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Another Mr. Sloane

Episode Summary

Note: For the sake of clarity, I'll refer to the new Mr. Sloane as Sloane2.

Vaughn and Sydney tell Jack that Sloane was behind the deception that Vaughn's father is still alive, and that he framed Irina, so that Jack would kill her. Jack confronts Sloane, who says that he is being set up. Sydney suggests that they see if Roberts can identify Sloane; Roberts is amazed at the similarities, but he says that Sloane isn't the man who hired him. Elsewhere, Sloane2 abducts a nuclear physicist so that she can help construct one of Rambaldi's designs; reluctantly looking over the plans, she observes that an important piece - the transformer coil - is missing. At APO, Sydney suggests that they use Roberts and the coil to set up a meeting. At the meeting site, Sydney sees Sloane2 and realizes that something is wrong. Roberts is killed when the cables are blown on the elevator that he's in; Sloane2 and his henchman retrieve the coil and leave. Back at APO, recalling the impostor's close resemblance, Sydney theorizes that Sloane can anticipate what Sloane2 will do next. Sloane realizes that she is asking him to go back to Rambaldi. With Dixon standing by, Sloane views the Rambaldi papers at the DSR. When Nadia learns what he's doing, she becomes alarmed as she tells Sydney how Sloane's passion completely overtook him. Nadia says that she only agreed to come back because Sloane promised that part of his life was over. Sloane reports to the team that the impostor is building an energy source, although he does not know what it will power. Sloane says that the plan calls for a certain chemical; he spoke with a man who can provide it, and the man told him that he had received an order from Sloane. Nadia expresses her concern to Sloane, but he insists that she means more than anything ever has, or ever will, and he assures that he'll be fine. At the meeting, the contact speaks of his recent orders and recalls that Sloane was involved in genetic experimentation, but Sloane says that someone else is posing as him. The contact provides an address in Santiago where the chemical was to be delivered. Sloane joins the team as they raid Sloane2's place. Sloane and Sydney find that Sloane2 has constructed a huge version of the Circumference. Vaughn radios that they need Sydney's help to free the physicist, and she reluctantly leaves Sloane with the device. Sloane2's henchman finds Sloane; furious at the man's misconceptions about Rambaldi, Sloane beats him to death with a metal rod. Nadia finds Sloane; his face is splattered with blood, but he calmly assures Nadia that it's over.


Jack: What possible motive would he have?
Vaughn: To force me into stealing something he wanted. I mean, come on, Jack. Do I really have to explain to you what this is about? Sloane hasn't reformed. He's still after the same things.

Sydney: The payments paid to the assassin - it wasn't Mom. It was Sloane. He was behind it; he wanted you to kill her . . . I'm sorry, Dad. We should notify the agency--
Jack: Don't. I'll handle everything.

Jack: You can't imagine what it felt like. Looking into the face of the woman I once shared a life with, and with a single bullet . . . ending that life.

Jack: And then it occurred to me. Why you would go to such lengths: it was for Sydney. You imagined you could drive a wedge between me and my daughter.
Sloane: I didn't. I had nothing to do with Irina's death.
[Jack puts a gun to Sloane's head.]
Jack: One good reason . . . why I shouldn't do to you what I did to my wife.

Sloane: Think about it. Even if I did succeed in undermining your relationship with Sydney, which given our agreement runs counter to my self-interest. Even then, with all of the people in Sydney's life - Vaughn, Nadia, anyone - do you really believe that she would turn to me? Jack, I didn't do this. Someone is setting me up.

Dr. Sinclair: I know that, um, we all have beliefs . . . and things that we really want and wish to be true, and real. But these specs, they're just theoretical. They have absolutely no basis in physical reality.
Sloane2: But you see, once you believe, it'll change everything for you.

Roberts: They don't even look that much alike, but . . . oh, this is freaky, man. You askin' me? Both of them give me the creeps.

Sloane: Now that I've been exonerated by your informant I suggest you find out what it is he really does know. I'll be in my office - I believe it's still mine, yes?

