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Maternal Instinct

Episode Summary

An ambulance transporting the injured Director Davenport is ambushed; the guards are killed and Davenport is assassinated by Irina Derevko. Because of Davenport's death, CIA Director Devlin suspects a mole in the APO office. As a condition of Jack's release, APO is under investigation and they are to close the Prophet Five case; Jack says that they'll continue to investigate in secret. Syd reveals that Prophet Five wanted information about "Leo-47 Norte," which Jack and Dixon recall was an Alliance mission that took place in France. Returning to her apartment, Syd finds her mother, Irina Derevko. Irina says she fears for Syd's safety because Prophet Five is convinced that Sydney knows where "The Horizon" is. In France, Dixon and Renee Rienne question a man involved in the Leo-47 Norte mission, and he reveals - under duress - that he stored a package in Queen's Bank in Vancouver. Posing as an Italian family, Syd, Irina, and Jack infiltrate the bank. Jack and Irina head to the vault while Syd accesses the bank manager's computer to obtain the box number. Jack breaks into the box, but he discovers that the package containing The Horizon is booby-trapped. On a monitor, Syd sees Peyton and her men enter the building, and Syd hurries to the vault. Irina tries to stab Jack with a syringe, but he fights back. Jack gets the upper hand as Syd arrives. Syd realizes that Irina was behind her abduction by Prophet Five. Jack threatens Irina, but suddenly Syd starts to have contractions. Irina leads Jack and Syd to the roof, but Peyton figures out their escape plan and blasts an approaching helicopter from a window with a rocket launcher. Leaving Syd to watch Irina, Jack goes to take care of Peyton and her henchmen. Meanwhile, Irina says that after Syd was born, she chose being a good agent over being a good mother. Syd starts to go into labor; Irina gets The Horizon and starts to leave, but she comes back, saying she saved the baby's life simply because Sydney is her daughter. Jack arrives; he helps calm Syd down, and with Irina's coaching, a baby girl is born. While Syd and Jack focus on the baby, Irina escapes with The Horizon. Later, in a cabin in Bhutan, a monk receives word from a rider on horseback; the monk tells Michael Vaughn that he has a daughter.


Davenport: You have to believe me. I swear.
Irina: I do believe you.
[She shoots him dead.]

Devlin: Davenport and I came up together. I'm the godfather to his oldest son. How were these people able to corrupt him?

Tom: What just happened?
Sloane: He wants to review the computer transmissions to see if anyone provided Prophet Five with Davenport's travel route.
Tom: He thinks the leak came from this office.

Jack: Davenport's been killed. His transport was ambushed.
Dixon: That transport route was classified. The only people who knew were--
Sydney: --were CIA. You think Prophet Five has another mole inside the Agency.
Jack: It seems so, yes.

Sydney: Do you remember what Dean said? That Prophet Five had plans for me . . . They saved this baby for a reason. Why?

Sydney: I can fend for myself.
Dixon: But you're not just fending for yourself. You're fending for two. And let's be honest, Syd . . . Right now, you waddle.
Sydney: I don't waddle.
Dixon: Oh yes, you do.
Sydney: I'll admit I may be a little less graceful, but I don't waddle.
Dixon: You're right. Actually it's more of a teeter...

"I'm here now. Everything's going to be fine." Irina, hugging Syd

"I know about Prophet Five. I know they abducted you. That's the reason I've come." Irina, actually telling the truth

Irina: Six months ago, a contact of mine told me they've become active again. That after all this time, they've finally found someone . . . who they believe could lead them to what they've been looking for. The reason they came together. To pursue something they call . . . The Horizon.

Irina: You've never heard of it?
Sydney: No.
Irina: Prophet Five believes you have. They believe you know where it is.

"I love secret conspiracies . . . You know, as long as I'm a co-conspirator." Marshall, hiding stuff from Devlin

"You look . . . well." Jack, greeting Irina

Irina: Look at us. About to become grandparents.
Jack: I'm doing my best to ignore that.

Sydney: We'll need to act fast. Prophet Five has probably figured out by now that I gave them the wrong information.
Irina (under her breath): Yeah, that's a safe assumption.

"The Horizon is why Prophet Five killed Vaughn. It's why they kidnapped me. If we can get it before they do, we can finish this thing. For good." Sydney, setting up the series finale?

Peyton: Assemble a team. We're going, too.
Guy: Do you question Derevko's loyalty?
Peyton: No, I don't. But I'm not willing to take the chance that I'm wrong. Not when we're this close.

Bank Manager: It's so sweet how your daughter wants to please you.
Jack: She's our pride and joy.
Bank Manager: I'm sure she'll be a wonderful parent to her own child.
Irina: Oh, thank you.
Bank Manager: She has two such lovely role models.

