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Project Phoenix
By Amelia

Summary: Four years after her return from her mission as Julia Thorne, Sydney saves a girl from dangerous Covenant experiments. The girl is connected to the infamous Rambaldi prophecy, but how is the question.
Author's Notes: Okay so this is my first Alias fic. I'm trying my best at it. I absolutely love feedback and will include my email (below) for reviews and any ideas of where the story should go. Ciao for now!
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. . .

Chapter One

The alarm beeped noisily as Sydney tried to get herself out of bed. Clumsily, she felt for the off button and sat up. Newly risen rays of sunlight streamed through the slits in the blinds of the dim bedroom. She looked at the clock again, this time actually registering the time. Seven o'clock in the morning. As her senses awoke she could hear the soft notes of classical music drifting in from behind the bedroom door. She stood up and trudged into the kitchen. Vaughn sat at the kitchen table engrossed in the morning paper while Debussy's Claire de Lune played softly from the radio on the counter. He sat hunched over, his glasses on his face and his hair still a mess from bed. Once in a while he sipped from the blue mug on the table next to him. Sydney leaned on the doorway, watching his concentration on the paper. Slowly she started to move as silently as possible toward him. Suddenly he looked up and a smile spread across his face stopping Sydney in her tracks.

"Hey hun, how long have you been standing there?" Vaughn asked, putting down the paper.

"Why? You shy?" she answered, smirking. Vaughn laughed as pulled her down onto his lap and kissed her. "Good morning to you too," Sydney said as she pulled away. She could taste Vaughn's sugary coffee on her lips.

"Sleep well?" he asked as she sat down at the table and grabbed a section of the paper. She nodded earnestly as a big yawn took over.

"Yep," she answered when she could speak again. Vaughn smiled again and sipped his coffee.

"Morning," a tired voice called from down the hall. A moment later the owner of it sauntered in the kitchen in a sleepy haze. The tall, dark haired woman stretched tall and yawned as she wandered toward the counter where she stopped to pour herself a cup of coffee.

"Morning, Nadia," Sydney said as her sister sat down at the table beside her. Vaughn peeked over the top of his paper and almost whispered a good morning. Nadia smirked in response. All though she herself had gotten over the initial shyness of having Vaughn around the house most of the time, it was obvious he wasn't quite at her level. She tried to make sure she kept to long p.j pants and sweatshirts when he stayed over but one only had so many of those. And the time he caught her by surprise in the hall in only a towel hadn't helped the situation much either.

Sydney suppressed a giggle at Vaughn's slowly reddening face and looked over at her sister. Nadia was busily pouring heaps of sugar into her coffee. Sydney opened her mouth to comment but was interrupted by the cheery ringing of her cell phone. As she got up to answer it a second ring was heard from the living room, Nadia's phone. Not moments later, as one would have guessed, a third ring went off in the bedroom. The three agents looked forebodingly at each other. What was originally planned as a quite, paperwork only day at the office had now turned into something much more.

. . .

Chapter Two

Sydney and Nadia's heels clicked loudly on the L.A subway platform. Vaughn followed closely behind them as they slipped through the "Authorized Personnel Only" barriers at the end of the platform. Within minutes the three agents were past the security doors and into the offices of the CIA's black OP's division, APO. Few people were working at their desks as Sydney, Vaughn and Nadia headed for the briefing room. Inside, Jack, Weiss, Marshall and Dixon were all waiting patiently when they entered.

"What's going on?" Sydney asked urgently. "Sloane explained nothing on the phone."

Jack shook his head. "None of us know. We got the same strange urgent calls from Sloane too."

"I don't know how urgent this could really be if he's not even here yet," Weiss mumbled sarcastically from his seat at the far end of the table. Not a moment later the door opened and Arvin Sloane stepped into the briefing room.

"I trust we're all here," he said, surveying the room and counting the agents. "There should be seven. Where's Marshall?" Weiss pointed to the far end of the room where Marshall sat, singing quietly into his cell phone. Sydney smiled; she hadn't even noticed he was in the room before. Marshall looked up as saw the other agents in the room staring at him.

"Uh... Daddy has to go now Mitchell. Be a good boy now... . Please don't cry." He said into the phone. Sloane cleared his throat and continued to stare at Marshall as he hung up.

"S... sorry... " he started, but Sloane had already turned his back and had begun talking.

