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Project Phoenix (Part II)
By Amelia

Summary: Four years after her return from her mission as Julia Thorne, Sydney saves a girl from dangerous Covenant experiments. The girl is connected to the infamous Rambaldi prophecy, but how is the question.
Author's Notes: Okay so this is my first Alias fic. I'm trying my best at it. I absolutely love feedback and will include my email (below) for reviews and any ideas of where the story should go. Ciao for now!
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. . .

Chapter Six:

"You did contact Sloane and my father?" Sydney asked anxiously to Dixon as they boarded the plane.

"Yes of course Sydney. Both know what happened in Moscow and are aware of Evelyn," he replied.

"Evie!" the girl yelled from at the bottom of the steps. She had grown comfortable with the four agents surprisingly fast. It took no time for her playful, loud, and slightly obnoxious side to shine through the quiet scared little girl, guard she had up before. "The name is Evie!"

Dixon shook his head and stepped inside the plane. Sydney, Nadia, Evie, and Vaughn followed and settled themselves in the comfortable seats.

During the flight Sydney took it upon herself to start testing the girl's skills. She asked no questions about the Covenant or their doings but was curious to see what kind of education Evelyn had got while in their custody.

"If f(x) =x²-7x+10 and f(t+1) =0 what is one possible value of t?" Sydney asked, passing a sheet to Evie. The girl looked at it, scribbled down a few calculations and finally wrote an answer.

"Four, t can equal four."

Sydney looked at her own calculations. "You're right," she announced happily.

"Are we done yet?" Evie whined.

"Hold on, what about languages? Do you speak any besides English?"

"Russian, Spanish, French, Japanese, Mandarin, German, Taiwanese, Hebrew, Arabic, and Italian," Evie said with a yawn. "Are we done?"

Sydney opened her mouth to ask another question but Nadia interrupted. "Come Syd, give the poor girl a break; you've been at this for two hours."

Sydney smiled. "We're done." She and Nadia went over to one of the small tables and sat down. "I can't believe it! She does college level math, speaks eleven languages, and could give Marshall a run for his money in computers and technology. I can't believe the Covenant would provide such a wide spread education for a test subject."

"Syd, you don't know she was just a test subject. Think about it. Why would they educate a girl they were just using for tests, she much more important to them. Have you thought about what Sevnik said?"

"It's not possible. There's no way. That was only four years ago, Evelyn is much old than four years."

"You remember what Rambaldi followers think. He's going to return in the form of a child of the Chosen One. I know you think you destroyed all the fertilization equipment and the cube four years ago, but what if you didn't Syd?" Nadia looked at her sister. Sydney was close to tears. She didn't want it to be true but it was looking like the only answer. Evie's age was the only thing that didn't fit.

"We'll do a DNA test at home, it'll have all the answers we need," Sydney said. She wiped her eyes and stood up. Nadia smiled weakly as Sydney walked over to Evie again. The girl was fast asleep.

The L.A subway platform was quiet for four o'clock in the afternoon. The four agents and young girl slipped into APO headquarters easily without being seen. Evie followed Sydney closely as they walked toward the briefing room. Sloane, Weiss, and Jack met them at the door.

"So this is young Evelyn I presume," Sloane said, looking at the girl.

"It's Evie," she replied hotly. "You must be... " Sydney shoved a hand over the girl's mouth before she could repeat any of the not so nice things said about Sloane during the course of their trip.

"This is her. Will the de-briefing take long? I want to have her checked out at the hospital."

"No, I understand most of what happened. We will of course need to interview her later," Sloane replied. Everyone headed into the briefing room and sat down. "Your mission was successful in its own way. The Covenant won't have access to the Shah Diamond and we may have a valuable source of information on some Covenant activities," Sloane said referring to Evie. Sydney looked over at her reassuringly. She didn't want her to think that's all she was to them, just a valuable source of info. Evie was sort of spaced out, off in her own world. She snapped to attention suddenly, a looked of fear struck across her face. Her breathing quickened and she pulled frantically at the neckline of her shirt. Sydney stood up.

"Evie?" she called, interrupting Sloane mid word. The other agents looked to the girl as she made to stand up from her seat. She tried to speak but all that came out was incoherent rambling. Sydney ran over just as she fell. "Get a doctor! She's having a seizure!" Vaughn bolted from the room heading for the hospital wing. Sydney knelt down beside Evie and waited for the seizure to stop. Vaughn and one of the CIA doctors arrived just as her convulsions stopped. The doctor nodded at Vaughn who then picked the girl up. He followed the doctor out of the room and back to the hospital wing. Sydney made to follow when she heard Sloane's voice behind her.

