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Lauren: You know how to whistle don't you, Michael? You just put your lips together and blow.
explanation? Lauren Bacall impression
submitted by "Red1"

Lauren: Oh ... I've lost my earring... What if Sloane finds out ;)
explanation? What explanation ???
submitted by "Kalafiorek"

Lauren: I want a large thin crust pizza
explanation? she's very hungry
submitted by "aura"

Lauren: I can't wait until you come back, I have so much to tell you.
explanation? She is hiding something from Vaughn, and he does not know it, but she does look suspicious.
submitted by "Buddy"

Lauren: Michael, does my butt look big?
explanation? she practically anorexic
submitted by "Wouldn't u like 2 kno"

Lauren: no, I said TWO large pizzas
explanation? she's talking on a cell phone
anonymous contribution

Lauren: oh!
explanation? very surprised
submitted by "xiaotai"

Lauren: Wait, I just came from shower.. I have to look beautiful when Sydney is here
explanation? I don't know, she's looking so weird
submitted by "Elena"

Lauren: Woah...I just realized that I don't look good in my undies...
explanation? She's in her underwear
submitted by "AliasGrl"

Lauren: ohhhhhh...there's lotsa gook in my ear
explanation? great facial expression there
submitted by "vartan lover"

Lauren: No, I said you could see Sydney, not make out with her!
submitted by "loco"

Lauren: So, do you think I'm a natural blonde?
submitted by "Chesnut"

Lauren: Maybe if I show some skin I can remind Vaughn of what he definitely WOULDN'T be missing with Sydney Bristow.
explanation? Lauren is NOT pretty.
submitted by "Mountaineer"

Lauren: I really miss you honey
explanation? she looks lonely
submitted by "sam"

Lauren: oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
explanation? she heard some exciting news
submitted by "claire"

Lauren: Duuduu... Michael, don't disturb! I'm trying to learn to whistle "Dirrty" by Christina Aguilera!!
submitted by "Kit"

Lauren: I think it'd be a sunny day huh
explanation? in the morning, just got up, waiting for a bright new day
submitted by "wei"

Lauren: oooo! I can hear the ocean!
submitted by "MaryJane"


Weiss: do you think I could kill someone by throwing this card??
Marshall: Nah... Syd probably could
submitted by "alez"

Weiss: hey got any chips?
Marshall: what do you have to drink?
explanation? just partying around and playing poker
submitted by "sarah foote"

Weiss: ..and then remember the part when james bond is all suave and...
Marshall: ..yeah, yeah! and he grabbed the other guy's cigar and was like," hey baby"
explanation? the guys get all excited talking about their favorite spy
submitted by "alias freak"

Weiss: dude, check out the car!
Marshall: I did that in my spare time
explanation? Marshall's a tech guy
anonymous contribution

Weiss: Hey, want a piece of this fake gum cigar?
Marshall: yea, it's really tasty!
anonymous contribution

Weiss: wow look at her
Marshall: yea one hot mama
explanation? they are looking at a girl on the TV
submitted by "gwynne"

Weiss: Dude, we're on Candid Camera!
Marshall: No way man...the ganja really works....
explanation? It looks like Weiss is pointing right at the camera; hence, the candid camera reference. It also looks like Marshall's gotten his hands on some wacky tobacky.
submitted by "Melissa A."

Weiss: Hey Marsh, pull my finger.
Marshall: Man, that was rank!
anonymous contribution

Weiss: What is with those two?
Marshall: Don't know but they must enjoy it
explanation? What explanation?
submitted by "Emma Freemantle"

Weiss: 47 ROCKS
Marshall: my cigar rocks
anonymous contribution

Weiss: Do you see Sydney and Vaughn there?
Marshall: No, I only see Snow white and Prince, Because of my new contact lenses
explanation? Marshall is always so funny
submitted by "Helena"

Weiss: Syd, you know, you look a whole lot thinner when I'm high.
Marshall: Duuuuude.
explanation? Need I say more?
submitted by "Matt P."

