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Sydney: Hey! That guest star is sitting in my chair!
Sloane: ... and if I press this button, my car's trunk opens.
submitted by the webmistress

Sydney: what's that?
Sloane: CIA
submitted by "Eudylver de Jesus"

Sydney: OMG! GODZILLA!!!!!
Sloane: Don't worry, I'll show him my badge, my precious.
anonymous submission

Sloane: And when I press this button the guy in the pink dress will sneeze
submitted by "shotgun"

Sydney: hey, picture!
Sloane: steady and just pose there!
submitted by "JC"

Sydney: I can't believe he's bald!
Sloane: shut up. I'm concentrating
submitted by "JC"

Sydney: good
Sloane: bad
explanation? I like ties episode the best
submitted by "jaycie ann collins"

Sydney: who is he?
anonymous submission

Sydney: OMG! drunken morons are attacking ...help!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sloane: calm down their drunken and morons so nothing bad can happen but that's what they want you to think
explanation: evil drunken morons are attacking and there is nothing we can do
submitted by "cam:the codemaster"

Sydney: where the hell is a gun when I need one?
Sloane: I should have killed her when I had the chance
explanation: these are thoughts
submitted by "Vartan lover"

Sloane: Mint?
submitted by "BlazzinKeys"


Jack: Is it just me or does that man have the same suit as me?
Irina: *Just smile and nod*
submitted by "BlazzinKeys"

Jack: stop smiling - it's so annoying!
Irina: shut up or I'll kick your ***!
submitted by "Sydney Lover"

Jack: Is she smiling at *that* man?
Irina: Is he checking out *that* guy?
explanation? Jack is not gay! Irina thinks he is!
submitted by "BurgerKing"

Jack: your perfume smells good!
Irina: yah.......I know, that's why I used it to attract our target. (jealous?)
submitted by "Sydney Lover"

Jack: I'm going to shoot her for this.
Irina: He's going to shoot me for this.
submitted by "Mr. Smiley"

Jack: What are you doing?
Irina: Just wanted to get close to you for a second.
explanation? It's not pleasant
submitted by "Christie"

Jack: There is nothing funny going on. Why is she laughing?
Irina: Jack needs to learn to have some fun.
explanation? Thoughts
submitted by "H"

Jack: I seriously want to throttle this woman
Irina: Don't we make just the cutest couple?
explanation? Thoughts
submitted by "SilverRayven"

Jack: yeah... we're back together
Irina: if I can't stop smiling in the next 30 seconds I'm going to kill jack!!
submitted by "I<3Vaughn"

Jack: This moustache tickles my...my....ACHOOOO
Irina: I feel like such a school girl...but my dress is still on
explanation? Business Trip
submitted by "Agent Vaughn"

Jack: look at the dress
Irina: it's a cute pink, Sydney will love it.
explanation? they're looking for Sydney's birthday dress.
submitted by "Sydney-Vaughn lover"

Jack: Whatever happened to that C-4 necklace?
anonymous contribution


Sydney: Move your hand before I strangle you with this robe thingy
explanation? explains itself
submitted by "Jing Li"

Sark: So, what do you take for the night?
Sydney: I'm not a geisha, idiot..
explanation? He's stupid
submitted by "Wjo..me?"

Sark: *sarcastic* Yea. You look Chinese alright.
Sydney: Shut up.
explanation? Umm... heh.
submitted by "Tasha"

Sark: why don't you go after him yourself??
Sydney: 'cause my kimono weighs too much!
explanation? chasing someone
submitted by "niki"

Sark: Do you think I blend in?
Sydney: I can't wait till this mission is over, I want to wipe this make-up off.
explanation? One of these people just doesn't belong.
submitted by "Sydrokz13"

Sark: I really meant it when I told you
Sydney: I really doubt that
explanation? I saw it
submitted by "Michelle Letelier"

Sark: What'cha doin'?
Sydney: Meditating
anonymous contribution

Sark: so can you tell me where I can find a Chinese restaurant?
Sydney: yeah sure. it's a few blocks north and then make a left and you're there.
anonymous contribution


Vaughn: Well, that's a locked door.
Sydney: How can you tell? Your flashlight is pointed at the ground.
submitted by "Annie"

Sydney: What if they don't like my outfit?
Vaughn: Just open the door.
submitted by "aliasluver"

