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Alias Series Summary - Season Five

Picking up where season four ended, a car crash interrupts Vaughn's confession. Regaining consciousness, Syd flees from phony paramedics and watches as the unconscious Vaughn is taken away in a helicopter.

Back in LA, a man named Gordon Dean, from the Office of Special Investigations, arrives with questions about Vaughn. Jack explains to Sydney that Vaughn is under investigation as a double agent. When Vaughn escapes and contacts Sydney, she and the others at APO work to keep Vaughn's reappearance hidden from Dean.

Syd goes to meet Vaughn, and he continues his confession. Seven years ago, he was approached by a woman who said that their fathers were involved in a top-secret project called Prophet Five. Whatever it was, people were determined to cover it up, and Vaughn's father, a mathematician, changed both of their identities to hide from it.

In the midst of all this adventure, Syd receives a call from her doctor: her test results show that she is pregnant.

Vaughn and Syd track down Lehman, who worked with Vaughn's father. Lehman explains that as part of Prophet Five, they translated one page of a 500-year old text. Not much later, Vaughn Sr. and Lehman went into hiding after the other members of the team were systematically killed. Lehman has learned where the old text is. Vaughn and Syd steal the book. Vaughn meets to give Lehman the text, but Gordon Dean arrives at the exchange. Dean's men shoot Lehman and Vaughn repeatedly before they leave with the text.

Back in LA, Vaughn undergoes surgery, but he sustained much internal damage. As Syd sits at his side, he flat-lines.

Four months after Vaughn's funeral service, Syd finds Renee Rienne, the woman Vaughn told her about. Renee is a criminal wanted by the CIA, but she and Syd decide to share information as they investigate Prophet Five.

As Weiss leaves to accept a new position in Washington, D.C., an agent named Thomas Grace joins APO.

Still in prison for working with Elena Derevko, Sloane is approached by a man who says that his employers can arrange for Sloane's release. Knowing that these people will ask something of him in return, Sloane agrees because he is afraid he won't be able to find a cure for Nadia unless he's free. Sloane soon learns that Gordon Dean was one of the people who helped him obtain the pardon. Dean wants Sloane back at APO, although Sloane insists that he won't hurt anyone there. Dean growls that Sloane will do what he tells him to.

After "persuading" the Senator who was blocking his clearance, Sloane returns to APO. Dixon privately expresses his concern to Jack about Sloane's intentions; Jack believes that Sloane's single purpose is to save Nadia, although having him at APO will also allow them to monitor his activities.

The APO team catches Rachel Gibson, one of Gordon Dean's people, but they're stunned to learn that she believes that she and Dean are working for the CIA. When it becomes clear that she's been lied to, Rachel agrees to help them stop Dean. She ventures back into Dean's office to get information off of the computer, but Dean and his accomplice, Kelly Peyton become suspicious. Rachel narrowly escapes being blown up.

Rachel, a computer expert without field training, goes on her first mission with the others coaching her on comms. She faces off with Kelly Peyton, her former best friend, but Peyton escapes.

Upon learning that Nadia is incurable, Sloane confesses to Jack that he's been working with Dean. Using this information, the team sets a trap, which works to catch Dean. While he is in custody, Syd learns that Nadia is awake. She rushes to join Sloane at the hospital, but Nadia's cure proves temporary, and she has to be returned to a medically-induced coma.

Soon, a man named Joseph approaches Sloane. He has the cure for Nadia, and he wants Sloane to kill Dean. Sloane does, making it look like Dean committed suicide. However, Joseph withholds the cure, saying that Sloane's services are needed for a while longer.

During another mission, Rachel accomplishes her first task and enjoys a drink in the hotel's bar. She strikes up a conversation with an American named Bob Brown, unaware that he is actually Julian Sark. They hit it off and soon wind up in Sark's room. The next morning, Rachel hurries out to complete her mission. Back at APO, she is stunned to learn who he really is, and that his mission was the same as hers. When Jack is captured by a terrorist, Sydney finds Sark and hires him to help APO find Jack. They do, and, with a glance at Rachel, Sark declines payment.

Kelly Peyton breaks into a CIA storage facility and steals files relating to Vaughn. In the files, Peyton hears Vaughn report that he gave Sydney details about the scope of the SD-6 operations.

Not much later, as a very pregnant Sydney visits Renee Rienne, they are attacked by men from Prophet Five. As Renee fights, Sydney is abducted.

