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Continuing the story from the previous episode, Vaughn and Sydney are at a nightclub where Dixon waits with Kradic and his men to receive the Hydrosek. The mysterious man with glasses (I'll call him Glasses) is also there; he creates a diversion, but Syd tackles him before he can grab the Hydrosek. He escapes, but the APO team obtains the chemical. Back in LA, Syd is concerned that Jack isn't returning her calls. She and Vaughn visit Jack's apartment where they find bottles of medicine, needles, and a book where Jack has been recording his vital signs. At APO, Nadia gives a sketch of Glasses to Marshall so that he can search the database for a match. At the doctor's office, Jack agrees to procure the chemicals necessary for a very risky procedure. Seeking information about her father's condition, Syd realizes that Marshall knows something; he confesses that Jack removed the fuel rods from the nuclear reactor to save Syd's life. The team searches for Jack. In his mind, he is at the doctor's office for treatment, but Vaughn and Sydney find him injecting himself with poison in an abandoned building. Jack is hospitalized. Sloane realizes that Jack was hallucinating about Dr. Liddell, who developed a treatment for genetic mutation. However, Jack helped Dr. Liddell disappear in 1981. As Syd sits at Jack's side, he calls her Laura. Sloane theorizes that if they can make Jack believe it's 1981, they can find where Dr. Liddell is hidden. Syd is nervous about posing as her mother, but the plan works. Jack is returned to the hospital. Sydney finds Dr. Liddell and tells him that Jack needs help. The doctor returns to APO and tells Jack that he'll make him better. Meanwhile, Elena cooks dinner for Weiss and Nadia to give Glasses a chance to hack into Nadia's computer. Later, Marshall mentions that they requested the Hydrosek be moved to a low-security facility off-site. Elena and Glasses break into the facility and steal the chemical; Nadia and Weiss arrive minutes later to find Glasses dead at the scene.


[Syd is posing as a waitress.]
Guard: You didn't take their order.
Sydney: I know what they want.
Guard: Do you know what I want?
Sydney: Why do men always want what they can't have?

Nadia: Sophia, you have to stay. I want you to be with me as long as you can. Stop being so stubborn.
Elena (smiling): Didn't I use to say that to you?

Vaughn: This is where your dad lives, huh.
Sydney: What did you expect?
Vaughn: I don't know, a bunker or something? You've really never been here?
Sydney: No.
Vaughn: That's very strange.
Sydney: As opposed to everything else about my relationship with my father.

"Not much for clutter, is he." Vaughn, about Jack

Nadia: Marshall.
Marshall: Hey, did you hear the news? I get to run an initial analysis on the Hydrosek this afternoon - I love level four biohazard toxins.

"Science is full of happy accidents." the doctor, with a somewhat disturbing insight

Doctor: Jack, as one friend to another, these drugs are nasty. If they don't cure you--
Jack: --I'll turn out like one of your rats. I'll be in touch.

Nadia: Are you free for dinner tomorrow?
Weiss: Dinner? Food? [he laughs] You kidding me? Yes.

Marshall: Sydney, there is no treatment. I mean, I have been all over medical journals, harassing researchers that I know - some that, you know, I don't know . . . If there was a treatment, I would've found it by now.

"Maybe he checked in using an alias." Dixon, getting the chance to say the show's name

Nurse: How are you feeling today, Mr. Bristow?
Jack: Hopeful.

Sydney (on the phone): Marshall, remind me to kiss you.
Marshall (flustered at the thought): Uh . . . okay . . .
Weiss: What? What'd she say?
Marshall: Uh . . . nothing.

Doctor: Have you thought about talking to Sydney?
Jack: I do keep too many secrets. When this is behind me, that is going to change. Sydney deserves more. She deserves to know that she's the most important thing in my life . . . She and Laura, of course.

Jack: Tell my girls I love them. Sydney and Laura.
Doctor: You're gonna pull through this, Jack. I'll see you on the other side.

Marshall: Wow. Mr. Bristow hallucinated the one man who could actually save his life. Even his delusions are lucid.

Vaughn: A man like Liddell can't just disappear.
Sydney: Yes, he could - if he was hidden by my father.

Elena: You have no idea how excited I am to meet you. Nadia says that most beautiful things about you?
Weiss (turns to Nadia, intrigued): Really.
Nadia: She asked me if you were tall, dark and handsome. I told her you were tall.
[Weiss laughs, and they kiss.]

Weiss: What are these, the em-piranhas? These are incre- they're so good.
Elena: Empanatas.
Weiss: Whatever. They're delicious.

Sydney: I don't know how I'm gonna do this.
Vaughn: You know, it's not too late. We can always have Weiss dress up as Irina. I'm sure he'd make a great housewife.

Vaughn: Syd, it's just another job. It's another alias like all the others. Just trust your training. Follow your dad's cues, follow his lead . . . Besides, I've got snipers everywhere if he starts to get inappropriate.
[At that, Syd makes the face a woman makes whenever she gets a particularly insensitive/crude comment from the man in her life.]

"Your mother used to call your father Sweetheart." Sloane, giving Sydney details for the deception

Sydney (posing as Laura): Arvin called. He and Emily want to have dinner next Saturday. I told him we'd love to.
Jack (after a long pause): You could have just said we're busy. I know how you put up with Arvin for my sake.

Jack: How do you do that?
Sydney as Laura: Do what?
Jack: How can you be so perfect? Loving mother. Beautiful wife. Just . . . just by standing there.

[The APO team is watching Sydney pose as Laura.]
Nadia: He told her. She knew he was a spy.
Sloane: It would seem so.

Jack: What concerns me: I won't be back until next week. I'll miss Sydney's birthday again.
Sydney as Laura: That's okay. You'll explain it to her. She'll understand.
Jack: She's a child. She shouldn't need to understand her father isn't home to celebrate her birthday. Laura, the only memories I have of my father are of him leaving . . . I don't want it to be that way for her. She deserves better.
Sydney as Laura: The work you do is important.
Jack: Not as important as her - or you. When I get back from Europe, I'm going to talk to my supervisors.
Sydney as Laura: What about?
Jack: I'm giving notice. . . . Sorry. I should've discussed this with you before I made a decision--
Sydney as Laura: No. That means more to me than you'll ever know.

Dr. Liddell: Hello, Jack.
Jack: Am I cured?
Dr. Liddell: Not yet. But I'm going to make you better.


* I loved the glimpse of how Jack was before he learned of his wife's betrayal; the love he had for her makes me want to cry - it's so sweet!

* Sadly, the life they recreated for Jack was only a mirage when it happened the first time, too.

* We knew that Glasses was dead when Elena mentioned that the CIA could identify him.

* Not only did the actor who plays Dr. Liddell play the scheming neighbor in the Brady Bunch movie, he is probably best known as Lenny from Laverne and Shirley or David St. Hubbins from Spinal Tap. (Thanks to Lisa for this information: I can't believe I didn't recognize him as Lenny!)

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