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Sydney: Have you figured out the code?
Sloane: Almost. It says 'Syd is a sp'...I can't make out the last part. Worthless document.
anonymous contribution

Sydney: ::thinking:: Hmm...I wonder if he knows that I'm not loyal to SD-6...it might look obvious considering I'm looking so suspiciously tonight...I should have gone with a red.
Sloane: ::thinking:: He, he, he...she thinks I don't know?
submitted by "Deena"

Sydney: What are you reading?
Sloane: None of your business, go on another mission.
submitted by "Michelle"

Sloane: Syd I can't believe you got a D in gym, you're grounded!
Sydney: I'm sorry
explanation? the whole thing when Sloane thought he was Syd's dad
submitted by "Erin"

Sydney: I have cleavage up to my chin, and all he's interested in is the d@#$ paper!
submitted by "j"

Sloane: Hey! If I tilt my head like this, does my receding hairline seem less obvious?
Sydney: No. But nice try, forehead-man.
submitted by "j"

Sydney: I don't like this story
Sloane: shh I'm at the best part
anonymous contribution

Sydney: What's that?
Sloane: These are your grade school transcripts. You failed home economics in the eighth grade. So that's why no one ever sees you cook for yourself or do your laundry.
submitted by "Richie"

Sydney: It's funny. I always pictured Rambaldi as a guy.
Sloane: Whoops, how did pictures of Halle Berry get here?
submitted by "Lisa"

Sydney: what is that suppose to be?
Sloane: a code to my safe in this house
submitted by "Mandy"

Sydney: So...this is one of your baby pictures?
Sloane: Yeah....I was one ugly baby!
submitted by "syd88"

Sydney: Is this the Rambaldi manuscript?
Sloane: No, it's my bank statement.
anonymous contribution

Sydney: So this is the super spy stuff I'm learning about? Plans on how to make a toaster oven?
Sloane: Yes, well, it comes in very handy in a tight spot you know, and Rambaldi really was a genius far ahead of his time...He even has a way to make sure the toast doesn't burn!!!
submitted by "Sarah"


Vaughn: Can you hear me now?
anonymous contribution

Vaughn: No I have not had a nose job. Stop looking at me like that!
explanation? his nose was hooked in the first and part of the second season... he's had a nose job
submitted by "Christina"

Vaughn: I work for the CIA and I end up fixing the doughnut shop fuse box?!?
Weiss (off-screen): Well hurry up man, cause they growling like a pack of wolves in here!
explanation? All agents looooove doughnuts
submitted by "Alexa"

Vaughn: Damn fuses are always blowing when I'm watching the game
explanation? Vaughn turns everything into a mission
submitted by "joey"

Vaughn: Did you say "cut the blue wire" or "my grandma is on fire?"
submitted by "Zach"

Vaughn: Oh, crap, I forgot to shave this morning...
explanation? See the stubble?
submitted by "Jen"

Vaughn: Yes, I know there's a bomb going off in a few seconds but I need to know if my hair looks ok.
explanation? Vaughn is more obsessed with looks than destruction.
submitted by "Anna"

Vaughn: mom...I need to ask ...What? No, I'm not on Millionaire... Calling for a quick reminder ..Red is positive ...black is...no ..red is neg...acckkkk!!
submitted by "ejk"

Vaughn: Marshal which wire? I can't watch the game without cable
explanation? wants free cable hookup
submitted by "Terry Coe"

Vaughn: No, I'm not finished - MacGyver couldn't fix this!
explanation? huge MacGyver fan here ;)
submitted by the webmistress

Vaughn: D*mmit, Syd! Did you put itching powder in my aftershave AGAIN?!
explanation? It looks like he's scratching his face/hair...
submitted by "Jen (again)"

Vaughn: I've gotta remember that you can't run the microwave and access Echelon at the same time.....
explanation? Blew a fuse
submitted by "VeryReal1968"

Vaughn: ok so which one of these knobby things will turn the TV back on?
submitted by "lyz"