"Sydney may I have a word?" She opened her mouth to protest but he stopped her. "This will only take a minute," he assured her. She nodded silently and they stepped out of the briefing room, away from Nadia, Weiss, and Jack. "Dixon informed me of what Yakov Sevnik told you. I'm sure there's nothing to worry about, but we will perform some standard DNA tests to confirm any suspicions."

"I know I was planning to order the tests myself."

"Sydney, you do know what this means if Sevnik is proved correct?"

"That some crazy Rambaldi followers are going to be looking for her, I know."

"The Covenant will be after her, Sydney."

"I know, I know. But that's not going to happen. The DNA won't match."

"Of course it won't. By the way I've asked your father to interview Evelyn when she's regained her health. I can tell you now that Jack already has his suspicions about her."

"Thank you for telling me. Are we done?" Sloane nodded and Sydney turned and headed for the hospital wing. She heard a piercing scream before she even got to Evie's room. Sydney ran into the room and found a poor nurse, fighting with the now conscious girl, trying to put in an IV needle. "Hey! What's going on?" Sydney shouted over Evie and the nurse's yelling.

"She's trying to stick needles into me!" Evie protested.

"I'm trying to put this IV needle in incase we need to hook her up to one," the nurse countered.

"Can you give us a minute?" Sydney asked the nurse. She sighed and left Sydney and Evie to themselves. Sydney turned to Evie and sat down on the edge of her bed.

"Look I know you're going to say that everyone is her to help me but I just don't feel like have more needles jabbed into me. I've had enough of that over the years," Evie explained.

"I understand, okay. We'll leave the IV for now, but we do need a sample of your blood for some other tests, you promise you won't go ballistic on the guy who comes to do that?"

"I promise."

Just then the doctor entered followed. "How are you feeling Evie?" she asked setting down her clipboard on the bed.

"Tired, my head hurts, otherwise fine. It's not the first seizure I've had."

"How long have they being going on?"

"As long as I can remember. No one made any effort to find out why; either that or they just won't tell me."

"Well, I'm going to do my examination as scheduled. It won't take long and you should be free to go after it's over." Sydney sat down in the chair next to the bed; she wanted to stay to make sure Evie didn't freak out at another doctor. The doctor started her examination by having Evie sit up. She lifted up the back of the girl's shirt to listen to her breathing and found her back covered in dark bruises. Sydney managed to stifle her gasp; she bit down hard on her bottom lip and looked away from Evie.

"Punishment, for doing something wrong," Evie said quietly. Sydney looked back at the girl and smiled reassuringly as the doctor carefully continued her check up.

"If you would step onto the scale now, Evie," the doctor said, gesturing to the corner of the room. Evie got off the bed and went over to the scale. The doctor adjusted the weights measures and read the number out loud. "Ninety pounds and... " she adjusted the height measurements. "Exactly five feet tall." She scribbled the numbers on her clipboard. "How old are you Evie?"

"Fourteen, I think I'll be fifteen soon, I was never actually told my birthday," she answered. The doctor looked slightly surprised as she nodded and scribbled something on her clipboard.

"Okay, I'm just going to take some blood for some tests and we'll be done."

"What kind of tests?" Evie asked.

"Just a few to make sure you have no toxins in your blood." There was no hysterics this time as the doctor slid the needle in Evie's forearm. It was over in minutes and Sydney stepped out of the room as the doctor left.

"Does everything look okay?" she asked.

"She's a little underweight for her height and small in general for her age. I would have put her at twelve. I'm wondering if the blood tests can give answers for that and her seizures. Maybe she has been exposed to toxins that stunted her growth, otherwise she a pretty healthy girl. The bruising will fade soon. I'm going to analyze her blood sample today for toxins. I'll start the DNA sequencing too. I should be able to compare your DNA patterns to hers by tomorrow morning."

Sydney smiled weakly as the doctor left. She was happy that an answer to the question chewing at her inside was going to be available so soon, but she was still nervous about what exactly the answer would be. She turned and went back into Evie's room.

"So am I free to go?" Evie asked anxiously.

