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In Dreams

Episode Summary

Sloane2 visits an Italian monastery for information about their experiments with breeding the aggression out of bees. He offers them money for a rare orchid, but they turn him down; he then has an accomplice trigger a Mueller Device (aka The Circumference), which causes the bees to attack the monks. After learning of the theft, APO sets a trap for Sloane2 and it works. In custody, Marshall realizes that Sloane2's brain patterns are identical to those of the real Sloane, and he recalls an SD-6 program exploring techniques for brainwashing and transferring memories. That program was run by a man named McCullough; Vaughn and Dixon find him in Buenos Aires. He admits to making Sloane2 believe that he's Arvin Sloane, but he doesn't know where the orchid is because Sloane2 double-crossed him. Saying that his employer wouldn't let him live long enough to be questioned, he poisons himself. Sydney confronts Sloane2, asking for the orchid. Sloane2 explains his plan to foster harmonic coexistence by administering the orchid extract to the general population via drinking water. Sloane confesses that he had the same plan, and through Omnifam he introduced the other necessary chemicals into the drinking water of millions of people worldwide. He failed in the second stage of the process because he didn't have the nectar from the orchid. Since Sloane2 has the orchid, he can simply add the nectar to the water that Sloane prepared. Marshall theorizes that Sloane2 won't reveal the orchid's location unless he stops believing that he's Arvin Sloane. Marshall says that Sloane will need to relive a traumatic memory which they can upload to Sloane2 using the technology from SD-6. In a trance-like state, Sloane recalls his wife Emily being pregnant, and they decide to name their daughter Jacquelyn. Unfortunately, their child dies shortly after birth. Jolted by this memory, Sloane2 says that he's a prisoner of war named Ned Bolger. He reveals the orchid's location, but the Sloane personality attempts to resurface, and Bolger starts to have a breakdown. The real Sloane is reluctant to wake up, altering his memories to imagine himself with Emily and a healthy baby Jacquelyn. Nadia talks to Sloane, trying to bring him back; she tells him that he hasn't earned the right to rest, and she begs him not to betray her belief in him again. He wakes up. Alone with Jack, Sloane confesses that it was after Jacquelyn died that he began to explore Rambaldi's writings to fill the hole in his heart.


Sloane: We need to find the orchid, Jack. Not waste time arguing over what we can't change.
Jack: Seventy-two hours. If we haven't recovered the orchid in that time, I'm going to Langley with this. It will mean the end of you, Arvin.
Sloane: You too, Jack.
Jack: I know. Seventy-two hours.

Sloane2: Jack. Of course. I should have known.
Jack: You know me.
Sloane2: What kind of question is that? Of course I know you.
Sloane: And me?
Sloane2: What about you?
Sloane: Do you know me?
Sloane2: No.
Sloane: I'm Arvin Sloane.
Sloane2: I see. This is your idea, Jack. Play with my sense of reality.
Jack: I don't know what you're talking about. I've never met you.

Jack: Posing as Arvin Sloane, you recently stole a rare orchid from the Monte Inferno monastery. Your masquerade is over. You've been caught.
Sloane2: What happens next? You deprive me of food? Try to alter my sense of time? Childish attempts to break me down: you, Jack, of all people should know that.
Jack: Who are you?

Sloane2: How desperate the company must be to play this pitiable mind game. Think you could call this . . . actor, this . . . this clown Arvin Sloane and make me doubt my own identity?

"He's a CIA stooge with my good looks." Sloane2, explaining the real Sloane

Nadia (to Jack): Marshall would like to see you.
Sloane2 (to Nadia): Tell him I say hello.
Jack (to Sloane): Try not to kill him.

Sloane2 (to Sydney): The work we did, the work you do now. Taking down bad guys, putting out fires - you're a beat cop, not making a dent.

Sloane: It was my intent, based on Rambaldi's formulas, to create a more peaceful species. To breed the aggression out of the population just as the monks had done with their bees.
Nadia: We don't have time for your rationalizations.

Sydney: You still trust him.
Jack: I trust that when he laid the seeds for this crisis, he thought he was doing something good. That he didn't see this as a trigger for global genocide.
Sydney: So he's simply a delusional megalomaniac with benign intentions.

Sloane2: Jack, please, are you really wasting our time with this? After all, it was you who taught me how to endure torture. It was your training that enabled me to get through MacKenas Cole and the needles of fire.
Jack: Listen to me, you pathetic freak. Even if what you're saying was true, you can be sure that I kept a few things to myself.

Sloane: I was a good man once. Now I'm monster. And monsters . . . cannot be allowed in this world.

Nadia: You have not earned the right to rest.
Sloane: I'm tired, Nadia. I am tired, and I am ashamed.
Nadia: Then there's hope; come back and redeem yourself.

Sloane: I am going to rectify this, Jack. I will clean up this mess that I've made.
Jack: I'd like to believe that, Arvin.
Sloane: But you can't.
Jack: I've heard it before.

Sloane: All I can say is I'm trying. And every day is a struggle . . . every day.


* Sloane2's Plan B could also be called "Plan Bee."

* Both Jack and Sloane have recently had to relive their marriages; that seems like a huge coincidence, but I can't think of a reason anyone would plot to make that happen.

* This episode was directed by Jennifer Garner.

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