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The Past Comes Back To Haunt You
By Kirsten Tapp

Summary: Sydney finds a fellow agent has lost her family at Sloane's hands in the same way she lost Danny. Confusion sets in when she finds out just how many people in her life the agent is connected to.
Rating: PG-13
Original Publication Date: October 23, 2002
Disclaimer: Alias and its characters are the property of J.J. Abrams and Bad Robot productions. I am not affiliated with them in any way, shape, or form. I did take the liberty of adding a few of my own characters, like Jordan, Marc and Jacob.

. . .

Jordan Williams tucked her two children into bed before quietly walking to her own bedroom. People had, in the past said that she moved like a cat. It had been part of her job, to be able to move without too much sound. A smile spread across her face as she pushed the past to the back of her mind and crawled up the bed to sit beside her husband, Jacob. "So, you remember how you said that you wanted a big family." Jordan moved so that she was sitting astride her husband's lap. She waited for her husband to nod before continuing. "Well baby number three should arrive in about six months."

Jacob was stunned for a moment at his wife's news, but quickly recovered, wrapping his arms around her tiny waist and pulling her close for a kiss. "You're sure?" He watched her nod. He could never quite get used to Jordan producing such beautiful, not to mention large babies from her tiny body. But then she had always had a strength to her that Jacob felt she kept hidden.

It didn't take long for their kiss to become heated and Jacob was hastily trying to rid his wife of her shirt. Kissing his way down her neck to her stomach, he slowly came back to the reality of the dog barking in the background. "What the hell is wrong with the dog. He's going to wake your parents if we're not careful."

Jordan gently pushed her husband away, frowning as she pulled her shirt back on. "I'll go and check. I don't want him waking the kids either." There was something disturbing in the way the dog was growling. There was someone outside the house that shouldn't be. Jordan has specially trained the dog herself, so that her family would be protected if anything happened to her. Moving silently through the house she cautiously opened the back door to let the dog out.

She began to get more than a little worried when the dog raced out the back door into the night. Grabbing a couple of knives out of the butcher's block in the kitchen, she placed one knife in the waistband of her jeans and kept the other in her hand. "Do you know who's out there?" She spoke to the reflection standing behind hers in the kitchen window.

"Nobody good." Jordan's half brother Marc stood aside so that she could proceed him. "I've got a really bad feeling about this, Sis." He pulled his revolver out of his inside jacket pocket.

"I know. So do I." Jordan saw the intruders immediately. Mainly because her dog was hanging off one man's throat. Another of the men triggered his gun, but that was as far as he got, as Jordan threw her knife, her aim perfect. The knife went straight through his throat. She knew there were others in the grounds, but she also knew that Marc had her back. There was something else wrong though. "Why didn't they try and enter the house?"

Marc fired his revolver again. Like his sister, his aim was perfect. He checked the positions of the fallen men and saw what Jordan meant. "They weren't meant to get in. They were supposed to keep us from getting out."

Jordan spun around grabbing the knife out of her waistband as she turned. "God no, not the children." She stabbed the knife out behind her, embedding it into the side of the man that raced up behind her and twisted the knife before pulling it out. Racing back towards the house, Jordan pushed another man aside, drawing the knife across his throat as she did so. Marc was right behind her.

As they got to the back door, the house started to explode room by room. Marc threw his sister back from the door and threw himself on top of her as the last of the rooms evaporated into flames. Marc's jacket had somehow managed to catch fire. As he rolled off his sister to put the flames out, Jordan stood and watched helplessly as her life went up in flames.

The noise of someone moving behind her, pulled Jordan out of her shocked state, but not quick enough. The last of the intruders got in a lucky punch to Jordan's stomach. "You and your brother should have never tried to leave the agency Jennifer. You can run but you can't hide."

Jordan looked up and glared at the man before her. "You talk too much." She still had hold of her knife. Plunging it into the man's stomach, she thrust it upwards. "See you in hell asshole." She let the man drop lifting his car keys as he fell.

Jordan went into automatic pilot, helping Marc to his feet, she walked out to the cars parked in the street. There were only two that she didn't recognize as neighbors cars. The keys she had lifted fit into the lock of the first car she tried. Carefully putting Marc into the passenger seat of the car, she clicked her fingers for her dog. The black Labrador jumped over Marc into the back seat. She could see that Marc's back had been burnt pretty badly, so she would have to get him to the hospital.

. . .

Sloane thumped his fist down on his desk. "Get a clean up crew over there immediately. I want to know how many people we are looking for and who they are." It was simple termination of contract, one that had taken five years to complete. How could it have gone so wrong.

Jennifer Knight and her half brother, Martin, had been two of his best agents. Both were perfectionists and kept their emotions carefully controlled. They worked well together, perhaps due to their differences. They were never mistaken as family as Martin was tall and dark with golden colored skin and chocolate brown eyes, taking after his father. Jennifer was like an English Rose. Lily white skin, copper red hair and piercing blue eyes. She made up for her lack of height with the stiletto's she always wore. Both were masters of disguises and accents, which was why it had taken so long to track them down.

