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Disguised as Sydney, Lauren enters the CIA complex and downloads the Rambaldi equation. She shoots Marshall when he asks what she's doing, but he manages to activate an alarm. As she escapes, cell phones that she placed around the office explode. Sark, Lauren's partner in crime, is cornered in the parking garage. Vaughn tells Jack he's prepared to take revenge on Lauren, and Jack persuades Dixon to let Vaughn interrogate Sark. Vaughn beats Sark bloody, and Sark reveals Lauren's location. Syd calls Vaughn and realizes that he's going after Lauren. Syd questions Vaughn's quest for revenge; Jack responds that Vaughn must kill Lauren to gain closure. Vaughn spies on Lauren as she decrypts the equation. As she tries to leave he knocks her unconscious and takes her elsewhere, telling her that he will erase any evidence that she existed. Unfortunately, he is stabbed from behind and collapses, as someone helps Lauren escape. Sloane sneaks into a CIA safe house and asks Nadia to tell him the location of the Sphere of Life. She doesn't, so he leaves after telling her how to find him. Syd and Jack wait for Vaughn at the hospital, where Syd coldly vows to kill Lauren, with or without Jack's help. Syd disguises herself as Lauren and tricks Sark into revealing a backup copy of the Rambaldi equation. Following the data in the equation, Syd travels to Palermo, Sicily. Vaughn wakes in the hospital and tells Weiss that he was stabbed by Katya Derevko: Syd is walking into a trap. As Syd hides and watches The Covenant's digging operations, Katya finds her. Syd realizes Katya is evil and shoots her with a tranquilizer. Syd finds Lauren and they fight. Lauren taunts Syd that she still doesn't know the truth about her life. Vaughn appears and shoots Lauren, several times. Lauren tells Syd where to find the truth, before falling into a mine shaft. Elsewhere, Nadia sneaks away from the safe house and meets Sloane. She reveals that she altered some of the equation, so The Covenant is looking in the wrong place; Nadia and Sloane leave to find the Sphere. Syd breaks in to the bank box that Lauren described. She finds top secret papers which tell of an "active project" that started on her birth date - with project manager Jack Bristow. Syd cries as she reads the documents. Jack suddenly appears, telling her she was never supposed to have found them.

Sarah has written a description of the scene between Sark and Vaughn.


Sark: I must say - your disguise, it addresses a certain proclivity of mine.
Lauren (disguised as Sydney): If this works, I'll happily make your sick little fantasy come true.

Hank Foster: At seven twenty-two this evening, you were logged in at the safe-house where Nadia Santos is being held. Is that accurate?
Sydney: It was around dinner. I brought her a sandwich.
Hank Foster: Where were you before that?
Sydney: Buying her the sandwich.

Vaughn: Last time we were together, our roles were reversed. Funny how things happen.
Sark: I'm afraid the irony is lost on me.

Hank Foster: Last week, Ms. Santos was in the custody of the Covenant.
Sydney: As a prisoner they nearly killed.
Hank Foster: If Lauren Reed broke in using your identity, she would need to be sure you were out of the office. Did your sister call you to come see her?
Sydney: If you want to arrest me, hold me under the Patriot Act. We're through talking.

Vaughn (after knocking Lauren out): Hi, honey.

Sydney: In some twisted way, you've got Vaughn carrying your burden, trying to get you closure by doing the one thing you never had a chance to do, kill the person who betrayed you.
Jack: I did have a chance, and I didn't take it. And not a day went by that I didn't regret letting her go. Vaughn will feel the same way. He will end up like me, and I love you too much to let that happen.

Vaughn: I said don't say her name!
Lauren: Sydney came back and I lost you--
Vaughn: I hate you, but I love Sydney more. That's the only reason you're not dying tonight.

Sydney: You were right. Lauren has to pay.
Jack: Vaughn is going to be okay, and when he is, he has to end it, not you.
Sydney: If it's okay for Vaughn it's okay for me.

Jack: Let me go instead.
Sydney: I can't.
Jack: I'll cover for you with Foster . . .
Sydney: What is it?
Jack: Nothing. We'll talk when you get back.

Nadia: When I was drawing, there were moments as the fluid wore off. I altered the equation. I didn't want to give you what you were looking for.
Sloane: Which means the Covenant has the wrong coordinates. They're looking for the sphere in the wrong place.
Nadia: We should go. We have a long journey ahead of us.

Lauren: If you kill me, you'll never know the truth.
Sydney: This is the truth. Sucks, doesn't it?

Lauren: We're both pawns in the same game. The difference between us is: I know who controls me.
Sydney: Who controls me?
Lauren: I guess you'll never know.


* How did Vaughn see that Katya stabbed him?

* I thought that Nadia altering the equation was a very believable twist.

* Obviously, Jack wanted Vaughn to kill Lauren because she somehow knew where he keeps the top secret documents about Project: Sydney.

* I hope that Lauren stays dead but unfortunately since this is Alias, I doubt we've seen the last of her.

* I refuse to believe that Jack is evil. Again, this is Alias, so the only thing we know for sure is that what we see is not what we think we see.

* Is Katya working with Irina, or against her?

* I've read elsewhere that this episode answered some of the questions for this season; exactly which questions would that be? I can't think of a single issue that was resolved.

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