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Using the info that Vaughn's father collected, the APO team scatters across the globe to discover the identity of the Prophet Five leaders. Meanwhile, Sloane and Sark encourage Peyton to join them as they make themselves less expendable. They abduct Marshall and Rachel; Sloane wants them to use a Government satellite to locate a certain underground cavern. Despite torture, Marshall and Rachel refuse to help. Sloane contacts Sydney, urging her to tell his prisoners to cooperate. Marshall's wife, Carrie, having learned of his true occupation, offers APO her technical expertise. Marshall sends Carrie a hint through Syd, and Carrie is able to track down his location. When the cavern is found, Sloane orders his prisoners to be killed, but Rachel frees herself and saves Marshall moments before Syd arrives with the others. Sark, Sloane, and Peyton are gone, but Syd realizes that the cavern is inside Mt. Subasio. Syd and Vaughn head to Italy in search of Sloane. In the cavern, Syd finds Sloane, who says that he had to eliminate the obstacles posed by Prophet Five and APO. Elsewhere, Peyton meets with the twelve Prophet Five leaders and kills them all. After finding that Sloane had schematics of the subway system around APO, the team realizes that he is planning to attack. As the others get the civilians out of the subway to safety, Tom finds the bomb. He radios that he can't diffuse it, but he'll buy them some time by repeatedly freezing the timer. After a few minutes, Tom calls Jack and learns that the civilians are all out of harm's way. Jack tells Tom to get out of the tunnels. Tom asks to speak to Rachel, who realizes that he doesn't have time to escape. The bomb explodes, destroying the APO facility. Inside Mt. Subasio, the rising sunlight seeps into the cavern. The light filters through the amulet that Sloane is holding to create a pattern on the wall. To keep Sydney from seeing the message, Sloane shoots the ice under her and she falls through.


Sydney: I've lived with secrets all my life - and I'm done.

"I got a nasty skin condition. Trust me, you do not want to see me without my shirt." Marshall, rambling an explanation for why he's wearing a tee-shirt in a sauna

Tom: Why do I always get the assignments that involve hypothermia?
Jack (on comms): Because you're always late to briefings.

"Would you mind? It's for my granddaughter." Jack, getting a passerby to take a picture of the Capital - and the Prophet Five guy standing in front of it

"Now we know who we're fighting." Syd, posting three pictures of Prophet Five leaders

Jack: Now that we know who the twelve are, we've been able to fill in details - none of which are reassuring.

"Okay, sure. That should just take me a lifetime..." Marshall, after Jack requests a complicated program to track Prophet Five

Sark (to Peyton): You're like me. You have good instincts for self-preservation.

"So, does he come with the package?" Peyton, to Sloane, about Sark

Vaughn: Consider the source: a prisoner in a maximum security prison.
Sydney: He recognized me. He knew who I was.
Vaughn: Weird, yeah. Not really conclusive.

Sydney: What if he's right?
Vaughn: He's not.

Rachel: What's going on?
Tom: Just in the neighborhood. I thought I'd see if you were awake . . . which is ridiculous, because it's not true. I wanted to talk to you.

Marshall: You're tasking me? What, you think you're still my boss?
Sloane: Marshall--
Marshall: Whatever you're doing is bad, okay? I know that. It's, like, end-of-the-world bad.
Sloane: This is not a request.
Marshall (resolved): I will not help you.

"He's a game designer. Why would somebody abduct him?" Carrie, about to learn Marshall's secret

Sark: I've thought a lot about you since the last time we saw each other. I was hoping we'd meet again. Of course, in my mind it was under much different circumstances . . . Rachel, don't make me do this.
Rachel: Oh, is now the part where you tell me this is going to hurt you a lot more than it hurts me?
Sark: I wish that were true.

"You were right about him." Jack, sadly, to Dixon, about Sloane

Jack: In spite of everything he's done, I believed that some part of him was still the friend I once trusted with my daughter . . . Clearly, I was wrong.

[Carrie knows Marshall's pass phrase.]
Sydney: What was it?
Carrie: "Moon glum of Elwer."
Vaughn: That was my next guess . . .

Sloane: Don't be difficult. Think about your son . . . Marshall, you're not cut out for this.
Marshall (glaring at Sloane): You know, I never liked you. I tolerated you because I had to. You know, because you were my superior. And I was afraid of you. I saw how twisted you were . . . But now I see you for who you really are. You are a weak, pathetic man. You know, you're right. I'm not cut out for this. But I am thinking about my son. I want Mitchell to look up to me, to be proud of his dad. Which is why, no matter what you do to me? I'll never help you.

"I got a hangnail right there, on my thumb? You mind working on that one next?" Marshall, letting Sloane know he's serious

Sloane: I'm doing what needs to be done.
Nadia: Does that help you sleep at night?

Sloane: Marshall and Rachel will do what I ask.
Nadia: No. They won't.
Sloane: Why not?
Nadia: Because they have something you don't.
Sloane: What?
Nadia: Love. Family. Honor. Take your pick. That's why you'll never break them.

"If you try anything, be advised. It will end badly." Sloane, greeting Syd

[Marshall and Rachel locate the cavern with the satellite.]
Marshall: What happens now?
Sloane (walking away): Good work. As usual.

Sark: Perhaps we should reconsider our plans for the prisoners.
Peyton: Don't tell me you're getting sentimental. Or do you just have a thing for blondes?
Sark: It simply seems unnecessary, that's all.
Sloane: This isn't open for discussion. Eliminate them.

"What's wrong? Are you having a heart attack? Exposure to electricity?" Marshall, panicking when Rachel starts to twitch

Marshall: What's that, a garrote? You carry a garrote?
Rachel: It's an underwire. Sometimes it pays to be a girl.

"That was the coolest thing I've ever seen! Seriously, that was, like, Empire Strikes Back cool!" Marshall, after Rachel stops the guard from killing him

Marshall (about Sloane): He's such a . . . jerk.
Tom: I can think of some other words.

Marshall: As soon as he gets what he wants, he's all cryptic: "I should have known." What's that about?

"Sydney. You came." Sloane, as if he was expecting her

Sloane: I wondered when you would learn: you can't rescue everyone.

Sloane: I know when you talked to Marshall he gave you a message, but really, it didn't matter anymore, because I had accounted for everyone.
Sydney: What do you mean "everyone"?
Sloane: Prophet Five. APO. I had to remove those obstacles.

Sydney: What have you done?

Sloane: The only person you can rescue . . . is yourself.

Tom (on comms): I wish there were more time. I would've asked you out.
[Rachel realizes what he's saying.]
Rachel: I would've said yes.


* The same leaders have lead Prophet Five for thirty years?

* Dixon's Prophet Five target looked as if she was posing for her picture. (I laugh when I think of it: "strike the pose!" lol)

* Good thing Tom had commitment (or, uh, conversation?) issues, or he probably would've been killed when Rachel was abducted.

* How did Sloane know that the hack would require two techs?

* If Sloane had taken Marshall's family hostage, Marshall would surely have done whatever Sloane asked.

* It's a good thing Peyton or Sark didn't come to kill Marshall or Rachel; I don't think Rachel could have bested them.

* Has it *ever* been mentioned before that Sydney stayed with Sloane and Emily for a while when she was younger?

* Why call the ep Reprisal? From what I could tell, the flashbacks didn't start until the second episode.

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