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No Hard Feelings

Episode Summary

After Peyton inadvertently destroys Sydney's tracker, the team scrambles to find her. Vaughn brush-passes her a cell phone at the airport. Dixon arrives in Hamburg to assist Vaughn in collecting the information that Vaughn's father gathered about Prophet Five. In Zurich, Sloane reveals the translation of page 47: "the circle will be complete when the Chosen One finds The Rose in San Chielo." Peyton and Sydney arrive, and, still posing as Anna, Syd tells Sloane that Sydney Bristow is dead. Meanwhile at APO, Marshall tells Rachel that Tom sent a message to Allen Korman, the man who killed Tom's wife. Marshall plans to report Tom to Jack, but Rachel asks for time to find out why Tom lied about Korman. After watching him meet with Korman, Rachel confronts Tom, who says that he's been trying for four years to find out why his wife was really killed. Rachel helps Tom retrieve Korman's car from a CIA lockup. Syd secretly calls Jack to report that she is going to Italy, and Jack sends Vaughn and Dixon for backup. In Italy, Sark approaches Syd at a betting parlor. He explains that the former San Chielo monastery is now the La Fossa prison. After faking a robbery, Sark and Sydney surrender to the police and are taken to La Fossa. Vaughn and Dixon sneak into the prison and tap into the security camera feeds to find Sydney. Sark fakes an illness and is taken to the infirmary, where he fights off the guards and accesses the security system to open the door to Sydney's cell. Sydney finds the basement, where an old man says that he has been waiting for her for a very long time. He quotes the page 47 prophecy and says that he is The Rose. He gives Sydney an amulet and declares ominously that it's only a matter of time before "the light ends." Peyton gets Sark released from the prison and tells him that Anna won't be joining them. Returning to her cell, Syd finds Sloane waiting for her. He tazers her and takes the amulet. Saying that Sydney deserved better than an anonymous bullet, he starts to strangle her. Marshall remotely activates the alarm, distracting Sloane so that Sydney can push him back. She tells him that she doesn't die that easily, and he seems to realize that she's Sydney, not Anna. The guard arrives and tells Sloane to go. When Syd tries to leave, she and the guard fight. Vaughn appears and saves her from a second guard. Elsewhere, Tom delivers Korman's car and asks why his wife was killed. Korman says that she was in the wrong place at the wrong time: Tom was his actual target. After warning Tom not to come after him, Korman drives away. Tom presses a button, and Korman's car explodes. Later at Syd's apartment, as Vaughn and Syd watch their daughter sleep, the phone rings. Sloane tells Syd that - thanks to her - he has everything he needs.


Marshall: You know, I cried at your funeral.
Vaughn: Um, yeah, uh . . . sorry about that.
Marshall: No, no. Thank you. I need a good cry every now and again.

Peyton: To the great Anna Espinosa.
Sydney: "Great" seems a little strong, doesn't it?

Sydney: It's this body. I have this uncontrollable urge now to act like a Girl Scout all the time.
Peyton: Well, let's get you back to Zurich before you start trying to sell me cookies.

Prophet Five Guy: You finished the translation of page 47?
Sloane: "The circle will be complete when the Chosen One finds The Rose in San Chielo."

Sydney: Sloane's here.
Peyton: Of course. You didn't think we'd dispose of him this soon, did you?

Sloane: I may be mistaken, but I always believed you to be a follower of Rambaldi's works.
Sydney: Only when it suits my checkbook. I'm not someone who'd guide my life by some perverted sense of . . . faith.

Sydney: What does Rambaldi want me to do?
Sloane: Retrieve an artifact from San Chielo. A monastery outside Rome.
Sydney: Monastery? Sounds fun. Do I get to wear a habit?

Sydney: Where are you?
Jack: Right now? In your kitchen, playing with Isabelle.
[Actually, he's just standing in front of the baby.]
Sydney: You are? How is she?
Jack: Happy.
[Isabelle coos.]
Sydney: Dad, did she just--
Jack: --giggle? Yeah. Apparently I'm funny.

"You're shorter than I remember." Dixon, teasing Vaughn

[Vaughn tells Dixon how Jack saved his life by faking his death.]
Vaughn: You know, it's funny. It's the first time I ever felt Jack accepted me.
Dixon: Or else he manufactured a very elaborate scheme to postpone your wedding to his daughter...

