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These are just a few of the many inspirational and Christian websites available.

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For Christmas-related goodies, visit our companion site, The Gift of Christmas. - our host, and home to an eclectic collection of sites - our blog's host (recommended for blog hosting, btw) - the complete list of sites that I run, including several large fansites, a personal site, etc.

Resources - Read the Bible on-line (many translations are available) or check out their other study tools. - This site has answers to a lot of good questions and much more, available in several languages. - features thought-provoking articles - Christian products, magazines, and more

LifeMatters - Bible studies for young adults - free on-line Bible study lesson - more Bible study lessons, including character studies - creative Bible study for all ages, both printable and on-line - resources for Christian living

The Christian Arsenal - Bible study, news updates, and links to various minstries


Insight for Living

Inspirational Quotes

Just For Laughs

Chez Comedy

Contemporary Christian Music - free on-line Christian radio stations and music - lyrics, reviews, and details about CCM musicians

DC Talk - The official site.

Rebecca St. James - Rebecca's official site, where you can listen to songs from her albums.

Steven Curtis Chapman - SCC's official site.

Point of Grace - The official site for Point of Grace includes words of inspiration and a chat room.

WayFM - This is the site for a Christian radio station.

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