Vaughn: Sorry about the flashlight...Your suit is just too dark
Sydney: But sexy...
submitted by "Blazzinkeys"

Vaughn: I wonder what's behind door number two!!
Sydney: Oh, yeah very funny! *sarcasm*
explanation? Everyone has to have a little humor, don't they?
submitted by "Princess"

Vaughn: Ok is she going to pry the door open with her bare hands...
Sydney: This is sooo dumb!!! Why can't they use a high tech security system instead of a key lock?
submitted by "Jess"

Vaughn: Do you think Scully & Mulder are there?
Sydney: I hope so... I do like to have their autographs.
explanation? Alias cast Sydney and Vaughn go to X-files location
submitted by "agent Rovheel"

Vaughn: What do you think is down there? Ladies first.
Sydney: Fine, but don't fall down.
submitted by "LizaLil"

Vaughn: I look really hot in this! ''I'm a macho macho man!"
Sydney: Will you get over yourself and help me open this?!
explanation? Sydney tried not to agree that he does look oh so hot!
submitted by "I luv English chicks!"


Sydney: And that's all you need to turn your hair into flaming red.
Vaughn: thanks!
explanation? Sydney writes directions to dye hair for Vaughn
submitted by "aleza"

Sydney: Those donuts are for me?
Vaughn: No, get up and get your own donuts!
submitted by "Diana"

Vaughn: You can take that wig off now Sydney.
Sydney: What are you talking about, I'm not wearing a wig.
explanation? It's supposed to be funny.
submitted by "Sasha"

Sydney: Don't try to sneak those donuts past me.
Vaughn: Darn
submitted by "47"

Vaughn: Yo, I got u some food. But will u please ditch the hair if I give it to u?
Sydney: Food, smood I'm running out of paper. and what do u have against the hair?
submitted by "Julia"

Sydney: Why do I Have to sign papers just to eat lunch with that guy?
Vaughn: Why is she taking so long?
submitted by "sydney p."

Sydney: (thinking) Does Vaughn bring that food for me?
Vaughn: (thinking) Oh my god what hair colour
explanation? they both look so concentrated and I think that they're thinking something
submitted by "Olivia"

Sydney: Are you sure that this is the resume for the CIA? I mean seriously, what does "have I slept with anyone in the last 6 months" have to do with whether or not I will make a good agent?!
Vaughn: Just keep writing! I brought you doughnuts, but I am going to eat them myself because we don't want you ruining that sexy body of yours!
submitted by "Syd"

Sydney: 15 pages down 3 more to go!
Vaughn: Would you like Donuts with that?
submitted by "Santa Clause"

Sydney: How do I spell SD-6?
Vaughn: Maybe I should go with that color...might hide my bald spot
anonymous contribution

Sydney: What's the pay like here?
Vaughn: Doughnuts and coffee courtesy of the CIA.
anonymous contribution

Sydney: man this red hair is really heavy
Vaughn: mmm coffee and a doughnut
explanation? her hair weighs a lot and she is hunched over because of it. Vaughn is just standing there.
submitted by "ally"

Sydney: Hey give me a new pen this one is dying!
Vaughn: Here is something to eat!
explanation? because he has food
submitted by "marie"

Sydney: And I've finished!
Vaughn: Do you always have to do 20 pounds of paperwork half a year?
explanation? Syd is keen on writing, and Vaughn's look says "Poor darling"...
submitted by "Marcus"

Sydney: . . . and then Sloane tried to kill me and here I am. The end.
Vaughn: Do you, uh, mind if I, uh, sit here?
submitted by the webmistress


Vaughn: is that a bug I see?
Kendall: yeah I see it too, agent Vaughn
explanation? where's Kendall looking?
anonymous contribution

Kendall: How is your relation with Sydney?
Vaughn: We had just agreed to avoid flirting while on a CIA mission.
anonymous contribution

Kendall: Were you making fun of my bald head again?
Vaughn: Yes sir, I'm sorry
submitted by "Sarah"

Kendall: you're dating Agent Bristow! Why? All she does is yell at me
Vaughn: I like a woman who is bold
submitted by "Sydney"

Kendall: No, you can't play James Bond! We're CIA here!
Vaughn: You mean you're not Felix Leather?
explanation? Vaughn thinks he is 5 years old!
submitted by "florimel87"

