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The Descent

Episode Summary

Thieves attack the Department of Special Research and steal the Rambaldi artifacts. Elsewhere, Sophia leaves, saying that it is safe for her to return home. At APO, Vaughn asks for Jack's blessing to marry Sydney. Before Jack can complete his response, a team of CIA agents arrives with a search warrant. Director Chase and another team of agents go to Sydney's apartment to question Nadia, since her laptop computer was used to override the security system at the DSR. During the search, a transmitter is found in the necklace that Sophia gave Nadia. Given this evidence, Jack suggests that Sophia is Elena Derevko and that she orchestrated the recent events - such as Bill Vaughn's journal and Sloane's clone - to acquire the Rambaldi artifacts. Sloane says that Elena will seek Lazlo Drake, who has the instructions for assembling the device to bring forth Rambaldi's final prophecy. Nadia remembers when she and Sloane visited Drake months earlier. Drake would not share the information since Sloane lacked one item: the Sphere of Life. Nadia and Sloane find it in a cave. Knowing only Nadia can retrieve it, Sloane asks her to bring it from its stand in the middle of a stained glass floor. However, when she touches it, she has a vision of destruction, and she realizes that Sloane lied about it bringing peace. Sloane tries to get the Sphere, but when he picks it up, he falls through the glass floor. He is wounded, but he's surprised that Nadia stays to help him. In the present, the team locates the elusive Drake. Sydney insists meeting him with Sloane, but they find Drake dead. Sydney uncovers Drake's hidden surveillance video footage, and they see Elena talking to Drake about how Sloane gave up his Rambaldi quest "for a girl." Before Sydney can learn where the artifacts will be assembled, Sloane injects her with a tranquilizer and leaves to go find Elena. With no other leads, Jack visits Katya Derevko in prison; she says that can help them find Elena, but their only hope of stopping her died when Jack shot Irina. Sydney, Dixon and Nadia break into Elena's facility in Prague. They split up, and Dixon observes a prisoner being loaded into a van before he finds Sloane. Sloane asks for Dixon's trust and urges him to get out. Suddenly, Dixon is shot in the back by Elena, who tells Sloane that it's time to leave. Back in LA, Dixon is hospitalized. Director Chase is at Dixon's side, and Sydney and Jack realize that they have been dating. Later, Jack tells Vaughn that if he believes that he can make Sydney happy, they have his blessing. Dixon regains consciousness and reveals that the prisoner he saw in Prague was Irina Derevko.


[Vaughn shows Marshall the ring he has for Sydney.]
Marshall: Hey, man, congratulations, that's fantastic! I'm sure Mr. Bristow's gonna be thrilled.
Vaughn: Really.
[Marshall nods.]
Vaughn: I'm just hoping he doesn't shoot me on the spot.

"As if weapons-grade anthrax grows on trees." Jack, to Vaughn after an exasperating phone conversation

Vaughn: I'm going to ask Sydney to marry me. And I'd like your blessing.
Jack (after a pause): Perhaps you believe my recent illness rendered me less coherent than before. Or that my cognitive faculties had been somehow dulled, or diminished. Allow me to clarify the facts for you, Agent Vaughn. While I've come to believe that you're not as useless as I first imagined, I still don't feel--
[He's interrupted by alarms sounding.]

Nadia: What's this about?
Director Chase: Men are dead, things are gone, and you've got some explaining to do.

Nadia (to Director Chase): Sydney has her own laptop. She also has--
[Cut to another agent talking to Sydney.]
Agent: -- an assault rifle, a twelve-gauge shotgun, four handguns, two tazers, and a . . . [he reads from a list] . . . secret drawer of knives. Let's start with the knives.
Sydney: Let's start with you not wasting my time.

Sydney: You think Sophia Vargas is connected to Elena Derevko?
Jack: No. I think Sophia Vargas is Elena Derevko.

Nadia: You're saying it's all a lie? She spent all these years, all this time, so she could steal some Rambaldi artifacts?
Jack: She is a Derevko.

Nadia: I brought her into my house. This is my fault.
Sloane: No, Nadia. It's mine. It was my obsession with Rambaldi that pulled you into this. It's my mess; it's my responsibility to clean it up.

"I will end this." Sloane, to Nadia

Sloane: You know who I am?
Drake: How could I possibly not know of you, Mr. Sloane. Your appetite for all things Rambaldi is almost legendary.

Drake (to Nadia): You have no idea what it is like to be in your presence. It is like meeting the Virgin Mary.

Drake: You brought her on this journey for one reason. Only she can retrieve the Sphere of Life. Only she knows its secret location. You know that.
Sloane: I didn't come this far to quit.

Sloane: Rambaldi wrote that a man would come and discover the true meaning of his work, and doing so would change the world. I always wanted to be that man.

"In Elena's hands, most likely an apocalypse." Sloane, summing up Elena's plans for the Rambaldi devices

"I trusted Sloane for six years before I found out he was evil . . . you know . . . not that he's evil, per se . . . we have a long history . . . together." Marshall, to Nadia after she confesses feeling foolish for trusting Elena

Sloane: I'm here for one reason alone: to put an end to this nightmare once and for all.
Sydney: I wish I could believe you.

Sloane: If I didn't have to rendezvous with you I would have been here hours ago.
Sydney: If it weren't for you we wouldn't have to be here at all.

"I saw this coming, and he still beat me." Sydney, on the phone with Jack

Dixon: In spite of all this . . . it's good to see you.
[He and Director Chase kiss.]
Director Chase: Weekends aren't enough.
Dixon: Tell me about it.

Sydney: I had an idea, but you're gonna hate it.
Jack: You want me to talk to your Aunt Katya.
Sydney: How did you know that.
Jack: First, you said I would hate it, and you're correct. Second, I arrived at the same conclusion myself.

Katya: Is that look on your face supposed to be intimidating? You forget, Jack. I've seen your tender side.

Katya: Do you intend to torture me?
Jack: If I have to.
Katya: While I know that would be enjoyable for both of us . . . I should warn you, I have quite a bit of stamina - but you already knew that about me.

Katya: She has been acquiring artifacts for several years now, through her front.
Jack: Her front?
Katya: Don't look so surprised; it has been happening right before your eyes.
Jack: The Covenant.
Katya: See? I knew you could do it, handsome.

Jack: I was set up. Elena put a hit out on Sydney, framed Irina for it.
Katya: Oh, I see. So, you executed my sister on misunderstanding. Well, then. All is forgiven. Don't stand there pretending you are a patsy; you're too good at what you do. If you pulled the trigger, part of you wanted to be manipulated.

Elena: My men think you're here to kill me.
Sloane: You should hire smarter men.

Sloane: Please, Marcus, it's too big now. You can't stop this. Only I can . . . you have to trust me.


* Why didn't Director Chase ask Sydney to fetch Nadia from the shower? Of course Nadia's going to try to kick the butt of some stranger who's sneaking up on her!

* I'm surprised they let the earlier incident (where the request to move the Hydrosek was received "from Nadia") go by without a detailed investigation; surely the CIA doesn't regularly dismiss such discrepancies.

* Has anyone on this show not asked someone to trust them at some point?

* Call me crazy, but I'm starting to believe that Sloane is actually trying to help.

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