Sloane shook his head, lost in thought. They had both known that there was only one way to leave the agency and that was in a body bag. No one had tried to stop them from leading a normal life, as long as they kept working for the agency. The phone rang, jolting Sloane out of his thoughts. "Well?" He snapped down the phone. "Damn it. Find them. They can't have gotten far." He slammed the phone down. It had taken five years to find them before. Now they would be expecting trouble. Sloane realized he should have known this would happen.

Sydney and Dixon knew something was up as soon as they walked into Sloane's office. "Do you want us to come back later?" Sydney broke the tense silence in the office.

"No." Sloane sat down behind his desk. "You have a new assignment. We have two rogue agents out there. A crew was sent for them last night and failed. All six men are dead. I need the two of you to locate them. Just locate them. They are extremely dangerous and I am not about to lose anymore agents trying to bring them in. You remember Jennifer and Martin Knight, Dixon."

Dixon nodded. "Vaguely. Brother and Sister team. I seem to remember they were pretty good at their jobs. Didn't they quit about five years ago?" He remembered a lot more than he was going to tell Sloane.

Sloane nodded. "We've been looking for them for the past five years. They left the agency with a lot of top secret information under their belts. They are a risk to the agency."

Sydney was confused. "If they left the agency five years ago, why are you still looking for them? Obviously they don't plan on leaking the information they have, otherwise the agency would have been closed down five years ago."

Sloane shook his head. "It's not that simple Agent Bristow. Jennifer and Martin Knight are like ticking time bombs. You never know when they are likely to go off. Just because they haven't leaked the information, doesn't mean they're not going to."

Sydney's expression turned ice cold. "So you want them brought in on the off chance that they release this top secret information you think they have."

"Do you have a problem with your assignment Agent Bristow?" Sloane shot her a warning look. He had never been convinced it was a good idea for her to return to the agency.

"No." Sydney held his gaze. "I don't have a problem. I take it you have photo ID's on Jennifer and Martin or are we just chasing ghosts?"

Dixon shook his head. "It wouldn't make a difference if we did Syd. They're geniuses at disguising themselves. This is not going to be a walk in the park."

"Then we'd better get started." Sydney had a feeling Dixon knew something he wasn't willing to mention in front of Sloane and she wanted to know what that was. She waited until they were outside in the open before bringing the subject up. It wasn't safe to talk anywhere that bugs could have been planted to pick up their conversation. "Ok Dixon, spill it." She shook her head at the confused look on the colored man's face. "Don't give me that what are you taking about look. You know something. Something that you don't want Sloane finding out about the Knights. What is it?"

Dixon took hold of Sydney's arm and guided her over to a bench. Keeping his voice low he told her what he knew. "Five years ago Jennifer decided to get married. The trouble was she didn't want to risk putting her future husband in danger because of what she did for a job. Rather than tell him the truth which she knew would definitely get him killed, she decided to quit the agency. She didn't want to leave and have Martin interrogated about her whereabouts every five minutes so she approached him and asked him if he would mind leaving as well. Neither of them were enjoying their jobs as they had when they first joined and Martin was in a serious relationship with a girl called Kyra. When they announced their joint decision to retire from the business, Sloane wouldn't hear of it. When they insisted, Kyra turned up mysteriously drowned, complete with suicide note. Martin attacked Sloane, damn near killed him for Kyra's murder. Nothing could be proven of course, but everyone knew that it was too much of a covincedence to have been a suicide. Besides, Kyra was so happy with Martin. You could see it in her eyes every time she looked at him. Jennifer grabbed her brother and ran, completely disappeared of the face of the earth as did the guy she was planning to marry. Sloane was so surprised that they didn't just give in and agree to stay with the agency. He was even more surprised when he couldn't find any trace of them. I don't know why it surprised him so much, it's what Jennifer did best. She could disappear right in front of your face on an empty street."

Sydney smiled at her colleague. "Sounds like you were real fond of them. How well did you really know them."

Dixon looked over at Sydney. "I was at Jennifer's wedding. She eloped about a month later. She was so careful not to let anyone know where she was that I was blindfolded and taken to the wedding site. No wedding photos were taken and since Jennifer and Martin hadn't used their real names when they joined the agency, it was easy for them to stay hidden. Martin never got over Kyra's death, he wasn't like his half sister, he couldn't switch his emotions off as easily as she could. There was also a rumor that they were double agents."

"So what do you want to do?" Sydney had no wish to lead what sounded like two innocent people in front of Sloane's firing squad. "More to the point, do you have any idea where to find them?"

Dixon shook his head. "We won't need to find them, they'll find us. Especially if Sloane's done anything to her family. You of all people Syd, know what Sloane does when he thinks his precious agency is in jeopardy." Dixon stood and started to walk away. "Give me some time to figure out what to do and then we'll think up some sort of plan to keep everyone happy and alive."

"Ok." Sydney watched Dixon walk away from her. She wondered what Jennifer must be going through at that moment. She remembered how she had wanted to curl up and die when Danny had been killed. The first thing she had to do was find out what exactly happened to the crew that was sent to pick Jennifer and Martin up. Sydney had the distinct feeling that Sloane wasn't telling them everything, not that, that was unusual.

. . .

"Miss? Are you alright?" The nurse's voice penetrated through the fog that seem to have surrounded Jordan. "Your brother is being released. Would you like to see a Doctor? You're looking quite pale."

