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There's Only One Sydney Bristow

Episode Summary

Four weeks after the events in the previous episode, Sloane is taken to meet with the twelve leaders of Prophet Five. They say that if he will convince Sydney to go on a certain mission, they will give him the permanent cure for Nadia. Sloane wants assurance that Syd will not be harmed. Peyton visits Anna Espinosa in prison and offers her a chance to destroy Sydney. Working with Prophet Five, Anna finds Will Tippin and renders him unconscious. At APO, Sydney views Will's abduction on a tape recorded by his home security system. To help save Will, Syd declares that she is returning to work. Soon, Echelon intercepts a call from Anna, arranging to receive her payment at a club in Moscow. Syd joins the APO team on the mission; they bug the meeting and listen as Anna reveals that Will is on the premises in room 147. Syd hurries to the room and finds Will tied to a chair. Anna is right behind her. She attacks Syd; as they fight, Anna slashes Syd's arm with a knife, and Prophet Five's hidden equipment begins to scan Sydney. Will works free of his bonds and helps fight Anna, who escapes. At Syd's apartment, Will meets Sydney's daughter, Isabelle. Suddenly, Syd's security system detects that Will is a threat. At APO, Marshall learns that a very small bomb has been hidden at the base of Will's skull. Syd receives a call from Anna, demanding page 47 of Rambaldi's manuscript in exchange for Will's life. Since Anna can't be trusted to keep her end of the bargain, Marshall creates a device that can acquire the bomb's deactivation code. The device requires the bomb to be near the detonator, so Will joins Syd on a train in Lisbon for the meeting with Anna. As Marshall's device computes the code, Syd finds Anna. Syd presents the page, but when Anna tries to leave, they fight. Syd "wins," but Anna grabs page 47 and hurries out, sealing Syd in the compartment. A red liquid spews from a sprinkler onto Syd. Anna confirms to Peyton via phone that Syd's DNA is being collected. Will knocks Anna out and hurries to free Syd. Anna joins them; she activates a detonator and tosses it out the open cargo door. Syd grabs Will and they jump from the train into a body of water, where Syd finds the detonator and shuts off the bomb. Later, Peyton gives Sloane the cure for Nadia. Elsewhere, Syd and Will visit a park where she apologizes for all the trouble she's caused for him. Will responds that he wouldn't trade knowing her for anything. Across the world in Moscow, the Prophet Five scientists submerge Anna in a pool of red liquid; when she emerges, she looks exactly like Sydney.


Sloane: Some advance warning would've been preferred.
Joseph: Yes . . . But then, that would spoil all the fun.

Sloane: It's not your timetable that troubles me, Joseph. It's your manners.

Sloane: You're not joining us?
Joseph: The twelve are waiting for you inside.
Sloane: You're not allowed in that room, are you.

Prophet Five Guy: We'd like to thank you for all the work you've done thus far on our behalf.
Sloane: I'm not certain I had much choice.
Old Prophet Five Guy: Not to get into a free will debate right now, Mr. Sloane, but . . . you've always had a choice.

Anna: Get out of my cell.
Peyton: If I'm interrupting your busy schedule of invasive interrogation, I do apologize.

Peyton: My employer will secure your immediate release, in exchange for which you will undertake a long-term deep cover operation.

"I told you to get out of my cell. Which means, if you don't take your skinny little ass back down that hallway right now, you won't exist anymore either." Anna, after Peyton says she doesn't exist, being held in a facility that doesn't exist in Government records

Jack: You do not leave edged weapons within the reach of children.
Sydney: She's four weeks old, Dad.
Jack: Particularly young Bristow women.
Sydney: She can't even hold her head up. I think we're safe.

"As soon as the affairs of the world require your attention, I'll let you know." Jack, telling Syd to enjoy her time off

"In addition to our field officer training, Agent Dalton and I are both fully trained in infant development." Agent Rance, listing qualifications needed to be Syd's babysitter

Rance: With your permission, Ma'am, we'd like to go through the house, baby-proof it from top to bottom. Socket protectors, safety latches, gates on stairs. Spread-spectrum RF protectors, perimeter sensors, explosive sniffers. All the usual stuff.

Sydney: Hopefully she won't even know I've been gone.
Rance: Oh, no. The mother-child bond is impossible to replicate, even by Agent Dalton and myself.