"Yep, we're all done here. But you have to go for an interview with Agent Jack Bristow."

Evie groaned. "He related to you?"

"He's my father." Sydney answered. Evie nodded knowingly as they left the room.

Sydney led Evie to the interrogation room. Jack was already there with the computerized lie detector set up.

"Is this really necessary?" Sydney asked gesturing to the computer.

"Yes, I want to make sure that all the information we get from this girl is true. She could be a member of the Covenant herself," Jack said, turning to face his daughter.

"She's fourteen years old! She's not a member of a terrorist organization!" Sydney whispered fiercely. She didn't want Evie, who was examining the computer, to overhear.

"I started training you for... " Jack started, almost mentioning Project Christmas. "... It's protocol," he finished.

Sydney glared at him. "Since when have you followed protocol?"

"We need to commence with the interview," Jack said icily. He didn't want to upset his daughter, but he also didn't trust Evie. Sydney stalked out of the room and slammed the door behind her. It was childish and irrational but she didn't exactly feel all that mature and rational at the moment. She went into the next room to watch the interview through the one way mirror.

"Please sit down," Jack said, turning from the door to Evie. Evie obliged and sat down. Jack hooked up all of the sensors to her and sat down on the other side of the desk, watching the computer. "Is your name Evelyn?" he started.

"Yes, but I prefer... "

"Just yes or no is fine."

"Have you been in custody of an organization called the Covenant?"


"Have you been in Covenant custody your entire life?"


"Did you know that the Covenant was a terrorist organization?"


"What did the Covenant use you for?"

"I don't know. They just asked me a lot of questions in math and stuff,"

"Did they ever do anything medically to you?"

"Yes. I was on an IV all the time until last year."

Jack nodded and wrote down something in his notebook. So far she was telling the truth. Either that or she was trained to fool lie detectors.

"Have you ever heard of Milo Rambaldi?"


"Did any Covenant agent ever refer to the Chosen One?"

"No. How long is this going to take," Evie asked.

"Not long," Jack responded.

Two hours passed with questions about the Covenant and its doings. None of which Evie could answer.

"Please, are we done yet? You said this wouldn't take to long," Evie whined, slumped in her chair. Sydney still watched from behind the glass, but she'd had enough of her father's questions. She could see Evie getting more and more tired and irritated by the minute. She stood up and entered the interrogation room.

"That's enough. You've been here two hours and it's pretty obvious she doesn't know anything," Sydney said, pulling sensors off of Evie's body. Jack sighed knowing he shouldn't argue with her. Evie stood up and she and Sydney left the room.

"Thanks for getting me out of there. I was beginning to think there wasn't an end to his questions."

"He shouldn't have kept you that long. I'll warn you now that my father isn't a very trusting man."

"I noticed," Evie said. "So where will I be staying tonight?"

"At my house. It's not a long drive from here." Sydney grabbed her coat from her office and she and Evie headed out to the subway platform.

At Sydney's house they found Weiss, Nadia, and Vaughn on the couch watching a movie. Sydney hadn't realized how late it was and that the other three agents had already gone home.

"So you of course know, Vaughn and Nadia. Nadia my sister and lives here with me. And this is Agent Eric Weiss, who you saw briefly earlier," Sydney said making the quick introductions.

"Feeling better Evie?" Nadia asked as they all sat back down.

"Pretty good, I think I'll go to bed early though. Catch up on some sleep."

Sydney rose and showed Evie the small spare bedroom. "These will have to do for pajamas until we can get you some real clothes to wear," she said, handing Evie a tank top of hers and a pair of pajama pants of Nadia's.

"They're fine, thanks." The both paused for a moment in an awkward silence. Just as Sydney was about to turn to the door Evie rushed over and hugged her tightly. "Thank-you so much, for everything," she whispered, her voice cracking a little.

Sydney swallowed the lump in her throat. "Any time," she whispered as Evie pulled back. "Have a good sleep."

"Good night," Evie said as the door closed behind Sydney.

Weiss was just leaving as Sydney came back into the living room. He kissed Nadia goodbye and opened the front door. "Bye Eric!" Sydney called as he left.

"I think I'll follow in the way of Evie and head to bed, it almost ten o'clock and I'm exhausted. Who knew paper work could do that to a girl," Nadia said, as she picked up her stuff from the living room and headed for her room.

"Night Nads," Sydney and Vaughn called.