"Fortunately, she looks more like her mother." Dixon, giving Vaughn a picture of Isabelle

Sloane: Tell me . . . How did it happen?
Sydney: How did I kill Sydney?
Sloane: Yeah.
Sydney: Why do you care?
Sloane: Well . . . Sydney was a remarkable agent. I imagine it wasn't easy.
Sydney: Sydney wasn't a martyr, or a legend: she was just a person, who deserved nothing more than to be shot in the back. And so she was. The "chosen one." She died just as easy as anyone.

Sloane: I know what you have planned for Anna after this mission is over.
Peyton: You have reservations?
Sloane: Oh, no . . . I want to be the one who kills her.

"You smell nice." Vaughn, greeting Sydney

Vaughn: I saw a picture of Isabelle . . . I don't know how we do this anymore.
Sydney: We do it the way we've always done it. It's the only way to keep her safe. We end this.

"I wouldn't do that if I were you. If you want my advice, I'd take Tokyo Rose in the third. It's a sure bet." Sark, either saying a code phrase or just making conversation

"And yet, Anna, here you are, looking better than ever." Sark, insulting Anna and complimenting Sydney

"That's all for now. I'll let you know if I'm gonna hit him again." Sydney, to the crowd who was watching her hit Sark

Sark: What was that one for?
Sydney: I'll get back to you.

[Rachel watched Tom talk to Korman.]
Rachel: Well, you two seemed to be pretty chummy.
Tom: He works freelance. We did a job once. Deep cover op. He doesn't even know my real name.

Tom: I've got to find out why, Rachel. She was a schoolteacher. She wasn't a part of this life. If somebody wanted to hurt me, why didn't they just come after me?

Rachel: You could've told me, Tom. I would've kept it to myself.
Tom: No. I couldn't have. I spent four years, and this is the closest I've gotten to an answer. I couldn't trust anybody.

Rachel: If I hack into the Federal database, I should be able to find the car.
Tom: I couldn't ask you to do that.
Rachel: You didn't.

Sydney: We're breaking into a prison?
Sark: According to Sloane, Milo Rambaldi - in the days leading up to his execution - was held there. He believes he hid the "rose" in the northwest isolation wing. The text specifies that only the Chosen One can obtain the item in question . . . I guess you'll have to do.

"I suggest you take cover." Sark, to Sydney after he calls to report a bomb

"We surrender. My partner and I have seen the error of our ways." Sark, to the police

[Dixon and Vaughn try to access the security camera lines.]
Jack: Do it quickly. I don't like the idea of Sydney being in a maximum security prison with Sark as her backup.

"You will be very popular in here." A prisoner, ogling Sark

"Lucky for you, I won't be here long. Otherwise, I'd pull out your tongue and choke you with it." Sark, to his flirty roommate

"Help! The beautiful man is dying!" Sark's cellmate, calling the guards

Rachel: Can I help?
Tom: Yeah, just . . . keep an eye out for the guard.
[She watches him start to work on the car.]
Rachel: Is there any particular reason you're connecting the carburetor to the intake tube?
Tom: This is the carburetor?
Rachel: Yeah.
Tom: Maybe, uh, . . . I should keep an eye out for the guard . . .

[Marshall scans the camera feeds looking for Sydney.]
Marshall: Wait a minute, was that- was that the women's showers?
[He watches, but quickly moves on.]
Marshall: No, um, that's men, definitely men.

[Marshall offers some technical advice.]
Vaughn: You know what he's talking about?
Dixon: Fifty percent.

The Rose: "The circle will be complete when the Chosen One finds The Rose.
[He shows Sydney a rose tattoo on his arm.]
The Rose: I am The Rose.

Tom: It was our half-year anniversary. I was going to pick her up at work. Take her out to dinner but . . . contact called. I never made it. I was working five investigations, and maybe I screwed up. Got my stories confused. Maybe somebody from my past . . . revenge . . . I don't know.
Rachel: You'll find out soon enough.

