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Alias Series Summary - Season Four

At the start of the season, Sydney officially quit the CIA. However, she then became part of the new black ops division, APO or Authorized Personnel Only. She found Jack, Dixon, and Vaughn there as well, but she was stunned to learn that Sloane would be in charge. CIA Director Chase explained that Sloane's contacts would be helpful, and the other team members - who know him well - would be watching in case he strays. Not much later, Marshall and Weiss join the team.

The relationship between Jack and Syd remains strained after Syd's discovery of the papers in the bank vault (at the end of season three). Syd confides in Vaughn that the papers were an official request from Jack to execute Irina Derevko. The request was approved, and Jack killed Irina.

As part of APO's first mission, Sloane asks Sydney to go talk to Nadia, who is familiar with their target. After Sloane and Nadia retrieved the Sphere of Life (which they started to look for at the end of season three), Sloane turned the artifact over to the government, and Nadia quit the spy world and returned to Argentina. Nadia aids the team in stopping a criminal named Tomazaki, and she agrees to come work for APO.

Tomazaki reveals to Sydney that he was paid to assassinate her, but his client was killed the day before the hit was to take place. Sydney coerces Tomazaki into confessing who hired him; he declares that it was Irina Derevko. Sydney is devastated to learn what her mother tried to do. Jack killed Irina to save Syd, but he doesn't know why Irina wanted her daughter dead.

Soon after moving in with Sydney, Nadia questions her about their mother. Syd takes Nadia to Moscow, where Syd had Irina's body interred. Protecting Jack, Syd says that she doesn't know who killed Irina. Heartbroken, Nadia vows to find and kill the one responsible.

Not much later, Syd reveals to Jack that she plans to tell Nadia the truth out of respect. Before she can, Jack lies to Nadia that the target of their current mission was responsible. As that man is about to kill Sydney, Nadia shoots him dead, saying to Syd that he killed their mother. Syd confronts Jack, who says that he was trying to give Nadia closure.

During another mission, Vaughn achieves closure of his own when he confesses the guilt he has been feeling since he killed Lauren. Sydney and Vaughn continue to rebuild their broken relationship. While undercover as a married couple to infiltrate a terrorist group, Vaughn reveals that he was going to ask her to marry him during the trip they had planned to take to Santa Barbara (before she disappeared at the hands of the Covenant).

Anna Espinoza returns to the world of crime, working with a certain group of criminals. APO seeks assistance from Sark, who has ties to the same group. Sark wants something in return, and his terms are met as Vaughn takes him to where Lauren's body is stored. Sark appears grief-stricken, and he insists that Lauren loved him. He abides by the agreement and helps the team catch Anna - right before he escapes.

Syd and Dixon remain very suspicious of Sloane's agenda. Nadia catches Syd snooping in Sloane's office, but Syd insists that she wants to believe that Sloane is innocent for Nadia's sake.

Vaughn finds clues that reveal his father is still alive. During his search for the truth he finds Sophia Vargas, the woman who raised Nadia at the orphanage. He is then contacted by a man named Roberts who offers more information. In return, he wants Vaughn to help steal a certain artifact. Desperate, Vaughn agrees, but he soon realizes that he has been lied to. He confronts Roberts who admits that all of the clues were fake. Roberts says that Sloane hired him.

Following a lead from Katya Derevko, Sydney learns that Irina was framed. Someone else hired the assassin, and the payment was made from an account belonging to "A. Sloane." Syd and Vaughn tell Jack about Sloane's deception. Jack confronts Sloane, but Sloane says that he has been set up.

The team brings in Roberts, who confirms that Sloane is not the man who hired him, although the two are very similar. Further investigation reveals a "Sloane Clone" who thinks like Sloane and has the same obsession with Rambaldi. The team soon discovers that the fake Sloane has built a large version of Rambaldi's Mueller Device (aka The Circumference).