Syd is sent into forced hypnosis. As she relives the good times with Vaughn, she realizes that the Prophet Five people are questioning her. Syd convinces her captors that she will cooperate, although the information that she gives them is actually false. Watching the interrogation, Irina Derevko tells Peyton that she will go after The Horizon.

Soon Syd escapes from her bonds, but she discovers that she's on a freighter, making its way across the ocean. She avoids her captors long enough to radio for help. At APO, as Marshall and Jack listen to Syd's transmission, the message is suddenly deleted. Jack realizes that Prophet Five must have someone inside the CIA who deleted the message. The APO team agrees to go to Langley and retrieve the message from the backup archive. Doing so reveals that whoever deleted the message was one of the seven men with the highest level of clearance. Jack finds and confronts the man and obtains the location of the ship carrying Syd.

Meanwhile on the ship, Syd passes out from the pain she's been feeling. She wakes strapped to a gurney, and she is quickly taken in for surgery. When Dixon and Agent Grace lead a team to board the freighter, they find it deserted except for Syd. Later, Jack visits Syd in the hospital and explains that whatever the doctor on the ship did to her, it saved the baby's life.

Syd is surprised when her mother, Irina Derevko, pays her a visit. Secretly looking for information, Irina says she fears for Syd's safety because Prophet Five is convinced that Sydney knows where "The Horizon" is. Irina joins Jack and Sydney on a mission to retrieve a mysterious package from a certain bank. Irina tries to take the package - The Horizon - but Jack fights back. After realizing that Irina was behind her interrogation on the freighter, Syd suddenly goes into labor. Irina starts to leave with The Horizon, but she returns to help. After Syd delivers a baby girl, Irina escapes with The Horizon.

In a cabin in Bhutan, a monk receives word from a rider on horseback, and the monk tells Michael Vaughn that he has a daughter.

A month later, Sloane meets with the twelve leaders of Prophet Five, who offer him the permanent cure for Nadia if he will convince Syd to go on a certain mission. He wants assurance that Syd will not be harmed. Meanwhile, Prophet Five procures the release of Anna Espinosa from prison. She takes Will Tippin hostage and demands Rambaldi's Page 47.

To help save Will, Syd returns to work from her maternity leave, unaware that Prophet Five is collecting information about her while she tracks Anna. Prophet Five uses the data to genetically transform Anna into a look-alike of Sydney.

Catching up, Syd apologizes to Will for all the trouble she's caused him, but he says that he wouldn't trade knowing her for anything. Will also reveals that he plans to propose to a girl that he's met.

Prophet Five finally gives Sloane the cure for Nadia, and it works. Nadia wakes up, this time with no relapse. Suspicious, Jack and Dixon secretly investigate Sloane, but their findings support Sloane's claim that the cure came from research that he funded.

Kelly Peyton tasks a man to find the message hidden in Page 47, but close scrutiny reveals the page to be a fake.

Nadia visits Sloane as a first step toward rebuilding their relationship, but she discovers that Sloane has the real Page 47. Devastated that Sloane's Rambaldi obsession has returned, Nadia tosses the page into the fire. Sloane rushes to retrieve it, and when Nadia tries to stop him, he shoves her aside. She falls through a tabletop, and her neck is pierced by a large shard of glass. Sloane kneels by her side as she dies. Later, Sloane declares that he is ready to complete the final leg of his life's journey, and he joins forces with Prophet Five.

At a Prophet Five hideout, Sloane receives ghostly visits from Nadia, but he denies feeling guilty about her death. He vows that nothing will stop him from fulfilling Rambaldi's ultimate vision, yet he delays in revealing the hidden message from Page 47. "Nadia" accuses him of having a plan.

Renee Rienne joins Syd and the APO team as they set a trap for Anna. While the others chase a decoy, Anna (who now looks exactly like Sydney) finds Renee. Without a word, Anna slashes Renee's throat and leaves her to die.

An autopsy of Renee's body reveals a hidden chip. Since Vaughn's real name is etched on the chip, Sydney travels to take the chip to him. Prophet Five learns about the chip, and Anna goes to intercept it. She steals the chip from Sydney after an ambush and takes her place to meet Vaughn. Vaughn greets "Sydney" with a kiss. They succeed in reading the chip, which contains blueprints of an underground bunker in Germany. The real Syd arrives at the cabin just in time to see Vaughn and Anna leave in a helicopter.

Jack reveals to the rest of APO that he and Sydney faked Vaughn's death so that he would be safe while he recovered.