"So what did the doctor say?" Vaughn asked now that everyone was gone.

"She's a little small and underweight for 14 but otherwise in pretty good health. The doctor is running blood tests. She thinks Evie might have been exposed to toxins that may have caused her seizure and growth stunt. The worst part of the whole thing was the bruises. She was beaten by whoever was taking care of her," Sydney explained.

Vaughn shook his head. "Imagine growing up in Covenant custody. It sounds horrible."

Sydney nodded, yawning widely.

"You look tired. Do you want me to stay tonight?"

She looked at Evie's door and then back at Vaughn. "You'd better not tonight." Vaughn nodded in agreement and stood up. She walked him to the door as he put on his coat.

"When are the DNA results going to be in?" he asked before opening the door.

"Supposed to be tomorrow morning."

"Have you thought about what to do if she isn't... you know?"

Sydney thought for a moment. She'd been worrying so much about the DNA matching that she'd never thought about what would happen if Evie wasn't her daughter. "No, but I'm sure we can figure something out. Maybe after all of this is over a normal American family could adopt her or something."

"And if she is?" Vaughn persisted.

"That's a whole other story that I'm not going to think about until tomorrow." That was Vaughn's signal to drop it.

"Don't worry," he said with a smile, then leaning down and kissing deeply. "I love you," he said, when she pulled away.

"Love you too," she answered. He stepped outside and walked out to his car. She watched as it disappeared around the corner and then closed the door.

The sharp piercing of the telephone ringing woke Sydney instantly from her deep sleep. She fumbled for the receiver, trying to pick it up before it woke Nadia or Evie. "Hello?" she said groggily. It was midnight, who would be calling this late. "Agent Bristow? I'm sorry for calling so late, it's Dr. Lewis. Those DNA results came in faster than I thought and I knew they were important to you," the female voice said.

So here it is, the moment of truth, Sydney thought before answering. "So what are the results?" she asked. There was a short silence before the doctor answered... .

. . .

Chapter Seven: Lies

Author's Note: I changed the time that Sydney gets the phone call from the doctor to 4:00 am, so don't be like "what?!" when it says that she left the house at 4:15 am okay. Hope ya like it - R&R!

The only sound that could be heard was Sydney's shoes pounding hard on the ground as she ran. It was very early, only fifteen after four when she'd silently left the house and ran out into the darkness. It was ool out for April, the wind kicked up slightly sending the trees into array, making their shadows dance wildly across the path. Sydney ran faster, hoping that the farther and faster she ran the less intense her problems would be. Only darkness loomed in front of her, making her miss the baseball sized rock a few feet away. She stepped on it and was sent skidding down the path, finally coming to a stop on her knees under one of the scattered street lights on the park path. She sat for a minute, breathing hard, the sound of her heart beating echoing in her ears. Slowly she got up and sat on a nearby bench to examine the damage, just a few cuts and scrapes and a ripped pair of pants, nothing too major. Sydney wiped at the blood with her shirt sleeve and sat back. The phone call from the doctor returned to her mind.

"Your DNA and Evelyn's matched, Sydney. There's no doubt that you're Evelyn's biological mother," the doctor informed her. There was a long silence before Sydney answered.

"Uh... okay, thanks for letting me know right away. I'll... I'll see you later," Sydney said. She hung up quickly and immediately grabbed her running shoes.

So, I'm a mother, she thought now to herself. "I'm... a... mother." This time the thought was vocalized, each word drawn out. It was surreal; Sydney had never felt very maternal at all. She contributed it all to her own mother's "death" when she was young. What was she going to tell Evie? Would she tell her at all? "Am I ready for this?" Before an answer came she looked at her watch. Five thirty. "I should be getting home. Nadia will be up soon." She stood up and rolled up her pant leg to keep it from touching the wound. The sun was now peeking over the horizon, shining lighting on any other offending rocks that dared to trip her again. She ran home, blocking all thoughts again. Running was a good outlet. Her only outlet.

"How long have you been gone?" Nadia's voice asked from the kitchen. She'd noticed her sister's running shoes gone when she'd gotten up. Something was wrong, it was a trait they both had, running when things weren't going their way.

"Since four fifteen," Sydney answered, coming into view of Nadia.

"What happened?" Nadia asked, addressing the physical signs of injury before the emotional. There was a small line of blood slowly trickling down Sydney's leg from her knee.

