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Alias Series Summary - Season Two

Yes, it was Sydney's mom; formerly known as Laura Bristow, she now uses her real name, Irina Derevko. She asked who Syd was working for; Syd wouldn't tell her, so Irina shot her in the shoulder. She then conveniently left the room, giving Sydney time to escape.

At the end of the season two premiere, Irina turned herself in to the CIA. Jack was suspicious of her motives from the start; the others at the CIA were more open-minded, especially after Irina provided information that helped on several cases. Jack was also concerned that Syd's desire to have a mother again would blind her to Irina's true nature.

To protect Will from SD-6, he was injected with heroin and arrested in a drug bust orchestrated by Jack. Outside the police station, Will made a public statement that he's had a drug problem for years and that most of the articles he's written were lies. The plan worked: Will was discredited, and SD-6 was dismissed by everyone as something Will made up. This satisfied Sloane, who agreed that Will's death at that point would arouse further suspicion.

Since most everyone - including Francie - believed that Will was a drug addict, he lost his job. Will met Vaughn when the CIA requested him to undergo hypnotherapy for clues about Sark. Will later asked Vaughn if he could help him find a job; Vaughn hired Will to do research. Later, the CIA accepted Will as an analyst.

One of the projects that Will investigated was called Project Christmas - it was a program in which children were tested to see if they had the skills to make a successful spy. Under hypnosis, Sydney recalled that her father had tested Project Christmas on her. She accused him of programming her to be a spy; he later insisted that he did it only to make her strong and that he never intended for her to lead a double life.

Vaughn became critically ill due to his time spent underwater (at the end of the season one finale). Following Irina's direction, Sydney went on a mission to obtain a cure. She was cornered by Sark who agreed to let her live - and keep the antidote Vaughn needed - if she would deliver Sloane to him. Sydney agreed. In disguise, she was able to render Sloane unconscious; Sark took Sloane away and the cure worked to make Vaughn well. Not much later at SD-6, Sydney was very surprised to find Sloane alive and well - and with Sark! Apparently, Sark had presented Sloane with a proposition and they agreed to a partnership.

Sydney and Vaughn acknowledged that they had feelings for each other, although things were complicated since they worked together. Further complicating things was Vaughn's on-again, off-again situation with his girlfriend, Alice.

Sloane was made a full partner in the Alliance.

However, soon he began to receive mysterious signs that Emily was still alive. A mysterious caller tried to blackmail him by telling the Alliance that he had failed them. Sloane went to the Alliance himself, claiming that only they knew of their orders for him to murder his wife. Therefore, what was happening must be an inside job. An investigator was sent in to find out who was behind the situation with Emily, although it finally appeared that the investigator was the guilty one. Sloane then slipped away to a tropical island, where he met with a very-much alive Emily and announced that their plan worked.

In the middle of season two, Sydney learned of a mysterious server - server 47 - where the most confidential SD-6 data was stored. She went on a search for it, knowing that finding that data could be the key to bringing down SD-6. She was able to locate the server and retrieve the data, but the CIA was reluctant to act on it without some proof that the data was valid. Meanwhile, Sloane was missing, and his replacement was very suspicious of Sydney and Jack. Jack went to SD-6 to verify the accuracy of the data from server 47, but he was caught.

With no other choice, Sydney asked Dixon to meet her, and she told him the truth about SD-6. At first he was dubious, but she pleaded with him to check it out. He could verify the accuracy of the server 47 data for them, and that would also give him proof that what Sydney said about SD-6 is true. After much thought, he did as requested, and the CIA began simultaneous raids on all of the Alliance's facilities, including SD-6. Sydney was able to rescue Jack. Spying Vaughn across the room in Credit Dauphine - now under the control of the CIA - Sydney runs to him and they kiss passionately.

Elsewhere, Sark made a phone call to Sloane, declaring that their plan worked and that the Alliance was no more. A pleased Sloane asked about Phase Two and whether their new asset was in place. Sark then made another call to the new player, who looks exactly like Francie! As they talk, we see the real Francie: dead.

On a CIA mission, Sydney learns of a new development: a process that allows a person to be genetically doubled. She finds data that reveals two people have been doubled: a CIA Agent named Jim Lennox and an unknown second person.