Weiss: Uh, No, Say hi to Candid Camera!!
Marshall: I think I got a smuggy thingy in my noise, But I can't reach it. The camera is off right?
explanation? not really
submitted by "Agent Lynne"

Weiss: Bond...James Bond..
Marshall: (thinking) What a dork.
explanation? ...007 days of X-mas...is fun
submitted by "Leila"

Weiss: What do you think of my car?
Marshall: It's super swank.
explanation? SUPER SWANK!
submitted by "Kamcheese"

Weiss: hey how 'bout that look? ain't I a hunk ?!
Marshall: Well I doubt it dude....
explanation? the looks on their faces
submitted by "camille"

Weiss: Yup, that's my car.
Marshall: Cool, you want me to bump it up to 600?
submitted by "Sydney lover"

Weiss: Hey, what are you looking at? Yeah, you.
Marshall: Heyyy. How you doin?
submitted by "Julia"

Weiss: How u doin??
Marshall: I like to smell them
anonymous contribution

Weiss: I want that hot dog, I thought we have a lunch break here!
Marshall: This is a lunch break, I just ate the screwdriver.
submitted by "Cipher"

Weiss: We only gave him a little bit.
Marshall: I don't why but I feel like I'm flying!
submitted by "R.G."


Marshall: I'm thinking it was something like "Two...Two..."
Sydney: "Two mints in one?!?!?!"
explanation? Marshall explains the secret code on how to access the Covenant database via a roll of Certs.
submitted by "Dina R."

Marshall: Okay, so then there was this bunny hopping down the road....
Sydney: I thought I told you to stop with the bunny stories.
explanation? because of Marshall's fingers
submitted by "Chelsea D"

Marshall: Hey I almost got it down
Sydney: are you attempting to flick me off?
anonymous contribution

Marshall: My mother told me I needed a haircut, so now I have a really big bald spot right here.
Sydney: What are you talking about? FA-REEK!
submitted by "Paula"

Marshall: I always had a bit of a crush on you...
Sydney: MARSHALL NO!! I still have feelings for Vaughn even if he is married to that BLONDE ugly thing!
explanation? Seed loves Vaughn still and Marshall gets nervous around Syd
anonymous contribution

Marshall: When I do like this with my fingers, my heart stop beating
Sydney: Does that work with Sloane as well?
submitted by "Cipher"

Marshall: Nuk, Nuk, Nuk
Sydney: Don't even think of poking me in the eyes
explanation? The 3 stooges
submitted by "spymommy50"

Marshall: I had two girlfriends in my entire life!!!
Sydney: That is a lot more than I imagined.
submitted by "mariaz"

Sydney: Does my hair look okay?
Marshall: Well, maybe if you slick it back like this...
explanation? Marshall's hand
submitted by "Alias Addict"

Marshall: well you're gunna need a double sided locking mechanism with a dual key lock and the tantilum base of the......
Sydney: Marshall we're talking about lunch
explanation? Marshall gets distracted when asked what he was going to eat
submitted by "jessica (aka jen fan)"

Marshall: You don't like me tie? Yeah well up yours Kendall
Sydney: That wasn't very nice
submitted by "Bethany"

Marshall: I tried to slick my hair back today
Sydney: It looks good
explanation? Hand pointing towards his head
submitted by "Jennifer"

Marshall: I had sex two times last night!!!
Sydney: Huh?
submitted by "A. Carter"

Marshall: Truth is, I dream about you 2 times every day, mostly when I try to shut off the alarms during a mission.
Sydney (thinking): This man's gonna be the end of me!
submitted by "Agent Sydney Bristow"

Marshall: I prefer the bunny ears.
Sydney: But the Mickey Mouse ears look better.
submitted by "barcalounger"

Marshall: one down two to go
Sydney: wat the heck r u doin?
explanation? iono he looks funni
submitted by "vaughnsahunk"

Marshall: I'd like to cut my hair with my fingers since scissors aren't really my forte, but that is yet to be invented!
Sydney: Wow. And here I thought chopping my hair with sharp knives was efficient.
submitted by "Anne"

Marshall: You really should get your hair cut.
Sydney: You can talk.
submitted by "Selene"

Marshall: and bunny foo-foo went like this...
Sydney: Fascinating Marshall, fascinating
explanation? his fingers look like a bunny!
submitted by "julianna"

Marshall: That's right, look at the two fingers mate.
Sydney: Marshall just because that guy broke your robot toy doesn't mean you should act like that.
submitted by "Jean"


Weiss: Just look at it...
Vaughn: Wow. Dancing hamsters. In the flesh...
submitted by "Salad"