Sydney looked down; she hadn't noticed it started bleeding again. "Rocks," she answered, grabbing the dish cloth and wiping up the blood again. She opened the first aid kit and took out a Band-Aid, jumping up on the counter to apply it.

"So you got the DNA results?"

Sydney nodded.

"And... "

"She is," Sydney said, finally looking up from her leg. It was hard to tell what Nadia was thinking. She may have been waiting to see what her sister's reaction was before she reacted.

"So this is good? Or bad?" she asked when Sydney remained neutral.

"I can't decide. It might be good but I can't shake this feeling that something bad will come of this."

"When are you going to tell Evie?"

"I don't know if I am going to tell her."

"Going to tell her what?" Evie's voice called from the hall as she sauntered into the kitchen. Sydney immediately hopped of the counter and turned to face the young girl.

"Oh, nothing," Sydney lied, looking to Nadia. Her sister gave a fierce look which said, "What do you mean not tell her!" Sydney turned back to Evie. "Did you ever meet your parents, or hear of them while the Covenant was taking care of you?"

Evie shook her head. "I was only told that my mother is a civilian and my father was an agent that was killed in the line of duty. Who knows if that's true," Sydney nodded slightly and Evie's eye's lit up. "Have you found my parents? Do I actually have parents!" she cried, jumping up and down.

"No, no we haven't... but we're working on it. We hope to reunite you with someone in your family," Sydney lied again. Evie's face fell for a moment but she came back with a smile in a few seconds. "Why don't you get dressed and we'll have some breakfast and then head back to APO. Maybe someone has come through with something," Sydney suggested. The girl smiled and turned back toward her room. They watched her disappear down the hall and waited for the sound of the door closing before resuming their conversation.

"You don't want to tell her! Sydney! She deserves to know her true mother after all she's been through!" Nadia immediately began.

"What if something were to happen to me while on a mission? Knowing that your mother is dead is far worse than knowing that she's out there somewhere and that you may have a chance of finding her. If I don't tell her she can have a chance at a normal life, with a nice normal American family."

"What are you so afraid of Syd? You know that Evie would rather have an abnormal real mother than a normal adoptive family," Nadia countered.

"I don't want to be our mother!" Sydney burst out. "I don't want to be gone for weeks or months at a time! I don't want to run the risk of something happening to me and leaving Evie alone. She deserves a normal life, something outside the secret agent, terrorist organization life she's lived the past 14 years." She was almost on the brink of tears when she'd finished talking. Nadia walked over and hugged her.

"You won't be. Trust me, you're not Irina Derevko."

Sydney smiled appreciatively. "I'll figure it out. Don't worry. We need to get dressed and to the office soon, anyway. I'll see what my father and Vaughn think." The two sisters parted and each went to her bedroom to get ready for the day, an interesting one it would be too.

Author's Note: So yea, it's a little short but I gave you the info you wanted. And don't worry I am getting to the whole age thing in the next chapter. It will be explained. Ta ta for now! Ciao

. . .

Chapter Eight: Metamorphosis

Author's Note: So here it is, chapter eight. It took me forever but it's done. Review please! Hope you like it!

The car was silent as Sydney, Evie and Nadia drove toward APO headquarters. Nadia was still unsure of Sydney's choices concerning Evie, but Sydney refused to talk about it any further. Evie sat in the back, seemingly oblivious to the sister's unusual silence. She watched the LA landscape pass her by, from the suburbs to the big city.

At the office Sydney left Evie in her office to work on an IQ test that APO had set up. She and Nadia headed to the briefing room. There was a rumor that some interesting new information had been found. The rest of the agents hadn't arrived yet, leaving Sydney and Nadia alone again.

"Why do I have the feeling that you've decided not to tell Evie about the DNA results with out consulting anyone?" Nadia asked, closing the door behind them.

"Nadia, would you just drop it?" Sydney yelled, turning on her heel to face her sister.

"No! I'm not going to let you give up Evie just like that! It's not fair to her!" Nadia shot back.

"Not going to let me? It's my decision! My life! Have you thought about how much this will change things? How am I supposed to take care of a teenage girl with my job? I don't want to have to choose between Evie and the CIA all the time!"

"Look, if you don't want to keep her that's okay. I don't like it much but I can imagine how hard it would be to raise a teenager. But you can't let her go without telling her who you are."

