l e s"

Dixon: who are you?
Sydney: wow one of my disguises works!
explanation? Dixon doesn't recognize Syd
submitted by "casey"

Sydney: what do you mean you forgot your rabbit costume?
Dixon: sorry, Syd. all I could find is this mask.
explanation? Syd has a costume party and Dixon was supposed to dress up as a rabbit to go along with the Alice in Wonderland theme
submitted by "mrs.sark"

Dixon: I want to make love to you Alice in Wonderland!
Sydney: Oh, Dixon I thought you would never ask!
explanation? They have secretly been in love with each other for years!
submitted by "Amanda"

Dixon: Blond is a bad hair color for you
Sydney: I agree. I make a better red head.
submitted by "Brittany"

Dixon: Syd, can you do me a favour? Buy one of these masks. Believe me, I have the widest choice of these goods.
Sydney: Ok. But first I need to know 2 things: 1) do you have a bunny mask with long ears and 2) do I get a discount?
explanation? Dixon has a part-time job
submitted by "Matrix"

Dixon: Sorry ma'am! I was looking for Sydney Bristow...
Sydney: Dixon I really look that different??? And you should put that strange alien mask on!
submitted by "alias_romina"


Guard: Um ... the Pointer Sisters?
explanation? charades
submitted by the webmistress

Sydney: Omg! The fans are coming! The fans are coming!
Guard: Umm...ciao?
submitted by "BoyscoutLover47"

Sydney: You! I heard that crack about my butt looking big in this dress!
anonymous contribution

Sydney: The toilet is flooding! Go fix it!!
Guard: Nice @$$ ... uh ... dress
explanation? The Guard wants Sydney
submitted by "Pebblesrox47-the original no copy cats here"

Sydney: I can't find the bathroom...
Guard: You're not supposed to be back here!
explanation? Syd gets busted.
submitted by "jazmine greene"

Sydney: Quick! Sark is coming. Distract him!
Guard: Give him your purse. That should keep him busy for a few hours.
submitted by "Lisa"

Sydney: I just found out my father is a double agent against your country.... You have to do something!
Guard: Uh, ok. Can I just ask..... Do you like my tie?
explanation? Sydney said to suit and glasses that she liked his tie. So now the guard wants a compliment
submitted by "Michelle. <0>"

Sydney: run! there's a clown behind you!
Guard: god she looks sexy...
explanation? she's pointing to a friend
submitted by "sarah"

Sydney: LOOK!
Guard: ohh, I am baby...
submitted by "faetaleti"


Vaughn: SD-6 is a big operation, Syd...
Sydney: So are your suspenders.
anonymous contribution

Vaughn: See, it's just bubble wrap, Syd. Nothing to be afraid of.
Sydney: Oh easy for you to say. You're carrying a gun!
explanation? Bubble wrap is god.
submitted by "Playboy Bunny"

Vaughn: this is what SD-6 looks like now
Sydney: wow
anonymous contribution

Vaughn: Weiss needs to store his European car magazines somewhere other than where they are now. I keep finding these things.
Sydney: Actually, that one is Motor Trend.
explanation? Weiss hides his car magazines
submitted by "Thomas Lang. [the gun seller]"

Vaughn: You got a parking ticket for speeding?
Sydney: I know. Isn't it weird?
explanation? Vaughn can't figure out why Syd got a parking ticket for speeding
submitted by "a female james bond"

Vaughn: Sign here. Initial here. And here. And sign here ...
explanation? pretending to be a banker.
submitted by the webmistress

Vaughn: that's all the blueprints of tiffany's I could find
Sydney: you didn't try hard enough
explanation? Sydney wants her diamonds
submitted by "amee"

Vaughn: if you fold the paper like this, you get a GREAT paper plane!
Sydney: I see..show me one more time..
explanation? because he has paper
submitted by "Tom Bateman"

Vaughn: Here's a picture I drew just for you last night.
Sydney: Well thanks. (sarcasm)
explanation? Vaughn can't draw. Vaughn draws like a toddler.
submitted by "Spydaddyluvsme"

Vaughn: What makes you think that I'm wearing two different colored socks?
Sydney: 'Cuz you're standing kinda funny.
submitted by "Brian Phantom"

Sydney: Oh, your watch is broken.
anonymous contribution

Vaughn: ..and sometimes you could fold the paper like this
Sydney: WTF?! Are you part of the Special ED Ops or something?!
explanation? Vaughn's not the brightest crayon in the box
submitted by "Blackbird2"

Vaughn: mmm I got a paper cut! it hurts! can't let her know I'm weak!
explanation? he cut himself on the map!
anonymous contribution

Vaughn: look at my talent flippin' paper
Sydney: okay so what is it?
submitted by "jazmine greene"

Vaughn: look at this picture of me in my speedo
Sydney: HOTTIE!
explanation? Syd wants Vaughn
submitted by "PEBBLESROX004728 =]"

Vaughn: hey! this tie really emphasizes your beautiful eyes!
Sydney: that is very kind of you, but shall we back to work?
submitted by "odrom"


Vaughn: It's all in your head. Don't worry, I'll find you a therapist!
explanation? He's pointing at his head with a funny expression
submitted by "Rachael"

Vaughn: See these wrinkles? That means I'm concerned!!
explanation? Um, he's always concerned..
submitted by "aliasfan"

Vaughn: Will you look at my gorgeous hair? It's way better than Sark's.
Sydney: Oh, please, nobody's hair is better than Sark's.
submitted by "Lisa"

Vaughn: I've got it!
explanation? Vaughn being incredibly intelligent as always.
submitted by "Jordan"


Big, big thanks to everyone who contributed a caption. You guys ROCK!

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