Vaughn: What do you mean I just lost $6,000 on the night's game?
explanation? he just lost $6,000 on an NHL game
submitted by "Kit Felix"

Vaughn: Hey man I'm at the Power box - what's next?
explanation? Don't touch the red button ' and don't fry yourself
submitted by "Terry"

Vaughn: Hello, Joey's Pizza?
explanation? He seems to be making a phone call
submitted by "Paula"

Vaughn: no. seriously. Babe was NOT really talking. I'm dead serious! It was all computer graphics! Ok fine. whatever. Hey, I gotta get back to work.
submitted by "Andrew Latham"


Weiss: Look, it's Jack!
Sydney: Where?
Weiss: Oh, wait, it's the guy from Titanic. Get those two mixed up all the time.
submitted by "Lisa"

Weiss: Yes, I would like the fire red mustang over there. It'll impress Nadia and she'll want me.
Sydney: You're a dork.
explanation? Weiss and Nadia need to hook up.
submitted by "celestia"

Weiss: Ooh donuts! Big donuts!
Sydney: What's donuts?
explanation? He eats; she don't
submitted by "SarahFM"

Weiss: uhh.. no.. I'm not sleeping with your sister...hey look, it's your father.
Sydney: Weiss, I didn't ask that. And, we're undercover in a stripper bar... why would my... dad?!
submitted by "Dru"

Weiss: Is she looking at me?
Sydney: Weiss, pay attention!
submitted by "oocia"

Weiss: Hey, look at that. Sloane's dancing with a giant hamster in his underwear!
Sydney: Are You Drunk?
explanation? Weiss had a little too much to drink
submitted by "Terry Coe/spykid"

Weiss: Hey!! Look it's Madonna!!!
Sydney: Shush! I told you not to drink so much.
explanation? He looks like he had a few
submitted by "Kayla"

Weiss: hey look dancing lobsters.
Sydney: are you drunk?
explanation? had a little too much to drink
submitted by "sponge kid 14"

Weiss: Hey Syd, I see Sark over there.
Sydney: Really!!!! How do I look?
explanation? Sydney is excited to see Sark
submitted by "Robyn"

Weiss: Pardon me, sir, do you have any grey poupon?
Sydney: Oh Weiss, you're so funny...I should be dating you instead of stick-in-the mud Vaughn
explanation? Weiss' sense of humor makes him SEXY!!
submitted by "Wild4Weiss"

Weiss: hey, look, over there. it's Vaughn and Lauren
Sydney: I am not falling for that one again
submitted by "treen"

Weiss: I am NOT drunk, look I can touch my nose
submitted by "Jessica"

Weiss: There's the door, in case you don't like my company
Sydney: oh really?? I am going to Arvin Sloane then!
submitted by "Vera Sloane"

Weiss: It's Sloane!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sydney: Oh no.
submitted by "Caleb"


Dixon: Maybe if I wear this hat, no one will know who I am. Finally! I'll be able to write my morbid poetry without worrying what other people think!
submitted by "guinevere"

Dixon: I can't see with this hat on my head...
anonymous contribution

Dixon: I really hope this works...
explanation? thinking to one's self
submitted by "syd-me"

Dixon: and then a left on 47th and I'm there ?
explanation? looks like he is writing down directions
submitted by "scully (always looking at the obvious)"

Dixon: o, please, this hat doesn't look that bad!
explanation? some really annoying nurse is giving him grief over his hat
submitted by "Lizbliz"

Dixon: Syd, be careful he is heading your way
explanation? Sydney could be discovered
submitted by "Amanda"

Dixon: If I have 2 key cards and I divide them by 15 electronic chips . . . Oh, I knew I should've paid attention in math class.
submitted by "Lisa"

Dixon: who is really my boss?
Sydney: it doesn't matter now...just RUNNN!!!
Dixon: please not again...
submitted by "Ignis"

Dixon: woah...did that crossdresser hit on me?!
submitted by "precarious personata"