Sydney: Someone I love is in trouble. I have to go and help him out.

"Mama's gotta go to work." Sydney, about to leave Isabelle

Sydney: You're getting married?
Will: Yeah . . . No, not exactly. I was actually planning on asking her last night before, uh, Anna interrupted. but I'm pretty sure she's gonna say yes.

Sydney: How can you be marrying a girl I haven't even met yet?
Will: Well, you know, I think the Government-mandated isolation might have something to do with it.

Will: Who's the father?
Sydney: Vaughn.
Will: Vaughn, of course. You guys finally ended up together.

Joseph: All you need to do, Arvin, is task your team accordingly when I give you the signal.
Sloane: And what exactly is the signal?
Joseph: Believe me. You'll know.

Sydney: We were talking about what happened. We have to assume you were grabbed because someone was trying to hurt me.
Will: Well, yeah. I didn't think they wanted me for all the Lakers statistics I have in my head.

Sydney: I'm sorry. None of this would've happened if I wasn't in your life.
Will: Syd, stop it. Are you kidding me, right now? My life is so much better because you're in it.
[Syd's alarm sounds and the babysitter agents run in and point guns at Will, telling Syd to take the baby from him.]

Marshall: There's some good news. Looks like the charge is small enough that the blast will be localized.
Will: Wait- wait. So it might not kill me?
Marshall: No, it'll definitely kill you. There just won't be any collateral damage.

"Uh, guys? Who's Rambaldi?" Rachel, giving Sloane a chance to explain for any new viewers

[Rachel looks at page 47.]
Rachel: Is that Sydney?
Sydney: Not exactly. There are people that believe that's me.

Rachel: You are the Chosen One.
[She looks around the room, studying the others.]
Rachel: You people really believe this stuff.
Dixon: We've . . . seen things that give Rambaldi's words weight.
Will: Guys! Can we debate this later? After the bomb is out of my head?

Sydney: What's the harm in giving Anna the page? These are prophesies about things I might do. If I don't do them, they're just words.
Sloane: That's right, Sydney. You have a point. Without you, that page is worthless.

Sydney: Will, "delicate porcelain lily"?
Will: Leave me alone. I was on a roll.

Will: I was asking you to be my best man.
Sydney: Really?
Will: Yeah. Before I realized that you have such little faith in me. You thought I was gonna die?!

Anna: You're early.
Sydney: I've never been good at following the rules.

"Mm. Not a very flattering likeness." Anna, to Syd, while looking at page 47

Sydney: Why do you want it? We disproved these writings years ago.
Anna: Doesn't really concern me as long as the check clears . . . Although I must say, I've had a lot of fun on this one.

Sydney: You still having fun, Anna? You'll never beat me.
Anna: And you still don't understand the game.

"I understand. There'll be no further delays." Anna, on the phone right before Will smacks her in the head with a fire extinguisher

[The doctor says that drugs won't help with the pain of genetic manipulation.]
Anna: I'm sure I've been through worse.
Doctor: I really don't think you have.

Will: If you apologize one more time, I'm gonna slap you. It's not your fault.
Sydney: It is, actually. The people I love . . . sooner or later, something terrible happens to them. It happens over, and over, and over.

Sydney: I feel like this plague, and everyone I love is infected.

Will: Yes, I've been tortured, and I've been kidnapped - several times actually. And most likely, none of that would have happened if I hadn't helped a clumsy girl pick up her books freshman year in bio class. But . . . it's not your fault. You can't blame yourself for the evils of the world.

Will: There are people out there that are capable of more cruelty and more hatred than I even thought possible, but I still sleep well at night. You know why? Because I know that you're out there fighting against them.

Sydney: But if you'd never met me, you'd have a regular life.
Will: Who wants it? I wouldn't trade you for anything. I know a lot of regular people who live regular lives. There's only one Sydney Bristow.


by Abbie, abbs006[AT]mail.com

Wow, wow and WOW. First off; the show is back. I mean like season 2 back. Can't convey how exciting that is for me so I'll just review the highlights and you can get the same butterflies I have and then sub-sequentially agree. But first, here's the catch;