Kendall: Did you just tell me I should ask Jack out?
Vaughn: I know it was not entirely appropriate, sir, but everyone can see the way you two look at each other.
submitted by "marshmellow"

Kendall: no seriously now, WHERE did you get your hair weave?
Vaughn: I've told you a million times, that's my REAL hair? Could you lay off it for once?
submitted by "Kate Vartan"

Kendall: Where is Irina?
Vaughn: He He well funny story uhhhh
submitted by "agec"

Kendall: .........
Vaughn: Judging by the look of it...I'll order you the #10 bald wax
submitted by "BK"

Kendall: you are a bad boy!!
Vaughn: I am sorry, I won't go out with Sydney again
explanation? Kendall complaining about Syd and Vaughn's date
submitted by "aleza"

Kendall: What are you looking at?
Vaughn: my feet..
explanation? Vaughn is feet lover
submitted by "Weiss"


Sloane: yes, I would love bacon
Sydney: I said I wanted a vegetarian!!!
explanation? Sloane is ordering pizza
submitted by "aleza"

Sloane: Are you sure the new diet allows pizza?
Sydney: Don't get between an agent on a diet and her junk food!
explanation? funny haha?
submitted by "Miss Parker"

Sydney: what did I tell you about ordering pizza during work hours?
Sloane: but...uh.......I was only gonna get some bread sticks!
submitted by "sillygirl"

Sloane: You're in my personal space.
Sydney: You killed my fiancé!
explanation? What was I thinking
submitted by "mysteryone"

Sloane: need anything??
Sydney: hang up the phone
explanation? because Syd wants to talk to him
submitted by "marie"

Sloane: What?
Sydney: You have so seriously pissed me off.
submitted by "SilverRayven"

Sloane: yes?
Sydney: HEY I am really a double agent and my boyfriend Vaughn is going to come over here and kick your butt - you got a problem with that?!
submitted by "undercover agent"

Sydney: Would you dance with me?
Sloane: Wait, I'll just ask permission from Emily
submitted by "Sharoline"

Sloane: Yes, I'm feeling pressured as well.
Sydney: you lied to me! How could you hurt my feelings like that?
explanation? Sloane lied to Sydney about cookies being left for her on her desk.
submitted by "Olivia/vgarberlover"

Sloane: wait a sec
Sydney: I want to talk with you
submitted by "j"

Sloane: You told me this shirt didn't make me look fat.
Sydney: well, Sydney, sometimes I think you're my own daughter...
anonymous contribution

Sydney: You parked in my #@$% space!
submitted by "Irina"

Sloane: Can I help you with something, Sydney?
Sydney: Yeah! You let me leave SD-6 for GOOD!!
submitted by "J.B."


Vaughn: (thinking) "if only Syd could see how sexy I am in this gun holster thing. I'm like a hot, young Columbo"
Weiss: (thinking) "I wonder if they really can't see me on this side of the glass?"
submitted by "dreaminovaughn"

Weiss: hey Vaughn, we could totally make faces at them and they would NEVER know!
Vaughn: Hmm...sounds intriguing.
submitted by "sbab3357"

Vaughn: I'm in love with her, Weiss....
Weiss: No sh-t, Sherlock. Have you seen her? How could you not be in love with her?
anonymous contribution

Vaughn: look! Kendall is making out with Barnett
Weiss: yeah right....
submitted by "aleza"

Vaughn: Dreaming about something...still dreaming.. "oh, oh."
Weiss: Can you get over that Sydney dream and move your butt over here. We have work to do.
explanation? Vaughn can't help himself thinking about Syd.
submitted by "Monika Vartan"

Vaughn: Can he see my back?
Weiss: I don't think so, he's sleeping
submitted by "Stijnie"

Vaughn: (thinking) God, what I'd give to be with Syd right now.
Weiss: (thinking) I wonder if they'd let me borrow this camera for personal enjoyment??
submitted by "Aly"

Vaughn: I shoulda used preparation H
Weiss: dude....
explanation? Vaughn just looks weird, I dunno it's the first thing that I thought of
submitted by "Leigh"

Vaughn: I'm afraid
Weiss: of what
submitted by "badj"

Vaughn: Damn the budget cuts. They won't even let us watch the hockey game.
Weiss: Yeah, and they'll dock your pay for going off and leaving TV on.
explanation? None needed
anonymous contribution


