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The Whole Truth (Chapters 1, 2, & 3)
By Olivia

Summary: Sydney is on a mission in Germany to find Vaughn who has been MIA for the past two months.
Rating: PG-13
Original Publication Date: November 9, 2002
Author's Notes: I would love any feedback you wanted to give me...this is a mix between a need for conversation because of my limited social life :) and the fact that it's always fun to get e-mails from random people who are (hopefully) saying nice things about you. By the way, to those who hadn't noticed...MICHAEL VARTAN IS HOT! Yeah...
Disclaimer: I'm not in any way affiliated with the show, characters, plotline etc. Just a fan.

. . .

Chapter 1

Sydney's left leg smashed into her opponent's face, causing him to pass out immediately. Taking two pieces of metal twine, she bound his wrists and feet before walking over to the man's head. Gingerly, she removed his mask and slapped him on the face to wake him up.

"Where's Vaughn, you son of a bitch?"

The man's eyes were still drowsy from sleep; her eyes blazed with anger and she slapped him again. And again. "I said WHERE IS VAUGHN!"

He was awake now but instead of behaving like another opponent she had ever faced, he smiled oddly at her before rocking his body steadily and then increasingly faster. What the hell was he doing? Suddenly, everything became clear as he suddenly rolled to her and sank his teeth into her leg. Needing all her training to stop herself from screaming out loud, she quickly transferred all her weight to the bitten leg so that she would be balanced as she kicked the guy's chin. He was like a dog who would never release his prey; even after such a dog was dead, it was nearly impossible to remove his jaws from its victim's throat. This time Sydney couldn't contain her yell. Being bitten was one thing but to have the person still biting her being flung upwards from the power of her kick with her leg still in his mouth was excruciating.

She finally yelled for help quickly in German. As she did so she attempted to stomp the guy's but he still wouldn't let go. This had to be the most disgusting thing she had ever had to live through. She heard footsteps approaching and yelled louder. She reached into her jacket for some quickie disguise and pulled out a short red wig and put it on her head. Something felt wrong about what she was doing... for some reason she knew that everything had suddenly gone wrong. WHAT WAS IT? The German guards appeared, trim and out of breath but their faces registered shock as they saw the spectacle. Yelling in German, they ran once more and tried to free Sydney.

Five minutes later it was all over. She sat on the cold cobblestone path and winced as the officer looked at her wound. "That's not a pretty wound, how the hell did you get into this mess?"

Sydney's mind raced with a story that she made up while she talked. Something was still wrong wrong wrong. The streetlamp shone over head and illuminated her with a wash of light. "I'm a tourist here from America as you can tell from my horrible accent. I got lost...I suppose you will have to give some credence to the supposed myth about how well women know directions..." she chuckled softly but made sure to wince so that the guard paid more attention to her leg than what she was saying. The second guard came back with a first aid kid. He sprayed something on her and it burned like hell but she kept it in. The two caught each other's eyes and Sydney froze. She had seen this man before. From the way his face had changed, she knew that he recognized her too. But from where? Sydney's mind was much faster than him as it raced from picture to picture of every mission. Who the hell was this guy? good or bad? Her mind finally reached the right picture. Crap. She had seen this guy when she busted up the underground smuggling ring in Germany last year. She had retrieved files on somebody for SD-6 and had run into a troublesome guard. And...shit. She had been wearing this wig.

The officer had obviously been demoted from his high position. He still looked puzzled but finally, it clicked. His mouth fell open and he whispered to the officer. They spoke quickly at first, forgetting to forget her alibi of the slow American and Syd heard every word.

"I recognize this girl Max."

"What? From where? I think she's pretty."

"She's a whore Max, shut up. Talk quickly...it's imperative that she can't understand what their saying. Last year, she was the one who broke into the...wait...she had perfect German last year." He completely stopped his sentence, looked wonderingly at her and then smacked her with such force that the world became black.

. . .

Chapter 2

She awoke to hands. They were callused to the touch but soft on her face and the loving way they caressed her. She opened her eyes and a fuzzy face sprang into her vision. But even fuzzy, there was no denying the chiseled good looks...the slightly big nose...the odd half smile. Tears sprang into her eyes. "Vaughn." She whispered his name again and again before bringing him into her embrace. She nearly melted in his warmth and his smell which...considering his MIA status for the mast 2 months, wasn't bad. He just smelled like...Vaughn. She inhaled deeply, squeezed him as hard as she could despite his small mutterings of protest, and then, before she could help herself, kissed his cheek. Her tears ran down onto his face and she was about to apologize when she realized he was crying too.