Dixon: How much is this gonna cost?
explanation? looks like he has to pay for something.
submitted by "Terry Coe/Spykid"

Dixon: Personally I wear the hat because I'm obviously Irish!
submitted by "LadyBelle"

Dixon: Guys, I'm picking up some food for us all to eat. I need to take orders!
submitted by "Kelai"

Dixon: what in the heck?
explanation? saw something weird
submitted by "aliaslover"

Dixon is in the unemployment line.
explanation? Sloane got fed up -who needs Dixon what does he do anyway?
submitted by "Madthinker26"

Dixon: call my hat stupid again and I'll kill you.!
explanation? someone called his hat stupid and he's offended by it.
submitted by "Spykid A.K.A. Terry Coe"

Dixon: Do I sign here?
explanation? He looks like he's looking for reassurance
submitted by "Paige"

Dixon: He's watching someone in a hospital
explanation? He needs photos of this person
submitted by "Jordan"

Dixon: $%#^* stupid mother effing CIA! There was nothing about stupid hats and drawing classes in the job description!
submitted by "Auryn"

Dixon: I hate that Sark! He has the body I've always wanted!
explanation? He is jealous of Julian Sark.
submitted by "Deena"

Dixon: Syd hold still for a moment, you do realize my drawings aren't as good as Rambaldi's
explanation? Syd gets Dixon to draw her because she doesn't think Rambaldi's is accurate enough
submitted by "syd88"

Dixon: I can't see with this hat on. It's toooooooooo big!
explanation? hat is too big
submitted by "Spykid"

Dixon: Hmmm. To be or not to be? I hate Lit. Class
explanation? Dixon just looks so bored, kinda like I do in Lit. Class
submitted by "Princess Black Rose. AKA Elektra Le Fey"


Sloane: Sydney, instead of going on a mission, you're going on a date with my godson, he's like me, just a bit less evil
submitted by "syd88"

Sloane: Here we have a horrible looking Backstreet Boy clone...
submitted by "Deena"

Sloane: People, this is our most dangerous mission ever. We must capture Matthew McConaughey for subjecting us to Sahara. Sure, it may not look like him, but trust me, it is.
submitted by "Lisa"

Sloane: Here in this photo is a bomb maker, but also a very good looking man that --
Sydney (Off Screen): I never knew you were gay.
submitted by "Kelai"

Sloane: This is what I will look like after my plastic surgery
explanation? He is getting plastic surgery
submitted by "Terry Coe/Spykid"

Sloane: this is me, back in high school
explanation? Sloane is telling of his friendship with jack
submitted by "bianca cordova"

Sloane: ...and this *points to screen* is my rather attractive figure from way back in 72.
explanation? Sloane's a vain b@stard.
submitted by "Lexi"

Sloane: And then this man killed my dog Fifi. I want him hunted down and killed.
submitted by "Becky"

Sloane: Sydney, Nadia - we have just discovered you have a half brother....it would seem Irina was quite popular with the men.
explanation? Irina cheated on Jack with Sloane and who knows who else?
submitted by "Wild4Weiss"

Sloane: Seriously, he's my favorite Mickey Mouse club kid.
submitted by "Spectra16"

Sloane: Do I sound nervous? Is my voice shaky?
explanation? He is giving a mission briefing and knew the guy and so he's nervous
submitted by "Meli"

Sloane: uh, jack, a little help, I think I pressed the wrong remote button. my mug shot from before my laser surgery isn't supposed to be up here!!
Jack: well, Arvin, you insisted on taking the remote from me! you're such a selfish baby!!!
submitted by "SydVaughn Fan 4evr"

Sloane: this is who I am picking for my computer date
explanation? I thought it would be funny
submitted by "Sarah Nash"

Sloane: First let me thank you all again for locating my daughter Nadia. I ask that you now help me locate my son.
explanation? Arvin having to ask for help locating his son.
submitted by "Angie"

Sloane: Sydney, This is your long lost brother.
explanation? Irina had a son
submitted by "Max A.K.A. spykid"

Sloane: I'm thinking about plastic surgery, how's this look?
submitted by "Kit"

Sloane: this man is Jack Devillois
explanation? HE is one of the world's most dangerous spies
submitted by "Jamsine Echols"

Sloane: This is Max, My High School sweet heart.
Nadia (off-screen): What?!!!
submitted by "Hank Willams"

Sloane: And this is how NOT to do plastic surgery
submitted by "Catsy83"

Sloane: Now, what do you think of his style? I could pull that off right?
submitted by "Elizabeth M."