"If you'll all take your seats we can begin." A picture appeared on the overhead. "The man you are looking at is Dimitri Harkov, a well known descendant of the royal line in Russia, who disappeared five years ago and is believed to be dead. Recent Intel has led us to the conclusion that Harkov is indeed not dead but very much alive and working for the Covenant against his will. We have reason to believe that they are using him to gain access to this," another picture appeared on the overhead. This time it showed what looked like a small quartz crystal with strange markings on it. "The Shah Diamond, an 88.70 carat diamond found in India around the year 1000. In 1829 The Shah was given to Czar Nicholas the first of Russia and put away for the duration of World War Two. It remerged in 1922 and is now kept in the Russian Treasury of Diamonds & Precious Stones in the Kremlin Palace. The Shah may be linked to the Rambaldi prophecy and that's why the Covenant wants it. Harkov is one of the few who knows how to get it."

"So our mission is to steal the Shah before the Covenant?" Vaughn asked. Sloane shook his head.

"No, your mission is to extract Harkov from Covenant custody and bring him back here. The Russians can be sticky about their jewels and we don't need anymore enemies. Now the Covenant has headquarters underneath the popular Russian nightclub Moloko in Moscow. That's where Harkov is being held until he is needed. Sydney and Nadia will enter the nightclub and find Yakov Sevnik, the leader of The Shah project, and find a way to steal his keycard. While Nadia keeps Sevnik busy, Sydney, you will slip into the basement and find Harkov. Dixon and Vaughn will be waiting in the van in the back alley for you. A car will be sent to pick up Nadia and return her to the rendezvous point. Marshall, I need you to hack into Moloko's servers and find the map of the basement for Sydney. You leave in three hours." At that word everyone stood up and headed off to prepare for the mission, with no questions asked.

"Looks like I have nothing to do for this mission," Weiss said as he and Nadia exited the briefing room and stopped at her desk.

"You can come meet me at the airport when we get back in. I like to have a welcoming party," she offered with a smile.

"Hmm... That's sounds good. Eric Weiss, the official APO welcoming party," he laughed as he leaned over and kissed Nadia softly.

A few desks over Sydney and Vaughn had stopped, watching Weiss and Nadia.

"They're so cute," she said, sitting on the edge of her desk.

"Were we ever like that? You know all, lovey dovey?" Vaughn asked, draping his arm around Sydney's shoulders.

She laughed. They had been steadily dating for two years now; some of the initial lovey doveyness had worn off. "Oh, I'm sure we were worse. But some of it's still there." She stood up and pecked him on the cheek. "See, still there."

He smiled and rolled his eyes. "We've got to go pack. I'll drop you and Nadia off at your house and then come back and pick you up at 10:30." The two of them started for the door and Sydney motioned for Nadia to follow. She gave Weiss one last kiss and ran to catch up with her sister.

Back at the house Nadia and Sydney had begun packing up clothes, make-up and their case files for their trip to Moscow.

"Don't you think it's strange that we're going for Harkov and not the Shah diamond?" Nadia asked from inside Sydney's closet.

"Yea, actually, I didn't want to say anything during the meeting, but it is kind of strange. I figured Sloane would want the chance to get his hands on something even remotely connected to Rambaldi," Sydney answered. Nadia stepped out of the closet holding up a black leather corset. Sydney laughed. "It's from that mission to Tokyo last year, when we had to infiltrate that high class strip club."

Nadia laughed. "It will definitely work for this mission too," she said taking it off the hanger and throwing it into her suitcase.

"I'm all set," Sydney said, zipping up her suitcase, just as a car horn honked from outside. "That would be Vaughn." Nadia quickly shut her suitcase and followed Sydney out to Vaughn waiting in his black SUV. In minutes the three of them were headed for the airport.

The standard CIA commissioned jet was already sitting near the tarmac ready to go when Sydney, Vaughn, and Nadia pulled into the deserted airport strip. They quickly boarded and found Dixon already seated in one of the plush chairs going through security maps of Moloko night club.

"Do you ever stop working Dixon?" Nadia asked, seating herself in a chair next to him. He laughed and closed the computer.

"You can never be too prepared for a mission."

The four agents quickly settled into their seats and waited for take-off. They spent the next eight hours discussing plans for their oncoming mission.

. . .

Chapter Three: Moloko

"Well, Mr. and Mrs. Sterling, we hope you enjoy your stay in Moscow," the desk manager at the Katerina Iris Congress Hotel said in a heavy Russian accent. "Please don't hesitate to call the desk for anything." Sydney and Vaughn flashed big smiles and took their keycards from the manager.

