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Sloane declares that he is no longer interested in the Rambaldi quest; he wants to know who murdered his wife. He phones fake Francie, who somehow alters Will's cell phone. When fake Francie calls him while he's at the CIA, she is able to use the phone to hack into the system and download video footage of what happened in Tuscany. Viewing the footage, Sloane learns that it was Dixon who fired the shot that killed Emily. Meanwhile at the CIA, Sydney searches through the files, looking for information that could help them find Sloane and the kidnapped mathematician, Neil Caplan. Sydney's research leads to the discovery that Caplan's wife, Elsa, is a Russian SVR agent who was assigned to marry him. Elsa also reveals that a cyanide pill she implanted in his arm has been activated, and in 42 hours it will kill him. Elsa is taken into custody, but Jack doesn't trust her, given her similarities to Irina. Despite Jack's efforts to prevent it, Sydney secretly gets needed information from Elsa and goes to rescue Caplan. Vaughn joins her in Spain, and they reach Caplan just in time for Sydney to extract the cyanide capsule. Back home, Caplan - who knew that his wife was a Russian spy - reunites with her. Syd tells Jack that the data from Caplan has given them possible leads to Sloane, but Jack warns Sydney that if she disobeys him again, he'll have her transferred. Later, Marshall tells Jack that a massive information leak on the CIA network originated from their office. Meanwhile, Vaughn and Sydney are having dinner with Dixon and his wife Diane; Diane has changed her mind about leaving Dixon if he chose to work with the CIA. Outside the restaurant, Dixon kisses his wife goodbye, and she says that she'll see him at home. However, as she drives away her SUV explodes. As the vehicle burns, fake Francie puts the detonator away and leaves the scene.


Irina: This plan might not hold up. The CIA knows too much: they could guess why we were after the genetic database.
Sloane: I'm not interested in the database. I want satellite footage of Tuscany. I want to know who murdered my wife.
Irina: We both had to make sacrifices, Arvin. You won't forgive yourself if you stop now. We're so close to knowing what Rambaldi knew.
Sloane: I wish I never heard that man's name.

Sydney: Look at this: Elsa Caplan's debrief transcript. It's barely ten pages long. Sloane kidnapped her husband two months ago and all we have is ten pages?
Jack: Sydney, if you feel Elsa Caplan was improperly debriefed, do it again yourself.

Irina: We still need your help. I just downloaded this. That's a catalog of over ten million people's DNA. We're looking for someone specific, a man. But it's encrypted. We need you to break it.
Caplan: For the past two months I haven't heard a word about my family or been given any indication whether they're dead or alive. So you can just kill me. Just kill me because there's no way in hell I'm going to help you people anymore.

Sydney: Vaughn. I mean, okay. The backpack is getting a little ridiculous.
Vaughn: What do you mean?
Sydney: (she points to her bureau) The middle drawer. It's yours.

Sydney: Your husband might have been working for the Russian SVR. It's their equivalent to the CIA.
Elsa: What did the fax say?
Sydney: A single Russian word. "Razvyaska". It means "endgame".
Elsa: (starts to cry) Neil's gonna die.

Elsa: I just committed treason against my government because I want to get him back. I'm telling you because I love him.

Jack: Yes, Vaughn briefed me. Elsa Caplan shouldn't be processed as a walk-in, she's an SVR agent.
Sydney: Which means we can classify her as a defector.
Jack: Or we can arraign her and try her for espionage. Until we make that determination, I'm holding her here.

Jack: I'm not willing to risk your life based on speculative intel you acquired from a Russian spy.
Sydney: Why would she lie?
Jack: That's precisely the question!
Sydney: She turned herself in!
Jack: She's not the first!

Sydney: You're NSA?!
Caplan: They recruited me out of Caltech. Even though, if you ask them, they'll deny any affiliation with me. I knew Elsa was a spy the day we met.
Sydney: Okay, look, your wife injected you with a cyanide caplet. We have to remove it right now!
Caplan: What?

Sydney: We downloaded the DNA database Caplan decrypted from the computer he was working on. We finally have a lead on Sloane and Derevko.
Jack: Good. But, Sydney, if you go around me again I'll have you transferred and finding them will no longer be part of your job description.


Watching this show, one might get the impression that the writers are determined to make sure that no one lives happily ever after. Even the Caplans - whose love was strong enough to bring them back together - will have some major issues to talk about: things such as "What? You knew I was a spy?" and "How could you not tell me that you implanted a poison capsule in my arm?!"

We should have known what was going to happen to Dixon's wife as soon as Sloane learned who was responsible for Emily's death. Diane's murder was even more painful after her declaration that she would be by Dixon's side no matter what. I wonder if Sloane will pursue further vengeance against Dixon.

What motivation does Fake Francie have for her part in all of this? Did Sloane offer her a ton of money? Is she hoping for some benefit that Rambaldi's work can provide? Does she just enjoy being a murderous lackey? Because - let's face it - she's pretty much Sloane's puppet. He says, "Shoot!" and she says, "Just tell me who." Of course, it makes sense for her to take orders from him, no matter how many times he makes requests or what he asks for. She allowed herself to be genetically redesigned(!) so that she could take over someone else's life; it's not like she has anything else to do.


* They had 42 hours to reach Mr. Caplan: why not 47?

* Tracy Middendorf did an excellent job of portraying Elsa Caplan.

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