Sloane: This is me before. Never lay on a chenille bedspread after you get a Botox Injection.
submitted by "Kai"

Sloane: As you can see in this photo, this man is in need of a serious make-over. Marshall, you're in charge of the eyebrows. And Jack, could you do something about his hair; I was thinking some highlights.....
submitted by "Elliebee2003"

Announcer: Next week on Alias, Sloane discovers the miracle of the time machine.
Sloane: This is me in high school. High school was the glory days. With Marshall's new time machine I can go back...
submitted by "Kelia"

Sloane: Sydney, you rescued you sister. She helped me find Rambaldi artifacts. Now you need to find my son. He is even more connected to Rambaldi, so he'll be a greater help. Oh yes, I'm sure he likes girls.
Sydney (off-screen): No way. He is so ugly.
submitted by "Truth_Takes_Time"

Sloane: Just a reminder, I'm on the good side now.
Marshall (off screen): But, uh, Mr. Sloane, no offense, but it was more fun when you were evil.
submitted by "Keli"


Jack: Oh...Sloane. I was just...checking the SD-6 computer network because Marshall asked me to.
explanation? Jack is covering up for his action to get information for the CIA.
submitted by "Deena"

Jack: Now this is quite embarrassing, my fingers are stuck.
submitted by "Kit"

Jack: Sydney, even though you're a machine, I still love you.
explanation? he's crazy
submitted by "Suzie"

Jack: Does anyone know how to work TiVo?
submitted by "Al"

Jack: Well this is not a good time to get caught. Irina? I thought you were dead.
explanation? Usually he ends up not getting caught by IRINA.
submitted by "Rebecca"

Jack: This is too heavy to lift. Where's Elektra when you need her?
submitted by "Lisa"

Jack: what was that? sorry, I'm too busy saving the world here
submitted by "Lizzydearest"

Jack: Does anyone know how this freakin' machine works??
explanation? He is thinking this as he looks around at the people next to him. He is trying to figure out how to work the very complicated machine!! ;-)
submitted by "Jennifer R."

Jack: Sydney, Vaughn is an ex-Alliance member.
explanation? in the fourth season finale, Vaughn hinted that he was a double agent.
submitted by "Spykid"

Jack: This IS my happy-go-lucky look.
explanation? Remember when Jack first walked in, pretending to be all perky-ish? Now look at his face...
submitted by "Moira"

Jack: I'm not really a technician nanananana!!
submitted by "clo"

Jack: I can't believe I'm breaking the law
explanation? weird look on his face
submitted by "aly Keihl"

Jack: Sloane, soon you will have free cable plus the movie package.
explanation? Jack is hookin Sloane up with free cable.
submitted by "Max Burdett"

Jack: If I crash the server, no one can read all those embarrassing fanfiction stories.
submitted by "Ranger"

submitted by "SARAH"

Jack: Excuse me.
explanation? Obvious
submitted by "Lindsey"

Jack: Marshall, hurry up with the butter!
explanation? Fingers are stuck.
submitted by "James Bond"

Jack: Is the bathroom light on yet?
explanation? Blew a Fuse.
submitted by "GoldFinger"

Jack: Ahh! This is the last time I fix the SD-6 server!
explanation? Jack has to fix the SD-6 server and he pinched his finger.
submitted by "James Bond 007"

Jack: Get the #@%^ out of here!
explanation? The guard is approaching...
submitted by "Valley Forge"