"I'm fine." Jordan stood slowly as she saw Marc being wheeled towards her. She held her hand up to stop the nurse from explaining why Marc was in a wheelchair. "I know. Hospital procedure. Ready to go Little Brother?"

Marc nodded. "Yeah. Let's get out of here." He had only been in the hospital overnight, but they couldn't risk staying in one place for too long. He noticed that Jordan was looking more pale than she usually did, but waited until they were out of earshot of the hospital staff before saying anything. "What's wrong? And don't tell me you're just in shock, cause I know there's more to it."

Jordan watched a visitor to the hospital lock his car and walk towards them. "Hold on a second. I'm just going to get us a new car." She brushed up against the man and lifted his keys. "You're driving." She handed Marc the keys.

"Where am I driving to?" He handed his sister a bag with everything he needed to redress the burns on his back.

"To another hospital." Jordan climbed in the car beside Marc. "I think there's something wrong with my baby." She had been hoping that the blow to the stomach and being thrown to the ground, wouldn't have hurt her unborn child. Now she wasn't so sure.

"You're pregnant?" Marc started the car and drove as quickly as possible without drawing too much attention to them, to the next hospital. He registered Jordan in as his wife. Sloane would no doubt have his best people out looking for them.

A few hours later, a Doctor finally approached Marc to tell him Jordan had lost the baby. Jordan had been rushed into surgery, ten minutes after they had arrived. "Mr Wilson I believe your wife was three months pregnant." She lead him into Jordan's room where she was still sleeping.

Marc sat with his head in his hands. "I didn't know she was even pregnant. Is she going to be alright?" When he looked up, he could tell from the Doctor's face that there was something more she hadn't told him.

"Your wife had severe internal injuries Mr Wilson." The Doctor hated being the bearer of bad news. "Not only did she lose the baby, I'm afraid her injuries left her unable to bare anymore children."

Marc glanced at his sister. He had never seen her look so pale. They couldn't stay in the hospital for long. "When will I be able to take her home?"

"Your wife won't be in any condition to go home for a few days." The Doctor put her hand on Marc's shoulder. "She should be awake soon."

"Thanks Doc." Marc watched the Doctor walk out the room before turning back to his sister, surprised to find her watching him. "Hey. How are you feeling?"

"Like crap." Jordan managed to get out. "How long have I been in here?" She had been awake for about ten minutes trying to clear her head of whatever drugs the hospital had given her to get her through surgery.

"Too long." Marc checked his watch. "I'll get us a hotel room as soon as we get out of here. I'm guessing I have to keep you off of your feet for at least a day."

Jordan pulled the tubes connecting her to IV's off of her body. "Can you get my clothes for me? As soon as I get dressed we can get out here."

Marc did as she asked, before going to search for a wheelchair. Helping Jordan from the bed to the chair he winced slightly. "I'll dump the car once we get to a hotel. The dog can stay with you so that you can get some rest."

Jordan nodded. "Fine. I'll change your dressings after you've dumped the car. Then we can figure out what to do next."

Marc glanced down the hospital corridor before wheeling Jordan out. "One things for sure. Sloane will put Dixon on our assignment."

Jordan's expression was grim. "Dixon hasn't ratted us out before. I seriously doubt he'll start now. It just means we'll have to get creative and do everything around Dixon so he's not involved."

Marc smiled grimly. "I have a feeling, a plan is already forming. Best get you to a bed so that you can rest before we put your plan into action."

. . .

It seemed sort of corny to Sydney, to be writing assignments on paper bags and throwing them in trashcans. But it worked, so she kept doing it. This time she met Vaughn in a bottle shop. Appearing as though she was looking through the selection of wines, Sydney moved down the isle towards Vaughn. "So it's been three weeks and Sloane's getting antsy that he hasn't got hold of his rogue agents."

"I'm not surprised." Vaughn reached for a bottle of red wine. "I did some checking. Your partner was right. They were double agents. They were also cat burglars before being recruited into the spy business."

"That would explain how they've been able to change cars so frequently." Sydney moved a little further down the isle. "Stealing car keys off people must seem like child's play to them. We found out they visited two hospitals. The first, someone matching Dixon's description of Martin Knight was treated for second degree burns on his back. The nurse said a woman claiming to be his sister was with him."

Vaughn picked another bottle of wine off the shelf. "Sloane's men also found one of the dead agent's cars at that hospital, didn't they?"

"Yeah." Sydney moved to the other side of the isle. "A visitor to the hospital also reported his car stolen, which later turned up abandoned. The second hospital a woman matching Jennifer Knight's description was rushed into surgery for internal injuries. She disappeared along with the man claiming to be her husband, twenty minutes after the Doctor brought her out of surgery."

Vaughn put both bottles of wine back on the shelf. "I managed to track down the Knight's real names. It took me a while, they were pretty determined not to be found. Jordan and Marc Taylor. Jordan's father died of cancer when she was eight, so when her mother remarried two years later, she took her stepfather's last name. Barely a year later Marc was born. When big sister got into the burglary business, Marc went along for the ride. SD-6 recruited them seven years ago. Jordan and Marc were pretty smart and managed to tap unnoticed into some of the SD-6 records. When they discovered they weren't working for the good guys as they had been told, they came to us at the CIA. Five years ago they decided to quit and you know the rest."