Sophia Vargas arrives in town with two black eyes; she confides to Sloane that men attacked her, wanting to know where Nadia is. Jack and Sloane decide to tell their daughters the truth: they have discovered that the long-missing Elena Derevko has been tracking Sydney and Nadia for the past ten years. Elsewhere, Sophia listens to the conversation via a necklace that she gave Nadia. A henchman addresses Sophia as "Elena."

After correctly deducing Sloane Clone's plan, APO is able to catch him. He continues to claim that he is Sloane, and he recognizes most of the team, even remembering missions with Jack. Investigation confirms Sloane's hunch that the double is the product of an experimental SD-6 program for brainwashing and transferring memories. To shock the double back to reality, Sloane relives the painful memory of the death of his and Emily's newborn baby Jacquelyn. When exposed to that memory, the impostor reveals that he is a prisoner of war named Ned Bolger. Later, Sloane confesses to Jack that his Rambaldi obsession began after Jacquelyn's death as Sloane tried to fill the hole in his heart.

Elena Derevko, still using the alias of Sophia, ends her stay with Sydney and Nadia right before agents come to investigate suspicious activities originating from Nadia's laptop computer. The transmitter in Nadia's necklace is found and the team surmises that Sophia is Elena, who has been using them to acquire Rambaldi artifacts toward her goal of fulfilling Rambaldi's final prophecy.

With the renewed interest in Rambaldi, Nadia fears that Sloane's obsession will consume him again, like it almost did when they searched for the Sphere of Life. Despite Sloane's assurance that he gave all of that up for his daughter, her fears seem to be confirmed when Sloane tracks Elena down and offers his assistance.

Hunting for Sloane and Elena, Dixon finds someone else: Irina Derevko. He is proven correct when it becomes apparent that Jack shot a genetic double of Irina; Elena wanted everyone to believe her sister was dead. Jack, Sydney and Nadia find and free Irina. Irina explains that she had found the manuscript with instructions for assembling Rambaldi's final plan. She destroyed the manuscript but Elena tortured her until she revealed what she had read.

Soon, Elena puts her plan into action and she activates a large version of the Mueller Device over a Russian city. The city's residents, who drank water that was prepared with a chemical by Sloane during his previous Rambaldi quest, become extremely violent and the city is torn apart by the crazed mob.

Irina, Jack, Vaughn, Nadia, and Sydney travel to stop Elena and Sloane. As they prepare to parachute into the city, Vaughn asks Sydney to marry him.

On the ground, the group discovers that all but one of their backup team from the Department of Special Research has been killed by those under the influence of the device. The remaining agent provides a few details, but he is also killed as he tries to take them to the device. As they continue with their plan, Irina privately urges Vaughn to tell Sydney the truth.

Sloane accompanies Elena's henchmen to find the APO team, but Sloane shoots the men instead.

En route to the device, Nadia is separated from the others by a mob of crazed residents. She escapes from them only to be captured by one of Elena's men. When Nadia refuses to join her side, Elena injects her with the contaminated water.

Sloane joins the others with orders on how to stop Elena, but they don't trust him. They continue with their own plan, but Sloane assists them in gaining access to Elena. Sydney goes to the roof to disarm the device, but Nadia, in a trancelike state under the effects of the device, is guarding it. They fight. Ultimately Sloane saves Sydney by shooting Nadia. Irina talks Sydney through shutting down the device. The team makes it to Elena's secure chamber seconds before the water from the device destroys the building.

Waiting for pickup, Jack lets Irina go, despite her previous agreement to return to CIA custody after the mission.

Back in LA, Syd visits Sloane in a jail cell. She reports that Nadia is stable but sedated while the doctors look for an antidote. Believing that Sloane truly was trying to help, Syd arranges for him to see his daughter.

Later, driving in Santa Barbara, Syd suggests to Vaughn that they elope. After they profess their love, Vaughn starts to make a confession. He says that his name is not Michael Vaughn, but before he can explain, a car collides with theirs.

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