Weiss: Is that Sydney? Dressed like a vampire and coming eating us?
Vaughn: It can't be...
explanation? They both look so confused, and all those garlics
submitted by "Litty"

Weiss: isn't that your mom dancing on top of the table
Vaughn: omg it is!
explanation? Weiss looks like he's asking a question and Vaughn looks kind of surprised
submitted by "cordie"

Weiss: Should we leave?
Vaughn: Now would be a very good time to leave.
explanation? The look on their faces
submitted by "Sandy"

Weiss: She is hot!
Vaughn: Yeah
explanation? Staring open mouthed
submitted by "Chris"

Weiss: are you as confused as me?
Vaughn: Hell' yea
explanation? they both look really lost and confused
submitted by "julia"

Weiss: Hey, look! that girl is checking me out!
Vaughn: you mean the one of the blonde wig and huge adam's apple?
submitted by "Aileane"

Weiss: She's coming this way
Vaughn: Hey, you got that gun of yours?
explanation? Danger approaching
submitted by "V I S h A l"

Weiss: we're watching cooking
Vaughn: I just thought the hockey game was a bit slow to start
explanation? they look confused
submitted by "helen harrison"

Weiss: who is she kissing?
Vaughn: I don't know but I'm jealous
submitted by "Fred"

Vaughn:oooo! look at that sizzlin' hot chick!
Weiss: like the sizzlin' hot jelly beans!
anonymous contribution

Weiss: Dude, Sydney is so hot!
Vaughn: I know I am the luckiest guy in the world
explanation? They look like they could be seeing Sydney in a very pretty dress.
submitted by "Michelle"

Weiss: Don't look at the garlic....it's evil....
Vaughn: I'm not looking at the garlic...I'm staring at Syd
submitted by "Alias Fan"

Weiss: oooooo!!!! check out that hot chick!!!!!
Vaughn: dude, that's a man
submitted by "frank"

Weiss: do you see what I see?
Vaughn: I think she had a huge butt and I cannot lie and I can't deny either
explanation? she has a huge butt
submitted by "Katelan"


Lauren: what, what?!
Vaughn: you've got something out of your neck! oh, it's disgusting!!!......oh it's just your head!
submitted by "treen"

Lauren: Is that a zit? It's huge....
Vaughn: Here, if I stick out my chin, is it less distracting?
submitted by "Salad"

Lauren: ohh you have some spinach in your teeth
Vaughn: is it gone?
submitted by "Carly"

Lauren: I am not an evil b*tch
Vaughn: Then why did you iron my underwear??
anonymous contribution

Lauren: Look at me, I'm a ditsy blond
Vaughn: Yah, you just realized that?
explanation? she just doesn't get it
submitted by "die Lauren, die!!!"

Lauren: what? huh? I...Don't...Understand!
Vaughn: You disgust me!
explanation? Lauren really is stupid =)
submitted by "Lena"

Lauren: hey! you spit when you talk
Vaughn: yeah, and you like it baby
explanation? he spits??
submitted by "georgia"

Lauren: What's wrong?
Vaughn: You're a liar! YOU SUCK!
submitted by "Billy Joe Jim Bob"

Lauren: hhhiiiiiiii michael
Vaughn: whew! your breath stinks!
submitted by "Kelsey"

Lauren: look at the size of your chin
Vaughn: I said is there something in my teeth?
explanation? he asks her to check his teeth and she gets distracted, but he's still fine
anonymous contribution

Vaughn: Quick, I'm seeing Syd!! Do I have something in my teeth?
Lauren: *about to faint* a mint would be more apt...
submitted by "CLAiRE"

Lauren: Michael... you must clean your room!
Vaughn: mememememe..... you sound like my mother!
anonymous contribution

Lauren: no, no blood
Vaughn: are you sure, Marshall punched me pretty hard
anonymous contribution

Vaughn: I love Sydney and despise you. You make me sick.
Lauren: Uhhhh... are you breaking up with me?
explanation? Vaughn loves Syd and hates his wife; Lauren is stupid.
submitted by "SpyBarbie"

Lauren: Can you feel that?
Vaughn: Ow! That hurts you little....!
explanation? Facial expressions are the main reason for this caption
submitted by "Eric"

Lauren: Why are you making that face?
Vaughn: I've had to go to the bathroom since like 10 this morning.
submitted by "Eric"