"This is the closest thing I've had to a night out since I joined the CIA." Rachel, after Tom thanks her

[Syd sees a sketch of the Chosen One on a prison wall.]
Sydney: Who did this?
The Rose: You don't need me to tell you . . . He told me you'd be coming. All I had to do was wait.

The Rose: This is yours, for the time being.
Sydney: What is it?
The Rose: His greatest gift. And also, his greatest curse.
Sydney: Meaning . . . ?
The Rose: What you hold in your hand is simply . . . defiance of the natural order. The end of nature itself.

Sydney: I can't stop them if you don't tell me what it is.
The Rose: You don't understand. You can't stop them.
Sydney: You don't know me very well.

The Rose: I used to believe as you do, that there were decisions to be made. But in the end, it's just . . . fate. It's out of our hands, and now it's just a matter of time.
Sydney: A matter of time until what?
The Rose: Until . . . the stars fall from the sky. Until the end of light.

Sydney: Will you be alright?
The Rose: I'm not a part of the battle to come.

Sloane: Sydney deserved better than an anonymous bullet. You didn't even have the courage to face her. At least I look you in the eye.
[He starts to strangle Sydney.]

"I don't die that easy." Sydney, after breaking free from Sloane's grip

[Korman pulls a gun on Tom.]
Tom: Go ahead. Shoot me. But first tell me why she had to die.
Korman: The truth is, she was just in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Korman: You were supposed to be with her. It was a mistake. She died because I thought she was you.

Vaughn (to Isabelle): Gonna be just like your mom, aren't you.
Sydney: Oh, I hope not. I hope she's a . . . doctor, or a teacher, or just anything that does not involve wearing a wig.

Sloane (on the phone): It was you, Sydney. Of course. How could I have ever thought otherwise? I saw it in you the first time we met. You're a survivor, just like me. And now, thanks to you, I have everything I need.


by Anne

Sawyer Brown posed the musical question, "Is this fate or just a bad day?" This episode explored a similar debate. Sloane's faith has been repeatedly questioned. He even seemed to doubt his own beliefs as he wondered if Anna posing as Sydney would be sufficient to fulfill the prophecy. Having wondered the same thing myself a few reviews ago, I'm glad that they included this question.

Tom was also looking for answers. He had to know *why* his wife was killed. I wonder what explanation he could have heard that would have allowed him to accept her death. Whatever he expected, he was told that there was no reason - no vengeance, no conspiracy - she was simply in the wrong place at the wrong time.

This stands in stark contrast to The Rose's assertion that there are no choices. Yet, since Sloane acquired the amulet, The Rose's predictions may have started to come true. So, the fate-versus-choice issue remains unsettled. Then again, if it had been, what would be left for the finale?


* Sydney said she felt like a Girl Scout; Vaughn's code name is Boy Scout.

* Sydney almost blew her cover by being surprised at seeing Sloane. She knew that Sloane had joined Prophet Five: why was she surprised that he was there? My guess is that she was setting up Peyton's revelation that they plan to kill Sloane.

* Why does anyone want to work for Prophet Five? When they're done with someone - or if they know too much - they just kill them.

* It was also odd that Peyton told "Anna" which room to go to for her change of clothes. Anna had been there before.

* Given everything that Rachel's been through, it's surprising that she was so confident that Tom was not a bad guy.

* Dixon was a bit suspicious/non-casual asking for details about how Vaughn's death was faked.

* The scene outside the betting parlor was reminiscent of the old days when Syd and Vaughn couldn't look at each other in public.

* Sark is with Prophet Five? What about Sloane's mysterious plan?

* Sark mentioned Tokyo Rose. Could this mean something?

* I previously wondered if Rambaldi was The Cardinal. Oh, yeah, Rambaldi was executed. Still, death rarely stops characters on this show, so I wouldn't be surprised if he made an appearance.

* Marshall is still calling people by their real names when he talks to them on comms during a mission.

* The riddle-spouting Rose character made me think of Sloane, if Sloane had a "very long time" to ponder over his faith.

* Apparently Rachel doesn't count her time spent with Sark as a "night out."

* Technically, Tom kept his word. Korman did *walk* away after revealing why Tom's wife died.

* The final scene ended abruptly, as if Sloane had something else left to say.

* The ABC recap says that Sloane knew that Sydney wasn't Anna, but that's not the impression that I got.

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