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Sloane says that out of respect for Sydney he will give Vaughn 48 hours to contact them; otherwise, Sloane will have to notify Langley. Nadia visits Katya Derevko in prison to hear stories about Irina. Later, Nadia tells Sydney about the visit, her third. Afraid that Katya is using Nadia, Sydney informs her about Irina's hiring a hit man to kill her. Sydney visits Katya to tell her to leave Nadia alone; Katya says that Irina would never hurt Sydney. Katya explains that Irina was set up and she had found the source of the payments to the assassin. Katya sends Sydney to locate the evidence; Sydney retrieves a music box that contains a series of numbers, which turn out to be a bank account number in the name of "A. Sloane." Sydney returns to see Katya and says that Nadia must never know. Meanwhile, Vaughn meets Roberts in France for information about his father, but Roberts' boss says that the price has gone up. Roberts introduces Vaughn to a small team and reveals that they'll be attacking a CIA transport team to obtain a certain manuscript. Vaughn joins them, but he soon realizes that he's been lied to. He escapes with the manuscript after the rest of the team dies in a shootout with the CIA. Vaughn finds Roberts and attacks, beating the man until he confesses that Vaughn's father died in 1979 and all of the evidence is fake. Vaughn demands to know who Roberts works for, and he says that he works for Sloane. Back in LA, Vaughn tells Sydney of Sloane's deception and says that he's going to kill Sloane. At APO, Marshall secretly tests Jack to learn the effects of his exposure to radiation; the results show a large-scale mutation, and Marshall urges Jack to see a doctor immediately. Elsewhere in the world, a man addresses another man as "Mr. Sloane" and reports that they did not obtain the manuscript. The other Mr. Sloane replies that nothing has changed, and they will proceed as planned.


Vaughn: Your big prize is in a safe place.
Roberts: That's not the deal.
Vaughn: It is now.

Weiss: My mom used to do stuff like that.
Sydney: Like what?
Weiss: Scrub the sink . . . when she was worried about stuff that was out of her control.
Sydney: I like a clean sink.

Voice on phone: Your father is very much alive. The question, Mr. Vaughn, is how far are you willing to go to find him?

"It's a folk song our father used to sing, about a Russian Robin Hood. It was one of your mother's favorites." Katya, explaining the song she was singing to Nadia

Katya: Your mother can be quite stubborn, much like your sister. How is Sydney?
Nadia: Katya, I've told you--
Katya: I know, I know. She's off limits.

Roberts: I'm just like you, man. The less I know, the less guilt I feel.
Vaughn: Yeah, we're a lot alike.

"So is he any good, or just eye candy?" Savina, after Roberts introduces Vaughn

Sloane: What exactly is the nature of Dixon's assignment?
Jack: I'm afraid that's confidential as well.
Sloane: From you, or from me? [Jack says nothing.] Come on, Jack. You don't have to be a genius to know what this is about . . . Rambaldi.

Nadia: I also know how much she helped you at the CIA.
Sydney: Until she betrayed us. Which she always did.
Nadia: There's more to her than what's in her file.

Sydney: I've been through this before. Katya's doing the same thing to you that Irina did to me. Telling me what I wanted to hear. Appealing to what I wanted more than anything else in the world: a mother. A family.

Savina: Can't we just unplug it or something?
Vaughn: Yeah, sure, if you don't mind blowing it up and killing us both in the process.

Savina: So you're CIA.
Vaughn: Is that what Roberts told you?
Savina: He said you were in a period of transition.
Vaughn: I guess you could say that.

Vaughn: It was him or me. I'm okay with that.
Savina: Could have fooled me. You haven't stopped brooding since we left the hospital.
Vaughn: Well, maybe it's because I don't like being here. With you.
Savina: You know what I think? [She leans closer and whispers.] This is exactly where you want to be.

Vaughn: Consider this the second time you've been rejected by the CIA.

Sydney: Understand this. Talk to my sister again, I will make sure you regret it.
Katya: The protective sister, how charming. And how satisfying it must be for you to know you have it all figured out. I would think you of all people should know the world is never black or white.

Vaughn: So this is why you needed me. From the moment you contacted me you knew you'd need that bypass, even if I had given you the coil.
Roberts: We would have never told you where your father is, that's right. Guess that makes us bad people, huh.

Vaughn: If I do this, I can't go back.
Roberts (laughs): Now that has a certain poetry to it, doesn't it. Like father, like son.

Sloane: What did she tell you?
Nadia: Nothing I didn't already know. That she was a criminal. A murderer.
Sloane: Sweetheart . . . no one is a single thing.

Sloane: She searched for you, Nadia. She may not be here to answer your questions, but the one thing I know to be true: your mother loved you.
Nadia: I'd like to believe that.
Sloane: Then do.

Nadia: When I found out Arvin Sloane was my father, I was horrified. My whole life, I wanted to meet my parents, and the truth was so . . . ugly. But he's changed. There's good in him. I guess I was hoping the same thing was true for our mother.

"You're probably gonna wanna kill me when I tell you this, but I ran some tests." Marshall, with some news for Jack

Marshall: Damn it, you may not care what happens to you. But what happens to you affects other people. Sydney, for example - have you even thought about that? You need to see a doctor, now!

Vaughn: The man I knew could have never walked away from the people he loved.
Sydney: How did you know?
Vaughn: Because I couldn't either.


* I'm starting to like the way they start with a scene and then give us the back story; those really save time when I'm writing the recaps.

* I thought Sloane's "no one is a single thing" line was one of the most profound things I've ever heard on television, and I agree with that statement one hundred percent.

* Vaughn should flip someone like he did Savina in every episode. Preferably me. ;)

* So Vaughn's dad is really dead . . . we think. Well, that *is* unusual.

* Did Vaughn kill Roberts, or something? The other Mr. Sloane's henchman said that Roberts hadn't reported in, and I somehow don't imagine that Vaughn turned Roberts in to the CIA.

* Katya and Sloane both referred to Irina in the present tense.

* Nadia lied to Sloane when she said that Katya didn't tell her anything she didn't already know about Irina.

* In the hospital, Katya didn't look at all like someone who almost died from an allergic reaction.

* Even knowing the title of the next episode, I was actually surprised at the ending.

* How did Jack have the same mutation as the other test subjects when he was exposed to regular radiation, instead of the transformer coil?

* Was the song in the music box the same one that Katya was singing?

** Thanks to Mari for answering my question! "I thought you might like to know that the song sung (hummed would be more accurate since she doesn't use words) by Katya is actually a british folk-pop song (no. 1 in the UK in 1965) The Carnival is Over by The Seekers. It is not the same song that plays on the music box. I believe that is from a classical piece - I'm guessing but I suspect it may be from a ballet."

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