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Blood Ties

Episode Summary

Jack tells Syd that he saved Sloane secretly because the powerful members of The Trust wanted Sloane dead. Sloane reveals that he found a Rambaldi text that contained a formula for an elixir that would allow The Passenger to channel a message from Rambaldi. Sloane says that he wants to protect his child: if The Covenant finds The Passenger, they will expose her to massive amounts of the elixir, and it will kill her. Thomas Brill, a former agent, informs Vaughn that his father was a follower of Rambaldi who died while protecting The Passenger. Parting ways with Brill, Vaughn is taken captive by The Covenant, and Sark tortures him for The Passenger's location. Lauren appears and helps Vaughn escape, but he realizes it was just a trick. Sark and Lauren capture him again. Using the Hourglass, Sloane, Jack and Syd locate The Passenger in a prison in Chechnya. Syd sneaks in and finds her sister, Nadia, apparently catatonic. However, she comes to life and helps Syd fight the guards, and the sisters escape to a safe house with Jack and Sloane. Nadia recognizes Sloane, who tells her that he changed because he didn't want to meet his daughter and have her despise him. Sark receives a phone call telling him where to find The Passenger, and he and Lauren leave Vaughn to die. Sark and Lauren lead the attack on the safe house, but their targets escape. Jack and Sydney realize that Sloane gave Sark their location so that he could escape with Nadia. Marshall is able to locate Vaughn, and Syd visits him in the hospital. He tells her that he learned the prophecies tell of a battle between the Chosen One and The Passenger in which neither survives. Elsewhere, Nadia wakes, strapped to a table; Sloane apologizes, then injects her with the Rambaldi elixir. She convulses.


Sloane: Sydney, whatever grief my apparent death might have caused you, I only wish I could have spared you the pain.
Sydney: When I heard you were dead, any grief I felt was over the possibility of never knowing my sister. I did not grieve for you.

Brill: I told you that I worked with your father. But what I didn't tell you is I was with him on his final mission.
Vaughn: I know how my father died.
Brill: You don't have a clue.

Brill: He was a follower of Rambaldi.
Vaughn: That's impossible.
Brill: He died protecting the little girl. The followers knew she was the Passenger. He broke her out of KGB custody, but he didn't trust the CIA either, so he took her somewhere where she would be safe, with other followers.

Vaughn: Why did you come to me?
Brill: Because it's what he would want me to do.

Jack: Sydney, there's something you should know. When I first learned of Sloane's affair with your mother, I was forced to consider the possibility that I wasn't in fact your biological father.
Sydney: You don't even--
Jack: It's not the case. I had our medical files examined. Our relationship is clear. But I wanted you to know, during that brief time before I was reassured my feelings for you never changed.

Sark: I'll ask you again: where is the Passenger?
Vaughn: Holding that thing . . . you almost look like you've reached puberty.

Vaughn: Your sister - you have to let her go.
Sydney: You're tired. I should let you sleep.
Vaughn: No. My father was killed because he took her from the KGB. He hid her from your mother. That's why she murdered him. . . . I met someone who told me the prophecy. The Passenger and the Chosen One shall battle; neither will survive.


* Vaughn's father has a Rambaldi connection: what a surprise.

* I think every attempt to make it seem Lauren cared for Vaughn was intended to make us believe she really helped him escape. (To the writers: keep trying!)

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