[Jack scans the wrap covering The Horizon.]
Jack: I can't open it.
Irina: Why?
Jack: Countermeasure. Looks like it's acid-based.
Irina: Can you disable it?
Jack: Not without the combination. It'll destroy the contents.

Sydney: That was you. On the ship. Wasn't it. Behind the glass. You orchestrated the whole thing because you wanted this . . . And when- when you couldn't torture it out of me, you came to me as my mother.
Irina: I am your mother.

Irina: If Peyton's here, she's here to kill me, too.
Jack: She's going to be very disappointed, because I'm about to beat her to it.

Jack: I thought I killed you once. This time I'll be more thorough.

"Here. Cover your mother." Jack, giving Syd the gun

Sydney: The truth takes time. That's what you said. Years ago. Is this what you meant?
Irina: You'd like it to be simple . . . It's never simple.

Sydney: I fell for you. Even Dad fell for you - but Vaughn never trusted you.

Sydney: I know why you saved my pregnancy: you want my baby. And I don't know why. Frankly, I don't care. I just want you to leave us alone.

Irina: I never wanted to have a child. The KGB demanded it. They knew it would ensure your father's allegiance to me. You were simply a means to an end . . . And then when the doctor put you in my arms and I looked at you? So fragile. All I could think was, "How could I have made such a terrible mistake?"

Irina: At that moment, I was sure of one thing: I couldn't be an agent and a mother. I'd either fail at one or both . . . And I chose to fail at being a mother.

[Irina grabs The Horizon, about to leave as Syd's in labor.]
Irina: In time you'll learn that you can't do both.
Sydney: Watch me.

[Irina comes back.]
Irina: The only reason I saved the baby is because you're my daughter.

"This really is no place for you, Grandpa. By the way, where's Sydney registered? I'd love to get her a gift for the baby." Peyton, to Jack

Irina (on the phone): Listen to me very carefully, Marshall. Jack and Sydney are in Vancouver. Queen's Bank. They need extraction.
Marshall: Okay . . . Uh, is this who I think it is?
Irina: Tell the team they'll need diapers.

Sydney: She has Vaughn's eyes.
Jack: Yes, she does.
Sydney (after a pause): Dad . . .
[They exchange a look.]
Jack: I'll take care of it.


by Abbie, abbs006[AT]mail.com
(for both S.O.S and Maternal Instinct)

Top three bloopers --
1. Carl Lumbly's hair -- umm yeah; not that I don't like the new dreads (he is long overdue) but the sudden change is extremely noticeable. In real life he had 5 months but in TV life he had hours. Tisk Tisk.
2. Amy Acker in the credits. She is terrible -- why would they succumb to keeping her around as a wannabe baddie with twig arms? I have to admit that I am scared for the future since she is in it.
3. JG's prosthetic tummy in Part 2. She was still so cute but it was obvious down to how she simply walks. Oh well, now she can be back kick ass and takin' names. Yay!

Okay okay, onto the review... I liked Maternal Instinct much more than I did S.O.S. Part one seemed as stagnant as the rest of the episodes this season and it's no coincidence that post Violet that we get some serious action and character development. Peyton chasing down Syd on the boat in the middle of nowhere was a waste of our time and I feel like Peyton has little or no clue what's really going on around her. She has no motivation and no reason to be evil. So what gives? Alias has never had a sub-par supporting character so why do they like this chick so much that she's integral in the closing life of the show?

And the clan getting out of APO to break in to the CIA to find out where the order to eliminate Syd's distress call what clever in its idea but poorly executed. Poor Greg Grunberg too -- he was thrown in and really didn't even get to relive the glory days and have a payoff to the four other years he was on the show. His yoga line wasn't even that funny. And like ANY of them could possibly get in the CIA headquarters to begin with. They are employees thus they would come up on the nifty facial recognition database -- you know, like Sloane used at SD-6. The writers are slipping in that respect if you ask me.

BUT the reveal of Tom being up to no good was well timed and was actually the only decent suspense in the first hour. I am not sure if I buy that he is truly evil b/c you have to remember -- spy daddy Jack brought him in and constantly insists that he is a stellar agent -- even to Syd when she tried to refuse going on their first mission together. So hopefully his payoff will be awesome like Lauren and Sark have been.

I have to say that I don't get the baby operation stuff. First off, Syd got her eggs stolen by the covenant during the 2 years she was abducted. How could have Vaughn impregnated her? I know that JJ and crew will have an answer but I can't believe that most people have forgotten that. Now, her scar is only on one side of her belly but it was eluded that she got all her eggs stolen. So-where do we think from here? Hmmmmm. Well, I've said this before but the baby is supposed to be the coming of Rambaldi. That is why Irina is out to protect it and a bunch of new baddies are out to steal it. But where is Sark in this? Can you really tell me that he was part of the covenant just to travel around the world, risking his life and freedom, to just do bad things? He has to still be tied up in Rambaldi -- he has too!! If not I will be very sad b/c he needs to be smarter than he is at the moment. But yeah, the baby ultrasound with the colorful markings inside is really weird. Does that mean it's a mechanical baby? Uh yuh yie.