He looked so vulnerable. "Vaughn...this might come as a surprise but I'm telling you know that what I'm about to do is nothing suggesting a romantic relationship whatsoever. You know that story about how when soldiers come home from war, they sometimes screw the first girl that comes there way just to prove that they're alive?" At his silent nod, she continued, "Well, I'm a soldier Vaughn...and you will not believe how much I've missed you." With that, she wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him deeply. She closed her eyes and enjoyed the sensations flowing through her body and almost believed her own soldier story until she realized that Vaughn was the best kisser she had ever encountered. His lips were soft and....well...so kissable...and able to kiss...damn well. It was when she realized that he was the best kisser that she knew she had lost the upper hand. He had the power over her now at this moment. She felt like she was having an out of body experience, she could see herself kissing Vaughn and she could see her hands reaching up and burying themselves in his hair. She opened her eyes and still couldn't believe that the man who was now attached to her face was Vaughn. That's when he opened his eyes and the world came crashing around them both. The touch of their eyes was electrical and then they both knew that now that they were looking at each other, the soldier story was complete crap. Because now, in the heat and fury of the kiss, they were both in complete control of their lives.

If they were to remain merely handler and agent, they had to stop the kiss at this very moment or else it would be official that they both knew what they were doing. And that it was severely frowned upon. If they kept on kissing....God she wanted to keep on kissing him forever. She disentangled her hands from his hair and slowly drew her face back. Her breathing was rapid, her heart still a flutter from the kiss.

"I'm sorry Vaughn...I compromised your position. It won't happen again."

For a second it looked like Vaughn would say something like "I hope it does" but his professionalism prevented him. He merely nodded and looked down. That was when Sydney finally looked around. "Where the hell are we?"

. . .

Chapter 3

"Well," Vaughn gestured to his surroundings. "Home Sweet Home." He caught Sydney's withering glare and quickly amended his statement and turned professional once more. "From what I have deduced, we are confined in a German underground prison. We are being held captive for some future project but are unwilling to explain when or why."

Sydney's eyes widened. "You've been here for the past two months?" That's all she could say. She couldn't even begin to express all the worry she had been put through; every time the call for Joey's Pizza had come, tears had sprung to her eyes. Her life was colorless; though she was actively working for her government, that was a different type of satisfaction than receiving praise from one's handler. God knew that Uncle Sam's affection were much more different that Vaughn's. Vaughn was... he was the ray of sunshine in her life, one of the only people she could count on... the only one of the few people who knew who she was and what she did. And he was definitely part of the infinitesimal group of people who knew all that and also worked with her and was a part of her daily life. That group of people numbered 2. Jack Bristow and Michael Vaughn.

"Yup. I've been leading a charmed life. Two questions. Why the hell are you here, what the hell took you so long, and how did you get caught?" His eyes sparkled with curiosity that contradicted his agitated tone of voice. Sydney was amazed that he had been able to keep his spirits up even now. The dreary stone walls were getting to her already.

"Well...I would have been a hell of a lot better if I hadn't just gotten bitten..." Her voice trailed off as her leg now stung with pain; God she wished her body didn't understand what she was saying... until she had reminded herself of her ordeal, her body had still been radiating from the heat of Vaughn's kiss. Well...her kiss. She had initiated it but...well, Vaughn had kissed back. She couldn't help but allow herself a little smile.

"By a DOG? Why would a dog bite you? And why are you smiling about it?" Vaughn was now incredulous. She wanted to hug him for his innocence.

"No...actually I was bitten by a person. I called the guards and one of them recognized me from-"

"- your mission last year to the underground smuggling ring," Vaughn finished. Damn he was good at his job...how was he able to remember everything about her? He was amazing. Not that she loved him or anything. He was just a friend who happened to be incredibly gorgeous. "You were bitten by a person? Who?"

"Charles Nealson. I thought that he was the one who had taken you. So I took him down but when I started questioning me, he just bit me. It was insane."