Sydney picked up a bottle of wine and studied the label. "Any luck finding out what happened the night Jordan and Marc's house exploded? I'm guessing the retrieval team were trying to blow Jordan and Marc up inside the house and it back fired."

Vaughn remembered how stunned he was when he had read the report on the explosion. "It was Jordan's house that she lived in with her husband of five years, Jacob and their two children Emily, three years old and Brandon, eighteen months old. Her mother and step father were visiting and staying in the house with Jordan and her family at the time of the explosion. Marc lived next door. Jordan and Marc lost everyone but each other in the explosion that night."

Sydney almost dropped the bottle of wine she was holding. "She watched her children die? God she must be devastated."

Vaughn remembered working with Jordan and Marc a couple of times. "Jordan works through her grief by making those responsible for it pay. Sloane should be watching his back instead of trying to track Jordan and Marc down. They cover their tracks well. Sloane won't see them coming until they want him to."

Sydney managed a tight smile. "That's pretty much what Dixon said. Have you got a photo of Jordan and Marc? I know they're good at disguises so it won't help us find them. I'm just interested to see what they look like."

"I thought as much." Vaughn pulled a photo out of his pocket and put it on the shelf before crossing to the other side of the isle.

Sydney moved over to the photo and picked it up. "God, they look so young. Is this an old photo or am I looking for a couple of teenagers?"

Vaughn saw the store owner eyeing them suspiciously. "Jordan is thirty two years old and Marc is twenty three years old. I guess that's way they managed to stay undercover for so long. Nobody thought they looked old enough to be spies. Gotta go. I think the store owner thinks we're going to steal something." He walked down to the counter with a bottle of white wine. He could always give it to someone as a Christmas present sometime.

Sydney put the photo in her pocket and grabbed a bottle of red wine. She was going to dinner with Francie anyway so she could always give the wine to her. Not for the first time, she wondered how Sloane could live with himself , ordering innocent people be killed all in the line of duty.

Neither Vaughn nor Sydney saw that they were being watched. Marc waited for both Sydney and Vaughn to get in their cars and drive away before he switched his car on and headed back to the hotel he and Jordan had moved to.

. . .

When he got to the hotel, Marc let himself into their room and patted the dog's head. Spotting his sister working on a lap top computer at the dinning table, he smiled to himself. He sat down turning the chair beside Jordan around so that his arms were resting along the back of the chair. "So you'll never guess who the CIA's newest double agent is."

Jordan kept tapping away at the keyboard. "The suspense is killing me. At a guess, I would say Mickey mouse, Donald Duck or one of the other members of the Disney clan." Her focus never strayed from the screen.

Marc chuckled at his sister's dry sense of humor. "Jack Bristow's daughter. I think her name is Sydney. It turns out Vaughn's her handler."

Jordan stopped typing to look at Marc. "Jack Bristow's daughter? Well isn't that sweet? Father and daughter working side by side. Any idea who her partner is at SD-6?"

Marc grinned. "You'll love this. It's Dixon. I saw them get on a plane to San Diego an hour after she had a meeting with Vaughn."

Jordan raised an eyebrow. "You were busy while I was recovering. Ready to take out the second team that Sloane sent for us?"

Marc nodded. "I didn't realize a second team was sent for us."

Jordan shifted her laptop so that Marc could see. "Yeah, he sent in the specialists. The first team was only supposed to stop us from leaving. These guys were going to dispose of any evidence that we ever existed."

Marc picked up the luggage by the door. They had always kept a bag packed and hidden in a train station locker incase of emergency. "Let's go. I have everything we need in the car. What's the target's name?"

"Simpson." Jordan clicked her fingers at the dog. "Arnold Simpson. We'll start at the top of the specialist team and work our way down."

"Fine with me. Just make sure I can listen into your phone call to Sloane." Marc opened the door and gestured for Jordan to proceed him.

Jordan giggled. "No problem. Next you'll be picking out my wardrobe for me."

Marc glanced down at her outfit. "Well, now you mention it, do you really think skin tight jeans, a scarlet blouse and stiletto heels are really appropriate for taking down SD-6?"

"Yeah, I really do." Jordan walked with one hand resting on the dog's back. She never needed a lead for her dog. He was completely loyal.

. . .

Sloane rubbed his forehead in frustration. "How the hell did somebody manage to break into the system. That's supposed to be impossible." He snatched up his ringing phone. "What?"

"How does it feel to order the murder of two babies? Two innocent babies Sloane. How do you sleep at night?" Jordan stood outside the SD-6 building, right under a street lamp.

Sloane recognized her voice immediately. "Jennifer, where are you?" He got the distinct feeling she was nearby. He put his hand over the mouthpiece of the phone. "Trace this call." He turned to face the window as one of his agents raced out of the office. He had the blinds still open. He saw her immediately. She was hard to miss with the street lamp reflecting off her copper colored hair. It was the cold expression on her face that made his blood run cold.

"You'd better phone Arnold Simpson's family and tell them he won't be coming home. Ever." Jordan hung up her phone before the number could be traced.

Sloane felt as though an icy hand had gripped his heart, when he saw Jordan smile up at him. "Where the hell is Simpson?" He got his answer when a car exploded across the street. When Sloane looked back down at the street beneath the street lamp, Jordan was gone. "Damn it. Did you manage to trace the number?" He bellowed out of his office.