"Why, thank-you sugar. You have a good night now!" Sydney exclaimed in a southern accent as she kissed the manager on each cheek. He turned slightly red as he pointed them in the direction of the elevator. Dixon and Nadia had already checked in while Sydney and Vaughn picked up the cars from their contact. They had managed to acquire the room next to Sydney and Vaughn.

"You're really getting into your part," Vaughn joked as the elevator doors closed.

Sydney laughed. "Look who's talking. I like the cowboy hat. It's a cute touch," she remarked flicking the brim of the large tan coloured cowboy hat Vaughn was wearing.

He made a face and took it off his head. "I wouldn't be caught dead in one of these at home."

"Aww, come on, it's so cute!" she exclaimed, grabbing the hat and shoving it back on his head. He scowled again as the elevator doors opened to the fourteenth floor. The two headed for room number 1407. Inside they found the connecting door to the neighbouring room already open. Dixon and Nadia were sitting on the couch in the common room staring intently at more maps of the club.

"There you are. I was beginning to think you'd gotten lost or something," Nadia said turning to greet them.

"No, not lost. Just a very helpful desk manager," Sydney replied. She walked over and leaned over Nadia, looking at the maps on her laptop screen. As she did she whispered something into her sister's ear. Dixon gave her an odd look, but Vaughn hadn't noticed.

"Well, if you don't mind I'm going to change out of these ridiculous clothes," Vaughn said as he started back toward the door.

"Oh, Vaughn, hold on a second!" Nadia called. He stopped in the doorway and turned around to face her.

"I just love the hat! It's so cute," she said, holding in laughter. Vaughn groaned, shot Sydney a look and trudged through the doorway, taking off the hat as he went. Behind him Sydney and Nadia erupted into laughter. Dixon just rolled his eyes.

About fifteen minutes later, when Sydney and Vaughn had changed, the four agents got down to business.

"We have about two hours until departure time. Sevnik is known to arrive at the club around ten o'clock so Nadia and Sydney, you'll want to get there after him," Dixon instructed. The four on them were sitting back in the living room discussing plans again. He clicked a few buttons on the computer and a map of the basement popped up on the screen. "This is the entrance you'll have access to from the club floor. From there you want to get to this room," he pointed to a large room on the other side of the building. "Marshall is still working on hacking into Moloko's surveillance network so we can give you a heads up on any guards you might come across. He should have it ready by the time we leave." Sydney nodded, signaling she understood everything.

Dixon turned to Nadia next and took out a diamond bracelet. "Remember, you've got to keep Sevnik interested in you. I'm sure you won't have much problem with that, but just incase here's one of Marshall's weird and wonderful contraptions. When turned on it will cause the keycard entrances to malfunction, giving Sydney more time before Sevnik gets into the basement." Dixon held out the bracelet, and indicated the tiny switch near the clasp. Nadia examined it for a minute then set it next to the countless other machines that Marshall had whipped up for this mission.

"If we're done here, the two of us need to get ready. We can't exactly walk into the club looking like this," Sydney said, looking down at her blue jeans and red t-shirt. Nadia rose from the couch and followed Sydney to her bedroom where everything they'd need to change their appearances was already laid out.

"See ya later guys!" she called as they exited the room.

An hour and a half later the girls were parking a red convertible in front of Moloko nightclub. Dixon and Vaughn had left about ten minutes earlier to set up the van behind the club. "Wow, I have never felt more uncomfortable in my entire life," Nadia said, pulling at her skirt as the walked into the club. She's chosen the black corset and a black mini-skirt to wear and was really regretting it now. Her hair was left down and straight and her make-up dark. Sydney wasn't much better off in a short red dress with a plunging neckline and stilettos. A red wig in an up-do was fixed safely on her head.

Inside Moloko the music was thumping loudly and the place was packed. Coloured lights flashed every which way while lightly clothed waitresses walked around with platters of fluorescent coloured drinks. Sevnik wasn't hard to find in all the commotion. He and his posse of mostly women were near the back in a booth large enough to seat fifteen people.

Sydney and Nadia walked straight up to Sevnik, both almost staring him down. He stared up at the two women and cocked his head to the side as if to ask "who are you?"

"Daskov sent us," Sydney finally said, in a perfect Russian accent. Sevnik continued to stare, wondering whether he should trust these women.

. . .

