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Episode Summary

Talking online with Irina, Jack asks her about The Passenger; Irina's account is suddenly terminated. Vaughn admits to Jack and Sydney that Lauren is the mole, but Jack tells him to continue as if nothing has changed, so they can use this knowledge to their advantage. The CIA learns that The Covenant has kidnapped Conrad, the monk from Nepal who knows all things Rambaldi. Syd and Vaughn go to rescue him, but Conrad is shot by Sark. With his dying breath, Conrad tells Sydney that The Passenger is her sister. Jack tells Syd of Sloane's affair with Irina, and Syd goes to visit Sloane in his cell. He asks her to urge Jack to reveal proof of Sloane's innocence, for the sake of her sister. The CIA sets a trap for Lauren, by announcing that they have obtained the code key that is needed to read the Rambaldi document that The Covenant has acquired. Lauren takes the bait, and copies the key, which is actually a fake. Vaughn and Syd secretly observe Lauren; they're shocked to find her passing the code key to her mother. They overhear that the Rambaldi document is at the house in Richmond, so the CIA arranges it so that Vaughn accompanies Lauren to Richmond, pretending to be reconciling. Vaughn manages to copy the Rambaldi document, which says that a device called The Hourglass will reveal the location of The Passenger, but only to her father. Syd tricks Jack into revealing that he has proof that will exonerate Sloane, and he reluctantly agrees to provide it to the authorities. However, he instead visits Sloane, bringing champagne to celebrate the knowledge of Sloane's daughter. Sloane realizes that Jack isn't going to help him. Syd and Vaughn go to Little Tokyo to retrieve The Hourglass; while they're away, Sloane's death sentence is carried out. Back at the CIA, Syd angrily walks away as Jack tries to explain. Later, a black-clad figure opens Sloane's body bag. It's Jack, and he revives Sloane, revealing that the antidote was in the champagne. Jack tells Sloane that he saved him because he needs him.


Conrad: I cannot help you, Mr. Sark.
Sark: How do you know my name?

Sydney: We should talk to Dixon and figure out a way to handle this.
Vaughn: Oh, I know how to handle this.
Jack: You will act like nothing has changed.
Vaughn: Okay, what's Plan B 'cause that's not going to happen.

Vaughn: My wife betrayed me. She betrayed all of us. You can't expect me to pretend that never happened.
Jack: I'm not sure you have a choice.
Vaughn: Why is that?
Jack: Because you're the one that married her.

(Watching Vaughn with Lauren)
Sydney: After thirty years you still live with your wife's betrayal. Will he?
Jack: Absolutely.

Sydney: Before he died, he told me my mother was not the Passenger. He said my sister was.
Jack: Who was this man?
Sydney: A monk, a cleric, a Rambaldi scholar - what difference does it make? Do I have a sister?

Sloane: I have seventy-two hours to live. I want you to focus on that, not on some affair I had twenty-five years ago.
Sydney: I'm not focusing on the affair. I'm focusing on the child that resulted from it: a sister I never knew I had.
Sloane: Must have come as a shock to you. It did to me when I found out.
Sydney: Are you telling me you didn't know?
Sloane: No, not until two years ago, while I was in a monastery in Nepal run by followers of Rambaldi.

Sydney: You know she is The Passenger.
Sloane (tearfully): I know. I know. I also know the Covenant is after her. Sydney, I want to protect my child.

Sydney: If Sloane dies, any chance I have of finding my sister dies with him.
Jack: Has it occurred to you that your half-sister might be a danger to you?
Sydney: Yes of course. But it's equally possible that I can help her. She could be an innocent victim.
Jack: With Irina Derevko and Arvin Sloane as her parents, I don't think so.

Vaughn: Listen, about what happened in Richmond . . .
Sydney: You were doing your job. And she is your wife.
Vaughn: Not for long.

Sloane: Irina betrayed both of us, Jack. She sought me out for information the same way she did you.
Jack: She was my wife.
Sloane: She was a KGB spy who cared nothing about you or me. I've always thought that you understood your relationship with Irina was nothing more than that. But now that your schoolboy crush on the woman who destroyed your life is preventing you from saving mine, I will have to revise that assessment.

Jack: You're right. I'm not going to help you. Since this is the last conversation we will ever have, I want to make this perfectly clear. What you have done to my daughter is nothing compared to what I will do when I find yours. Salut.

Sloane: For you who pay witness, I can only believe there is a common thought amongst you all: "This is as it should be." I do not disagree. My only request: that if my daughter is in fact found alive, that she understand my actions, she understand that this day's events are the net result of her father's passion to find her, to know her, to love her.

Lauren: Sloane is dead. We can now locate the Passenger without his interference.
Mrs. Reed: Not quite. The code key you retrieved from the CIA is unusable; I can only assume that was deliberate on their part. Vaughn played you. He's likely to try again, but that will be his last mistake.


* Before I saw this episode, I realized that the writers would use Vaughn's issues over his betrayal as the next tool to keep him and Sydney apart. (Before this season, JJ wrote that "lovers kept apart is good TV" or something to that effect.)

* I wonder what information Irina obtained from Sloane.

* I loved the exchange between Sloane and Jack over the champagne, particularly when Jack threatened Sloane's daughter. Marry me, Jack Bristow.

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