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anne's virtual canvas

Once upon a time -- actually, more than once -- her fandoms sparked starry-eyed productions.

She shared the set here and called it "fanfictive." Fan because the works were labors of love, fused with fictive to denote efforts "created by imagination."

> MacGyver  > Only Human  » Murdoc makes a connection as he considers the happenings in the episode Strictly Business.
Rating: PG, for hints of violence

> Alias  > All in Her Head  » While posing as Julia, Sydney Bristow struggles to remember her old life.
Rating: PG

> Alias  > No More Words  » The possible exchange between Jack and Sydney after her discovery in Wittenburg.
Rating: PG

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» Disclaimer  » The scenes, observations, collages, and commentary linked above are fan compilations with elements borrowed from the original source; no copyright infringement is intended, and no profit is being made. In appreciation of the source material, I have liked and shared my own takes on it.

» Feedback  » Your reviews, comments, and critiques of these works are gratefully welcomed, through our list of contact methods. (Note: emails with fanfiction in the subject line are much less likely to be mistaken for spam... and ignored.)

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