Chapter Four: Long Story

"And what are two beautiful women like you doing consorting with a dirty man like Daskov?" Sevnik said with laugh, finally breaking the tense silence between him, Nadia and Sydney. The girls smiled big as he shooed the rest of his posse away so that he could be alone with them. Sydney sat on his right and Nadia on his left. "So, what are you going to do for me on this lovely night?" Sevnik asked once Sydney and Nadia were seated.

"What would you like us to do?" Nadia whispered seductively into his ear. She traced her fingers from his hip along his thigh, feeling for his keycard. It was there in his left pocket. She looked over at Sydney and blinked three times, their signal if they found the keycard. Sydney gave a slight nod and turned Sevnik's head to face her.

"But I don't think it would be very fair if you didn't buy us some drinks first," she said.

Sevnik smiled and stood up to signal a waitress. As he did Nadia quickly slipped the keycard out from his pocket and slid it across the bench to Sydney. As Sevnik sat back down Sydney pushed her purse off the bench and under the table. "Opps, silly me," she said, leaning under the table to retrieve it. Now under the safe cover of the table she opened her purse and pulled out Marshall's keycard coping device. She slid Sevnik's card through and in seconds the copied version popped out of the slot. Quickly she put the device and new card back in her purse and sat back up. "If you'll excuse me a moment, I'm going to find the ladies room," she said, standing up and edging out of the booth past Sevnik and Nadia. She slid the real keycard underneath Nadia's leg as she went by. Sydney quickly disappeared into the dancing crowd and headed for the access door.

"Boy Scout to Phoenix, what is your status?" Vaughn's voice filtered in through Sydney's earphone.

"Approaching basement door," She answered into her microphone, as she slid the keycard into the slot. The light turned green and the door unlocked. Slowly she slipped through and closed it behind her.

"About five feet from the bottom of the stairs are two guards," Vaughn informed her, looking at the live video surveillance feed Marshall had hacked into for them.

Sydney stepped quietly down the stairs and snuck up behind the first guard. One quick blow to his neck and he was out cold. The other guard turned at the sound and aimed his gun at Sydney. Easily, she kicked the gun out of his hand and knocked him unconscious. She proceeded down the hall, toward the room that Harkov was been held captive, with no other problems.

Above, Sevnik's pager beeped loudly, alerting him of trouble below in the Covenant offices.

"Excuse me darling," he said, turning to Nadia. "There's something I need to take care of."

"Do you have to? All work and no play makes Yakov a dull man," she said, sliding into his lap, and hopefully buying Sydney more time. For a moment he succumbed to her pleading but two men in suits appeared at the table, speaking in rapid Russian. All Nadia could manage to get from the short conversation was that some one had breached security in the basement. Sevnik stood up quickly, knocking Nadia back onto the bench.

"You stay here," he said just before he headed for the access door. Nadia reached for the switch on her bracelet and watched as Sevnik the two suits swiped their keycards over and over again.

In the basement Sydney was just swiping the keycard in the door that Harkov was hidden behind when Nadia's voice came through her earphone. "Phoenix, Sevnik and two other men are just about to get through the access door. I'm sure the guards aren't far behind." The door clicked just as Sydney heard Sevnik and the guards get through the access door. She pushed it open hurriedly and rushed in, slamming it behind her.

The room was small and relatively barren except for a table and a few chairs up against the wall. A dim light hung down from the high ceiling, over the head of an unconscious Harkov. His head hung down limply and his breathing appeared shallow. He was tied, both hands and legs, to a chair. Sydney ran over to him and began to untie the various knots holding him to the metal chair. Harkov stirred slightly and opened his eyes.

"Who are you?" he asked in barely a whisper.

"I'm here to help," Sydney replied, working on the third knot. Harkov had opened his mouth to say something when the door burst open. Sevnik and his guards stood in the doorway ready to pounce. One guard whipped out his gun and aimed it at Sydney. Immediately she dove for cover. Sevnik took this chance to grab Harkov and run off with him. Sydney fumbled for her gun in the holder attached to her thigh. Finally grabbing hold of it she began shooting toward Sevnik's guards. It didn't take long for each one to go down but Sevnik was long gone. Sydney raced out of the room in time to see Harkov and Sevnik disappear around the corner at the end of a long corridor. The quickly followed the two. Around the corner she found another key card access door. She swiped the copied key card and rushed into the room. On the other side was Sevnik, trying desperately to find the right key for the other door in the room. Harkov sat motionless at his feet.