"Sorry Sir. She wasn't on the phone long enough." The agent responded. He knew as well as everyone else in the office that thanks to Sloane, it was now hunting season on the SD-6.

. . .

Vaughn paced back and forth in front of Sydney. "So Jordan and Marc are taking the fight to Sloane."

"She managed to get access into the SD-6 system. She's targeting the specialist team that was sent in to dispose of the bodies." Sydney pushed her hair behind her ears. This was just a painful reminder of what had happened to Danny.

They both jumped when Jordan and Marc appeared from out of the shadows of the warehouse. "Just finishing the job we started when we were working for the CIA." Marc offered. "Sorry to hear about your boyfriend Agent Bristow."

Sydney looked at Jordan. "I was sorry to hear about your husband." Sydney felt a common bond could be formed between herself and the woman before her. After all, they had both lost the men they love by Sloane's death order. But she could tell by the steely glare on Jordan's face that the other woman didn't feel the same.

"I never told anyone what I really did for a living." Jordan shut her emotions down as she always did with strangers. "You think we can do the girly thing and bond over a tub of ice cream? You don't quit this business. You get two choices. You work for the agency or you die trying to leave. This isn't an exciting game, little girl. You can't pack it up in a box and put it away in a cupboard when you get fed up playing. You think we have something in common because Sloane had your fiancé and my husband murdered? You have no idea what Sloane took from me."

"I know your husband was killed in the explosion set off in your house." Sydney began slowly. "I know your half brother lost his girlfriend to a mysterious suicide which was probably arranged by Sloane." She stopped when she saw the smile on Jordan's face that didn't reach her crystal blue eyes. "Did I say something funny?"

"Sweetie, you don't know shit." Jordan lent her elbows on the desk before her. "I had the whole pretty picture. The husband, the two point five kids, the dog, even the white picket fence." The smile disappeared from her face. "Sloane wanted to make sure he had no loose ends so he had my house blown up. I lost my husband, my two kids, my mother and my stepfather in that explosion as well as the child I was three months pregnant with. So don't stand there and claim you know what I'm going through. You don't have the slightest clue." Jordan straightened up. "We have nothing in common. You broke the golden rule and that got the man you loved killed. I kept my mouth shut and Sloane took everyone I cared about away from me except my brother. I have nothing left to lose. My brother's always been knocking on death's door."

Sydney recalled the last time she had said she had nothing to lose. "You've got something left to lose, your teeth."

"I'm wearing dentchers." Jordan shot back. "I really must thank Sloane for sending me on an assignment where I could get my wisdom teeth removed for free. I guess that was what he meant by a dental plan."

Marc had been watching Vaughn the entire time the two women had been talking. "Yeah. I got the chiropractor deal instead of the dental plan. You remember that Vaughn."

Vaughn nodded. "You were hanging off that balcony by your ankles for two hours, weren't you?"

Marc gave out a bitter laugh. "Good thing Jordan made me do so many sit ups, otherwise I never would have been able to stop the blood from rushing to my head. Also helped me untying my ankles." Marc looked at his watch. "Time to go Sis. It's past my bedtime, besides I think I've learnt everything I need to know."

Jordan nodded. "I know. The dog needs a walk anyway. It might pay for you to find a new meeting place, Vaughn. The two of you have met here three times this week." She turned briefly at the door. "Say hello to your father for us, Sydney."

Sydney watched Marc and Jordan leave. "How the hell do they know my father?"

Vaughn shrugged his shoulders. "You might have to ask Jack about that. I guess they could have met through the agencies. From I know about Jordan, it wouldn't have been a chance meeting."

Sydney gave a bitter laugh. "How could you possibly tell? She's so emotionless. It's like talking to a statue."

Vaughn gave Sydney a sad smile. "She's not emotionless. She does feel. She's spent all of her life keeping in control because Marc's life depended on it."

"So what's our next move?" Sydney was confused at the way Vaughn was defending the icy redhead and her brother.

"They've taken out two teams of SD-6's best people in three and a half weeks." Vaughn pointed out. "I think Sloane had better watch his back. The person to find is whomever let Sloane know where to find Jordan and Marc in the first place."

Sydney nodded. "Let's hope we get to that person before Jordan and Marc do."

Jordan and Marc came running back into the warehouse. "Time to get out of here folks." Marc followed his sister to the rear of the building. "SD-6 must have someone tracking the two of you. You two need to be seen in totally different places as far away as possible in the next ten minutes."

"Why?" Sydney followed them out the back door where a black Labrador was sitting waiting for them by a manhole cover.

Vaughn knew what the brother and sister were up to. "Because Sloane was suspicious enough to have someone watching you. Going by Jordan and Marc's MO, the team sent in to pick you up is not going to have a chance to report back that you got away."

"How do you know they were following me?" Sydney followed Jordan, Marc and the dog into the manhole.

Marc waited for Vaughn to climb down before going back to replace the man hole cover. "Because I've been following you for the past two weeks and you haven't spotted me once. Jordan changes her look every time she leaves a building so I doubt anyone can ever make a positive ID on her. As for Vaughn, it would never occur to Sloane to tail one of the CIA's agents to see which one of his agents is a double."