Sloane is still a mystery. I re-watched a season 2 episode on TV today and man was he evil. The Matthew Goode song of Weapon even played over his image revealing "here by my side, the Devil." So what happened? He is such a roller-coaster these last two seasons and now he has got himself in a pitiful situation. I kinda understand the man and feel his pain. Scary. He wants nothing more than to protect Sydney, get his daughter out of the zombie coma and complete Rambaldi's endgame but all the other crazy people the world just keep getting in the way. This new alliance acts as if they have power over Sloane and I can't help but laugh. Then when I see him back at APO interacting with Jack and completing the two-fold task of getting Syd back in the field and I just get frustrated. I want the DEVIL back bad. I want a plotline that I can see going somewhere and I don't want to understand him and I certainly don't want Jack to be in on it. And seeing Sloane on a path of failure is a crying shame. Death isn't failing so I'd rather see him die by the hands of Syd in the end than see him being controlled like a puppet when we all know he is so much smarter.

Mystery aside, the rest of the episode was brilliant. And whether you've seen M:I:III yet, I have and it's simply the greatest hits of Alias (you will slap yourself silly from all the rehashed Alias moments), you will still love this episode because it has all the goods AND it brings the giggles out again even with Will having a bomb in his head. First, Anna Espinosa telling Amy Acker to "get [her] skinny little ass out of [the jail cell]" was nothing other than a shout out to my complaints in my last review. I loved it, respected it and replayed it multiple times. You should have seen me cheering. Anna is a breath of fresh air and they couldn't have picked any other of Syd's nemesis' to be her future clone. It's been in the works since their first meeting AND Anna means Rambaldi -- so again, the payoff is brewing. I kinda wish that instead of her seeking out Will that she was seeking out Vaughn because he was always the voice in Syd's ear that lead to her destruction. But oh well, Will was just as perfect and he entered this episode on fire. He was smart, tough and everything Sydney's life was missing. The airplane scene between he and Syd was classic chatter. The fiancé slip of "do you remember the painter" made me snicker because what he really meant was "you know that moment before we had sex and I was telling you about the possibility that I just might find someone other than you?" Well, maybe that was just me but that moment brought everything back. When Syd told him she had a daughter the look of shock and complete recognition of the emptiness in both their lives was brilliantly conveyed. Will's humor covered it all up again and the scene perfectly slid right into him at APO and Jack and Syd talking about how, after everything, she still has to lie to him about her life. Sigh -- Alias is so good.

The reveal that Anna put a bomb in Will's head through Marhsall's genius techie blabber was, again, classic. Will was shocked but then again he expected no less. The first thing he asked was how Marshall was going to get it out so it re-established how much faith he has in everyone. Will has always been the voice of the audience so I found it only fitting how he would never, not even for a second, think that the Alias team couldn't save him. So when Anna asks for Page 47 of the Rambaldi manuscript the episode took its turn towards the finale. Jack toughens up knowing what's to come, Will's been tortured enough to understand exactly what Sydney means when the word Rambaldi is muttered, Dixon rolls his eyes as the escapade continues and Sloane bites at the bit when Rachel asks the token McGuffin of the show -- "Uh, who is Rambaldi." Sloane expertly explains the who's, what's and why's to this prophet and the ball is set in motion to save Will. But what is Sloane doing? He pleads with Prophet Five for Sydney's safety but the question is what does he really want? Does he know that the only way for everyone to get what they want is if the real Sydney is kept safe? And what about the baby? Is it even real? Those questions still exist so we'll see.

I had so many favorite parts to this episode. ONE was when Jack tipped over the knives and he freaked at 'edged weapons' being out in the open "especially around Bristow women." It was AWESOME. And of course I loved when Will and Syd went on their Alias but my big question is when did Will get all Marshall? I seem to recall that two years ago when he went with Syd to find Julia Thorne's safety deposit box he was spinning at how amazing Syd was with hacking in security systems. So what's up? How did he learn all this? Has he been extra busy and we're in for a major twist? Hmmm.

Jennifer looked great in this episode. I am glad to see her running and flying over things again. The club scene was really good and even though the supporting cast took a back seat to all things plot-wise they came in handy and took to their roles very well. The breast feeding line was hilarious and Syd finding Will again was one for applause. But I have to say I don't quite understand the thermal scanning thing where Anna cut Sydney to allow Prophet Five to duplicate her DNA. That will have to be explained to my understanding. But, again, duplicating Syd and using Anna's body is priceless. Can't wait to see it backfire and have yet another cloning war.

