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Mea Culpa

Episode Summary

Sydney crawls out of the underground tunnel and finds Dixon seriously wounded. She uses a satellite phone to call the CIA. A CIA helicopter flies Dixon to a nearby hospital, though Sydney conceals the truth from Sloane. Sydney is scared, as she thinks that Dixon may have heard her talking to the CIA.

At SD-6, Dreyer tells Sloane that he believes Sydney is the mole because she scored too well on the lie detector test. Sloane is reluctant to agree, though he insists that he will "take care of Bristow."

For her next assignment, Sydney is sent to Tuscany to steal information from Ineni Hassan's accountant. Despite Hassan's previous alliance with SD-6, he is now their enemy, and Sloane wants the numbers to Hassan's bank accounts so they can freeze his assets.

After Sydney leaves, Sloane sends a message to his colleagues in SD-4. He orders Sydney's assassination, though the CIA intercepts the order. Vaughn quickly assembles a team to rescue Sydney.

Jack learns of the kill order and, with Marshall's aid, discovers that the message was deliberately sent over the unsecured server previously infiltrated by Vaughn's team. Sloane is tempting the CIA, trying to draw them out. Jack argues with Vaughn, and prevents the CIA from interfering. The assassination attempt never occurs, and Sloane now believes that Sydney is loyal to SD-6.

Meanwhile, Will discovers that the pin that he found in Eloise Kurtz's car is an active microphone.

While drinking with Francie, Will shows her the pin. They jokingly ask questions into the pin. Just then, Will receives a phone call. A voice tells him to keep his mouth shut.

From the Tuscany assignment, SD-6 has learned that the accountant's computer did not contain Hassan's bank account numbers, only the name of a specific Swiss bank. Sydney and Russek travel to Geneva to get the numbers. As Sydney reads the numbers to Russek, a secret transmitter in her ear beams the same information to the CIA. While monitoring Sydney and Russek's latest mission, Marshall discovers the secret transmission coming from the bank vault and tells Dreyer.

Will receives another phone call from the same mysterious voice. The voice asks Will how far he's willing to go in order to find the truth about Kate Jones. Will says he's up for the challenge and later finds a cassette tape in his glove compartment. The tape is an audio recording of Kate Jones/Eloise Kurtz being killed.

After several days in the hospital, Dixon finally regains consciousness. Sydney is relieved when he doesn't remember how he was brought to a hospital. As she leaves the hospital, she's tackled by a group of men. Sloane then receives a phone call with a voice saying, "We got her."


Sloane: We both are. We're both doing our job. And I look at Sydney Bristow's test results -- I don't see a single spike. She didn't falter once.
Dreyer: She's guilty. She's the one.
Sloane: I think that's a dangerous accusation made by a desperate man.
Dreyer: I'm not desperate, Mr. Sloane. But I am curious why you feel the need to defend Miss Bristow?

Francie: (as Sydney is packing to go on yet another trip) You should report your boss to the corporate office.
Sydney: No kidding.

Sloane: I always knew there was something about you, from the first time I saw you.
Sydney: A lot can change in seven years.
Sloane: It's been a lot longer than seven years. I've known your father since 1971. I met him at Langley. I knew your mother. I went to your parents' wedding. Sydney, I've known you since you were a baby. I was out of the country for most of your childhood, various operations, but I kept tabs on you. I checked in on you in my own way. I always thought of you as my daughter, even from the beginning. Well, I just wanted to let you know... before you went away.

Will: Okay, okay, whatever, it sucks, all right? But it's why I wanted to become a reporter. I saw this when I was a kid and I loved it. And I was just like, I don't know, all the quick...
Francie: Repartee.
Will: Yeah, yeah, yeah. I mean, it just looked fun. You know, being a reporter looked fun. But it's not. It's not fun. It's a pain in the ass.

Sloane: You have your answer regarding Sydney Bristow.
Dreyer: What are you protecting?
Sloane: Mr. Dreyer, I still believe we have a situation here at SD-6. I strongly suggest you keep looking for the mole and stop questioning every decision I make.

Disguised Voice: (on the phone) You have questions about Kate Jones. How far are you willing to go, Mr. Tippin? I need to hear the words "I'm ready."
Will: Why? Why, could my life be in danger?
Disguised Voice: Say the words.
Will: Yeah, I'm in. I'm ready.

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