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Frequently Asked Questions

What's this site about?
For lack of a better description, I call it an "inspiration" page. It's a collection of encouraging stories, jokes, quotes, etc.

Did you make up all of these stories, jokes, quotes, etc.?
No. Most of the content here was sent to me through email. If the original source for the material is known, it is noted either where it's used or on the links page. If you find something at this site that lacks proper credit, please let me know.

Why should I - or anyone - "shine"?
I thought this was such a good question, I devoted a page to answering it.

This site has changed. Where is the old list of content?
Right here. It's the same page as the "Subject List" link in the menu on the left.

Is all of the content at the blog backed up here?
No. I changed the site to a "blog" format to make it easier for people to search the content, and easier for me to add new things. I have a rather busy Real Life, and unfortunately, this means I tend to fall behind in adding the new things here.

What websites do you recommend?
Our links page contains just a few of the many Christian/inspirational resources available on-line. If you know of a site that I should add, please let me know.

How can I contact you?
You can contact me (Anne the webmistress) at the address listed on this page.

Shine - and its companion blog RainShine - are rusted-crush productions, with grateful acknowledgment to the sources that have helped make the sites and this layout possible. Thank you for visiting; enjoy the site! And remember, as the song says, "It takes a little rain to make love grow... Where the sun always shines, there's a desert below."