Sydney sighed loudly. She looked through the glass walls of the briefing room and saw Vaughn and Weiss walking toward them. "I'm going to figure this all out later, when we know what exactly is going on with the Covenant and such."

"Later! That's what you always say; I'll deal with it later! This isn't something you can put off until later Sydney! You're dealing with a real person's life. This decision isn't just going to affect you!" Sydney was silent. She'd never seen her sister so upset before. She opened her mouth to argue again but Nadia interrupted her. "No! I don't want to hear anymore excuses!" she yelled, pushing on the door and stepping out of the briefing room. Vaughn and Weiss were just outside the door as she left. Weiss caught her before she got away.

"Hey, what's wrong, a little sibling rivalry?" he joked.

"Not now Eric," she snapped, pushing him away and walking briskly to her office, slamming the door behind her. Weiss and Vaughn stared after her for a minute and then turned to Sydney.

"What's going on?" Vaughn asked sitting down beside Sydney.

"We were arguing about Evie," she started to explain.

"Oh, we heard about the DNA results," Vaughn said

"Judging from your expression, I'm guessing this isn't something to congratulate you on," Weiss added quickly.

"First of all, I don't know if I'm going to keep her. I think I want to give her a shot at having a normal family. But that's not what Nadia and I were really arguing about. I don't want to tell Evie about the DNA or the prophecy."

"And Nadia thinks you should," Vaughn finished for her. Sydney nodded. "Well Syd, I know this isn't what you want to hear but I agree with Nadia. Evie should know her real mother and about the prophecy. She should know why she was kept out of the world for her entire life." Weiss nodded in agreement, watching Sydney's face for an outburst.

"Well...it's good to have another opinion I guess," she said quietly. Dixon, Jack, Sloane and Dr. Lewis entered before the conversation continued. All the agents entered the briefing room, minus Nadia, and sat down in their respective seats.

"Nadia said she'd be late but to continue the meeting without her. I'll fill her in later," Weiss informed Sloane quickly before the meeting started. He knew Sydney wouldn't want to have to explain the argument to anyone else.

"You may proceed then Dr. Lewis," Sloane said, gesturing to the doctor.

"Most of you already know of the DNA match between Agent Bristow and Evelyn. But what I'm sure you're all wondering is how it is possible for Evelyn to be Sydney's daughter when she says she's almost fifteen years old. If the Covenant had managed to save some of her eggs then the oldest the child could be is four or five years old. But the results of other blood tests revealed something very strange. I found large amounts chemical compounds in her blood stream that I've never seen before. I think that the exposure to these chemicals are causing her seizures and may be playing a part in the strange age issue that we're confronted with."

"But how are we to know for sure that these chemicals are the cause of this?" Vaughn asked, he wasn't certain but he thought he might know where this was going.

"We do have one Covenant agent in custody," Sloane said.

"Sark," Sydney mumbled under her breath.

"Is this necessary? Aren't there other ways to find information about Evelyn?" Vaughn started.

"Covenant information can be hard to locate. We wouldn't even know where to begin looking."

"You know he'll have a price, what are you going to give him this time?"

"We are prepared to give him almost everything he asks. This information is very valuable. Vaughn and Sydney, you two have a meeting with Sark this afternoon to acquire the info," Sloane finished. "You're all dismissed. But Sydney could we have a quick word." Jack and Sloane had both stayed behind to speak with Sydney.

She sat down again, mentally preparing her argument. It was obvious what this was about. Did they talk about anything else anymore?

"Nadia informed me before the meeting that you were having second thoughts on telling Evelyn about the DNA results," Sloane started.

"More like first thoughts. I was thinking about letting a normal family adopt Evie once all this is over. I didn't plan on telling her about the prophecy or the DNA results because I want her to have a normal life, with no notion of all that," Sydney explained for the third or forth time that day.

"I'm not sure that is such a good idea Sydney," Jack said.

"I don't understand this! Why does everyone want to impose such confusing and life-changing information on a fourteen year old girl when she could have a normal life and not know?" Sydney yelled, working herself into hysterics.

"Sydney! Calm down," Jack said, putting a hand on his daughter's shoulder. "Arvin and I don't think we can continue the investigation on Evie without her knowing what she's involved in."

"Continue the investigation? She's already told you all she knows."

"There are still some more questions we need to ask after you interrupted our first interrogation."

