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Episode Summary

With bullets whizzing by, Sydney swings into a nearby building. She returns to SD-6 with a video of the meeting between the mysterious Mr. Sark and K-Directorate and gives the same to Vaughn. Meanwhile, Will's investigation has attracted attention from SD-6. Sloane tells Jack that this reporter should be "silenced" while Jack insists otherwise.

Francie tells Sydney that even though the wedding is off, she cannot bring herself to remove her engagement ring. Sydney reveals that she still wears the ring Danny gave her. In a touching moment, the two roommates remove their engagement rings at the same time.

Sydney and Dixon are dispatched to Tunisia. A Rambaldi manuscript -- the same one stolen by Anna Espinosa in Argentina -- is being held on a yacht, and their mission is to retrieve it before Sark gets it. Her CIA countermission is to photograph the priceless manuscript.

Posing as a Finn whose motorboat has run out of gasoline, Sydney overpowers the K-Directorate agents, takes the Rambaldi book, steals the yacht and leaves Sark ashore.

Upon her return, Sydney is presented with a moral dilemma. Vaughn wants her to exploit her friendship with Emily, Sloane's cancer-stricken wife, to gain entrance to Sloane's house to plant a bug. Sydney hesitates but finally agrees.

Meanwhile, Will visits David McNeil with the information that he gained from the back-door program in McNeil's software. Unbeknownst to both of them, SD-6 agents are taping the entire conversation. Two masked men kidnap Will as he leaves the prison and drive him to an abandoned warehouse. They order him to stop investigating SD-6 or his family and friends will be killed. The threat comes from Jack, though Will has no idea that Sydney's father is actually trying to save his life. Will tells McNeil that he must abandon the investigation.

As Sydney prepares for dinner at the Sloanes', Vaughn calls her for a crucial briefing. The CIA has analyzed the pages of the Rambaldi manuscript, and in the prophet's style, page 47 is found to be blank. Since the manuscript is currently held at Sloane's house, she is asked to retrieve the critical page during dinner. Before she leaves, Sydney reveals that Will is her date for the evening. Vaughn has no comment, but he is undeniably jealous.

During the dinner, Sydney cracks Sloane's safe. She takes page 47, leaving a blank in its place. As she turns, she is alarmed to find Sloane standing in the doorway.

Using the vial of "Rambaldi" liquid the CIA is able to reveal the image on page 47. A shaken Vaughn arranges a meeting with Sydney. She takes the page in her hand and sees a portrait of herself.


Sloane: (watching a video of Will's visit to the prison) Lompoc prison, about two hours ago. The man talking to Tippin is David McNeil, software designer. About eight years ago, he created an encryption system that we wanted to acquire but he wouldn't sell. We don't have audio, but we got hold of the prison log. This is Tippin's third visit to McNeil in the last two weeks. You and I talked about Tippin some time ago. You convinced me that he was just a harmless metro reporter, far from a credible threat.

Sydney: We still are. Less so since she's been diagnosed. She's been a little reclusive. Actually, I haven't seen her since before I learned the truth about her husband.
Vaughn: I think this is a real opportunity. We'd like you to call Emily. Tell her you'd like to see her again and get invited to their house.

Sydney: This is a bug?
Vaughn: It's good, huh? You should see the guys who make it, it's like they've never seen sunlight.

Vaughn: That's where we want it. Especially now that SD-6 has the Rambaldi book. The C.I.A.'s been studying those photos you took.
Sydney: Then they turned out all right?
Vaughn: There's one blank page. Well, C.I.A. sci-tech says that of the few Rambaldi documents they've recovered, the forty-seventh page is always particularly significant. This blank page was number forty-seven. Your father's strategizing on how to get it out of SD-6 and replace it with a counterfeit. But in the meantime, we're just hoping we learn something with that bug.

Will: Sydney tells me you're doing analysis for the bank.
Jack: Strategy. Investment strategy. Arvin made me an offer I couldn't refuse.
Emily: Oh, that sounds like my husband!

Sloane: Some of the text is Italian, but most of it is in code. Code we haven't been able to break. Who was this man, Sydney? What did he see? What did Rambaldi see? (Flipping through the pages of Rambaldi's book, he comes to page forty-seven, the blank one.) Those who know about him - various agencies, a few in the private sector - they're spending millions to answer these questions. Millions. Men would die for this book. Men have died. You know, Sydney, the work we're doing here, trying to figure out who Rambaldi was, what he was working on, is becoming an obsession for me.

Will: (talking to the man in prison) I was kidnapped yesterday. By - I don't know who they were but I'm assuming they work for SD-6. David, they threatened me. They told me to drop the story.

Will: David, I hate myself for letting you down, okay? But right now, I'm you. I'm exactly where you were before your wife was killed. Now, if I do what you suggest... David, they're going to kill my family... my friends. If you could go back, if you could change it, you wouldn't hesitate, would you?

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