Jack: My finger's stuck
explanation? It could happen to the best of us, even spies...
submitted by "Adam Armstrong"

Jack: I hope JJ doesn't catch me stealing equipment!
submitted by "Geminigal"

Jack: Hey look! it's a piano!
submitted by "Shaynah"

Jack: What's a sea prompt?
submitted by "Spectra16"

Jack: Time to watch a movie Marshall made for me 'The History of the Spork'
submitted by "Kelai"

Jack: Hey, You're not supposed to look! Now I have to rehide the Easter eggs.
explanation? Easter egg hunt
submitted by "George Edas"

Jack: this is what happens when I don't pay attention. I flick the wrong switch. .... (Big explosion)
explanation? would make me laugh
submitted by "Elmo"

Jack: Sloane? Oh um . . . I was just uh . . . changing my profile picture on the Alias fan site. . . yeah! That's it!
submitted by "Spectra16" (again)"

Jack: Why are these systems so easy to crack?, I can do this without looking, see no eyes
explanation? Jack's so experienced he don't have to even look at what he is doing
submitted by "Blue_Bird"

Jack: hey pull my finger
explanation? world's oldest joke?
submitted by "will.tip.pin"

Jack: Now... connect this to that and.... bingo.... The Irina xmas party footage!
submitted by "Alexa"

Jack: how do these work again?
explanation? you old guys, always cracking jokes!
submitted by "shell"


Sydney: what is he doing here?
Vaughn: what is bothering her?
explanation? her mother's death
submitted by "mimi"

Sydney: hi, glad to see you
Vaughn: what's going on between you and your dad?
submitted by "kali"

Sydney: Vaughn, what are you doing?
Vaughn: Wow! If I turn my head to the side you do look like Jennifer Anniston!
submitted by "alias4ever"

Sydney: wish he'd look at me
Vaughn: These railings area excellently crafted
submitted by "sydney_beautiful"

Vaughn: I like this plant.
submitted by "Spectra16"

Sydney: Vaughn, would you come over here please and help me with supper?
Vaughn: OOO... dust bunnies
explanation? Looks like Vaughn is looking at something on the floor.
submitted by "Phoenix"

Sydney: I wonder where Sydney is.
Vaughn: I'm right here. So glasses do make a good disguise. I'm gonna use these babies on my next mission.
submitted by "Lisa"

Sydney: Well it's not slightly obvious that he's staring at me then looking at that plant
Vaughn: She really thinks I'm looking at her... Gee this plant looks nice
submitted by "Tim"

Sydney: 'tear' Vaughn, how many times do I have to tell you, I hate brussel sprouts. You NEVER listen to me!!!! I'm leaving you !
Vaughn: Syd, come on, next time I promise I'll get the carrots instead!!!
submitted by "LOSTinALIAS"

Sydney: Hey Ho!
Vaughn: Have you been killing people again honey?
explanation? Vaughn sees many dead bodies in the living room
submitted by "Naomi + Katie"

Sydney: Should I stick the key in his salad or bread? Wonder what Donovan's bed will look like there?
Vaughn: Wonder what Donovan's bed will look like there?
explanation? Hello they should move in together!
submitted by "ME"

Sydney: Hey I'm back - Uhh, Syd? Can you tell me why there's an unconscious Pizza delivery guy in the corner?
Vaughn: I really don't like anchovies.
submitted by "Isis"

Sydney: *thinking* "god he's hot, but does he have to turn his head at such an angle where everybody can see the size of his nose??!!
Vaughn: *thinking* " honestly, seed, I love you, but, you look better without glasses AND bangs!!"
explanation? every "perfect couple" has their faults!! :)
submitted by "SydVaughn Fan 4evr"

Sydney: I bet if I don't look at him he won't see me.
Vaughn: I see the tree, now where did Sydney go?
explanation? not looking at each other
submitted by "will.tip.pin"

Vaughn: What is that smell?
Sydney: Sloane was just here
submitted by "Felix Leiter"

