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A Man Of His Word

Episode Summary

After being shot by Anna Espinosa, Nadia lies in a medically-induced coma. Sark is brought, under extremely tight security, to APO to face Sloane. Sark reminds them that he gave his word that he will help them retrieve the bomb; in return he wants to visit Lauren's grave. Vaughn escorts Sark to the highly secure vault where Lauren's body is stored, since APO doesn't want her death to be public knowledge. Grief-stricken, Sark touches Lauren's wounds and says that she loved him. At the hospital, Anna tries and fails to kill Nadia. Nadia is relocated, and Sloane angrily tells Jack to destroy Anna by whatever means necessary. Sark says that he and Lauren were trying to set up a meeting with Ushek Sanko, the head of the CRF; the meeting takes place in a club in Venice, with Sydney posing as Lauren. Before Sanko can reveal the location of the bomb, he is shot dead by Anna, whose men extract Sark in the ensuing pandemonium. From video footage is Estonia, Jack learns that Nadia knows Anna's plan for the bomb. With no other leads, Jack sneaks into the hospital, obtains a certain drug and revives Nadia from her coma, despite the danger it could pose to her. Jack phones Sydney with the name of the man who will buy the bomb from Anna. The buyer is an old acquaintance of Sark who attends the meeting with Anna. Sydney and Vaughn crash the party; Vaughn retrieves the bomb from the buyer and Syd pursues Sark and Anna. Sark hurries through a door but locks it before Anna can escape, saying that he's a man of his word. Sydney soon finds Anna; they fight, but Sydney wins. Anna is taken into custody. Back in LA, Nadia is awake and in good spirits. After learning that Jack revived her, Sloane confronts him. Sloane says that the pact they made remains in effect only because Nadia is unhurt. Sloane wonders accusingly what assurance he has that Jack will abide by their agreement, but Jack turns and walks away.


"This is . . . classic." Sark, when he finds himself bound and sitting across from Sloane

Sark: Four years ago, if I'm not mistaken, you fooled a small army into thinking they worked for the CIA when, in fact, they worked for you. How you convinced the US Government into offering you the real thing is a story I'm dying to hear. Suffice to say, Arvin, you have my undying admiration.

Sark: I told Mr. Vaughn in Johannesburg I would help you infiltrate CRF and retrieve this bomb from Sanko. And I promise you I will. You have my word.
Sloane: Your word.
Sark: Which has a considerably greater value than when you knew me last. Incarceration has given me a sense of . . . perspective.

Jack (to Vaughn): That's not all. Sark has demanded that you open her coffin for him.
Sydney: No.
Jack: Agent Vaughn?
Sydney: You can't order him to do--
Jack: I'm not ordering, I'm asking.

Vaughn: Does this make you better? Watching this happen?
Sark: It gives me hope that I can still achieve closure.
Vaughn: Guys like you don't believe in closure. It would require you to care about something.

Sloane: I've said this before: Anna won't kill Nadia. She can't.
Sydney: After all this . . . you still believe?
Sloane: Sydney, my daughter lies there in a medically-induced coma. What else do I have, but my faith?

Sloane: I don't care about her agenda. That woman is a threat - I want her destroyed.
Jack: Your daughter has just been attacked, I understand that. But this is no time to react emotionally.
Sloane: Whatever it takes to find Anna . . . whatever corners you have to cut, whatever favors you have to call in, do it. But find her. Eliminate her.
Jack: And what about your faith that Nadia will survive?
Sloane: Oh . . . this isn't about faith.

Sydney: And then what? You and I go in alone?
Vaughn: Do you mean, is it a glorified date?
Sydney: That's not what I meant - but is it?

Sark: My past infidelities are just that. Mistakes I've learned from. Repented for. I've become a trustworthy man.

Sark: Lauren and I had a reputation; certain intimacies were public knowledge. We must maintain appearances.
Sydney: Dream on, you perverted freak.

Sanko: Mr. Sark has told me about your . . . predilections, hmm? I have a room above this club; I'd like to watch that. For myself.
Vaughn (on comms): You have my permission to kill him, if you'd like.
Sydney: I'm sure Julian has told you that we never mix business with pleasure.
[At this, Syd kisses Sark seductively, biting his life in the process.]

"I told you she was special." Sark, as he dabs away the blood on his lip caused by Sydney's bite

Sark: "Beware a summit that begins with shared bread. The sated man is at his weakest."**
Anna: Who said that?
Sark: A Vietnamese general I had dinner with once. By dessert I had put a bullet between his eyes.

Anna: Well, I've heard of a young man . . . so ruthless in his shifting allegiances that he killed his own father. I thought, "This is a man I am fated to work with."

Sark: A partnership. My brains. Your skills.
Anna: You flatter yourself, but something like that.

"And hey, we didn't kill each other." Nadia, to Sydney, looking on the bright side

Sloane: As a professional courtesy I would like for you to justify your decision.
Jack: Your words. "Do whatever it takes to stop Anna." We stopped Anna.

Sloane: I would have appreciated - as a father - to be apprised of your decision to put my daughter's life at risk.
Jack: As you do mine every day.


Like Sloane, Sark claims that he's repented of his past infidelities. Such a similarity seems awfully suspicious after Sark admitted admiring what may well be Sloane's biggest act of trickery so far: becoming head of APO. Knowing what those two are capable of, trusting either of them is not easy. In Sloane's case, no matter how reformed he may appear, his old nature is clearly visible when his rage surfaces.

In this instance, at least Sark was honest. Sloane, on the other hand, violated the pact he made with the CIA by interacting with Sark. (Boy, that's a shocker, huh?) And obviously Sloane lied when he said that Anna was to be stopped by any means necessary because he would have broken the deal he made with Jack if anything had happened to Nadia.

Technically Sark remained true to his word. He led the team to CRF leadership, and he helped them retrieve the bomb. He even stopped Anna from escaping - but he never promised to remain in APO/CIA custody. Count on Sark to find a loophole!

Speaking of holes, Sark's insistence on touching Lauren's wounds leads me to a disturbing theory. What if Sark had access to some of the Rambaldi healing potion? And what if he was surreptitiously applying it to said wounds? And what if it can somehow bring Lauren back to life?! Well, I did say it was "disturbing" . . . hopefully, in the name of all that is good, this is just another occasion where my imagination is working overtime. In any event, I do not buy the picture they're trying to paint of Lauren. I saw nothing in her scenes with Sark to back up his assertion that she loved him.

Anna pointed out Sark's reputation for shifting allegiances, and he definitely has a habit of using opportunities to his advantage. Sloane excels at that, too: is it any wonder that the others have a hard time believing anything they say? Talk is cheap, and actions really do speak louder than words.


* In Echoes Sark asked Vaughn what motivated him to kill Lauren, so why did Sark act as if he just figured who shot her?

* I was very surprised that Melissa George was actually there.

* Nobody can seethe like Ron Rifkin.

* Why didn't Syd use the Lauren mask and voice impersonator that she used to fool Sark in the season three finale?

* Actually, Sark didn't kill his own father, but he did order his father to be killed.

* Loved the scene with Sark and Sydney at the club.

** Thanks to Sarah for correcting me on this quote; this makes more sense than what I had before!

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