Sydney: We give Roberts the coil and put him into play. He makes an exchange, we track the coil back to Arvin Clone.
[Sloane looks at Sydney; Marshall laughs.]
Sydney: Sorry, that's what we've been calling him.
Weiss: Yeah, also, uh, Marvin Sloane . . . The Rolling Sloanes . . .

Roberts: You expect me to double-cross Sloane?
Sydney: He's not Sloane.
Roberts: Whoever he is. You dangle bait in front of a man like that, you lose a hand.

[Weiss and Nadia are posing as a couple to blend in while watching Roberts.]
Weiss: This place is killer; we have to get married here.
Nadia: What? You haven't even proposed yet.
Weiss: Well, they don't know that. We tell 'em we're thinkin' about it and get a free meal off the sampler menu.

Sydney: I know now what Roberts was talking about. The man, the imposter. Everything about him is Sloane. His clothes, his posture - the way he looked at me, it's the way you look at me.
Sloane: And how is that, Sydney?
Sydney: Let's just say it's equally disturbing.

Sloane: Having me as a father is an arduous undertaking, one that I imposed on you.
Nadia: Don't say that . . . I don't want to lose you again.

Jack: Weiss, make sure the jet is on standby. Coordinate an in-country rendezvous with Sloane at twelve hundred hours.
Weiss: "Twelve hundred"? Jack, it's me; you can say "noon."

Jack: I'm calling the shots here, Marcus.
Dixon: And you have a problem with me questioning Sloane's motives?
Jack: As far as I'm concerned, at this juncture, Sloane's motives are irrelevant. If he can help bring the impostor to us, I say let Sloane do what he needs to do. Go to Santiago. Let's end this.

"Am I supposed to know who that is?" Sydney, after Sloane correctly deduces that Sloane2's password is Jacqueline

Sloane: You fool.
Carter: He told me, he told me that I could live forever.
Sloane: NO!
[Sloane smacks Carter with a metal part.]
Sloane: Is that what you think this is all about?! Immortality?! You bought the rumor, you simple-minded DILETTANTE! The mystery, the true secrets of these creations will always be held back from you, the unworthy.


Of all the characters on Alias that I'd like to see doubled, Sloane is not one of them. Alas, he *is* the one that was doubled, and I am on board with that - as if I have a choice.

Those of us who have been watching for a while are probably still having trouble accepting that Sloane2 is the guy responsible for all of the badness. He certainly is . . . determined, but even Sloane himself admitted doing "unforgivable" things in the pursuit of his beliefs. Even now, Sloane's actions remain consistent in their ambiguity; we learn something that seems to prove his innocence only to find hints that he's hiding something big. I find myself wondering if Sloane is working with Sloane2, or if Sloane could be the one who's really the impostor. The former would be a very practical arrangement: Sloane2 would have access to all of Sloane's contacts simply by using his name, and Sloane could carry on with illicit activities while telling the others that someone is setting him up.

One thing is clear: Sloane lied when he said that all of the Rambaldi stuff felt meaningless. Either that, or he was quickly drawn back into it because he grew positively irate as he questioned Carter. Frankly, I'm still unclear why he got so upset. Sloane2 was the one who wanted the device built; Carter was just a pawn, another flunkie deceived by his scheming boss.


* If you're new to the series, the Circumference - the big floating red ball - first appeared in season one. I can't recall if they ever said what it did, but Sydney destroyed one in the season one finale and a huge amount of water rushed out of it.

* If I was Dr. Sinclair, I think I would have played along by "working" on the project to buy some time.

* Sloane tried to reason with Jack by asking whether Sydney would ever turn to him; maybe there was/is another step to his plan where something would happen where she would?

* The contact's mention of Sloane's genetic experimentations seems especially significant given the recent discovery of Nightingale.

* It makes sense that Vaughn didn't kill Roberts; Vaughn may have been angry, but he must have recognized that Roberts could be useful.

* When Sloane explained that Sloane2 is building a massive battery, I thought of how the time machine in the Back to the Future movies required 1-point-something gigawatts of electricity. Having said that, I doubt the Rambaldi device will be something as simple as a time machine.

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