Sydney: you're late, Vaughn. explain.
Vaughn: erh... I was attacked by a giant monkey. where's Nadia?
explanation? Vaughn is being sarcastic. Sydney laughs after he says that
submitted by "sammy"

Sydney: Wa...wa...why won't you look at me!!!
Vaughn: Honey, those glasses are hideous!
submitted by "Deena"

Vaughn: Nice carpet.
Sydney: Can you see the blood stain from that thug I killed earlier?
explanation? Sydney is a murderer!
submitted by "Shazza"

Sydney: What did you get us?
Vaughn: D*mn, I thought I forgot your feminine products!!
submitted by "vanessa"

Vaughn: Look this way, look this way
Sydney: Don't look at him, don't look at him
anonymous submission

Sydney: Vaughn I'm so sorry, there's another man here with me, I'm too ashamed to say who it is so look for yourself.
Vaughn: I can't believe this $#!+ who the %^&* is it?!
Sydney: ok its Marshall...
explanation? Vaughn is coming home to Sydney but she is too ashamed that Marshall is in her bedroom
submitted by "stephanie"

Sydney: I'm Waiting
Vaughn: What in the *&^% is she doing?
explanation? They're waiting on each other to say something
submitted by "Heather"


Vaughn: Anyone want some hot tea?
explanation? he looks like he is on fire
submitted by "Mrs. Vaughn"

Michael Vartan: Ouch! Damnit, now my chin is bleeding! That's the last time I reach down to pick up my prop fork. Next time if it falls, it stays.
explanation? Actor MV dropped his prop fork and hit his chin on the table while preparing to shoot a scene.
submitted by "writergirl47"

Vaughn: WOW! That was some good stuff!
explanation? Vaughn drank whatever is in the pitcher
submitted by "Andrea :)"

Vaughn: Chrome!!! I'm getting weaker...
explanation? Vaughn is apparently afraid of chrome as superman is afraid of kryptonite
submitted by "Bianca"

Vaughn: Ooo I can see myself
explanation? mirror
submitted by "BSC"

Vaughn: Blehck, you call this coffee!!!
submitted by "BSC"

Vaughn: Up, up and away!
submitted by "Lisa"

Vaughn: what the &^%$?!
explanation? he is dodging something
submitted by "samantha knaak"

Vaughn: That IS a gold decoration...
explanation? Vaughn discovers what's on the teapot...
submitted by "Shannon Honisett"

Vaughn: *singing* Duck in cover! Duck in cover! Duck in cover cuz the bombs are comin' down!
submitted by "Spectra16"

Vaughn: D*mn it! Can't a mission ever go the way it's supposed to???
submitted by "Allison"

Sydney (offscreen): God, Vaughn, it's just a coffee pot!!!
Vaughn: Hey, gimme a break! You never know what's in there...
submitted by "SydVaughn Fan 4ever"

Vaughn: can't I eat my dinner without being attacked!
explanation? someone's attacking him while he is eating.
submitted by "sammy"

Vaughn: No, Hide me!!!!
explanation? J Lo's lookin for him.
submitted by "Dr. Evil-and #2"

Vaughn: The brits love their tea don't they.
explanation? he's looking into the tea set (said as a joke)
submitted by "Eviewan"

Vaughn: D*mmit I lost my teeth
explanation? said as if gumming words
submitted by "emma"

Vaughn: darn that coffee pot is hot
explanation? Vaughn burnt his hand on coffee pot
submitted by "santa clause"

Vaughn: No one will find me here!
explanation? Playing a game of hide and go seek
submitted by "Alias lover forever"

Vaughn: What does the flight attendant always ask??
explanation? coffee, tea, or milk... or Glock 9 under the table.
submitted by "Mario"

Vaughn: dame girl, put sum clothes on
explanation? Vaughn trying 2 hide from Syd gettin changed
submitted by "Vaughn's hottie"


Rachel: I won't tell you anything
Marshall: I see something
explanation? Lie detection
submitted by "Sydney"