Vaughn: What is that disgusting thing on your face?
Lauren: Ahh! Hurry! Get it off!
submitted by "Brooke"

Lauren: I'm sorry hunny... I AM the bad guy
Vaughn: sh*t...they were all right!
submitted by "spychic"

Vaughn: What is 2 + 2?
Lauren: Ummmmmmmmm.......
anonymous contribution

Lauren: The men's room is down the hall and to the left
anonymous contribution

Vaughn: What's that Smell?!?
Lauren: What? you don't like my new perfume?
submitted by "Mountaineer"

Lauren: I'll call the NSC--the NSC--the NSC--
Vaughn: Fem-bot! I knew it!
explanation? Lauren has all the composure of a robot.
submitted by "MLA"

Lauren: Are you wearing lipstick?
Vaughn: Yes, this lipstick is only for men, you see...
submitted by "Littly"

Lauren: Stupid democrat!
Vaughn: Damn republican!
explanation? Lauren & Vaughn debate over political sides.
submitted by "Fiona"

Vaughn: . . . And so this is the way Dixon looked when he was yelling at me . . .
Lauren: I'm amazed at your Dixon impression!
explanation? look at Vaughn's face
submitted by "candy"

Lauren: What the?
Vaughn: You just bit my lip!
explanation? Just another life in the day of the Vaughns
anonymous contribution

Lauren: But luv, it was only one male stripper at my party.
Vaughn: I don't care if it was just one! What of relationship do you think that we're in?
submitted by "Kristyn Bristow"


Marshall: Now with these glasses, I look 'super swank'!!
explanation? just like the sunglasses from season 1!
submitted by "iLuVaUghN"

Marshall: don't you love them? I think they're super swank
explanation? he has to wear glasses so he can see because his pen gun backfired into his eye.
submitted by "Sydney Sloan"

Marshall: you might want to get that spider off your face, oh sorry, it's a mark on my Calvin Klein glasses
submitted by "nutter"

Marshall: What do you mean these glasses make me look dorky?
submitted by "Khrystine"

Marshall: ok wait I forgot what I was saying
submitted by "katie"

Marshall: do these glasses make my eyes look big?
anonymous contribution

Marshall: check out these new glasses aren't they da junk
submitted by "krystal"

Marshall: Did you say that I look like Arvin Sloane???
submitted by "Littly"

Announcer: Next week on alias, Marshall learns the true joys of being a nerd
submitted by "Syd88"

Marshall: Do these glasses make me look like a fly?
submitted by "sarah"

Marshall: You know what I mean ?
explanation? No, I see :)
anonymous contribution

Marshall: no really; do these glasses make me look stupid?
submitted by "skitguy in Arkansas"

Marshall: these glasses ..well...they uhhh....make you look like a nerd!
submitted by "c dub"


Sydney: Whose idea was it to eat a lemon slice??
Will: Must hide! it's the girl I never called back
submitted by "Kellie"

Sydney: I just had a bunch of onion.......
Will: ooo! I can tell!
anonymous contribution

Will: Hey Syd, do you know you're in two places at once?
Sydney: Will, you're drunk - there's a difference between me and the weird chick in the leather catsuit over there
submitted by "Syd88"

Sydney: Do you think my outfit is too loud?
Will: What? Are you kidding? You totally blend.
submitted by "Tigger"

Sydney: drunk yet?
Will: almost...
anonymous contribution

Sydney: I just love this pink furry coat!
Will: I'm so HOT!! look at this hat!!
explanation? lol, their outfits are crazy!
submitted by "jen-aliasfan#1!!"

Will: Syd did you see that really cool toy truck over there!!!!!
Sydney (thought): boys will be boys
submitted by "Syd88"

Sydney: I told you not to drink it so fast...
Will: Brain freeze! BRAIN FREEZE!!!
submitted by "Lex"

Sydney: Will, would you try be NOT drunk?
Will: It's really hard when you give me drinks like this
explanation? Will looks like he is drunk
submitted by "Littly"

Will: Syd? Next time will you wear an outfit that isn't so bright.
Sydney: You're not looking at me because we slept together last night not because the outfit is bright.
explanation? Will was more embarrassed than he made out about them sleeping together.
submitted by "The cute artist in Will's building"

Sydney: I'm so tired. This night was too long
Will: Too long that you haven't had time to brush your teeth? Honestly your breath is a torture
explanation? Because Will turns away
submitted by "Jess"