I liked when Jack and Sloane out their heads together to save Sydney and when Jack came in and she was strapped to that table oh my, JG did a wonderful job of relaying for the first time this series that Syd was actually scared and helpless. And so did Victor, it was a great extraction.

Now, as far as part 2 goes, it was back to the same old tricks of season 1 and 3. I loved how the CIA guys was the culprit and how Jack got himself apprehended to put the hurt on the fatty. Remember him? He gave Vaughn such a hard time in season 1 and made every mission to protect or save Sydney a hassle. Vaughn had to go undercover or rogue to see her safety through. It all makes sense now -- or well, maybe. Irina killed the man in true spy mom style and then made it home by dinner. Lol. You could just feel the lies oozing from her when she showed up at Syd's door and when Jack came in. I loved it. The Bristows at the height of their dysfunction - sigh.

This leads me to the alias they all go under in order to steal the horizon. (Did we ever really find out what it is exactly? No, of course not! Stay tuned since Irina will be back) This playtime was fun and everyone seemed to have their own agenda. I am still not up to tune with what Jack is up to (as far as his alliance with Tom and his love for Syd) but I bet it will be horrifying yet still understandable. Let's hope at least. The turn on Irina was a bit abrupt and I don't think Jack would ever leave for a second to go pick a fight with teeny Peyton. But it had to be arranged that Irina and Syd were one on one while she fights her labor pains and confronts her mom on all the lies. The answer to truth takes time was jaw dropping in that the answer is that Irina still wont tell but what she will say is that she never wanted Syd and that her spy life takes the upper hand. Heartless and cruel yet so riveting. Poor Sydney. I have to say that I do wish Irina did leave Syd all alone and that action would have heightened Syd's anger ever more but the delivery was still great and seeing Sydney actually cry from fear and suffering was remarkable again. I really give props to JG -- she is just SOOOO good.

And then there is the extraction call to Marshall to get them on the plane -- "tell them they're gonna need diapers." As single minded as Irina is she is still SO good at playing the games. It's her lifeblood; games are what drive her. I can't wait to see her payoff. I think Syd will end up killing her. It would be the only real ending to it all. I just don't think Jack can do it but we'll see.

And the air plane scene with Jack, Syd and baby Isabelle? Hmmm. SO SWEET; of course Syd has the perfect non-crying baby whoa makes cute sounds. Of course! But the reveal to Vaughn was expected but surely a anticipated and welcomed delight. His split second smile was so worth the wait. BUT he is with monks in the middle of nowhere. And they called him brother. That reeks of something SO familiar....RAMBALDI. Totally, something's up and Jack is in on it to. What doesn't make sense is if all this time Jack and Vaughn were playing something out together then why would Jack have so much animosity towards Vaughn. But I don't know anything -- pure speculation here. But it won't surprise me when it happens. ;)

Anyway, ALIAS IS BACK! Love it, love it and will never get enough. See you next week!


* I felt so sorry for Davenport as he asked the guy to find out what would happen to his family. :( That could be the answer to how Prophet Five got him to help them.

* Were the guards watching Davenport with Prophet Five? They seemed to know what was coming, but then they wound up dead.

* Syd was sure willing to trust her new doctor. After the old one betrayed her, I'd think she'd be just a little suspicious.

* Irina was very creepy/threatening as she revealed that Prophet Five thinks Syd knows where The Horizon is.

* Marshall recognizing that Jack was talking to Syd was like a season one scene where Jenny observed that Will is "different" when talking to Sydney.

* Box 135? What, box 147 was taken?

* Of course The Horizon was covered so we can't yet see what it is. At least the countermeasure will delay Prophet Five from opening it.

* Peyton's hair looked very good to be going on such a mission.

* The scene where Peyton walks with attitude away from the window while the burning copter falls behind her was corny.

* I don't believe that Peyton was at the bank to kill Irina. Peyton said she didn't doubt Irina's loyalty.

* Sloane probably did leak Davenport's transport info, since he talked to the Prophet Five guy. But since we didn't see him do it, we don't know for sure. Prophet Five probably has a third CIA mole under their thumb.

* Irina said it was never simple, but hopefully the writers can break it down enough to wrap things up by the end of the season.

* Vaughn's back. What a non-surprise, thanks to it appearing in the commercials. What was surprising was the very short time that he was in the episode.

* Thanks to Tiffany Terry (aka Sydney Ann Bristow) for this: I would just like you to realize how Irina in episode 99 always was tucking her hair behind her ear. Isn't that a sign that she was up to something? Sydney and Irina always do that when they are up to something, or on a mission.

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