"You had been in there for two hours! You can't keep a young girl hooked up to a lie detector in an interrogation room for two hours! And what's this about more questions! You now know that she's your granddaughter and yet you still suspect her of being an ally of the Covenant!"

Jack was silent, he knew Sydney was right but yet he still couldn't shake his suspicions.

"I do agree with you that the interrogation went to far," Sloane finally put in. "But please do reconsider not telling the girl about all this."

"I'll think about it, okay?" Sloane and Jack nodded as Sydney stood up and left the room. She started toward her office but stopped when she saw her sister enter before her and start talking to Evie. Slowly Sydney crept toward the door, curious about what Nadia was saying.

"Hey Evie," she said, sitting down beside the girl. Both of their backs were to the door allowing Sydney to stand there without being noticed.

Evie looked up from her test. "Oh, hey Nadia."

"Whatcha doing kiddo?"

"Sydney gave me an IQ test to do," Evie answered

"She's working you pretty hard," Nadia commented.

"Not too much, I don't usually mind doing the work, as long as I don't get in trouble for getting the wrong answer."

Nadia cringed a little at the girl's answer. She remembered Sydney's account of all the bruises that Evie had sustained while in Covenant custody. Evie bubbled in another answer and put the pencil down.

"I'm done," she sighed. "One hundred and fifty questions."

"Maybe you'll be the new Einstein," Nadia joked a little.

Evie laughed as she put the test back in the envelope. "So, do you know if they've found anything?" she asked.

"Anything, what?" Nadia said, confused.

"About my parents, Sydney said they were trying to locate them."

Nadia paused and bit her lower lip. What was she supposed to tell her? She knew Sydney didn't want Evie to know, but it wouldn't feel right lying to her. "Uh...we're still trying," she answered. It was sort of the truth. I mean they were still trying to get Sydney to confess.

"Okay, then...uh...keep me posted," Evie said quietly, she could feel tears behind her eyes pushing to escape.

"Hey, don't worry we'll find them," Nadia said, she could see that Evie was upset.

Tears started down Evie's face, but she was quick to wipe them away. "I don't know why I'm crying, god I'm such a baby. I've never even known my parents. I mean what good can they be if they let the Covenant take over my life," she said, wiping away more oncoming tears.

"Oh, sweetie, no, your parents love you. They probably had no say in what happened with the Covenant, and are still looking for you. All we have to do is find them." Nadia pulled Evie's hands away from her face and hugged her as a new wave of tears took over the girl.

"You know what I would think about when I was younger and really upset about something some Covenant agent had done to me?" Evie said pulling away after a minute. Some of her tears had subsided now. "I would think about who my family was. What would they look like? Would I have siblings? Pets? You know all the stuff that a perfect family has. Now I don't really care if their perfect or not, as long as I have a family. My real family" Evie wiped away the last remaining tears and smiled a little.

"I understand what you must feel like, Evie. I lived in an orphanage for most of my life wondering who my family was. Then after a few years of struggle I found them, my father and my sister. It's more than I could ask for really. Don't worry; your family is out there too, I'm sure someone is looking for you," Nadia reassured Evie. "Now why don't we take a little lunch break and do some shopping. It's time you got your own clothes."

Evie smiled big and stood up. "Best idea I've heard all day."

In the hall, Sydney quickly ducked into the nearest doorway as Nadia and Evie left the office. She listened to their footsteps fade as she sat down on the floor and put her head down on her knees. Everything was making this decision harder and harder to make. And now with everything that she'd heard Evie say to Nadia, how could she not tell the girl about it all. Sydney sat for a minute, working everything out in her mind. Her thoughts were interrupted by Vaughn's voice calling her name. She stood up and exited the room, finding Vaughn just leaving her office.

"There you are," he said. "We need to leave, our meeting with Sark is soon. We need to get over to CIA headquarters."

Sydney nodded slightly in response and slipped into her office to grab her purse. "Okay, let's go."

The started down the hallway, Vaughn slipping his hand into her as they rounded the corner. Feeling strangely uncomfortable, Sydney pulled away from him, walking faster toward the security door. "Uh...we'll be late if we don't hurry," she lied, glancing at her watch for the effect. Vaughn paused, and then nodded, thinking nothing of Sydney's strange behavior. "She does have a lot on her mind," he thought to himself.