Sydney: Whatssssss up dude
Will: My that diet coke is really making my head spin
submitted by "*Eme*"

Sydney: dude, do you remember what happened last night?
Will: No I... aren't you dead?
explanation? they got way too drunk and woke up in fancy dress!
submitted by "Mrs Bristow"

Sydney is looking fine as always, and Will just got a mouth full of smoke.
submitted by "Mathew"

Sydney: Ya know.. PMS sucks
Will: Is this gum on my hand? EW
submitted by "Kate"

Will: check it out Syd! there's a bald guy over there checking me out!
Sydney: Dude! that's Kendall
explanation? Kendall decides to spy on Syd and will while they're on their mission
submitted by "syd88"

Sydney: keep cool
Will: Syd I think I'm peest
explanation? will has a drink in his hand: peest means that he is drunk
submitted by "amelie"

Sydney: This looks shocking on me!
Will: Yeah you think you look bad...
explanation? notice the bored oh so tragic look on both faces.
submitted by "Viki . M"

Sydney: I'm not talking to you!
Will: Me neither!
submitted by "Brian"


Will: So you're auditioning to be a magician?
Francie: and you see? there's the quarter
anonymous contribution

Francie: I can't read what your tattoo says
Will: it says Sydney, but it can only be read when I put my lips like this
submitted by "Cipher"

Will: I hit the bad guy!!!!!
Francie: Aww..Will it's no use...Sydney'll beat you anyway...
explanation? Who's the brainier...Syd or Will
submitted by "The spy"

Will: Hey Fran, Syd's on "Top 10 Double Agents Of The Week!"
Francie: Liar, change the channel, Let's watch ABC News.
Syd (standing in the back ground): It is on ABC News: "I WORK AT A BANK!!!"
submitted by "JessicaALIAS's#1 Fan"

Will: Do you think that I could turn on the TV just using my fingers power?
Francie: wait will.. there is a chewing gum in your hair...
submitted by "Syd"

Will: I'm going to kick your butt at this game
Francie: you better watch it
explanation? they're playing a game and will is winning by a lot
submitted by "Chelsea"

Will: Leave me alone
Francie: Why what's wrong?
submitted by "Jennifer"

Will: what is this on TV?
Francie: your hair looks really cute!
anonymous contribution

Francie: Eww, Will there's a bit of an old donut in your hair!
Will: Oh give it to me! I'm starving!
submitted by "Syd88"

Will: what r u doing
Francie: your hair is really soft
explanation? hair touching
submitted by "antonio taylor"

Will: Look I see Sydney on TV again - man she is so fine.
Francie: Hold still will there is a bug on your head. Wait did u say Sydney?
submitted by "Sydneys #1 fan"

Will: I so love beating u at this game
Francie: but I'm so much better, so how can u say that
explanation? they're saying that they can beat each other at the game
submitted by "lauren"

Will: I won..uhuh..look at me..who's the best?
Francie: Oh Shuddaaapp!!!
explanation? Will just beat Francie at a game and he's doing a victory dance.
submitted by "***"

Will: Just leave me alone!!!!
Francie: No, I'm going to cut your hair now!!!
submitted by "Deepa"

Will: Fancy another roll in the hay?
Francie: No, I'm still finding stuff in your hair, honestly, don't you wash anymore.
submitted by "BritChick"

Will: Dude I wish I had that guys hair!
Francie: Here I'm kinda good at hair I'll do it just like that guy on the T.V
submitted by "Aliasluver"

Will: ohh I suck at this
Francie: well, I'm tired of kicking your butt at this
explanation? they're both playing a football game..
submitted by "Ashley Cardwell"

Will: Why am I holding these things?
Francie: Cos I need somewhere to put them after I pull them out
explanation? Flees
submitted by "Ren201"


Noah: What are you doing??
Sydney: the rain dance! DUH!
submitted by "SydFan"

Sydney: Vaughn scored five goals in a hockey match yesterday! I'm soooo proud of him!!
Noah: Really, I think he's taking credit for my work!!
submitted by "Deepa"

Sydney: I got five awards by the American government for being the best spy in this country.
Noah: Congratulations!!!!
submitted by "Deepa"