Jordan had been texting someone on her cell phone while Marc had been talking. "Sydney, follow the sewer down to your left, take the second tunnel about three meters down. The man hole ladder will take you into an alley where your father will meet you. That way you have an alibi."

"I guess we're taking Vaughn with us." Marc turned to the right and started walking. "You'd better hurry. You only have five minutes to be sighted, somewhere other than here."

"Go!" Vaughn called back to Sydney as he raced after Marc, Jordan and the dog. "I'll contact you later."

Sydney followed Jordan's directions and found her father waiting in his car which he had kept running. She quickly climbed into the car. As the car sped through the city, Sydney attempted a conversation with her father. It wasn't something they had ever been good at. "So how do you know Jordan and Marc?"

Jack Bristow looked surprised for a moment before the emotionless mask his daughter had come to know so well, settled over his face. "They tried to rob me one night. They almost succeeded. I managed to convince them to join the CIA, but SD-6 got to them before I could get them to CIA headquarters. So instead I got them convinced they could do well as double agents. It was all going well until Sloane decided to teach Marc a lesson and ordered the termination of Marc's girlfriend. Jordan's very protective of her brother. There was no way she was going to hang around and watch Sloane destroy her brother because he did things a bit differently to the way Sloane wanted them done. So she disappeared and took her brother with her and I helped them."

"Do you know who tipped Sloane off to their whereabouts?" Sydney wondered if she would ever understand her father. He would go out of his way to help people he barely knew, but he couldn't spare her the time to have dinner with her.

"No." Jack pulled into a car park in front of a restaurant. "Let's go and get some dinner."

"We don't have a reservation." Sydney knew you had to book weeks in advance for this particular restaurant.

Jack shifted uncomfortably in his seat. "I booked a few weeks ago, but I figured I'd have to cancel because one of us would probably be working."

"Oh." Sydney didn't know what to say. "Shall we go inside then?"

Jack nodded. "Of course." He glanced at his watch. Whatever Jordan and Marc had set up at the warehouse, they had done to keep Sydney clear of Sloane's suspicion. He wasn't sure if he could repay them for that..

They had been barely seated at their table when Jack's phone started ringing. "Hello." Jack looked over at Sydney. "Sloane, I don't know what you're talking about. Sydney's right across the table from me. We're having dinner."

Sydney raised an eyebrow. "What's going on?"

Jack quickly finished the call. "It seems the team sent after you got trapped in a warehouse explosion tonight."

"Does Sloane still suspect me?" Sydney couldn't believe it. Jordan and Marc had taken out another SD-6 team without trying hard.

"No." Jack ordered his entrée before continuing. "He was phoning to let me know that you were in that warehouse when it exploded."

Suddenly Sydney understood what Sloane had really called about. "He was calling you to tell you I was dead. I guess you ruined his fun when you told him I was still alive."

Jack hoped his daughter wasn't becoming as cynical as he was. "He managed to sound sorry. The problem with Sloane is he can't see past the agency. It's his life."

"So a threat to the agency is seen as a threat to him. Why does he consider Jordan and Marc such a threat?" Sydney knew they were good at their jobs, but if they hadn't revealed what they did for a living to anyone in five years, she was pretty sure they weren't a threat.

"Because to ensure Marc's safety, Jordan stole some information as a bargaining chip." Jack had told Jordan at the time, that Sloane would never let her leave. She was far too good at her job. Jordan was a perfectionist. "Sloane probably thinks he destroyed the information in the explosion. Jordan would never make it that simple though."

Sydney considered what little she knew about the woman she had only just met. "She wouldn't have risked her family by having information like that in the house. I'd bet my last dollar that she has a photographic memory."

"How about we just enjoy our dinner and not talk shop." Jack recalled the text message Jordan had sent him. It had read: Take your daughter to dinner. Her life depends on it. You know where to pick her up. You owe her that. Jack had always marveled at how Jordan could read him like a book.

"Ok." Sydney felt as though her father had built up the all too familiar wall up around him. Some things never changed.

. . .

Vaughn watched Jordan typing SD-6 information right off the top of head into the computer before her. Her fingers were moving so fast, he could barely keep track of the letters she was hitting.

Marc was glancing over the map of SD-6 employees. "Hey Vaughn. Have you got a pencil?"

Vaughn handed Marc a pencil, curious to see what the other man was up to. Marc tapped the pencil on the desk for a few minutes before circling a few names and crossing out others. Vaughn pointed to a group of names. "These are the guys you took out tonight."

Marc crossed the names off of the map. "Jordan. Did you know Marshall works for SD-6?"

Jordan stopped typing and crossed the room to where Marc and Vaughn were standing looking at the map. "That little bastard. I should have known the stuttering moron was up to something. How the hell did he find us?"

"He's Jacob's cousin." Marc pointed out. "I thought they weren't speaking though." He watched his sister. "What to go ask him?"

Jordan gave her brother an evil smile. "Yes, yes I do." She turned and walked out of the office with her brother behind her.

Vaughn read through the information on the computer screen. "No wonder Sloane wants Jordan dead. How the hell did she keep the entire list of arms dealer's bank accounts and social security numbers locked up in her brain for five years."

