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The Road Home

Episode Summary

In Paris, a disguised Sydney meets a man at a restaurant; he shows her a microchip, saying that it is his way out. Suddenly, another man shoots him dead and takes the chip. Cornered in the kitchen by Sydney, Dixon, and Vaughn, the shooter kills himself. At APO, the chip reveals that a weapon using a biometric targeting device is being developed in Austria. Sloane says that the man in Paris killed himself to protect his family from his employer: Sasha Korjev. When Jack learns that Dixon is being sent after Korjev, Jack asks to go. Vaughn travels to San Diego in search of one Frank Murdoch mentioned in his father's journal. He finds Murdoch, who last saw Bill during the Falkland conflict - when Bill shot him in the back! Returning to APO, Vaughn tells Weiss that he couldn't find Murdoch. Meanwhile in Angola, Jack locates Korjev, who welcomes him warmly. He speaks of the things Jack taught him and recalls that once they were both working for a higher purpose. Continuing with his mission, Jack says that Korjev betrayed him and strangles him to death. In Austria, Syd strikes up a conversation with Sam, one of the nightclub's employees, and swipes his access card. Sneaking into the basement, she discovers that the bioweapon is finished and on its way to be delivered. She threatens a guard into revealing the weapon's current location, but she overhears that the other bad guys are going after Sam, since his card was used to access the area. Syd returns to the club and talks Sam into leaving with her. She tells him the truth. After being betrayed by the local contact who was to help Sam disappear, Syd and Sam head to the shipping yard for the weapon, which is basically a model helicopter with guns attached. Syd inadvertently becomes the weapon's target, but she manages to use one of the bad guys as a human shield. Later, after learning that Korjev is dead, Syd reports that it's safe for Sam to return home. Back at APO, Syd finds Jack, who is on his way out. Syd offers to join him for dinner, and they leave together.


Jack: With Dixon it would have to be a distance hit. I'll be able to get close to Korjev.
Sloane: Oh, I'm aware of that, and frankly that concerns me.
Jack: I'll be fine. Korjev should have been eliminated years ago . . . when I had the chance.

Jack: You look awful.
Jimmy (while pouring drinks at a bar): I keep telling myself: green vegetables . . . gotta eat more of 'em. But, uh, you know how that is . . .

Marshall: According to the memory chip, Korjev's storing the targeting system in the sub-basement of a discotheque that he owns call the Club Felix . . . which officially begs the question, "What is it with these guys and nightclubs?"

Sydney: I don't think I could bear mangling the language in front of one more local.
Sam: Don't feel bad. These people like to be offended; it's their comfort zone.

Sam (shyly flirting): That smile . . . and those dimples are . . . are pretty much the greatest thing I've ever seen, so I thought I'd come over and--
Sydney: I have a boyfriend.

Sam: You've already lied to me once. So how do I know you're not one of the bad guys?
Sydney: If I was one of the bad guys, you'd already be dead.

Vaughn: Do you think he's still alive?
Murdoch: Well, I hope not.

Murdoch: If he's still alive, I'll give you one piece of advice: don't turn your back on him.

Sam: I'm not stupid. Okay? I understand what happens in the Witness Protection Program. I get shipped off . . . to some boring suburb. They pick a name right out of the Episcopalian Registry. . .

Sam: Hey, hold on. You do understand that I don't have any skills. In the physical sense.
Sydney: It's okay, I gotcha.

Korjev (to his men, about Jack): You strike this man, and you strike me in the heart. Understand?

Sam: That guy was my boss, and he shot me. [laughs] It doesn't hurt.
Sydney: It will soon.
Sam (groans): We did it, huh? We saved the world!
Sydney: Something like that.

Korjev: When we first saw the heartbeat, I was scared. I thought, "What kind of a father will I be?" But seeing you here, I'm reminded of the tools you've given me. The tools of being a man.
Jack: I gave you the tools. You chose how to use them.

Korjev: I had no option but to pick myself up - stay on course, because that is the man you taught me to be.

Sam: It must kill you. Get to do all these crazy thing and see these amazing places, gotta keep it to yourself.
Sydney: You know what, it's not so bad. It gives people like us something in common.
Sam (smiling): "People like us," huh?

Sydney: I'm kinda hungry myself. If you wouldn't mind the company.
Jack: What about your report?
Sydney: It'll keep.


* Ah, the joys of midseason: we get more questions to go with the bazillion we already have.

* Murdoch advised Vaughn not to turn his back on Bill; Korjev (Jack's pupil) shouldn't have turned his back on Jack.

* Jack said he should've eliminated Korjev when he had the chance. Sydney made a similar remark about Anna Espinosa.

* Although Jack misled Syd, he didn't lie when he answered her question because he did see the situation with Korjev "play out."

* If Sydney had stolen the bioweapon, couldn't the bad guys have simply built another one?

* This episode's title is also the name of a movie.

* This episode aired on Victor Garber's birthday.

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