Noah: look I know about you and Vaughn and I want to let you know that I think it's great
Sydney: whoa did u just say what I think you just said (yay I get to keep Vaughn)
explanation? Sydney loves Vaughn
submitted by "Sydney_bristow"

Noah: Common on, leave Vaughn and come to me baby!
Sydney: No way!
explanation? Noah wants to be her boyfriend.
submitted by "Deepa"

Noah: Hey Syd, I don't want to hurt you, I just want to give you a hug
Sydney: uhuh....just don't hurt me
submitted by "syd88"

Noah: Syd how do we kill this guy?!
Sydney: I don't know!
anonymous contribution

Noah: I told you to get some cheeseburgers!
Sydney: Look, you need to lose weight
submitted by the "al"

Noah: Sydney! Where are my sunglasses?!
Sydney: Um, hello? They're on your HEAD.
submitted by the webmistress

Noah: So children, tell me, who put the pins on my chair?
Sydney: I did
submitted by "Cipher"

Noah: I thought I told you not to touch that!
Sydney: Hey! It wasn't me..
submitted by "Hope"

Noah: so u wanna go out??
Sydney: Take a breath mint and get back to me
submitted by "Shauntaye-Marie"

Noah: Repeat after me. "I, Sydney Bristow.."
Sydney: I, Sydney Bristow...
explanation? (I know she's holding both hands up, but it only looks like one in the pic)
submitted by "bristow47"

Noah: Ok I'm moving in...
Sydney: Hey! I'm not that kind of girl buddy
anonymous contribution

Noah: look let's get over it
Sydney: no don't touch me
anonymous contribution

Noah: What are these ... down here?
Sydney: I plead The Fifth.
explanation? The Fifth Amendment: "I cannot answer that question on the basis that it may incriminate me."
submitted by "b3n3f4k70r"

Noah: But, honey, I can explain why I wasn't home at midnight.
Sydney: Please... talk to the hand.
submitted by "andy"

Noah: Yeah! High five!
Sydney: Uh. No.
submitted by "Anna"

Noah: (To someone off screen) "I told you before! I don't know the answer!"
Sydney: (Nervously) "Uh, uh...I do"
submitted by "Yaz"

Noah: Stop in the name of love...
Sydney: Before you break my heart.
explanation? They're singing
submitted by "BB"


Weiss: Sydney, don't play with my clothes.
Sydney: *ignoring him* Ooh! Fun! Dress up!
submitted by "Agent Thorne"

Weiss: Sydney, what are you doing?
Sydney: I'm tired of wearing wigs all the time. Hats are in this year!
submitted by "lisa"

Weiss: Sydney you look funny with that hat on
Sydney: well don't hate me because I love Vaughn
submitted by "mel"

Sydney: Weiss, stop playing with computer games and play dress ups with me
Weiss: give me a moment, I want to finish this level
submitted by "syd88"

Weiss: ..well..you see I'm not really sure..I tried that once.. it didn't work
Sydney: if I put this hat on do you think Vaughn will notice me??
submitted by "gabstar"

Sydney: My head is too small for this hat!
Weiss: Shut up! I'm trying to concentrate.
submitted by "Deepa"

Weiss: Put on your thinking cap.
Sydney: Hat, you mean!
submitted by "Deepa"

Weiss: Syd, I know it's you back there..
Sydney: How? I have this crazy hat on!
submitted by "Nikky K."

Weiss: This is not working!!!!!
Sydney: This must be one of Marshall's silliest disguises!
submitted by "marie"

Weiss: What are u doing, Sid?
Sydney: I can't find the right hat that fits
explanation? Sid looks like she's in a hurry to find something and Weiss is busy on the computer
anonymous contribution

Weiss: Turn the hat a little to the left, I can't get a signal.
anonymous contribution

Weiss: Don't forget to take the glasses...
Sydney: Thanks but I see better without them
submitted by "Cristina"

Weiss: What happens if I hit this big red button?
Sydney: No! Just don't do anything.
submitted by "oocia2"

Weiss: Where is that shift key?
Sydney: Maybe this hat will make me inconspicuous!
submitted by "Changy"

Weiss: So how do you like the new decorations?
Sydney: It makes me feel like....I'm in a flea market.
anonymous contribution

Weiss: This buttons connected to..that button
Sydney: Does this outfit make me look fat?
submitted by "Jen"


Big, big thanks to everyone who contributed a caption. You guys ROCK!

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