Marshall: see the little red dot over there? I can also draw figures...
explanation? loved the laser pens in primary school..
submitted by "goneooc"

Marshall: I called this important meeting to show you all the recording of the documentary on monkeys! here, I'll press play!
submitted by "chels"

Marshall: I love remote controls
submitted by "alejandra"

Marshall: Dixon, I knew you liked Tuna Casserole
explanation? Because he is proving he is right
submitted by "Tiarni"

Marshall: no, you da man
submitted by "marshmellow"

Marshall: Pointing at things is sooooo fun!!
submitted by "Kristine Zarifian"

Marshall: Maybe if I press this button I'd get a social life.
explanation? Well think about, as cute as he is, he's not so popular
submitted by "Shifty"

Marshall: Smile! You're on Candid Mini-Spy Camera!
submitted by the webmistress

Marshall: It's a camera, that's also a bomb! It's really easy, if you need it to explode you just hold the button down for ten seconds like this . . . uh oh.
submitted by the webmistress


Sydney: Why is the descrambler beeping?
Vaughn: Syd, that's your cell phone.
submitted by "Stephanie S"

Sydney: oops.... smudge on the camera!
Vaughn: were you eating greasy foods again for lunch? I told you to lay off of them!
submitted by "vaughn lover"

Sydney: Quick! WE might still get to vote for Guy!
Vaughn: Yeah! he really should win Australian Idol!
explanation? Idol fever
anonymous contribution

Sydney: Stop looking over my shoulder
Vaughn: c'mon, I just want to have a look...
explanation? her shoulders seem very tense.
anonymous contribution

Sydney: what's the hell of that??
Vaughn: I think you are the one who made this thing like hell..it's just a calculator..nothing much
submitted by "etty"

Sydney: we have to clear the situation, Vaughn
Vaughn: I call your father, alright?
explanation? a very complicated situation
submitted by "Judith"

Sydney: How do you work this TiVo? Gilmore Girls is coming on. Hurry!
Vaughn: Wait, I thought you were supposed to do start.....then stop.
explanation? They're on their way to a Halloween party
submitted by "Lisa"

Sydney: go right
Vaughn: no left!, aww look what u did...
explanation? they playing video game
submitted by "I love vaughn cuz he sexy"

Sydney: How do you turn on your stupid cell phone!??
Vaughn: that is not my phone, it is the bomb deton.....!!!POM!!!!
submitted by "ale"

Sydney: Give me that! guys can't work anything! it's easy!
Vaughn: Fine you try it! it's hard!
explanation? Vaughn's trying to get something to work, he can't, so Sydney's going to try, and gets it open.
submitted by "DarkAngel"

Sydney: Are you sure it was this green button?
Vaughn: There's no green button, try the red one
submitted by "Lucie"

Sydney: Maybe if we hit this button, it'll zap us out of these uniforms...
submitted by "Petrina"

Sydney: Hold on...almost got it...Yah level 12!!!
Vaughn: Come on I want a turn.
explanation? Syd and Vaughn playing a video game
submitted by "Ky"

Sydney: I actually don't know how to use this thing...by the way what is this?
Vaughn: I think this is a bomb...
submitted by "Kool PaL"

Sydney: With this, hack into the security cams.
Vaughn: hey, that's us.
submitted by "Stijneken"

Sydney: Dang, I ran out of batteries!
Vaughn: Must you play with your Game Boy now?
explanation? During a mission, Sydney runs out of batteries while playing Alias the video game.
submitted by "Joshua"

Sydney: How do I turn this thing off?
Vaughn: I don't know Syd
explanation? You disable it
submitted by "Rylie"

Sydney: Help me here- I am lost. First I press 1, than I press 800 than I press ABC Learn? All for the hooked on phonics method thingy?
Vaughn: Yeah, because Kendal said the only way I could still work for the CIA is if I learn how to read properly.
submitted by "Becca"

Sydney: Almost there, 99. 103, 110!! Yes, New high score!!!!!
Vaughn: Oh, yeah! Let me see if I can beat it!!
anonymous contribution

Sydney: Okay...AXN!! ooohhh...I love this show!
Vaughn: nooooooooooooo I wanna watch the Disney channel!
explanation? fighting over the TV remote
submitted by "Christina Parker"


Big, big thanks to everyone who contributed a caption. You guys ROCK!

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