Rachel: wow, he cares more about his I tunes than me
Marshall: "oops, I did it again!"
explanation? Marshall's singing
submitted by "dirty"

Rachel: Why is that hideous painting in this room? It's distracting me. I can't concentrate.
Marshall: Oh...well here..I can change it with my computer...it's a hologram.
explanation? Rachel's looking at something...Marshall looks like he's trying to fix the problem
submitted by "Andrea :)"

Rachel: you're hott
Marshall: I'm married
submitted by "chelsy bentz"

Marshall: Is blond your natural hair color?
Rachel: Yes.
Marshall: You liar!
submitted by "Lisa"

Rachel: I am going to tell the whole truth
Marshall: She is full of lies and I will catch her
explanation? Marshal doesn't trust Rachel
submitted by "Sidney"

Rachel: Come on Marshall, I am feeling hot for you!!!!
Marshall: I'll be over you as soon as you are as hot as the computer
explanation? Marshall is a computer geek, even with a hottie like Rachel
submitted by "Sidney"

Rachel: Marshall, ain't u married?
Marshall: yeah but I can't help it babes. your brainwaves say that u have da hots 4 me
explanation? Marshall thinks that Rachel fancies him
submitted by "sammy"

Rachel: yes Marshall...my precious
Marshall: I wonder what would happen to her brain if I pressed this button.
explanation? Marshall trying to brainwash Rachel
submitted by "rain"

Rachel: (seductively) you know you're really hot don't you?
Marshall: (nervous Marshall voice) umm .... thank... you.... but I'm married... happily married...
explanation? why not try to flatter your way out of captivity? it sometimes works doesn't it?
submitted by "Ashley"

Rachel: You know these finger things are gonna screw up with my manicure
Marshall: Honey. Deal with it Sydney did.
explanation? Rachel wants to be like Syd so she pipes down
submitted by "mrs. sark"

Rachel: I like you
Marshall: now. don't even try that. been there. done that
submitted by "mrs.sarkvaughn"

Rachel: You know if you stare at something long enough without blinking you see little red dots.
Marshall: You don't say. I'll check that on the internet
explanation? Because it looks like she is staring at the wall
submitted by "msfame"


Vaughn: is this my stop?
Sydney: dirka dirka muhammed jihad!
Irina: so what if the world has been sent into an apocalypse?! I just saved a ton of money on my car insurance!
submitted by "Spectra16"

Vaughn: What is that on Syd's back?
Irina: Vaughn, stop looking at my daughter like that
submitted by "aliasgirl"

Vaughn: I guess it's my turn to be protected...
Sydney: Hey, wanna try my new gun?
Irina: Da camarad! Russian neutralizer they call it!
anonymous contribution

Sydney: What happened to your hair?!
Irina: Oh my gosh. You have GOT to be kidding me. Dude, did you get attacked by the lawnmower again?
Vaughn: I can't look. I can't look!
explanation? Sydney has this shocked look on her face; Irina seems to be rolling her eyes without actually doing it. And Vaughn is off in his own little world.
submitted by "Lauren S."

Sydney: Oh my God, what is that?
Vaughn: That is some seriously messed up $#!*.
Irina: (Thinking) Did I leave my stove on?
submitted by "Jen"

Vaughn: I love Sydney
Sydney: O my god, My mom is helping me.
Irina: let's just go
submitted by "Kayde"

Vaughn: Tell me again why I like my daddy's killer?
Sydney: Because...well look at her.
Irina: Would you two shut up, we have heads to blow off
explanation? Welcome to the Family
submitted by "Abbie"

Vaughn: Hey, there's a donut! FREEZE!
Sydney: I thought donuts couldn't talk...
Irina: You evil donut! DIE DIE DIE!
explanation? An evil donut has invaded the building.
submitted by "Deena"

Vaughn: Irina has a bum just as hot as Sydney
Sydney: Let's kill this mumma
Irina: God I want Vaughn
explanation? Irina and Vaughn having a secret relationship????
submitted by "Jackie"