Jack and Syd talked about Irina for a few seconds and it's obvious that we are being sheltered from what the Horizon really is. But why would Sydney care less? Something's going on and Jack is in on it with Irina. I can feel it. He still loves that evil woman so much -- you can see it in their chemistry and the fact that he left Sydney alone full knowing that she'd find a way of escaping. He may have Sydney fooled but I have my eye on Jack.

Ummm what else. Oh! The red dye raining on Syd as she's stuck in the train chamber and Will kicking ass to save her. Awesome indeed. Even though a lot of the footage was stock from the season 4 premiere it still worked well and when Syd grabbed Will to jump off the train into the water I jumped and cheered. It really goes to show there is only one person in the world who would jump off a moving train and fall down hundred's of feet only to search under water for a detonator to the bomb in their friend's head. Will's acting was great and seeing them embrace again just goes to show what this series is all about -- a dysfunctional life that tries to tear love apart but how one person will hold it all together. Genius. Why does it have to be coming to an end?

The final scene recapped the love letter to Sydney Bristow by using Will as the audience again saying that she should never apologize for who she is what she means. It was sweet, it was promising and it shows how life invites the most unexpected changes. Sydney's life as we know it is ending but from this point on she's gonna start building her new one and I can't wait to just see her smile as she once did when it all began.


by Anne

After all this time - and all those genetic doubles - it seems we finally have a point: the bad guys have been working to create their own Sydney. Sloane made this clear when he said that page 47 is worthless without her. Sydney pointed out that they disproved the writings years ago; Prophet Five must want someone who fulfills the criteria and who hasn't been disproved.

At first, this seems like a very a very logical plot twist, but on second thought, does Prophet Five really think they can fool Rambaldi's prophecy? That they can simply manufacture their own Chosen One? Granted, they're taking great pains to make her as close as possible, but still ... she's just a copy. Although the final scene appeared to contradict it, the episode's title could be interpreted to support my contention: there's only one Sydney Bristow.

Who better to remind us of this than her long-time friend Will? After being betrayed by Irina and then being confronted with page 47 again, I think Will's reappearance was beneficial for Syd. She's right: it *is* her fault that Will was dragged into that crazy spy world yet again, but Will doesn't regret any of it. And why should he? In his new life, he's met the woman he wants to marry, and he's learned not to be a victim anymore. I'd say Will is right where he's supposed to be.

It's a testament to Will and Syd's friendship that Prophet Five used her to get to him, and then used him to get to her. I like that this ploy may well prove to work against them. As I said, Will is no longer a helpless victim. When he saved Syd on the train, he interrupted the collection of the DNA, so the data in the double is incomplete. I predict that this will contribute to the defeat of the clone, if not to Prophet Five.


* The twelve showing their faces to Sloane doesn't seem like something they would do to reward him for completing his task. It seems like something they would do before they make him disappear.

* Prophet Five made a point of leaving out details for Sloane, despite his best efforts to learn more. Like with Irina, they're not taking the chance that they're wrong to trust him.

* Will Prophet Five really cure Nadia and lose the hold they have over Sloane?

* Anna sitting unkempt on the floor of the cell depicts just how far she's fallen.

* The prison people didn't know Anna had escaped: was there an Anna clone, or did Prophet Five just take over the prison and keep things running as normal?

* I can't wait to see why Irina stole The Horizon.

* No doubt, Will was very proud that Syd was impressed with his fighting skills.

* I like the timing of the bomb discovery. Will was trying to be positive, and then he's suddenly hit with something to challenge his positive attitude. Isn't that just like life? Yet, he still believed it would work out fine.

* I've always thought the words of the so-called prophecy were less than intimidating because of the fine print that's written in: "unless prevented." It's like saying, "She will!!! Unless she doesn't..."

* Syd seemed uncharacteristically smug telling Anna that she can't beat her. Of course, that was just setting up Anna being converted, but still.

* Anna's remark about fun was very similar to what Peyton said while fighting Rachel in Solo.

* The train scene with the open cargo door was reminiscent of the one in episode 4.01.

* Good thing the detonator was waterproof.

* Syd said that she felt like a plague; in episode 4.08, Anna told Nadia that Syd is a "curse."

* In episode 3.09, Syd dreamed that she was fighting herself.

* Congratulations to Alias for reaching their 100th episode! :throws confetti:

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