"Whoa...CHARLES NEALSON?" Worry began to fill Vaughn. He recognized the name and knew it was something bad. What was it that he needed to find? Something was going on and he didn't like it. "Hold on Sydney...I have to think for a minute." He knew she would understand, she needed her own thinking time too and had used the same line on him multiple times. Much like Sydney's own mind, his brain began racking through every case and file he recalled. He was proud of his photographic memory; within seconds the file on Charles Nealson had come up. He was young, agile looking... 15 years ago. He closed his mind and scanned the file. He had been a part of the CIA but had been imprisoned after killing three other agents. Nealson had broken out of prison 3 years ago and his whereabouts were known but the CIA had left him alone under tight surveillance because of...some secret project he was working on with...Irena Derevko! His eyes snapped open. He looked at Sydney. "Why would you think that Charles Nealson kidnapped me?"

"The CIA showed me the complete files on nearly everybody. They knew how... close we had gotten as friends so they knew that I would be able to work better if I wasn't going to lose another friend that means so much to me," Sydney smiled her sweet smile. "I found out that He had been working with my mo- with Derevko on a project that was unknown but involved this smuggling ring. At first I didn't think much of it until I realized that the smuggling ring was the one I had been busted up last year. When I looked up the client list of the smuggling ring and compared it to the CIA agents who had both been on the case with me and had worked in Germany before, I found a very peculiar name. Dibs M.F. Tof (1.al and son)."

"Sydney, I know you're a genius but I'm not the dumbest person on the face of the earth and I have no idea what you're talking about."

"Shut up Vaughn. I'm getting there." Sydney stuck out her tongue at him, feeling girlish and silly again. "Okay, so AS I WAS SAYING, there was a very strange name on the list. Dibs M.F. Tof (1 al and son). Now, what do you suppose this means you big smart guy?"

"Let me think," Vaughn closed him eyes. Now his competitive spirit was challenged and he knew he had to beat her. Dibs M.F. Tof. Okay...he knew he had heard that name before but only from the reading that list of clients. How could that relate to the CIA agent list on that case? Well...Sydney had gone after Charles Nealson so this Tof guy had to have something to do with him. He knew that he was cheating a little because he had the answer to the solution and only had to work backwards instead of figuring it out completely confused. He admired Sydney for her dedication and intelligence...she was just... an amazing girl. Okay... concentrate. D I B S M F T O F (1 AL and SON) He smiled. He had figured it out. "The 1 is the number of letters to go up with the letters outside of the parentheses...therefore you go down a letter to decode it. D becomes C, I becomes h and so on. The name becomes C H A R L E S N E and then when you add the AL and the SON, it becomes Charles Nealson." He grinned. He felt pretty damn proud of himself even though he knew it was an elementary code; he hadn't used his brain in 2 months.

"Good job Vaughn, you only took about double the time it took me," Sydney gently teased.

"So, now you know how I got the lead on Nealson. So, I flew here and came to him house as a prospective maid. I was gonna take him inside the house but I guess he recognized me from the mission and took off running. I caught up with him in the alley and you know the story from there."

"Wait, the CIA just let you take off without any substantial evidence? We already knew that Nealson was involved in the smuggle."

Sydney looked sheepish. "Well...they don't exactly know I'm gone."

Vaughn's eyes widened. "You left without permission? Sydney, you can get fired for this? What possessed you to do such a stupid thing?"

Tears sprang up again. You, she wanted to say but couldn't. "I guess I was hoping that I could come back with you before they realized and then they could just be proud of my accomplishments?"

"Sydney, you are way too full of yourself. Look I know that you are smart and beautiful and a hell of an agent but that doesn't mean that you can handle everything by yourself! Just look at where you are now! The CIA is bound to have noticed your absence and furthermore, so has SD-6! You could've blown your whole cover; even if we do make it back in time, you might get killed for your actions. How can you be so thoughtless?"

The brief fleeting happiness that cam over her from his words vanished with his words. She knew that they were right but refused to admit it. "Well, Vaughn you dumbass, I'm sorry that I'm human, and I'm sorry that I make mistakes and I'm sorry that I care enough about you that I was willing to risk everything to find you. Have you even considered that this risk wasn't just about what I thought of myself? That maybe I was thinking about you? That maybe I knew all the risks I was taking but took them anyway because I lo- because I don't want to lose another friend?" Tears ran down her cheeks and she climbed into her bed and shut her eyes. She could feel Vaughn's questioning and hurt eyes looking at her but she willed herself to fall asleep. She would not let him get to her. She just wouldn't care anymore.

. . .


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