Irina: Vaughn, get your gun.
Sydney: Yeah, Vaughn, how else are you going to get the bad guys without your gun?
Vaughn: I'll melt their exterior with my icy cool eyes.
submitted by "Lisa"

Vaughn: UGH, what's that smell?
submitted by "bb"

Vaughn: nice butt Syd
Sydney: he better not be looking at my butt
Irina: men are the same no matter what continent
submitted by "ren"

Vaughn: That is a big gun
Sydney: If you don't shut up you'll see just how big it is!
Irina: Shut up children. We have vermin to gather and drop in the woods.
explanation? Sydney and Vaughn hate Irina always butting in on their make out time
submitted by "Mrs. Scully"

Vaughn: I wish I had an ice cream right now. Mmmmmm
Sydney: Drop and give me fifty sucka!
Irina: Yeah that's right you heard her!
explanation? Vaughn is clueless and Sydney and Irina are all gangsta!
anonymous contribution

Vaughn: I can almost see my reflection...
Sydney: Are those my shoes, Nadia?
Irina: Whoa, time for Mommy to intervene as both daughters are pointing giant guns at each other...
submitted by "aevah-lee"

Vaughn: Syd, I've located the bomb.
Sydney: Not now! That mouse is making out with that rat.
Irina: Wow!
submitted by "Susie"

Vaughn: What the heck is a spider doing there?
Sydney: You son of a beep...you were that guy that told me black wasn't good enough
Irina: It's ok sweetheart...mommy has him
explanation? don't ask...made it up :P
submitted by "Jenna"

Vaughn: dame Syd u have a nice butt
Sydney: thanks
Irina: please stop talking about my daughter like that
explanation? they are about to attack but Vaughn can't stop thinking of Syd's butt
submitted by "Vaughn's hottie"

Vaughn: Why can't I have a gun?
Irina: Are you serious?
Sydney: Say please!!! And stop staring at my @$$!!
explanation? Sarcasm all around!
submitted by "df"

Vaughn: hey I'm bored stop staring and shoot already
Sydney: I'll shoot when I want to!
Irina: (thinking) not again
explanation? Syd and Vaughn are having a lover's tiff
submitted by "lil' vaughn"

Vaughn: Eww.....this place is a mess!
Sydney: CLEAN UP THIS MESS NOW DAD.....don't make me....
Irina: Come on honey....seriously....it's not all that hard to do. Go get the vacuum and I'll tell you how to use it.
explanation? They look disgusted! but it's hilarious!
submitted by "Andrea :)"

Vaughn: what is that......?
Sydney: ah crap the wind changed direction and my face is stuck like this.
Irina: *whistles* tralala
explanation? minds on the mission.........? ;-)
submitted by "what's in a name?"

Vaughn: oh look a penny
Sydney: Vaughn your love of pennies is going to have to wait
Irina: just kiss him already
submitted by "syd and vaughns daughter"

Vaughn: What is going on?!
Sydney: Wow! I've never seen vampire-looking people with red eyes before!
Irina: Guys... wake up! It's Alias - expect anything!
anonymous contribution

Vaughn: Wow, you and your mom have an identical body.
Sydney: Ewww.
Irina: Do you want me to kill him? Because I can...
submitted by "G"

Vaughn: nice view
Sydney: I can't move
Irina: why am I so surprised?
submitted by "idk"

Vaughn: Wow, she's hot
Sydney: Is Vaughn staring at me?
Irina: Kids...
submitted by "Sydney"

Vaughn: I can't look!
Sydney: daddy?!
Irina: I'm gonna bust you up!
submitted by "Hil22"

Vaughn: Don't look at him. Do not look at him! Sydney does take after her father!
Sydney: Aah! I did not expect to see that!
Irina: Jack it's nothing I've not seen before. A little boring really.
explanation? They've just walked in on Jack changing.
submitted by "Alias Lover from UK"


Big, big thanks to everyone who contributed a caption. You guys ROCK!

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