"Drop the keys," Sydney said, aiming her gun at Sevnik. He dropped the keys and turned to face her. "Step away from Harkov." He started to do as he was told and then stopped.

"One last thing," he said. "If I can't have him, no one can." Sevnik pulled a gun out from behind his back and shot Harkov in the head, just as Sydney pulled her own trigger. Sevnik collapsed onto the floor next to the dead Harkov. She walked over to make sure Harkov was gone, he was but Sevnik was still breathing slightly.

"Let him die in pain," she thought vindictively to herself. As she stood back up Sydney looked at the door, wondering why Sevnik was so desperate to get inside. She started to turn away when she heard a faint sobbing. Sydney looked back at the door. Curiosity grabbed her once again and she picked up Sevnik's keys. It took three or four to find the correct key but finally she opened the door. The room was like most others. Small, barren, but this one had a bed against the left wall with an IV stand and heart monitor next to it. There was no one to be seen but Sydney could still hear the sobbing. She stepped further into to the room, now revealing a shadowy figure in the far left corner. She fumbled for the light switch and turned on the same kind of dim ceiling lamp as in the other rooms. The light washed over the figure and revealed it to be a small girl. Her head was buried in her knees and she shook with fear. Or was it the cold? She wasn't dressed in much, a long, thin, grey night shirt and matching thin cotton pants. Sydney walked over slowly, as not to scare the girl anymore. She knelt down in front of her.

"Hey there? Are you okay?" she asked quietly. The girl looked up at Sydney. She had big brown eyes and a thin face. Her eyes grew wide with fear and she tried to back further into the corner. "It's okay, I'm here to help you." At the word help the girl calmed a bit. What is a young girl like this doing in a Covenant headquarters? Sydney thought to herself. Then she remembered that Sevnik was still slightly alive. "I'll be back in minute, stay right here," she said to the girl. Quickly, she got up and moved out of the room and knelt beside Sevnik. He opened his eyes slightly and looked at her.

"Come to watch me die, have you?" he whispered.

"Who is she?" Sydney asked coldly.

"Who's who?"

"The girl in the room you were so desperately trying to get into?"

"That's a funny story actually." Sevnik coughed and blooded dripped out the corner of his mouth. "I don't think I have enough time to tell it."

"Just tell me who she is?" Sydney grabbed his shirt. Sevnik coughed again and his eyes began to roll into the back of his head. "Tell me!"

He came to for a moment, enough to time to tell her. "She's your daughter, Sydney."

Author's Note: Okay so this chapter is definitely worse than my other ones. I just kind of wanted to get it over with and to the parts of the story I've been waiting to write. Plus writing it in the middle of the night probably didn't help much. Anyway review anyway, criticism is welcome, it can be helpful as long as it isn't something like "YOUR STORY IS STUPID!" lol tell me why and maybe I can fix it.

. . .

Chapter Five

Author's Note: Here it is chapter five. It's kinda short but deal for now. I'm trying to work my way up to the interesting part. Lol

Silence flooded the tiny room after Sevnik's confession. Sydney was speechless. Too many questions and no answers were flying through her head at vast speeds. "It's not possible," she thought. "It's not possible." This time the phrase was vocalized in a mere whisper. She looked back down at Sevnik. The whites of his eyes were showing and there were no signs of breathing. "It's not possible!" she shouted, shaking Sevnik, as if he would spring back to life and give her the answers she wanted. Sydney let go of Sevnik and sat back. "How?" That was the most prominent question in her mind. A sniffle from the doorway brought her back from her thoughts. The girl was standing there, watching Sydney. She wasn't all that tall probably just under five feet. She looked about twelve. Her hair was long and hung limply over her shoulders, it desperately needed to be washed. Sydney stood up and walked over to her. The girl took a few steps back her legs shaking. "What's your name?" she asked. The girl said nothing. "I'm Sydney, okay? I'm going to get you out of here." She looked for some sort of approval. A slight nod from the girl was all that came. Sydney took her hand and led her out into the hallway. The coast was clear, so they set out toward the door leading to the alley.

"Phoenix? Are you okay? Where are you?" It was Dixon's voice that filtered through the earphone this time.

"I'm fine, the situation has changed but I'm headed for the alley."

The black van sat in the back alley where they had discussed. Sydney knocked on the back and the doors opened, revealing Vaughn and Dixon inside. The two were surprised by the change in the original target.