The fake Francie plants listening devices and hidden cameras around Sydney's apartment. She also begins a relationship with Will, and she secretly obtains information about the CIA from him, using hypnosis.

Vaughn ends things with Alice. With SD-6 gone, he and Sydney begin an open relationship that frequently includes him staying over at her place. In a meaningful gesture, she offers to let him have a drawer in her bureau.

As Sydney considers quitting the CIA, Sloane phones her, offering his congratulations about her graduation from college. He tells her that he knew she and Jack were double agents, and he used them to free himself from the Alliance. Sydney realizes that her work is not done and she decides not to resign. She and the rest of the CIA search for answers when they learn that Sloane is still planning something that involves Rambaldi's work.

Dixon and Marshall are offered jobs at the CIA. Marshall joins and immediately thrives in his new position. Dixon is initially reluctant to accept because he's angry at Sydney for having lied to him. He soon overcomes his issues and comes aboard when he's needed.

With the objective of finding Sloane, Irina is allowed to leave her cell and accompany Jack on a mission. Irina met with Sark as planned, and he agreed to take her to Sloane. However, they were able to escape from the CIA. When it was discovered that Irina had taken one of the Rambaldi artifacts, Jack knew that Sloane and Irina had planned the whole thing.

In Tuscany, Emily discovered that Sloane was still not being honest with her because he was still up to something. Unwilling to live a life of deception anymore, Emily turned herself in to the local consulate, saying that she would only talk to Sydney. To say the least, Sydney was surprised to learn that Emily was alive; Sydney has given a speech at Emily's funeral, calling her the mother she wished she had. Emily agreed to reveal the location where Irina and Sloane would be, on the condition that Sloane not be harmed. Later, as the CIA surrounded their villa, Sloane was prepared to give up his quest and sell all of his assets to Irina for Emily's sake. Overcome by guilt, Emily told him that the CIA was outside. He said that it didn't matter, and she agreed to flee with him. However, as they ran from the CIA, Emily was killed when Dixon misfired. Sloane is heartbroken, but Irina manages to pull him away and they escape with Sark.

Sloane takes revenge on Dixon by murdering Dixon's wife, Diane. Vaughn becomes concerned after Dixon grows over-zealous in his efforts to find Sloane. Meanwhile, Sloane takes a trek to the Himalayas to confront the monk who sent him on the Rambaldi quest thirty years earlier; the monk tells him the journey has just begun as he allows Sloane to read what's written on a scroll.

When the CIA discovers a breach in their security system, the search for the culprit leads to Will when the fake Francie frames him as the second double.

Irina visits Syd, explaining that her plan was to deceive the CIA but she never lied about her feelings for Sydney - or for Jack. Irina provides information that proves Will isn't the double, but when the CIA follows another lead provided by Irina, they wind up raiding a warehouse full of fakes. Later, she swears that she didn't know that the Rambaldi artifacts had been moved.

In an ambush, Sloane captures Jack, as well as the artifact he was missing. He keeps Jack alive "because they're friends." He tells Jack that assembly of a Rambaldi device called The Telling is almost complete, and he speaks about a coming change.

The CIA learns where Sloane is and moves in. Sloane escapes, but Jack is rescued. Sydney finds Irina. Irina says that the Rambaldi prophecy refers to Sydney and that she is the one who can stop Sloane. Wishing Sydney luck, Irina escapes.

Meanwhile at Sydney's apartment, Will discovers that Francie is a fake. They fight briefly until she stabs him. Sydney later returns home, where Francie is sitting on the couch. Checking her messages, Sydney finds one that Will had left, telling her about Francie. The fake realizes that she's been discovered, and she and Sydney fight. Sydney finally reaches a gun and shoots Francie before passing out from exhaustion.

When she wakes up, she's in an alley in Hong Kong. She calls Kendall who directs her to one of their safehouses before asking her if she remembers where it is. At the safehouse, Sydney notices a scar on her abdomen. Vaughn arrives: he looks shocked to see her. She asks about Will and Francie, and Vaughn tells her that Will lived and that he's okay. Vaughn pauses, searching for what to say next. Sydney asks why he's wearing a ring. He tells her that they thought she was dead: she's been missing for over two years.

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