His friend dragged the curser up the page. "You're not looking at the full picture. She has everyone at SD-6's bank account and social security numbers. She also left a locker number at the train station where she stashed print outs of the bank accounts before anyone could close them."

. . .

Sydney walked into the SD-6 office building. Although dinner with her father hadn't been a complete disaster, it still wasn't the father, daughter bonding session she had been hoping for. She walked up to Sloane. "So I hear we lost another team tonight."

"Yeah, sorry to interrupt dinner with your father." Sloane looked anything but sorry. "Did you see Marshall on your way in? He was here a few minutes ago."

Sydney shook her head. She noticed the door to Sloane's office was open and so were the blinds at the window. "What's that outside your office window?"

Sloane turned to see what Sydney was talking about. "I don't know." He walked towards the window. He was barely three feet away when the window exploded. Before he could even register the explosion, a hand reached in the shattered window and grabbed Sloane's tie, dragging him out into the cold night air.

While Marc tied the end of Sloane's tie onto Marshall's belt, Jordan finished securing Marshall to the side of the building.

"Tell me something Marshall," Jordan started to lower herself down to where Marc was floating on his rope. "Did you really hate Jacob that much that you would allow him to be killed by this monster?" She floated in front of Sloane's face. "You think you're so immortal that you can play God."

Marc flicked open his switchblade knife. "Oh, you think you're God, Sloane? Tell me something, can you fly?" He cut into Sloane's tie leaving only a couple of threads. "Guess we're about to find out." He descended down the side of the building beside his sister.

Sloane grabbed onto Marshall's legs as his tie ripped in two. "Sydney!" He heard her rushing towards the window. "How did they find out about you being the informant Marshall?"

"You told me my cousin and his family wouldn't be harmed." Marshall was terrified of heights. "I don't know how Jennifer found out about my involvement. You don't actually think I would tell my cousin's widow that I alerted you to her position so that you could have her family killed. I don't have a death wish."

Sydney looked out of the window. "Oh my God. Hold on, I'll get some more help." Sydney headed for the main office. "I guess Jordan and Marc found their leak."

. . .

Vaughn sat in the blood bank van opposite Sydney. "So Marshall contacted his cousin over the net offering a family truce and then told Sloane where to find Jacob and his family."

Sydney nodded. "Pretty much. Jordan's husband was trying to mend some of the family emotional fences, totally unaware of who Marshall worked for. He didn't know of the connection between Marshall, Jordan and Marc because Jordan and Marc didn't know Marshall worked for SD-6. Sloane made sure of it."

Vaughn shook his head in disbelief. "You overheard all of this while Sloane and Marshall were hanging outside a window. I gather Marc and Jordan used a small explosive to take out the window."

"Yeah." Sydney pushed her hair behind her ear. "I kind of feel sorry for Marshall. Sloane told him that he only wanted Marc and Jordan and that the rest of the family would be safe. He lost a lot that night too."

At that moment the van door opened and Jack Bristow walked in followed by a blond woman and a redheaded man. "Hope we're not interrupting."

Sydney and Vaughn looked at each other in confusion. They had no idea who the two people were with Jack. "Dad. What's going on?"

"We need to get rid of any evidence Jordan and Marc ever existed." Jack Bristow was never one to mince words. "The CIA wants them back on the payroll but that's not going to happen if SD-6 thinks they're still alive."

"And they are?" Sydney pointed to the two people that had walked in with Jack. Her jaw practically hit the ground when the woman pulled off the blond wig and parts of the mask that had appeared to be her face to reveal Jordan. "Wow, I heard you were good, but you even change the way walk and flip your hair over your shoulder."

"I've had a lot of practice." Jordan squeezed her disguised brother's hand. "We both have."

"So how can we help?" Vaughn watched Jordan reapply her mask and wig using a small make up kit she had pulled out of her purse.

"SD-6 will hunt Jordan and Marc until they are dead." Jack Bristow couldn't help but wonder if this plan would work. "So we have to kill them."

Sydney started running possibilities through her head. "Sloane would insist on a positive ID on the bodies."

Marc grinned and tossed Sydney a bag. Laughing at the expression on Sydney's face when she looked inside the bag, he explained. "Jordan keeps a spare set."

. . .

Sloane looked at the report Jack Bristow laid on his desk. "How did you identify them? There can't have been much left of the bodies after the car exploded."

Jack Bristow placed a set of charred dentchers on Sloane's desk. "I believe you'll find that these will match Jennifer's dental records."

"I would have preferred them to return to work." Sloane raised an eyebrow at the dentchers sitting on his desk. "It didn't have to end this way."

Jack Bristow turned and walked out of Sloane's office. There were days when he could happily break that man's neck.

. . .

The funeral was four days later. Sydney had never seen so many people turn out for a funeral. She was amazed that Sloane had the gall to be there. She, herself had gone as support for Dixon. Her partner was devastated at the loss of his friends. Looking around at the numerous faces, Sydney's gaze rested on Vaughn and the raven haired beauty standing beside him.

"You know him." Sloane was standing the other side of Sydney to Dixon.

Sydney shook her head. "No. I was just wondering who all of these people were. I guess they had a lot of friends."

"If you're wondering who those two are," An Irish accented voice murmured from behind Sydney. "That's Jordan's best friend Kelly Taylor and her boyfriend." A hand appeared between Sydney and Sloane. "I'm David Silver. I was Marc's best friend. It's such a tragedy."