"Harkov's dead," Sydney informed them immediately, as she lifted the girl into the van and then jumped in herself. "Sevnik and the guards got to me before I could untie him. Sevnik ran off with Harkov. After I fought off the guards I found him trying to get into this room. I cornered him but he shot Harkov before I could do anything. I shot Sevnik then decided to see what was in the room he was trying to get into. I found her in there."

"Who is she?" Vaughn asked, looking at the awkward little girl. Sydney looked at the floor of the van for a moment.

"I questioned Sevnik about her before he died,"


"He said...he said she was my daughter," she finished, still looking at the floor.

"But..." Vaughn started.

"I know, it's not possible, I thought I destroyed all the eggs the Covenant had years ago." She looked up at Vaughn and Dixon, both were silent, thinking about the strange circumstances. "Sevnik must have been lying. She's told old, twelve years at least," Sydney continued.

Vaughn and Dixon nodded in agreement and looked at the girl. "What's her name?" Dixon asked.

"She won't tell me, she won't say anything." Sydney looked back at the girl who had sat down on the floor of the van and was shivering violently. "We'd better get moving," she said, shifting toward the girl. Dixon moved to the driver's seat of the van and started it up. Sydney grabbed a blanket from a box in the van, wrapped it around the girl and sat down beside her. The van took off toward the hotel where they were to meet back up with Nadia.

The girl was asleep before they got back to the hotel. Vaughn carried her up to the rooms followed by Sydney and laid her down in their bed.

"We'll bring her back with us, she could know something about the covenant. Maybe about what they're doing with her," Vaughn said as he and Sydney left the room. She nodded in agreement. They found Nadia in the living room with Dixon.

"Dixon told me about our change in plans," she said when Sydney and Vaughn entered the room. "Is she really your...your..."

"Daughter," Sydney finished. "I'm really not sure right now. I want to say Sevnik is lying, but I can't. I don't know for sure."

Vaughn and Dixon stood up and yawned. "We'll figure it all out tomorrow back at APO," Dixon said as he headed toward his room.

"I guess we're on the couch tonight," Vaughn said to Sydney. "I'll go make it up now."

"I'll be in a little later."

Vaughn nodded and kissed her on the forehead "Goodnight Nadia," he said as he headed through the connecting door. It wasn't long before Nadia headed off to her room, leaving Sydney with her thoughts.

Sydney awoke with a start. It was still dark. She looked at the VCR clock the time read four am. She was still in Dixon and Nadia's living room. She sat up on the couch and looked around. That's when she saw a shadow sitting in the chair beside her. Startled, Sydney jumped back a little. She quickly turned on the light and found it was only the girl.

"What's wrong?" Sydney asked. The girl turned her head from looking out the window and looked at Sydney.

"Where are you going to take me?" she asked, ignoring Sydney's question. Her voice was surprisingly free of any European or any other accent.

It took a minute for Sydney to answer. "Uh...the United States. Los Angeles to be exact."

"You're CIA, aren't you?"

Sydney was taken aback. She'd never thought the girl would come to that conclusion on her own. "Yes," she answered. "How did you know?"

"I was told that at some point someone from the United States that worked for the CIA would come and take me away."

So the Covenant wanted me to find her, Sydney thought. "What's your name?"

"Evelyn, Evie for short," she answered yawning.

"You should get some more sleep; we're going to be leaving in a few hours," Sydney said, standing up. She followed Evie back into the bedroom and watched her get back into bed.

"Hey Sydney?"



Sydney smiled and closed the door. She turned off the light in the living room and joined Vaughn on the pull out couch. He woke a little as she got settled and put his arm around her. She closed her eyes and sleep came quickly.

A few hours later everyone was up and getting ready to leave. Nadia knocked on the bathroom door. "Evie, you almost finished?" The door opened to reveal Evie in a hotel robe.

"I don't have anything to wear," she said shyly.

"No problem," Nadia said. She led the girl into her bedroom and opened her suitcase. "I didn't bring much with me but there's probably something here." She sifted through the small pile of clothes and pulled out a pair of dark blue sweat pants and a simple green t-shirt. "The shirt should fit fine but the pants will be much too long. We'll have to cut them." She took out a pair of scissors from the bedside table. After measuring the pants against Evie she cut off the appropriate amount and handed them over. "As for shoes, here's a pair of flip flops, they'll be a little too big."

"Thanks," Evie said, walking back to the bathroom. She changed quickly into the clothes and met everyone in the living room. All the equipment had been packed up and they were ready to leave for the airport.

. . .

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