APO tracks Vaughn and Anna, who find the hidden bunker. Inside is Vaughn's father's research. Anna turns on Vaughn, but he fights back. He knew she was a fake. Fighting dirty, Anna gets the upper hand, but Sydney arrives and saves Vaughn by shooting Anna dead. When Anna's phone rings, Syd decides to take her place and infiltrate Prophet Five.

Posing as Anna, Syd and Peyton meet with Sloane, and he reveals the page 47 message: "the circle will be complete when the Chosen One finds The Rose in San Chielo." Syd secretly calls Jack to report that she is going to Italy. Prophet Five sends Syd to meet Sark. After faking a robbery, Sark and Sydney are taken to La Fossa Prison, the current use for the former San Chielo monastery. Syd finds The Rose, which is an old man. He gives her an amulet and declares ominously that it's only a matter of time before "the light ends." Returning to her cell, Syd finds Sloane. He takes the amulet and tries to kill her, thinking that Anna killed Sydney. When she fights back, he realizes that Sydney is the one before him. He escapes, and APO rescues Syd from the prison.

Peyton joins Sloane and Sark as they work to make themselves less expendable. They abduct Marshall and Rachel, who refuse to help, despite torture. Sloane contacts Sydney, urging her to tell his prisoners to cooperate. APO is able to find Marshall and Rachel, but Sloane and the others are gone, having located their target: a cavern inside Mt. Subasio.

Syd and Vaughn head to Italy. In the cavern, Syd confronts Sloane. The sunlight through the amulet reveals a pattern on the wall, and Sloane almost kills Syd to keep her from seeing it. Sloane escapes.

As part of Sloane's plan, Peyton meets with the twelve leaders of Prophet Five and kills them all.

After finding schematics of the subway system around APO, the team realizes that Sloane is planning an attack. As the others get the civilians to safety, Agent Grace finds the bomb. He buys the others some time, but it costs him his life.

A flashback reveals how, as a young girl, Syd assembled an indicator puzzle, and Jack realized that she possessed the extraordinary skills needed to be a successful agent.

After learning that Sloane has acquired two missiles, APO works to track him through the money for the payoff. They don't find Sloane, but they catch Peyton, who confesses where Sloane is.

In Mongolia, Sloane enters a building marked with the Rambaldi symbol. He takes the Sphere of Life to a chamber deep within the earth and begins a ritual. Syd sneaks into the chamber and threatens to destroy the sphere, but Sark appears with Jack and Vaughn. When Syd hesitates in returning the object, Sloane shoots Jack. Syd drops the sphere and rushes to Jack's side. Furious, Syd turns and shoots Sloane repeatedly, and he falls dead into a pool of red liquid generated by the sphere.

Sark escapes as Vaughn and Syd help Jack out of the chamber. Vaughn radios Dixon, who breaks the news that Irina is working with Sloane. Jack encourages Syd to go stop Irina. Very reluctant to leave the severely-wounded Jack, Syd goes.

Elsewhere, Sark gives Irina the sphere. She tells him to prepare to launch the missiles at Washington, D.C. and London. With Sark gone, Syd confronts Irina. Syd knows that the sphere is The Horizon, the reason Irina repeatedly betrayed her. Irina declares that Rambaldi held the secrets of eternal life.

In Mongolia, Sloane's wounds are healed and he returns to life. As he's about to exit the chamber, Jack appears. Sloane boasts that Jack can't hurt him anymore. Jack agrees but observes that he can keep Sloane there. Jack detonates the explosives he's holding and causes a cave-in. Sloane soon wakes up, trapped immobile under a large piece of stone. He sees Nadia, who echoes his words - he has "all the time in the world" - before leaving him alone in his prison.

Meanwhile, as Vaughn persuades Sark to provide the codes that will stop the missile launch, Sydney and Irina fight. Syd kicks Irina, who lands on a large skylight. Knowing that the glass won't hold her, Syd urges Irina to come take her hand. The glass starts to break; Irina greedily continues to reach for The Horizon. As she grabs the sphere, the glass gives way, and she falls to her death.

Years later, Isabelle runs to greet "Uncle Dixon," who is visiting Vaughn and Sydney in their secluded home on the beach. Syd introduces Dixon to the new baby, a boy named Jack. Dixon asks for help on a mission. In her room, Isabel finds the indicator puzzle from Syd's childhood and assembles it. She knocks it down and goes to join the others for a walk on the beach.

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