Sydney looked up at the man's face trying not to laugh. The disguise was brilliant. Nobody could have know it was Marc underneath the ash blond wig. It had been the names Marc had given her that tipped her off. Kelly Taylor and David Silver were step brother and sister on the nineties television program Beverly Hills 90210. "You know Kelly well?"

"Not as well as I'd like to. That boyfriend of hers is real particular who goes near her." Marc kept up the Irish accent so well that he sounded as though he had been born with it.

Sydney saw Vaughn hug what appeared to be a sobbing Kelly Taylor. When she looked over her shoulder, Marc pointed to his ear signaling he was wired. Vaughn wasn't comforting Kelly, he was hiding a laughing Jordan, who could hear what her brother was saying. "I'll tell you what," Sydney leaned closer to Marc. "The boyfriend looks pretty hot. How about I go for him so that she's free for you."

"Cool." Marc turned to look at Sloane. "So how do you Marc and Jordan?" He could see Jordan and Vaughn out of the corner of his eye trying not to give away the fact that they could hear the entire conversation.

"Work." Sloane curtly replied.

"Wow. There sure are a lot of people here from the bed pan factory." Marc could barely control his own laughter when he saw Jordan grip Vaughn's jacket because she was laughing so hard.

Sydney herself almost burst out laughing when Sloane simply replied. "Yes."

As the service finished, the crowd slowly thinned out as everyone went their separate ways. Sydney hugged Dixon before following Marc over to Vaughn and Jordan. "You two are taking an awfully big risk coming here today."

"It was worth it just to Sloane's face when Marc made that comment about the bed pan factory." Jordan was using a British accent. She spotted Jack Bristow. "Will you excuse me a moment. I have to speak to someone before we head for the airport."

Jack Bristow sensed more than saw that the raven haired woman walking towards him was Jordan. "Are you ready to leave town?"

Jordan nodded. "We're heading straight to the airport from here. Thanks for your help. You obviously did a good job. Sloane certainly hasn't made any further moves to locate us."

"You're welcome. Thanks for shifting Sloane's suspicions from Sydney." Jack looked down at his shoes. "For the restaurant reservation as well. Sydney and I aren't very good when it comes to communicating."

Jordan reached out and squeezed Jack's hand. "You can change that. You can be emotionless for the SD-6 and the CIA. Just don't close yourself off to your daughter. In this business, you need at least one person you can be real with. It makes life worth living and the assignments easier to come home from."

Jack gave the young woman before him a brief smile. "You are far too young to be this wise." He glanced over at his daughter. "I never wanted her in this business. I don't ever want to get a phone call telling me that Sydney hasn't made it back from an assignment."

Jordan smiled to herself. "She's safer than any of us have ever been. You know Vaughn's in love with her." She laughed at the shocked look on Jack's face. "Don't worry. He bends over backwards to make sure she gets back from every assignment."

"I'll take your word for it." Jack allowed Jordan to hug him goodbye. "Take care of yourself."

"You too." Jordan took a step back. "You know I'm sure Sydney could do with a hug occasionally."

"My God. You were a great mother, weren't you." Jack couldn't help but chuckle.

A wistful look crossed Jordan's face. "I was an awesome Mom." She gave Jack a quick wave. "I've gotta go. You know how to get hold of us if you need anything."

Sydney watched Jordan and Jack with envy. She had never seen her father that relaxed around her. Hell, she couldn't remember the last time he had hugged her. She looked back at Vaughn and saw that both he and Marc were watching her. "What?"

Marc shook his head and chuckled. "You have no reason to be jealous. Jack's always had trouble showing the people he loves the most that he cares. Jordan's always had a habit of making people face up to their responsibilities." He held out his hand to his sister. "Ready to go?"

"Ready." Jordan placed her hand in her brother's. "Try not to look as though you're having fun at the funeral." She kissed Vaughn on the cheek. "I'm sure we'll catch up sometime." She held out her hand to Sydney to shake. "Take care of Dixon for us."

Sydney shook Jordan's hand. "I will. Be careful. Maybe we'll actually get to work together one day."

"Maybe." Looping her hand through Marc's arm, Jordan walked over to a waiting taxi.

Vaughn saw Jack Bristow watching them. "You know, I think Jack just feels responsible for getting Jordan and Marc into this business. It's easier for him to show his emotions to almost strangers."

"I know." Sydney managed a weak smile. "I can't help but feel envious of the way my father could hug Jordan without a second thought, but I can hardly ever get him to have dinner with me. I wonder if that will ever change."

"I'm sure it will." Vaughn nudged her . "Want a lift back to the bed pan factory?" He teased.

"I'll take Sydney back to work." Jack moved up to his daughter's side. "I thought we could stop off somewhere for lunch."

Sydney couldn't contain her surprise. "I'd like that." She raised her hand in a small wave to Vaughn. "See ya."

"Bye." Vaughn marveled at the look of hope on Sydney's face as she walked beside her father back to his car. Maybe one day there would be a time when it would be him that Sydney was having lunch with. Turning towards the car park, Vaughn walked towards his car with a hope for a brighter tomorrow. One where he and Sydney could meet face to face with no pretending involved.

The End

. . .


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