"Why don't you go in an order us some drinks and I'll wait out here with all our stuff," Nadia said, pointing Evie to the Starbucks and handing her a ten. Evie gladly took it and ran into the coffee house, while Nadia took a seat at the sidewalk tables. She was just arranging the last bag, of their purchases for the afternoon, under the small table when two hands clamped down over her eyes.

"Guess who," a voice whispered in her ear.

A smile spread across her face, the voice was unmistakable. She pried the hands off her eyes and turned around in her chair to face her assailant. "You know you can't fool me Eric," she laughed.

He smiled bashfully and leaned forward, catching her in lip lock. After a minute the two pulled away from each and he took the seat across from her. "Where's Evie?" he asked, looking around.

"She just in grabbing something to drink," Nadia replied, peering in through the window. "It shouldn't be taking this long. I'm going to go check and make sure everything is alright." She stood up and walked into the coffee shop, looking around carefully for a small brown haired girl. Lunch was just ending so the crowd was starting to thin, but Evie was no where insight. Nadia checked the washroom, looking for Evie's new green and white sneakers under the stall doors, but no avail. Walking back into the main room, Nadia's agent instincts started to take over. She looked over the room once again, watching for suspicious characters. She immediately spotted a tall man dressed in dark colours near the south exit. He bolted out the door and into a waiting van when he saw Nadia looking at him. Panic starting to set in, Nadia ran back to Weiss. "Evie's gone!"

Sydney and Vaughn walked quickly down the dimly lit corridor, followed by three prison guards. They soon arrived at a large metal door with a thin slit of a window in it. One of the guards slid a keycard into a slot. A key code panel revealed itself and a different guard punched in a long series of numbers. The door buzzed and opened, sliding back into the wall. Julian Sark lay on the small cot in the corner of the tiny cell.

"Look what the cat dragged in," he said with a smile when he saw who it was that had come for him. The three guards moved in a cuffed him around the wrists and ankles. They led him out of the cell and down the corridor to an interrogation room. One guard stayed in the room while the other two waited outside.

"We need information about..." Vaughn started.

"You need information? How about me?" Sark interrupted.

"What about you?" Sydney snapped, she didn't want to waste time with his little mind games.

"Well, let's see, that last time I gave you information I was promised to be let out of solitary," he replied snidely. "And as you can see, there aren't very many people around here."

"Fine, what ever you want. You'll be moved to another ward within the week."

Sark nodded. "Well then, you may proceed."

Sydney was surprised, why would Sark give in this quickly? "Who is she?" Sydney asked, letting her thoughts slide and getting right to the point. She pulled out a picture the CIA had taken of Evie and placed it on the table.

Sark looked from the picture to Sydney and back again. "I thought you would know by now," he replied, stringing them along.

"Yes, we do know. Covenant agent Yakov Sevnik informed us of the relation between Sydney and the girl in the photo and DNA tests have proved his allegation." Vaughn said. "We know they were performing some sort of medical tests on her but what chemicals were used and why."

"I see. Well where to begin?" Sark started. "This girl, Evelyn, as I'm sure you've found out by now, was born four years ago."


"I know, she looks older, acts older, and even thinks she's older. Some scientists within the Covenant developed a drug that when administered for long periods of time would cause a person to age almost ten times faster then a normal person grows. It effects the entire body, brain, major organs, everything. The subject not only looks older but has the ability to think at whatever age he or she has been aged to as long as they are given the proper education. Evelyn was in the Covenant's form of school from day one. They used psychotherapy to create a past for her, making her think she was fourteen, and remembering her entire fourteen years living in Covenant custody. Unfortunately the drug can have harsh side effects when used for a long time. Evelyn has been given it intravenously for four years straight. She developed seizures, chronic nosebleeds and stopped growing after a while. The drug stays in the blood stream for years after the subject stops taking it." Sark finished and slumped back in his chair.

"That's all?" Sydney asked, in momentary shock from the strange story. He nodded. "Why go through all the trouble to age her?"

"I don't know."

"What do you mean you don't know? How can you tell us all that and not know why?"

"I was only informed of that much. Then I was told that two agents from the CIA would come and ask me about Metamorphosis and that I was to tell them everything I know," Sark responded, almost echoing one of the first sentences Evie had said to Sydney.

I was told that at some point someone from the United States that worked for the CIA would come and take me away. Evie's voice rang in her head. Why is the Covenant practically handing us information about Evie on a silver platter?

To be continued . . .

. . .


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